Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thank you SanJAsKA and Wes.
*** gavin

While you are undergoing your Lives and going through the last lessons that you have set out for yourselves before remembering your higher dimensional Heaven which exists all around you, we have been working with much of ourselves to bring forth the physical manifestations that are to see your entrance into Heaven proceeding as smoothly as it has been planned to.

You may look around your beautiful world at present and note that much change does not seem to have been made and that the lessons you are going through can be a bit more difficult than you had originally anticipated but dear souls, you came to this wonderful world to learn and learn you have done!

You are all undergoing the lessons that are breaking your physical and mental shells while exposing yourselves to the pure realms of Creation which lay beyond your perception of such veils. There have been many physical happenings as of late unfolding on your world and each event signifies the coming of your future in its own wonderful way.

We would tell you to both pay attention to and become detached from your media.

We say to simply keep an eye out for News stories which are beginning to leak-through and which will continue until the ultimate exposure-event is brought forth, as nearly all of the time you are seeing beginning and rudimentary discussions within the News media of every major country, and such stories and small disclosures have been planned quite carefully so that we can monitor the collective energy of the souls who are absorbing such programs as you are all exposed more and more to the truths that will garner you the ability to perceive of the higher realms.

The entire collective is going to perceive of the higher realms after going through the most shocking of upsets and we say that each disclosure being made is not only determining the collective ‘levels’ and your collective readiness to absorb and understand the most paradigm-shattering of exposures that will be had, these disclosures are as well being aided supremely with each dear Lightworker who is absorbing them and who is able to understand that they are signs of the immense change to come on your world.

There is no energy that will not find its way to you and at present, many dear souls are experiencing the worst of the energy that they had manifested and kept within themselves throughout a plethora of experiences within the lower realms. While you are reaching your final lessons and exposures, we are working to nullify the pollution given in your atmosphere and as well to help you break through your aforementioned physical shells, in any ways that we can.

There are many souls, even awakening on your world, who are still not quite comfortable with the notion of us as Guides and helpers, nor of the help we are giving in general. Many have been exposed to false information and heart sets about us from various different avenues which are mostly disinformation-based, but the ever-prevalent reason that we are not as widely accepted as we could have been by this point, has been the rhetoric and propaganda that the cabals have been subtly and not-so-subtly producing about the idea of extraterrestrial contact.

In your 1940s we were making quite routine contacts with many souls who went public and disclosed the contacts that we were making, and an entire culture quite rapidly flourished in the United States based around the theme of very real contact with benevolent Galactic humans.

Many do not realize that this was so in such times and this is because many recorded reports that were given by souls on your world who we made contacts with, have been suppressed and will be made available to the public and televised upon the disclosure of our existence and our wish to help you evolve into the society of beautiful Masters that you are becoming.

A culture and heart set was bred out of the personal, in-the-physical contacts we were making with many from our ships, and we wished every soul who we contacted to know that we are here on your world to help initiate you into pure states of consciousness and to help you find the resulting unity as a collective so that you can outgrow the [perceived] need to war and the need to feed the densities that cause war.

Many souls who we made contacts with became quite intelligent because of the information that we were giving them and because of being around our healing energies which we were giving out even while allowing such souls to perceive of us in more of a limited, human form than that which we naturally take, so that such souls would not be too overwhelmed by our presence.

We allowed this healing energy to be felt whilst making physical contacts with many souls on your world in any given time period, but in the aforementioned time period we were openly and happily sharing many truths and insights into the future of your history and the unfortunate consequences if your cultures continued to feed lower acts of density, and we informed such souls as well of the evolutionary event unfolding on your world which has been commonly known for decades of your time as ascension.

This was not quite how we described such an event to the souls whom we made contact with but rest assured, we explained the nature of your collective evolution and how it was to be attained not by us, but by you as a collective coming together and realizing your Oneness while rebuilding your world.

We have known that we would likely need to assist you in the initial ‘getting off the ground’ so to speak with your collective evolution and this is again, because of the preconditioned mindsets and heart sets related to us or any subject outside of physicality, which have been caused by the crafting of instilled propaganda toward us and toward many other avenues of metaphysical reality.

