Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So do relax, everyone. We’re getting dressed for the party and everyone is invited. No one who wishes will be turned away. All have oil in their lamp and are welcome to attend.

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Goodbye to Fear, Goodbye to Arms

I feel the need to comment on two matters: a fear of not ascending that seems to be arising and the fear that lies behind bearing arms.

There’s been a rise, which I’m sure can be expected, of people who fear not ascending. One feature of Third-Dimensional reality, perhaps a sales device, has been that many things are represented as precious, scarce, hard to obtain in order to enhance people’s desire for them and sell a product or service.

We project this way of seeing onto Ascension and then fear that we have not the spiritual cash in our pockets to buy it.

But seeing Ascension by projecting our own views of market reality onto it hasn’t a hope of reaching the truth, I think. God is the Source of all love and beneficence and would not hold something back from us that we desire. If enlightenment has been made difficult to attain while duality reigned, it was to make it something we profoundly desired, rather than something we simply wished for as we desired, say, a trip to Hawaii.

But now the experiment in duality is about to end and God wishes Ascension for all who choose it. It’s only we who turn our backs on it. Jesus through John Smallman advised us recently (as reader Philipp reminds me) that the choice to ascend “is often a choice, a decision that most of you made well below the level of limited-conscious awareness that you experience as embodied humans. If you want to awaken, and yet are only conscious of a fear that you may not, then relax.  You have made the choice and you will wake up.”

I repeat what I said earlier that possessing vasanas – and all of us do – is not a barrier to Ascension. It’s simply a feature that may make our ride somewhat less comfortable, like keeping the window of the car rolled up on a hot day. My concern in discussing them is that we have a smooth ride, not that people not ascend at all.

You’ve heard it said many times that readers of blogs like this one (or Wes’s, Kauila’s, Jean’s, etc.) need not fear not ascending. Why is that said? Because people need to make the choice to ascend and reading a blog such as this one demonstrates that desire. It isn’t that reading a blog like this makes one a better person or a member of an elite. It just reflects the desire to ascend.

So do relax, everyone. We’re getting dressed for the party and everyone is invited. No one who wishes will be turned away. All have oil in their lamp and are welcome to attend.

The second matter I feel the need to discuss is the dismay I feel reading some people’s (some lightworkers’) defence of the right to bear arms. Folks, the scare tactics that warn Americans that their nation is about to be overtaken by the “Reds,” or that President Obama’s wish to extend free medicare to all people (such as we have in my country) is “creeping socialism” is a device propagated by those who wish to corner the wealth of the country.

There is no nation on Earth at this moment, and there may never have been one, that wished to take over America. (1) The wish of the founding fathers that people bear arms to protect against tyranny may or may not have had legitimacy in its day. But people bearing arms in today’s world is unneeded and destabilizing.

There’s no fixation in my country (Canada) with bearing arms. There’s no constitutional guarantee that people be able to and we’ve managed quite well. Peace can never come, I think, from being well-armed and highly-willing to use those weapons. It can never be coaxed from the barrel of a gun. Peace can only come from a community’s desire to welcome it into their lives and to settle their differences amicably.

The cabal is gone. The police are releasing themselves from the cabal’s agenda of world domination. The military is turning to the defence of peace and abandoning its prior agenda too. There’s no need any longer (if there ever was) to bear arms.

One of the saddest days of my life was seeing that the man who played Moses in one of my favorite movies, The Ten Commandments, was also president of the National Rifle Association. Never mind all the specious arguments that guns don’t kill people, people do, people with guns do kill people and guns enable them to kill more people easier and with greater impunity. Surely Newtown shows that.

It’s time to get rid of guns. And it’s time to drop the nonsense that the “Reds” are waiting to take over America. We rejected Sen. McCarthy’s approach years and years ago, but we haven’t yet gotten McCarthyism out of our hearts.

But now we’re leaving all those old paradigms behind. There’s no room for guns in the Fifth Dimension.
When the galactics defend themselves, they make sure that no harm comes to their attackers. And we too need to leave guns aside now.

Both the fear of not ascending and the desire to bear arms are borne of a lack of peace in our hearts. And a lack of peace in our hearts interferes with our ability to love. Surely we can now see that it lies with us to embrace peace. The bad things that flow from conflict flow from our unwillingness to be peaceful ourselves, not from outside enemies.

Let’s show our unwillingness to be further manipulated by agreeing ourselves to get rid of arms and ceasing to see benevolence and compassion as “socialist” plots. All the concern that was whipped up in us by those who wanted wealth and power is now behind us. It’s time to say goodbye to all that and to open to a world of love and peace, a world that beckons us now.
by Steve Beckow


(1) Dr. Carol Rosen has suggested that the “commie threat” was manufactured as part of a program to promote world domination by the secret state. That plan has been thwarted. Evidently 9/11, the “new Pearl Harbor,” was a part of that plan. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ALLUuvsVkM

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