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The biggest Illusion still being fed on your world is the belief that darkness and density are the prevalent means of experiencing your Lives. This is simply not so and in fact, the pervading vibrations of Joy, harmony and Love make up your conscious experience. This is why every soul who goes against the natural, Loving flow will find difficulties manifested in their Lives; Because it is akin to attempting to swim upstream in a river.

Although this narrative is a bit lengthy, it is MOST JUICY & INVIGORATING!
Thank you Wes, Ascended Masters, and Hathors!
*** Love & Light!

You are Being Initiated into a Whole New Paradigm of Consciousness (Part 1/2)

Many thanks to Konstantinos for the picture of our new paradigm!

Can you dear souls imagine that you have plentiful guides all around you at all times, simply waiting to be called upon?

We will let you know that we are with you in the form of synchronicities which can be numeric by nature but which can be expressed in a plethora of other ways. For example, seeming coincidences that occur in your Lives are usually attempts by fragments of your higher selves to reach you and communicate a specific message, and we help in the attempt to get your dear souls’ attention and to help and guide you along your paths.

Every choice that you make is setting the stage for and building upon the manifestation of further events in your Lives and the perspectives you employ determine the course your Lives are to be heading in.

Those on your world who feel that a cataclysm or disaster is imminent are feeling the breakdown of the old and dense energies in themselves and as a result, are coping with the surfacing of the negative feelings that have, until now, driven the subconscious rage and density that some dear souls on your world feel but keep bottled-up, yet express such rage in the form of belief systems, ideals and opinions.

What has been kept and held within is now arising to the surface and while some dear souls would stay comfortable within their unrealized densities for a much longer period of time than the ascension cycle is calling for, the intervention and assistance from the Divine Forces is seeing to it that every dear soul is offered the full opportunity to work through latently-held issues that have laid dormant within the surface perception and consciousness of many an Earth soul.

Even many unawakened souls are still surfacing issues from past or current Lives and working through the density and trauma that has naturally been gained whilst experiencing a world rooted in density and darkness for so very long.

We wish to tell you of the importance and magnitude of the Lighted energies many of you dear souls are bringing through yourselves, for you are uplifting parts of your world that need such upliftment if they are to properly resonate with the coming energies, which will see all that is of density and the lower vibrations transmuted and recruited over to the energetic side of the Light.

You have heard so very much about the grid of Light being built-upon and sustained with the Light energy you are bringing through yourselves in any given moment, and the importance and strength of your Lighted energy is determined by your belief in the reality of the energy work you are performing when bringing such energy through.

This is one reason we remind you of the importance and magnitude of your Light work, because it simply cannot be expressed enough and your Earthly words simply do not do justice to how powerful and strong the Lighted energies being expressed truly are.

We strive for you to feel these energies in their fullest purity once again and we are working with so very much of ourselves to help you bring about the energetic and physical events that are to be reaching your world and that you are attracting to yourselves in every moment.

Begin to explore the seemingly new realities you are beginning to find within yourselves.

Enjoy your unfolding multidimensional perspective; expand upon it in any moment you find yourselves able to, for it is equally important for you to begin to consciously interact with the realms of Source as they unfold within your sphere of perception.

You are now beginning to consciously experience the higher realms once again and this was your very mission, dearest souls; to become open to the higher realms so that you could properly resonate with the Lighted energies that would see you acting as a conduit for Source to express itself through, to rebuild Gaia’s planetary grid and establish a grid much stronger and more infallible to the influence of the dark and dense energies.

You are here to build upon the framework of energy that is helping your world to ascend and we reiterate as well that Gaia’s Light grid is brimming more than ever before with the increasingly-pure energies being brought through the Lightworker collective.

You came to this world to experience a multidimensional perspective and anchor the very underlying and inherent concepts that lead one to such a perspective, unto the unawakened Earth collective and this is why so many of you have taken to expressing yourselves in the public arena and getting the message and concepts of the higher realms out to a public who will vastly benefit from the truths of the higher realms, if they can only find themselves open to such truths within their minds and hearts.

