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Into the Flow of All Good Things

The new (universal 5) energies (9/2012: 9+2+0+1+2=14 = 1+4 = 5) of September are finally here, which begins the wrapping-up cycle of all the changes from the entire year.

Can you even recognize who you were when the year began? As if you didn’t notice, this 5 year (2+0+1+2) has been all about breaking thru to new ground – to a new paradigm of freedom – which ultimately means moving beyond the karmic (duality) cycles of our 3D past and entering into the 5D, christed (unity consciousness) energies of the present.

There is the usual, almost melancholic feeling of endings in the air as we wrap up a season and prepare to enter a new one, but this year September feels different than all others because we are bringing a very important phase of human life to completion.

We only have a few more months to step fully into our authenticity and say our final goodbyes to a life gone by – a past (3D) life that we created from a split mindset and with less than our full connection to universal LOVE.

It’s time now to bring our full attention to the 5D energies starting to ground into the physical dimensions as we continue to break thru the old ways and align with the upgraded version of our new selves/lives.

Simultaneously, while the energies of the past recede, we are all – in one way or another – receiving the “new orders” sent forth from our spiritual blueprints – the information that we need/have been waiting for to get our vessels sailing in the right direction after an entire season of wildly flailing around in the open seas of our limitless potential.

Tiny glimpses of freedom will break through the mire this month as we begin to navigate our new lives with our updated maps (divine blueprints) and our finely tuned compass (5D heart).

Flipped Over
For those of us who have been diligently working toward the fulfillment of our divine contracts, the part of us that is here to serve the planet by way of BEcoming the expanded, 5D version of our human-self, we are now in position (alignment), wired and activated to receive what the Pleiadian High Council calls the bounty of creation.

Apparently, the energetics that once served the 3D world are now fully “flipped over” and in position to serve the 5D world.

From the perspective of the Pleiadians, this means that those who have consciously suffered in 3D (aka, those who took responsibility for and worked thru all the lack-goo) due to the unwavering unwillingness to settle for less than the full scope of our divine potential will now begin to receive the graces that deeply we knew were in store for the faithful.

New Spiritual Gifts
For those who are fast approaching the full embodiment of your divine template, and due to the recent bump-up in frequency that we were tortured working thru all summer (winter in the south) long, you can expect another round of opening of new (christed) gifts of spiritual alignment.

I am hearing that the gifts that are bestowed upon each of us will have everything to do with our galactic-genetic constitution – that it will be a time of realizing our full capacity to create, as well as our individual and uniquely encoded offerings to this planet.

I am also hearing that for some of you, your life “work” will be changing drastically as we enter into new-level contracts to serve in ways that capitalize on these new, higher level gifts. If you’ve been feeling especially lost/disconnected from your purpose since Mercury went retrograde in July, this is likely why.

New Level Service
The PHC want me to quickly touch upon the ways in which many of us will be called to service for the remaining months of the year. Basically, they just want us to understand that with the birth of this new energy dynamic – unity over separation – comes the alteration of service from DOing to BEing.

I talked about this in greater detail in the July report, but the Unseens say that it will become even more pressing in the coming months that our contributions to the world are anchored in our ability to maintain and harness the energies of Unity.

Lastly, the PHC comment on the ways in which we are beginning to handle the downloads of energy as we ground into our physical bodies…

“You may have noticed a slight change or alteration in the ways in which the solar energies in particular are affecting your physical body and cells. The changes that we speak of are energetic in nature, but the effects on your well-being are lessening to the point that each of you at the front of the light parade are able to integrate more rapidly and handle more energetic infusions with less distortion.” – PHC

That is definitely not to say that the process has been effortless by any means, and I am not even sure I agree with their perspective entirely, but maybe some of you are beginning to integrate these energies with more ease now? (If so, I would love to hear from you!)

Our (lower chakra) core wounds are heavily up for review because our souls are being scoured of impurities in order to handle these very high frequencies. In other words…still no rest for the weary. Not yet, anyway.

Catch you on the “flip” side!
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