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What you are experiencing as life is a sad and minimalist domain

God’s Love is completely beyond your understanding!  It encompasses, envelops, and embraces all sentient life; without It there would be no life.  Your life is an aspect of divine Love; it is what you are and has nothing to do with your bodies or egos, your cultures or your religions, your ethnicity or your nationality; it is the field in which you exist, and it is all that exists.  That sounds like a paradox to you, especially as individuality — separation into parts — is the way the Illusion presents itself to you.

The unreal environment in which you are experiencing your lives is an imaginary state of existence that you were able to construct only because you exist at One with and within your heavenly Father while remaining completely free.  You exist because, from Love and in Love, He created you free to delight eternally in the Infinite and wondrous state that He created for His children.  You chose to use your limitless freedom to build a severely limited but imaginary realm in which you could experiment and experience life as though removed from His loving embrace.

What you are experiencing as life is a sad and minimalist domain, because you chose to exclude from it all that would enable you to bring to mind what you left behind when you shut down your awareness of Reality.  You invented psychosis and confined yourselves in a psychotic institution where you experimented with embracing a wide variety of limited states of consciousness, and ultimately you became quite lost.  Nothing made sense – which was your original intent – in this hall of mirrors, and there seemed to be no way out.

Of course there is a way out!  What you built is tiny.  You have to work extremely hard to remain within its confines, because the impulse, the urge to break free, to burst out is acute and constantly conflicts with your intent to remain lost.  God is calling you Home.  The Divine Flame burning within each one of you is His loving call to awaken, to release your viselike grip on the unreal that is causing you so much pain.  You desperately want to answer His call, but you are afraid.  You believe that you rejected Him permanently, when you built your Illusion and that as a result He wants you banished, punished, and permanently exiled.

You have forgotten that He is infinite, unconditional Love, as are you, and therefore you cannot envisage Him standing with outstretched arms, as indeed He is, as He waits for you to return to Him.  Fortunately the inextinguishable flame that He placed burning within each one of you is warming your hearts and giving you a sense ...a small intimation of His feelings for you.  Hope is alive within you, and you are looking for evidence that your hope is justified.

Look around you at the encouraging signs that demonstrate quite clearly that people feel compassion, that they care about those who are suffering, and that they are taking steps to bring to an end the enormous imbalance between those who have everything and the vast majority who have next to nothing.  That is most definitely a sign of God’s Love melting the hearts of those who previously chose to remain unaware and unconcerned about the impoverished who were all around them being used and abused.

Loving attitudes are being discovered in even the hardest of hearts, melting the inflexible beliefs that have allowed enormous and inequitable imbalances in power and wealth to be present and flourish, while the standard of living of so much of humanity remained utterly intolerable.  You are all One.  You need to realize this and act accordingly by using your skills and talents to help and nurture those who are stuck in abject poverty.  There is absolutely no need for this state of affairs, since modern technology can provide everything required to ensure that no one is without adequate resources to live a satisfying and fulfilling life.

This needed realization is dawning on many, and groups of generous, talented people are establishing themselves all over the world to address and resolve the issues that cause and maintain the poverty trap.  Poverty is relentlessly enervating and disempowering, and it has been encouraged and maintained by the ruthless greed of a small group of embittered, unfeeling, and affluent individuals who suffer from an insatiable lust for power.  Their time is over, their influence is dwindling, and their hidden agendas and plans are coming to light.

Love is all powerful, so even if you are not physically able to take part in dissolving the corrupt systems that have endured for so long, or in building their replacements, remember that your loving prayers and meditations most effectively strengthen and intensify the divine energy field that is enveloping the world and bringing in the New Age that has been long promised.  Pray, meditate, and intend that God’s Will be done, and know that you too are bringing the age of peace, harmony, and abundance for all into being.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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