The cabals began broadcasting television shows and movies featuring us as alien invaders, in an effort to sway a public who was increasingly becoming open to and aware of our presence, with subconscious [and direct] propaganda. The majority of the collective saw the television shows, radio programs and movies that were coming out featuring alien invasions, as a natural and fictional result of the interest that was beginning to be garnered on a widespread level, with us and our craft especially.

The radio broadcasting of ‘War of the Worlds’ in a similar timeframe to that which we speak of, was a crown achievement for the dark cabals in unconsciously and quite consciously as well, swaying your public into fearing us and fearing the event of an alien invasion in general. While the various wars throughout your recent history had been long planned before they were to come about, the fear of attacks from other countries helped many to subconsciously fear even further perceived ‘outward’ attacks from extraterrestrials with negative intents.

Ever since our physical contacts began [strongly] commencing around your 1940s period in the United States, the cabals readied their propaganda to instill the fear and disbelief of us that is fed and expressed tenfold on your world to this day, by souls who do not remember their past Lives in which they had witnessed our contact with the various civilizations of your world.

There was as well much subconscious fear and propaganda instilled about us after the fall of your Atlantis and Lemuria.

As we were given the blame for the destruction and it was told for generations before the remembrance of the two colonies became ultimately and temporarily lost, that the beam which was fired in warfare efforts was the result of technology we had Created and used against the two colonies, rather than the colonies increasingly warring with each other and developing advanced technology to assist such warfare.

We have had to be very careful about our contacts with various civilizations and especially with your current civilization, because of this propaganda and because of the propaganda that is given in your society today which has been given for decades of your time.

We saw an opportunity to make contacts in your 1940s and while the documents and explanations of such contacts by the souls who were experiencing them are suppressed to this day, it will become common knowledge in the immediate period ahead that your world has had much more contact with us than even many awakened souls could imagine at present.

Many have been subconsciously taught to fear the idea of extraterrestrials because of the fear of an alien invasion, and an aspect of subconsciously escaping this fear has been to mock us and our presence on your world and to mock as well the souls who have been exposed to contacts with us, be them physically or telepathically.

We are so very close with humanity and despite the propaganda and resulting fear, disbelief and general mocking of us by a collective who [latently] fears our presence on  your world and by a cabal who wants the collective to fear our presence; despite all of this we have maintained very close energetic signatures with the collective of humanity, which is why we have been allowed and authorized to make physical and telepathic contacts with your world and is as well why we will be authorized to assist greatly in the disclosures and giving of technology to your world that you and dear Gaia truly need so that you can begin to heal the collective density and resulting pollution that has been caused.

The dark souls have quite literally trapped you dear souls subconsciously within a fabricated reality of their Creation.

They  have taken away from you the technology which is to be rightfully yours and which has always been rightfully yours, and by using generations-old propaganda methods that they had been taught by the Annunaki and negative factions of the Zeta race, they have formed and molded this false reality by manipulating third dimensional mindsets, heat sets and genes within the physical constructs of humans, animals and every other form of Creation existing on your world that can be reached with such manipulation.

Only while in your human bodies have you been subjected to any type of limitation, and upon departing to the realms of Nirvana or finding a higher dimensional evolution you find a strong and real sense of uninhibited freedom as you find that you have never needed a physical body to experience beautiful consciousness.

[The physical body] has simply been necessary to exist within lower realities and the dark souls have taken advantage of this by manipulating slightly the genes of humans and animals, so that whenever you incarnated into your physical structures you would be not only subjected to propaganda given by the dark souls and their outlets routinely; you would also be much more susceptible to this propaganda because of the preset limitations that you can fully and freely break out of by beginning to garner awareness and by beginning to evolve.

This is what should be expressed dear souls; that the dark’s manipulation of human and animal genes has only acted in accordance with the freewill of the human and animal kingdom, and upon garnering awareness and experiencing the resulting enlightenment, you dear souls will be and are breaking completely the chains [which were aided by] genetic manipulation that the dark souls have instilled upon humans and animals generations before your current time, who many of you incarnated as.

