Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Opportunity To Step Into Your Own Power: This is NOT Selfish. This Is Your Mission As Volunteers Experiencing Humanity. ANYTHING Else Is a Distraction

Thank you Guardian Council of the Golden Ray and Jill for such direct and pertinent information and inspiration!

And so it is!
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Empowering Your Inner Light vs. Being Enabled by Other's Light

Greetings and blessings. We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray sharing wisdom at this time to assist you in reaching your next expansion of consciousness. Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at these magical cycles of time on your planet. These messages are accessed from the higher realms relative to Earth’s vibrational frequency. Let us begin with this sharing session.

Please notice when others on your journey are accommodating your sense of need and/or reliance for inspiration, purpose and sense of fulfillment that is outside of You.

The opportunity for humanity is to step into your own power, your own Sovereignty, your own Mastery, individually, for yourselves and for All that Is. This is not selfish; this is Your mission as volunteers experiencing humanity. Anything that has you feeling separate from Your Inner Divinity is a distraction from your personal ascension process. This can even include messages and teachings of light and enlightenment...

Notice the crutches you have become dependent upon, intentional or not.

The Rescuer/Savior programming is still quite prevalent, even in spiritual/enlightenment communities, a carryover from religion and other dogma yet to be fully cleared. No judgment on this. It simply is and it is part of the overall process of stepping into your own Mastery, while not falling into a remnant lower frequency program of being another's Master.

The intention of others may be fully positive and well-meaning. And there are many of these remaining programs, even within enlightened beings, that perpetuate a sense of looking for Mastery outside of yourself. And those programs are yours to notice, face and release. Likewise there are many programs remaining which lead to feeling Mastery over others, fulfilling a need of others through your light and in the process unconsciously keeping others separate from their own light by feeding others with Your Inner Light. And this program may also be yours to notice, face and release. Reliance, need and dependence outside of your Core Divinity is separation.

We remind you it is your responsibility to be aware of how others work/service is either empowering you or keeping you in admiration and gratitude of Their Light. This pattern can be a program you are holding as much as it can be a program the other is holding. Another option from within the teacher or messenger role is to assist you in feeling that sense of being fed and nurtured by your own activated/amplified Light. After all, do you want the fish or do you desire to learn how to fish. Is another's work helping you further identify and activate your own light? Or is another's work continuing to feed your yearning for Spirit through Their light, like an enabler to continued reliance on energy, love and inspiration that is outside of your Core, your Created experience, your Mastery?

Waking up happens in stages. What you once felt was liberating and expansionary evolves into another phase where you feel the same thing as constricting as you continue to expand into a purer energetic reflection of You as a Soul.

In this regard, we encourage you to be cautious about those moments when you are feeling "done" with your personal ascension for We are never done evolving, as a human nor as a Soul.

What is your "next" stage of waking up? Where are you now feeling any sense of constriction in allowing more and more of your Inner Light to be accessed from within and beamed out for the benefit of All? Where are you feeling a Need to be fed spiritually that is outside of your Core? Is that provider you seek out Enabling you or Empowering you as a fellow Sovereign Be-ing?

Good day fellow Sovereign Beings. May your journey be continuously expansive and ever more glorious by the Light you allow from within.

Guardian Council of the Golden Ray
channeler Jill Renee Feeler


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