Your missions have included easing the collective density that has been and is still manifested in your current time, and you dear souls have done this marvelously as you worked through your instated veils and barriers and integrated and transmuted the layers of ego and illusion that would attempt to surface and cloud your perspective.

Truly, you are unlimited and infinite beings and there is nothing you cannot attain and experience upon finding and fashioning that ever-important inner connection with your higher self as well as your guides.

You are in very powerful times at present and we simply await the time when we as well as your Galactic brethren can walk openly among you on your dearest, beautiful ascending world, and help you all to gain the ascended perspectives that we have garnered after having been helped by souls from the higher realms when we were in your third dimensional positions.

The way of the Universe is to help any struggling or lower dimensional planet [or individual soul] to evolve in any way possible, as once finding the higher realms, the desire to have as many souls as possible experience the prevalent bliss and joy that make up the higher dimensional experience becomes a top priority, and serving others along their path in any beneficial way garners the most wonderful feeling within us.

You will find that this is so within yourselves as well, as you ascend into the fifth dimension and find even purer realms of consciousness as a result of your continual climb through the realms of Source.

You reach now, the precipice of a very powerful alignment that will serve to upgrade your temples and spirits exponentially.

You must allow the changes to come forth WITHIN YOU, dear souls and some of you will experience them more subtly while others will begin quite initially to notice the effects of an upgraded spirit and temple. Your bodies are expanding to host a fifth dimensional soul and experience all that comes with hosting a fifth dimensional soul, and your refining and retuning process is very intense.

You must allow yourselves the necessary grace and ease you require along your paths ...for the alignments you are to reach will pump-up the intensity of the lessons you are learning in your personal Lives that serve to shed and integrate illusory layers of yourselves.

What happened during the alignment of the 21st of December is that very powerful celestial bodies will be in line with each other, which will cause a shifting of the purity of energies being sent to all lower octaves of Creation within this Universe.

Every lower [and higher] realm prevalent within this Universe is to receive a boost in the purity of energies Creating their realities, and this is one of many reasons that the ascension of the Earth is monumentally-important to the ascension of various planets and Galaxies who have been based in the lower dimensions of consciousness and who are beginning to find themselves ready to exit the densities of their respective experience and re-find the ever-purer realms that so many of you are embracing with every bit of yourselves.

We honor your resolve, your strength, and your faith in the reality of all that is happening, even when in the face of seemingly unending destruction.

There are so many souls on your world who go to great lengths to convince you that the vibrations of harmony and joy are not prevalent on your world and rather, that only the densities manifested for thousands of years can remain prevalent on your world and this is simply not true.

The biggest Illusion still being fed on your world is the belief that darkness and density are the prevalent means of experiencing your Lives. This is simply not so and in fact, the pervading vibrations of Joy, harmony and Love make up your conscious experience. This is why every soul who goes against the natural, Loving flow will find difficulties manifested in their Lives; Because it is akin to attempting to swim upstream in a river.

It can be done, but it will be very difficult and the difficulties experienced on your world have clouded the minds and hearts of many dear souls who would attempt to convince others around them that positive change is not manifesting.

The power you are to experience on the 21st of your month December could not be expressed enough, and it is because of this sheer power that some may not feel as if anything has happened when this date comes around. We say that you will all experience this date differently according to your own levels of growth and the readiness and preparedness you have attained in yourselves for such a date, and those who Create their realities based on the continual thought that positive change cannot manifest, will naturally be carried-forth onto the timelines wherein they seem to feel nothing.

You give out what you put in to your reality, dear souls, and it can simply be no other way.

If you are one who feels that no positive change will manifest as a result of this date, your vibrations will be adjusted accordingly and your experience will reflect your view. In a similar vein, those of you who have expected to feel the monumental energy in yourselves that you will indeed feel, have already began the most difficult and final aspects of your processes before you find yourselves ready to embrace increasingly-pure states of consciousness.

