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The long term solution to reducing gun deaths is to change our society from one of perpetual war and fear to one of peace and tolerance. The short term solution? A law immediately banning semi-automatic weapons & mega-clips. Must have license to own gun. Must pass mental exam. Also, end the U.S.-sanctioned policy of killing: End the wars NOW, end death penalty. Stop banks and insurance companies from destroying people

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2012 December 17
Posted by Steve Beckow
From: Michael Moore [mailto:maillist@michaelmoore.com]
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2012 9:32 PM

A Note From Michael Moore on Newtown

I am truly beside myself this time. I tried to ring a warning bell about this a decade ago. The disease has only gotten worse.

But…you feel something different in the air across America tonight, don’t you? People have had it and the outrage is loud and visible. I’m convinced the majority of Americans will now back strong gun control laws. And a better mental health care system. And perhaps a few are willing to look at the deeper issue of how this country officially sanctions violence as a means to an end.

The NRA, for the first time ever, has gone silent. They’ve taken their Facebook page down. They know they can’t show up in Newtown next week and stick it to the people there, like they usually do after one of these mass killings. Let’s face it, the gun lobby tonight is on the ropes. Now is the time to act. We can’t let this sad moment pass without a true response and a president willing to be a strong leader.

I’ll send some more thoughts tomorrow, but for now I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been sending out over Twitter this weekend. (If you’re not on Twitter, please consider it. I know – not one more social media stop, please! But I’ve found it to be a quick and easy way to communicate with millions. Please give it a try. I send things out on it every day and I’d like you not to miss them.)

Here’s my Twitter feed since the shootings on Friday:

CBS News reporting 27 dead at CT elementary school, many/mostly children.

Hoping, praying this isn’t true. #schoolshooting

Only minutes away from pundits & politicians saying, “This isn’t the time to talk about gun control.” Really? When is that moment?

The way to honor these dead children is to demand strict gun control, free mental health care, and an end to violence as public policy.

Too soon to speak out about a gun-crazy nation? No, too late. At least THIRTY-ONE school shootings since Columbine.

19 years ago today was the FIRST Aurora gun massacre. Here’s an essay from one who lived: http://mmflint.me/OOWJhi

Just 18 hrs ago, those Republicans in the Michigan House rammed thru a bill making it LEGAL to carry a gun into a school or day care center.

RT ‏@Marmel Hey, @BarackObama – you know all those nuts that fear you’re going to take their guns?
You can take their guns now.

RT @mat: The gun lobby already hates Obama. I wish he’d give them an actual reason.
The NRA hates freedom. They don’t want you to have the freedom to send your children to school & expect them to come home alive

A Facebook post from Mark Kelly: http://mmflint.me/U0XlUU

This morning a crazy man attacked 22 children at an elementary school- in China. But all the crazy man had was a knife. Number of dead? Zero

In addition to his two handguns, the killer in CT this morning used an assault rifle called The Bushmaster.

RT ‏@ScribeHard @Burnman @AwardsDaily I never read a headline that said “Dozens of Children Dead in Hand-to-Hand Combat.” Guns. Facilitate. Mass. Killings.

RT @peterbayley @MMFlint I didn’t know you guys named your guns after presidents. How cute

Also located in Newtown, CT: the nat’l HQ of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the lobbying & trade org of all the gun manufacturers http://mmflint.me/Uj9IZu

In 1996, Australia banned semi-automatics. In the 18 years before, there were 13 mass shootings. Since then, none.

RT @JDillon777 @MMFlint Sad to see that ‘Bowling for Columbine’ has gone ignored. Perhaps you should have directed Batman, and maybe they’d listen.

Hey NRA – why so quiet? Do you hear the rumble? The will of the people today? Coming your way. Think fast – the majority have had it.

From The Onion: http://mmflint.me/UIhSep

On this day in 1791 the Founding Fathers created the 2nd Amendment. It took a good 15 seconds to load 1 bullet (musket ball) then

Nation celebrates 2nd Amend. Day in past 24 hrs: Vegas: http://mmflint.me/ZviObI  ‘Bama: http://mmflint.me/U30404  OK: http://mmflint.me/Zv7V9M

From The Onion 2: “‘Right To Live Life In Complete, Stunned Horror’ Added To Constitution”: http://mmflint.me/RvWJaW

RT ‏@RobbieGorlick After yesterday… canceling my #NRA membership. Can’t support a group that costs the lives of innocents. @MMFlint @NRA pic.twitter.com/rs33PeMW

RT ‏@TimDempster @MMFlint It must be so infuriating knowing you warned against exactly this. Never fear, millions agree with you… Sadly mostly overseas!

