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We LightWorkers have done what we promised. We’ve opened to events and waited for evidence patiently and without complaint until the day on which the galactic plane was reached. We’ve passed what was said to be the end of the Mayan Calendar. We’ve held steady and kept the faith.

 Thank you Steve and your Guides:  I could not have said this more eloquently and Perro!
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What is True and Not True for Me

It’s 1 a.m., Dec. 22, 2012. What is true and not true for me?

First of all, what is true is that both the 10:01-11:11 a.m. and p.m. periods on Dec. 21 were very powerful for me. In the morning, I was left feeling expanded and blissful. I learned much from that and I’ll come to that in a moment.

In the evening, I again felt the rumble but was not left in bliss. In between the two, the bliss subsided somewhat.

What is also true for me is that I went through a period of disappointment after the morning period when I didn’t feel myself to have been lifted up. I waited until Dec. 21 was over to see if I’d somehow find myself on the Fifth Dimension and I cannot say that I’ve sensed any evidence that I am.

I also can’t say that I’ve seen any fireworks or felt any majestic flooding of energy. If “what is to be delivered is far beyond any of your expectations,” as one source has said, then it will have to be something that arises after Dec. 21 because Dec. 21 itself did not bring that evidence to me.

It’s also true to say that I feel “on the verge” of something. It’s as if my molecules are “boiling.” But I have no idea what that may be or how soon it may eventuate.

What I saw on Dec. 21 was the mechanism by which everything will shift and I also saw how quickly it can shift. That mechanism, I see now, is bliss. Bliss when it comes, and I expect that it will come but more gradually than I anticipated, will shift us from a place of felt insufficiency to a place of felt sufficiency, a place of lack to a place of no-lack, a place of wanting to receive to a place of wanting to give.

It will shift us from the negative column to the positive, from the red to the black, from conflict to peace.
The bliss that I felt instantly shifted me from a place of wanting or needing anything to one of feeling no wants or needs. In that place of bliss, I had no worries or anxieties, could not possibly have picked up a weapon, would never have thought of doing anything to deprive my neighbor and in fact could have given away all I owned if need be. Bliss was enough and it will be bliss that causes wars to end on the planet and the whole of society to turn around. I now know this from my own experiences on Dec. 21.

But again the experience of bliss was there for me on that day and then, as in so many instances in the past, not there for me some time later. So it wasn’t sahaja samadhi because in that state bliss is permanent. So I am not there yet and I presume many of you are not either.

I also saw that we’ve gained so much over these past years that I’m not going to sully our nest by nay-saying and detracting. Even if this were to turn out to be a complete sham, which I don’t think it will, it doesn’t detract from what we lightworkers have done and gained.

We lightworkers have established a network that’s co-operating globally and bent on bringing in world peace. We’re talking to one another. We’ve annihilated space and separation. We’ve come together as brothers and sisters to bring in the enterprise of eliminating the cabal’s influence and freeing the world both politically and economically and I remain committed to those goals no matter what occurs.

I oriented towards events “as if” we were going to ascend on Dec. 21, 2012. If we have ascended, how we’ve done so is not obvious to me. It can only be that Dec. 21 opened a door. It cannot be that the event itself was the main event unless someone can explain to me how that was so.

Those who said that we’ll awaken on the morning of Dec. 22 and it’ll pretty well be like any other day have to be said to be the more accurate so far.

I anticipate hearing at Linda’s webinar exactly what did or did not happen and I may have more to say after that.

I intend to source my vasanas of disappointment and to stay out of drama and blame. I am a spiritual adult and intend to remain so.

But I also don’t intend to subscribe to a view of things that does not fit with my experience of reality. I intend to call a spade a spade. But I intend as well to retain my dignity and equanimity.

No one has said that Ascension will not happen. Only the date and pace has been in question. But we’ve now passed the date that we believed it would happen by. Even so, I intend to make some allowances for discrepancies in my or our understanding.

And I don’t fault anyone who’s served as a channel for the Company of Heaven. You’ve done your job well and faithfully and no one can fault you. I also realize that doing your job past this point may be for some of you more challenging than it has been in the past and I honor that. I also honor you standing by your post, for our sake.

But I do expect the Company of Heaven now to step up to the plate.

For me, and I say this without rancor but with firmness, the onus has now shifted from lightworkers being told that we must wait patiently to the Company of Heaven now needing to show us.

If the cabal are in deep containment, if the time of decision has now passed into the hands of the galactics and celestials, if the Divine Mother’s plan has no allowance for delay and postponement, then the onus is now on the galactics, celestials and ascended masters to show us the truth and reality of what they so often have talked about.

We need now to see NESARA materialize. We need to see the galactics disclose themselves. We need to see the cities of light descend. We need to see governments change. And we need to see evidence of the New and Golden Age forming before our eyes.

We’ve done what we promised. We’ve opened to events and waited for evidence patiently and without complaint until the day on which the galactic plane was reached. We’ve passed what was said to be the end of the Mayan Calendar. We’ve held steady and kept the faith.

It’s not right or fair to ask us to accept any more explanations for why things have not begun or haven’t happened without seeing some tangible results. The onus now shifts to the Company of Heaven to keep their word and furnish us with evidence.

I’m not saying that it could not be that things have changed and we’re just not aware of it. But I am saying that we’ve passed the point now of being satisfied with explanations alone, without seeing something concrete, if we’re to continue acting in good faith.

Until this time, I’ve spoken for the Company of Heaven and explained, as best I could, the reasons for delay. But past this point I’m a spokesman for lightworkers, who’ve patiently supported things until now, brooking all delays. We’ve passed the time of waiting and must now see tangible evidence of things unfolding. Surely the Company of Heaven can appreciate that.

If tangible evidence comes, then I’m fine. But if tangible evidence is not forthcoming soon, then we deserve to be spoken to in a very straightforward fashion about why it is not. I said a long time ago that I’m not afraid of the cabal; I said back then that I’m also not afraid of the Company of Heaven. Nor should I need to be.

I was told by planetary logos Sanat Kumara on Dec. 7, 2011 that he would accept complaints from me. I’m now addressing him and asking him to do something for us that will repay and restore our faith. This should not be difficult. A mass decloaking now would do wonders for our morale and should be within the realm of practicality.

I hope I’ve said things in Perro, the intergalactic language of diplomacy. I bear no rancor towards anyone.  But I do expect lightworkers to be given answers in an expeditious and clear manner.

I also know I’m desperately tired. I don’t think I can continue answering emails at the level I’ve done up till now.  If I’m greeted by a landslide of emails in the morning, I won’t be able to answer the bulk of them. I hope you understand that.

I’ve measured out my energies to last till Dec. 21 expecting that I’d be entirely replenished by what happened on that day. I’m not aware of having been replenished and I will need to take some time off soon.
by Steve Beckow

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