Every one of you have worked throughout a plethora of Lives to achieve the ascension you are on this world to achieve and while many of you may subconsciously choose not to experience the purest of energy you can feel during the 21st, you will still experience benefits on this date and such benefits will be adjusted according to the levels of expectation you have employed in yourselves.

Some feel that your ascension could not be any other than a gradual process and as a result, will utilize the 21st as another needed and appreciated date to absorb steadily-purer energy, but not as a date for ascending. Those who are expecting a mass, sudden ascension may find the most intense of testing within themselves to see if they are truly ready for such ascension, and all of you are to experience benefits on this date; based on your level of readiness and belief of what such date will garner you.

Again, there will as well, be some who feel that nothing has happened to them on this date and in many cases, this will have come about because of the belief that nothing would happen.

It is interesting from a higher dimensional standpoint, to watch you dear souls program your reality negatively at times and then express sadness that your reality is programed negatively. If a dear soul expects something negative to happen, witnesses such a thing and then turns to us to say “well, do you see? My Life is just as bad as I’ve been saying it is!” – We simply smile and remind you that you are Creating your reality with every belief you employ.

If you happen to find a string of negative events seeming to manifest around you, it is important to pay attention to your reaction to each negative thing as it plays out. If you can take a step back and view everything from a centered and balanced point of view, you will see that imbalance has caused negativity to manifest on your world and that your feeding of a balanced and positive perspective is essential to experiencing the benefits of your ascension.

Some choose to remain negative and ingrained within their physical ways, and those are the souls whom we speak of that will feel as if nothing has happened during this powerful timeframe. We say that again, everybody is experiencing a wonderful absorption of pure energy on this date and one’s level of belief in what this date will garner, will see one naturally put on that level of feeling the intensity of energies given on this date.

[The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes step in and request to communicate.]

Greetings, dear souls, we are the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes and we would like to provide our energetic perspectives on the events unfolding on your world at present.

We have been working for quite a long amount of your concept of time to continually ready and prepare you for this date of the 21st and for plenty of other dates that are to come which will see your world delivered to even purer vibrations and reaching newer strides along your personal and planetary processes.

We have been stationed within the higher realms [of the Earth] that your collective consciousness is growing toward for some time, and we have watched your Earth experience play out while we funneled-down the energy Creating your realities and helping you to ascend.

As we have discussed previously, we have been steadily increasing the amount and purity of energy sent down to Create your lower realms with each time we send this energy to you and with the 21st at hand, we are preparing for a major increase of quite intense proportions, of the purity of energy sustaining your reality.

You can all make your efforts to feel and absorb this energy within yourselves, and we ask that you allow these energies to process through yourselves and know that any pain or discomfort is temporary and will not affect you in the long run.

We do not wish for you to avoid consulting a physician or doctor if you find intense pain within yourselves, but we speak of the subtle pains that will get your attention and then fade away, having no further effects upon your bodies or minds. These are the temporary shifting pains you may find within yourselves as your temple is prepared to further shovel-out any density still remaining within yourselves as your ascension reaches the purest phase it has reached as of yet.

Up until now, many of you have been subtly awakening and toying with the idea of your own personal ascension but now, the intensity has been kicked-up into high gear and the importance and prevalence of your ascension process is stronger than ever before.

It is time to put your ascension at forefront of your perspective and to see that it is no longer taking a backseat in your Lives.

Of course, this reminder is not relevant to so many of you whom have indeed embraced your ascension process with every bit of yourselves and allowed it to exist within the forefront of your perspective for some time, but there are those who could use the reminder and knowledge that your ascension is truly about to be kicked-up into a gear that will test you further than you have been tested as of yet.

Those of you who have cleared out every last bit of dross and emotional negativity within yourselves may find yourselves breezing through this alignment as you experience the wonderful, metaphysical fruits of your labors, and others will find difficulty with the final surfacings they are performing as they ready themselves for the heightened intensity to come in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Many of you are of course, wondering about physical happenings on your world such a disclosure and we wish to express that such maters have taken a temporary backseat from the point of view of the Company of Heaven, so that we can all instead focus on reaching this important pinnacle that you know as the 21st and allow everything that needs to happen to be carried-forth by the energies accompanying this alignment.