Medical Examiner: Most of the dead were killed w/ the Bushmaster assault rifle. Fires 30 rounds a pop.
Most kids shot “more than once.”

Medical Examiner: If the dead children suffered “it was not for long.”

As is often the case in these shootings, the gunman seemed to single out the women to kill (CNN: 18 of the dead are female; 8 males.)

Ooooh. Some men didn’t like that last tweet. So let me give u another:When’s the last time u saw a woman walk in & spray a place w/ bullets?

Pakistani children hold candlelight vigil for CT schoolkids: http://mmflint.me/UZUoE8  Ouch.

@jfb97n: let the victims b mourned stop pushing ur agenda.” I’m done with “mourning.” Time for action. To do less dishonors their deaths.

Jimmy Greene moved his family fr Canada 2 Newtown in July. Daughter Ana was killed Fri; son Isaiah lived. Here they are http://mmflint.me/URvGRP

Saturday Night Live opens w/ children singing Silent Night in honor of slain first-graders of Newtown, CT: http://mmflint.me/UKUixG

Or try this one: http://mmflint.me/WfLtRu Very moving.

RT ‏@KathShx @MMFlint UK family moved to Newtown feeling “happy & comfortable” in the town – younger son died in the shooting. http://mmflint.me/WhBZl1

NY Times: In past 6 months, more Americans killed by guns than COMBINED total of dead Yanks in Iraq, Afghan & all terrorist acts of past 25 years.

If only the first victim, Adam Lanza’s mother, had been a gun owner, she could have stopped this before it started.

RT ‏@marlasuehale @MMFlint obviously that argument the NRA folks have been using doesn’t work after

RT @kazic284 @MMFlint Thanks for pointing out how dumb that logic is. People have been screaming, “If only the principal had a gun!” Missing the point.

RT @mikelondoncan @MMFlint Number of homicides in Detroit, MI, 2010 – 310. Number in Windsor, ON, Canada, one mile away – 0. Same movies, video games.

Some are asking me why I’m not on TV discussing this. Because I’ve turned down all requests. Here’s why: http://mmflint.me/UqcM6a

Time for action. The debate & discussion are over. Just as no one should debate whether “rape is legitimate,” this gun debate is effing over

I said what I had to say about guns 10 yrs ago. Nothing’s changed. You can watch this pirated version for free: http://mmflint.me/Jibbz0

“RT @erikb1205:It’s on Netflix bud” True. U can stream it for free there too. Don’t want studio or me 2 make any $ on this. Pls watch 4 free

RT @CarlBrandt: @MMFlint Millions of guns in Switzerland, 24 gun homicides in 2009… http://mmflint.me/UKV4uP

Yes, it helps if you have strong gun control laws like in Japan: http://mmflint.me/UwPwTv

But Connecticut has one of the strongest gun laws in the U.S. So, ‘splain that… http://mmflint.me/Z9qzoQ

I guess it helps if the State of CT doesn’t shut down the mental hospital – like they did in Newtown, CT in 1995: http://mmflint.me/Z8ZfHk

But the killer’s dad is a vice-pres of GE Financial Services (he’s in charge of taxes). So he had the money for excellent mental health help

Yes we need gun laws & better mental health care. BUT even that won’t stop the killings. Because, let’s face it, America believes in killing

 A country that officially sanctions horrific violence (invade Iraq, drones kill kids, death penalty) is surprised when a 20-yr old joins in?

I hate to say it, but killing is our way. We began America w/ genocide,then built it w/ slaves. The shootings will continue- it’s who we are

The long term solution to reducing gun deaths is to change our society from one of perpetual war and fear to one of peace and tolerance.

The short term solution? A law immediately banning semi-automatic weapons & mega-clips. Must have license to own gun. Must pass mental exam.

Also, end the U.S.-sanctioned policy of killing: End the wars NOW, end death penalty. Stop banks and insurance companies from destroying people

It’s all violence & it’s all connected. Why does this happen only in America? The answer is right in front of you.

And it’s not just the guns.

Michael Moore

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