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Dec 21. 2012 Preparation

Someone asked me for our teams’ perspective on Dec. 21 2012 and I’m excited to share it with you.

“On Dec. 21 2012 there will be a pinnacle of frequencies that will be flowing through those that have agreed to be energetic gateways.

You will feel this very strongly and very beautifully. The portals within will be flooded with Light and we ask you to enjoy this experience; feeling and appreciating the amazing, unprecedented levels of beauty you will easily see reflected back to you, in everything you experience. No need to fuss and plan which may actually detract from the experience.

Be, Be Your Light, for your love of Gaia, your love of humanity, your love of your Cosmic family, your mission, your Self and everything.

The pinnacle begins to build noticeably on Oct. 21 2012 and continues to be felt strongly until Feb. 21 2013; a 4 month wave, cresting on Dec. 21.  We are very excited for you and for everyone regarding these important 4 months.

Some of you are feeling a sense of importance to further clear anything you perceive as an obstacle or debris and/or to wrap up things that you may have been delaying yet feel clearly called to do/be.  This inner guidance is valuable, as the more free and clear your energy centers and overall energy field can be by Oct. 21 2012, the more fully you can serve your unique role… as a Gateway for the Upliftment Frequencies. 

Other humans not activated and not serving as gateways will not have this level of experience.  They are likely to feel pressure and constriction as these intensely divine energies trigger further expansion in all things and some have not yet allowed/honored that process.  Those in conflict with Self will have a skewed interpretation of the intense energies, likely rooted in fear-based thoughts and programs they have not yet resolved or transmuted.

Others may seem completely unaffected, like absolutely nothing is going on, which will seem even more impossible to those of you soaring in the divine frequencies and those feeling like the sky is going to fall at any moment.  The vast spectrum of experiences will be quite strange and this is likely to continue.  Trusting Self is the name of the game in the growing high strangeness of these intermingled timelines and realities.

There is no wrong way to do this so please don’t be alarmed as we discuss the importance of these weeks and the 4 month window soon commencing.  Simply follow your internal guidance to “clean house” energetically and be as solid in your Light force as you will allow.  Nurture Self, making more room, focus, attention and devotion for your own unique God frequencies to Be further manifested within your human-ness.

The rest is even more simple… Enjoy the ride, re-membering You are creating it.

 The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray shared through Jill Renee Feeler

by Jill Renee Feeler
September 6, 2012

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