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Love is the key to awakening

Here in the spiritual realms, where many of you will soon join us, we are watching with pleasure and gratification as you make your way determinedly forwards along the rugged path you have so valiantly hewn that is leading you to Heaven. It has been a long and arduous journey, with many excursionary digressions along the way, and now you have reached its final stages.

You have indeed been stalwart of purpose as, despite the many alluring distractions that have from time to time drawn you away from your path, you have always staunchly and courageously returned to it.  Each time you have steadfastly reset your course after temporarily falling by the wayside, and your undying sense of purpose has provided much needed encouragement to the many waverers whom you have encountered, and who seemed to have lost their way.

No one can really lose their way because everyone always has divinely inspired guidance available; they have only to ask for it and they will find it.  It is not elusive; however, many are poor listeners to that inner voice which offers and provides all the guidance needed, the voice for God, whose one purpose is to lead them out of the illusion and into the Light.  At that moment all will become clear — as eternal joy replaces the fear, befuddlement, and confusion that are the illusion’s hallmarks.

That inner voice is calling you all constantly, because God’s Will is for you to awaken into your natural divine state of rapturous ecstasy where you were created, and where you truly have your existence, despite your current and unreal experiences that would attempt to convince you otherwise.  To awaken is to fulfill your function in God’s plan for humanity – those apparently lost in the illusion, that non-existent place of unfulfilment where hopes are dashed and loneliness and fear pollute your every thought.  Your awakening is essential and unavoidable, and will be achieved when you have chosen, as you will, to expunge all that is not of love from your minds.

What is not of love is unreal, but your almost unabated attempts to try and make such a condition real consume enormous amounts of your energy, leaving you – much like flashlights with batteries that are almost completely drained – very little strength or motivation to seek out and uncover your spiritual heritage or true purpose in life.

And yet that is the only worthwhile activity with which to occupy yourselves, as you struggle with the doubts and anxieties that are your almost constant daily companions.  You attempt to defend yourselves “against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that seemingly assail you from all sides, and yet these are nothing more than your own fearful projections reflected back to you in the mirror of unreality — a mirror that you have constructed and enthusiastically polished to ensure a clear view of all that seems to threaten you.  Put it away … because it only adds to your alarm and confusion.

Love is the key to awakening, and to the end of fear, doubt, and anxiety. However, you mostly feel that only when you are safe, secure, and unthreatened will you be able to enter the sanctuary that Love provides – but Love is the sanctuary that provides the safety and security you seek!

When you engage with love, operate from love, and offer love in every situation, your fears will fade away because you will no longer need them or want them. Love really is the key to releasing all your fears.  So take your courage in both hands and leap into the loving abyss!  There you will find yourselves fully supported, your fears will dissolve, and your destiny will become clear, no longer hidden in the mists and confusion through which you have long been accustomed to trudging so wearily, warily, and stealthily.

Love will never fail you.  It is Reality, all that exists.  Anything unloving that you seem to experience is unreal and will not last however fiercely you try to maintain it.  You can delay its vaporization, but you cannot prevent it.  And when every trace of it has been eradicated, you will awaken, and utter bliss will embrace you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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