For quite a long time on your world, the pineal gland was not a feature in your bodies because the Annunaki wished to Create slave races who could not garner awareness within a temple that would not allow them to do so. The very moment that this action stopped acting in accordance with a collective who was to reach a stride along your collective growth plans, we happily intervened and added the pineal gland as well as other parts of your dear bodies that allow access to all of your chakras, even the ones which are not yet online but which will be coming online so very shortly as you all reach purer strides along your individual and collective growth.

You are able to transcend any method of keeping you dear souls back; be it physically, mentally or emotionally, and this includes being able to transcend the propaganda regarding us and many other subjects that has been manifested for quite a long time on your world.

The dark have utilized propaganda to convince and sway the public subconsciously on so very many issues that they have wanted to hold you back in the avenue of so that you did not garner the awareness that sees you breaking the chains and limitations that they had planted you in, with the help of your own collectively-manifested and freewill-based density.

Despite many awakened souls having been exposed to propaganda about us through films and television shows that portray only negative races with harmful intents in an effort to display us in such a Light, only benevolent and Loving Galactic races will be making contact with your world.

The types of negative races displayed in your movies and television shows are very thin and far between, but such races still exist and have indeed wished to utilize your world for Her resources, with a prime example being the Annunaki.

However, any race with negative intents is not allowed near your world because it is vastly against the collective freewill and Life plan of humanity for you to be subjected to such a negative will so close to your collective ascension. We ask you, dear souls, would that make any sense?

As it will be explained just how controlled the thoughts and feelings of much of humanity have been [as humanity fed such control], you will find a resulting collective breaking-away from such controls once and for all as you find a clear and understood contact with us and as you begin to understand as well, our wish to assist you in reaching pure states of consciousness.

You are to see and feel how the dark souls have long wished to keep you down and hold you back by fabricating your realities and getting much of the collective to line up under false doctrines, distortions and sheer lies about your reality.

You will notice, dear souls, how controlled your mainstream outlets and those who follow them truly seem to be. You will notice distractions in every avenue of your Lives from your higher dimensional growth and understanding, and we say that the dense energies given through television and movie screens are quite literally meant to twist your [auric energies] and developing higher dimensional selves, while covering up your chakras with residue which is astral and mental in nature.

You are constantly repeating throughout various vestiges of your mind, aspects of a television show or movie [or commercial] that you have watched or even been subjected to hearing, and this is because the energy that you are given through television and even through radio frequencies on which your music is purposefully played along; this energy serves to stick itself to your chakras, mainly your pineal gland, while filling your mind with distraction and chatter that sees it much harder for many of you to break through such mental barriers and find a resulting calm that will lead to balance, enlightenment and ascension.

The dark souls on your world do not wish to see your collective ascension play out, and assuming themselves to be smarter than you, have come up with very clever ways to try to keep humanity inside of predetermined and pre-Created boxes and shells of existence. Now that you are breaking through these shells quite marvelously and we are finding an easier ability to communicate to and through humanity, these souls are quite shocked.

They did not perceive of this future coming about as they had only believed in their future which even their advanced technology for looking into such a future told them wasn’t going to happen. Even still, they have forged on and assumed themselves still to be able to enact the most devious of the plans that those generations before them in their bloodlines had set out for them and they are again, quite stunned at the rapid awakening of humanity which has indeed been taking place for longer than your 1960s.

The dark souls had assumed that with the invention of their propaganda and the creation of lower frequency-manifesting devices which would be and have been meant to fill the heads and hearts of humanity with subconscious chatter which is hard to break through; they had assumed that this would keep humanity contained and they are instead now finding many of themselves contained, within a bubble of auric Light that is [and will be] seeing many of them no longer feel in resonation with the plans in which many of them had formerly invested all of themselves in.

The dark heads are the most resistant to this Light energy but nevertheless, we are continuing in [the Ascended Masters’] plans of sending this energy to them and you dear souls can aide in this process quite supremely.

If you dear souls wish to, we wish for you to make routine practices and efforts of blessing each cabal member and cabal head on your world with the strongest and purest Light energies that you can muster up at any given time. We note happily when very many of you anchor Love unto yourselves and unto dear Gaia and we ask you to direct this Love energy you are giving out wonderfully, to the dark souls on your world because these souls and the families they have forced into their dark ways, all need this Love energy quite strongly.