Your cabals will find their influence diminished even more significantly than it has already been, and they will even find themselves unable and unwilling to continue feeding dense and outdated mind and heart sets that are no longer in resonation with the energies to be expressed on your world for generations to come.

Love, Peace, Joy and harmony are to be realized within the collective, planetary consciousness and when the bulk of effects from this and many more alignments are made known within your collective, you will all come together in joy, and wonder how you could have fed the acts of density that kept you separated for far too long.

Many souls will begin to remember their Galactic origins and will embrace the roles they have come here to play, as well as such origins. Some will find themselves as having been Earth natives and will embrace the plentiful time periods they have taken Lives in, and you will all be able to utilize and benefit from the Akashic Records to view any time period of your Earth’s history.

You will be introduced to the Akashic Records and the information and knowledge they hold within during the disclosure announcements and as has been expressed, we will be relying on the Akashic Records to provide much detail and insight that the cabals have attempted to suppress, about their actions and about the true history of your world which is far, far different from what you have been told.

Earth will be recognized all throughout Creation as an inspiring Galactic planet and each one of you starseeds and Lightworkers who are here at this time will experience supreme pride and joy for the amazing and seemingly-impossible work you have successfully performed upon the surface of the Earth.

You have made it, dear souls! Does that not just feel wonderful to acknowledge?

Even if you feel as if nothing has happened on the 21st you can rest assured that in general, you are being initiated into a whole new paradigm of consciousness with the arrival this date and the continual act of purifying the energies Creating your reality that this date and the ones after it will initiate and establish more fully.

Some of you wonder how positive change could possibly come about on a world that seems so bleak, and we wish to remind you that there are but a small few yet influential pillars of darkness feeding every last bit of density expressed on your world today.

Literal energetic barriers are established on your world that cloud the minds and hearts of each individual who finds themselves exposed to such barriers by way of anger or density of any kind, and the Lighted energies being given to you now as well as the Lightwork being diligently performed by each one of you, are toppling these pillars of darkness and seeing them replaced with the natural Light that is to become the norm on your world.

The Light is truly on your world to stay and you will be meeting with the Forces of the Light so very soon, and we ask you all to continue to hold the focus hold to your visions of what reality is supposed to be, as well as of the future you are heading toward.

Do not let yourselves feel discouraged by the nearly inevitable influence of the naysayers who have Created their realities to the extents that they felt nothing on the 21st, as many professional detractors are looking toward this date for the ultimate unloading of propagandized disinformation that will attempt to completely tear down the ascension movement, because of their own experience of such a date.

Do not let your perspectives be clouded, dear souls, for many of you are indeed already feeling the continual effects from this date and those who seem to feel nothing will themselves experience the effects of this alignment, when they are ready in themselves to experience such benefits and to feel the wonderful surge of Light and increase in their own metaphysical perspective, accompanying this alignment.

Your ascension energies will not be “backing off” of you and will rather, increase continually within your perspective and this is why we ask you all to allow this process to come about in the easiest and most graceful way that you can. You will begin to find your perceptions heightened if you have performed the proper surfacing and readying work in yourselves, and you will find the density that was once ingrained and prevalent within you simply seem to fade away, as it will out of the collective perception in the immediate time ahead.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we thank the dear Ascended Master Collective for allowing us to step in and deliver a message that our scribe did not expect us to deliver. We thank you all as well for the continued support you have given us and our communications, for we do indeed feel your appreciative, respectful and positive energies and we cannot express how thankful we are for them.

We have been speaking to you in this manner for some time now and as we reach a point along your evolution wherein we are to be speaking with you more directly and meeting you more formally, we ask you to hold the focus and keep the faith; for you have only reached the beginning of an amazing process that will inspire you, amaze you and leave you in awe of our Creator’s reality structures.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters and to the Hathors of Earth’ Solar Astral Planes.
by 21dec12

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