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The Power of Love and Forgiveness is Absolutely Miraculous

The unloving are, in truth, crying out for Love. Their faith in the divine creative Source of all existence is very weak; they feel alone, lost, threatened and unsafe.
As a result they attempt to build strong defenses with which to devastate those they fear. But they are afraid that those they fear will become ever stronger and more threatening, and develop the power to destroy them.

So they try to build even stronger defenses.

It truly is a Catch-22 situation. Don’t buy into it, because it distracts you from your spiritual task of bearing your Light on high for all to see so they can be re-assured all is divinely taken care of. God’s Light shines on all indiscriminately, but sadly many turn away from it in fear, believing themselves unworthy of the Love it offers.

They choose to demand scientific proof of the existence of God, of a supreme Intelligence, to justify their unbelief, knowing that that of course is and will remain unavailable because science is blind to anything other than what it decides can exist. Your history shows you this very clearly time and time again when science is proved wrong.

Unfortunately, science remains obdurate. Due to fear of the unknown, it wants to explain things through its own premises, based on historic experiences that lead to unwarranted assumptions, which it then refuses to question until forced to do so by unexpected events and new discoveries.

Being unable to prove the existence of God allows them to indulge their fears that the world is a hostile and threatening environment, and to justify behaving as though the life they are experiencing is best used solely for their own personal advancement — “he who dies with the most toys wins!” And so personal agendas drive their lives, causing divisive situations to erupt into them with monotonous regularity.

Within the illusion you see violence and suffering destroying lives and livelihoods, and it seems that you must take enormous precautions to protect yourselves and your loved ones. It is extremely difficult for you not to worry about the future because you believe that it may bring disastrous and unforeseeable events into your lives; and many make their living by encouraging these worries.

Letting go of fear and embracing Love is the only satisfactory response in any situation. Those who take the plunge, despite their fears, and embrace loving behaviors and attitudes find that life flows far more smoothly.

Difficulties continue to occur but do not crush their faith in their ability to deal with them; so they cope and their confidence grows. Their loving natures influence and inspire others, and they find themselves no longer alone in life’s struggle, as others appear who cooperate creatively with them, helping to smooth out difficulties that had at first been quite daunting.

Love finds Itself and joins with Itself wherever It is welcomed, expanding Its communion to embrace all inclusively, and dissolving any barriers that would separate It from Itself. It welcomes all who choose to enter Its fold where there is no hierarchy or order of merit. It indiscriminately accepts all who would join with It. It is God, the supreme Source, the divine Consciousness of which all that exists is an irreplaceable and essential part. All that is required of anyone who would join this exalted community as a member is the recognition that they are already members!

Fear is the belief that it is possible to be apart from God, that it is possible to be unworthy of His Love, that it is possible to think, say, or do something that makes one unacceptable to Him. The insane actions and conduct of those who live in fear and engage in war on an individual or an international scale are unreal, despite the apparent reality of the pain and suffering they cause. They are engaged in an imaginary competition with those who believe themselves separated from God, and therefore from each other.

It is an unwinnable attempt to curry divine favor by demonstrating the unworthiness of others and the worthiness of themselves in the sight of God. That premise is unwinnable because no one is unworthy.

The way out of this sorry and confused situation is to forgive those who have been judged, and to forgive those who have done the judging. Forgiveness allows awareness to expand out of the narrow and biased field of focus that judgment creates, enabling the field of divine Love to penetrate, suffuse, and dissolve it.

Stress and hostile tension, which severely contract and reduce awareness, then dissipate, giving way to a vast extension of sentient consciousness.

A complete reassessment of a situation that had appeared hostile occurs, and what had caused the dissonance is found to be far less divisive and unacceptable than it had previously appeared to be.

Whereupon, a resolution that rewards all is quickly achieved.

The power of love and forgiveness is absolutely miraculous, and is constantly available in whatever situation you may find yourselves. Do not let your fears discourage you from taking full advantage of these wondrous divine gifts which can amazingly resolve every issue in your lives.

When you fell into the illusion your Father ensured that these gifts went with you, so that when you chose to do so you could use them to dissolve it and return to your heavenly Home. That time is fast approaching.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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