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2. Fortunately, we need not resolve every single issue we've ever had in this lifetime, but we do need to release enough of them to hold the necessary amount of Light and Love, in order for us to physically live and co-exist within the higher vibrations of the Heavens.


Please enjoy my new series, "Everything You Wanted to Know...," addressing many terms and concepts associated to our Ascension, which will officially begin at the end of the Mayan Calendar: December 21st, 2012.

QUESTION #2:  How Does One Ascend?  What Do You Have to Do In Order to Ascend?

How one Ascends is quite basic --nothing very challenging, which allows everyone who wants to Ascend to do so:  First, choose it. Second, spend the time doing the emotional work to release your issues.

Granted that sounds harder than it really is, because we need not spend years in therapy.  Rather, simply acknowledge your emotional memories as they surface, thank them for the lessons they provided you, and literally "let them go" by paying no more attention to them.  In other words, do NOT get more emotionally involved when reviewing the memory;  Don't mentally or emotionally re-invest in the incident or trauma... rather acknowledge it, stay grounded and centered, and release it!

What Do You Have to Do In Order to Ascend?

In order to Ascend, the only thing you have to do is lighten your energetic body by releasing the lower vibrations.  Lower vibrations do, in fact, take up space.  In this physical body, we are finite Beings with finite room to hold energy.  As such, we must empty our physical body of hurts and other lower vibrations, in order to make space for more Love & Light to full our body.

Just like orange juice spills over the sides of the glass when filled, we too spill over with energy when our energetic body is full to its capacity.  We needs to rid ourselves of the lower vibrations of hurt, pain, being offended, judgments, previous traumas, hurtful childhood memories, anger, jealousy, sadness, etc, in order to refill our energetic bodies with higher vibrating energy and thoughts.

Fortunately, we need not resolve every single issue we've ever had in this lifetime, but we do need to release enough of them to hold the necessary amount of Light and Love, in order for us to physically live and co-exist within the higher vibrations of the Heavens.

Welcome to our New Earth.
Welcome to your new life ...should you choose to accept your Mission!
by Gavin Anthony Harrill

I received a private message on Facebook to address and explain "how there is no suffering, disease or death in the Higher Dimensions."  Thank you for your inquiry ...Join us next time when we look at this wonderful phenomenon more closely in my next posting on the new series:  EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT OUR ASCENSION ...BUT DIDN'T KNOW WHO TO ASK!

Do you have a specific question about Ascension?
Now is your chance to ask!  No genuine inquiry will be ignored ...I'm listening.
Love & Light to all.

Interestingly, Steve Beckow also wrote about his same topic today!  Read on to see his perspective....

Prescription: Read Often Before Ascension

Posted by Steve Beckow

“I’ll be there! Will you?”

Let’s review what we know and can expect.

The only two qualifications for Ascension on Dec. 21, 2012 (or later) are (1) that you choose it and (2) that you’ve assimilated enough light and love energy that you’ll be comfortably able to live on the Fifth Dimension or higher.

Please note: there’s no Board of Karma or Great Judging God with a White Beard approving character and stamping applications.  Nothing of the sort. All your notions of Judgment Day and elites in heaven, St. Peter at the Pearly Gates and dreaded angels with lightning bolts in their hands are false and have been sold to us to keep us in fear.

If you haven’t assimilated enough light and love energy to feel comfortable on the Fifth Dimension or higher, you’d feel like you were choking without air or have other unpleasant symptoms that would force you to flee within a short time. So it isn’t a test of merit. It’s a necessary condition. As long as you choose Ascension and can withstand the more refined environment, you’re in.

And even if you’re not quite there yet, there are settings put aside, populated by our star brothers and sisters and the rest of the Company of Heaven (ascended masters, angels and archangels, etc.), which are holographic in nature (in other words, you’re not really on this Earth) that are there to help you clear whatever remains that blocks you. Think of it as the wading pool. You can join the rest of us later.
The attitude of the Company of Heaven is that everyone is welcome (even your noisy neighbor). They want as many people to ascend as possible.

You can ascend till the end of your present lifetime if you’re not quite ready to handle the more refined environment. So there’s really no cause for alarm on anyone’s part.

If you feel unclean, unworthy, ashamed, guilty, that’s fine. You can still ascend feeling unclean, unworthy, ashamed, or guilty. You may experience somewhat more vertigo and other unpleasant symptoms in the process because these attitudes really do constitute resistance to the higher vibrations, but you’ll still join the party. Feeling unclean is not required and not unacceptable.

So there’s nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. And those who are constitutionally oriented towards fear and worry no matter what, knock yourselves out. It’s quite OK to ascend from those states too.

Remember as well that you don’t have to recognize or acknowledge God, the galactics, or the archangels to ascend. You can love Jesus or not; he’s OK either way. And you can love Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu or Ahuramazda or not. It does not matter. The experience of duality is over and they never required you to love them anyways. Just come along and join the party.

You can be black, white, purple, or indigo. You can be tall or short, like Elvis Presley or not. You can have smoked dope or swallowed barbituates, eat pork or not eat pork. Hey, what more can I say? You get the drift.
You don’t have to know what Ascension is. You don’t have to have said “I’m ready!” or “I’m going!” to ascend. Those who know nothing about Ascension may have given their consent from their higher selves, in their dream state, etc. If they’re decent folk so that they’ll have assimilated sufficient light, chances are they’ll join us.

We live in a benevolent cosmic order, as Byron Katie stresses so much, and we’ve been persuaded otherwise. Nature is not red in tooth and claw. Actually nature is green with love and compassion.

We’re about to have a cosmic celebration and all are welcome, even your unfavoritest relative. So get your party hat on and have your noisemaker ready. (No, you don’t need a party hat and noisemaker. Just saying.)

There’s a party card with your name on it and Archangel Michael wants you. Come as you are, ready or not.

I’d like to thank all lightworkers everywhere who’ve tastefully and lovingly spread the word. Everyone who started Ascension-related blogs or did videos, transcribed, translated, or jiggled switches, thank you.

Everyone who risked ostracism and job loss and every other form of being dissed to tell people what’s coming, thank you. Everyone who did not risk anything but held the light and love, thank you.

All those who’ve been serving the world in humanitarian capacities, peacemakers, peacekeepers, healthcare professionals, spiritual leaders and every other form that lightworkers and starseeds have served in during this generation or lifetime, thank you.

All parents, all animal lovers, all earthkeepers, everyone who’s served Gaia and her children in any capacity, thank you.

What you worked for so selflessly and for so long now stands before you. Time to boogie and make merry.  Even Archangels laugh and drink coffee milkshakes. (1) And they want us to celebrate.


(1)  Archangel Michael: You deserve a holiday. Of course I’m coming along!  [laughter]
Steve: Do you like coffee milkshakes?
AAM: Yes, I do!  (“Archangel Michael: Detailed Instructions for Dec. 21, 2012 and After,” at http://the2012

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