This energy is very real, very potent and will serve to have very important effects upon the dark souls you would be sending them to. If you wish to think of yourselves as warriors for the Light, than imagine this Light and Love energy as your perceived sword and shield, because your gifting of this energy in as pure of a form as you can muster up to the dark souls, will see them totally disengaged and will as well see our energies reaching them in much easier and purer ways.

Our [and your] actions of giving these souls Love combined with your actions of giving these souls forgiveness will see the future you have all been waiting to manifest, brought about quite supremely.

This is one potent option of helping to bring forth change on your world that has been suggested. As always, it is very important that you dear souls do the work yourselves that is needed to see the uprooting of the dark heads whose acts mirror the uprooting of your own personally-maintained and deeply-held densities.

[In the overall plan] the dark souls have only intended to act as a measure of the quite unbalanced karmic negative energy that you dear souls have manifested for yourselves in abundance, though such souls had underestimated the difficulty of breaking away from the greed that they knew they were to undertake by playing the biggest ‘abuser’ role on your world that has ever been filled, all in an effort to get the collective to realize their manifested density and work through it as a result.

In this avenue, they have been quite successful as many souls are now awakening to their actions and are beginning to understand that their actions have been willingly and unwillingly fed and accepted by the majority of humanity.

These souls are and have been working with all of themselves to block your knowledge and remembrance of your collective ascension and your ability to break free from physicality and evolve to realms much purer, but the original intent of their incarnation was to help you realize the worst of what you have committed for so very long.

Many souls will find it difficult to understand that even the cabal heads with the darkest of hearts at present, actually incarnated on your world to fill the positions that they are filling for positive purposes and intentions. There is a strong need to forgive such souls so that you can realize your own inner and deeply-held mind and heart sets that caused and continued to feed the actions and the mere intents of these souls.

This is why we express to you that their intentions were originally positive but that they have clearly deviated from what they set out to do as they found the money and power getting to them. A very key and crucial aspect of sending these dark souls as much and as pure Light as you can, is being able to forgive these souls fully and purely and to no longer hold pains and hates within toward these souls for you will only feed them when holding such feelings within.

They have played upon violence and hate as well as physical lust in your media and this is apparent to anybody who is not directly susceptible to such propaganda. Even many dear awakened souls still find trouble breaking through the spell that the cabals have casted upon the collective in various different avenues, and many do not understand the sheer work that the cabals have put in to running every aspect of your predetermined Lives while attempting to keep you within such Lives rather than having you see out your collective evolution.

These souls will no longer find the energy or the willingness to perform such actions as they will literally find themselves ‘drained’ by the Light energies they will receive.

This is because while these Light energies will supremely uplift even the average ‘unawakened’ soul, the dark souls strongly do not resonate with the pure [Light] energies at the moment and as a result, would find quite an imbalance within them of the physical, mental and astral bodies that may likely see many of them simply leaving your world because of the sheer nature in which they could not handle such an imbalanced flow of energies throughout their bodies.

Many of the dark heads and even many figureheads are already experiencing this as they are being sent this Light and, while trying with all of themselves to resist it, are finding it coming through anyway and are finding a resulting difficulty in continuing on in their plans of enslavement of your world and of keeping you from realizing ascension.

As we do not wish to burn out our dear scribe, we will temporarily close this line of communication and leave you all to ponder what has been given in this communication. Search within and ask yourselves, how do you feel about the cabals at this moment? Many of you wish their activities to come to the screeching halt that they are now coming to and we ask you, how are you going to feel upon hearing the worst of what the cabals have done? Will you be able to find and feel forgiveness?

We can feel that many of you already know the answer to this question while many of you assume one way or another in regards to such a question. Some of you think that you will never be able to forgive such souls for what they have done, but are to find an upliftment in the period ahead that will see you wanting to forgive such souls, if only simply to serve them in their evolution. Some of you are very sure that you will be able to find forgiveness for such souls, but have not yet realized much of the lower nature in which they have worked with lower forces to maintain control on your world.

We ask you simply to ponder the balance that you will be able to employ in the immediate, telling period ahead as you begin to find an enlightenment that will see each and every one of you able to access the supreme and uplifting energies of forgiveness and Love, which you have always been able to access as such energies have long been a part of your very soul structure.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.
by WesAnnac.com


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