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Thank you ArchAngel Raphael and Julie!
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Become YOUR Own Self-Healer
Message from Archangel Raphael
Channeled by: Julie Miller
September 17, 2012

Your primary focus and aspect of all the theoretical and spiritual learning you have acquired dear ones has surrounded healing. Many dear souls contribute spiritual healing as having faith, but it is more than faith. Faith and healing is more to do with an unchallenged belief in a perception of who and what God is to you – someone who has vast power that is ‘out there somewhere’. Healing through faith is based on your belief of a certain concept that you follow and trust. A couple examples of healing through faith can be found through Psychic and Shamanic healing – for their healing to be effective, you must have faith in them and their methods.

True Spiritual Healing dear ones is re-establishing your wholeness to your own unique experience. Through Spiritual Healing of yourself, you are able to identify, admit and understand the ambiance of God, the flawless transcendent idea of actuality in yourself. When you set to motion the intent to heal yourself, you are able to remove toxins of misleading self-appreciation that appears to have separated from the wholeness of YOU.

In your spiritual process of healing the mind you never deal with unchallenged beliefs of any holy and revered person, religious formality, sacred place or item. You will deal unswervingly with the truth of that particular being. What you need to understand dear ones, is that what is Truth to one no matter how well documented a concept is may not resonate in each dear heart exactly the same. Reaching the Truth of any matter requires one to learn through their own experiences and belief in themselves and once this occurs it is also important to not push your perception of the truth onto another. Each of you will have your own understanding of what is true to you. It is duly noted that the truth you have learned yesterday, can and will change in the tomorrows to come because as you change and grow, your knowledge increases and so does your understanding.

The Spiritual Mind is truly quite powerful dear ones. When you focus with your full intent that is fuelled with unconditional love you can defuse and vanish forms that are internalized thus creating physical experiences of chaos for your body in the form of disease and mayhem in your human body. With positive thinking directed for healing that is love filled you will attract positive energy that results in a positive change to your health conditions. Your thought patterns dear ones has a huge effect on your overall health. As you raise your consciousness, you raise awareness of yourself and those around you.

In addition, as you learn to heal yourself through your many spiritual methods of choice, you will become conscious of the WHOLE truth that your life is God in every movement. You come to an understanding that that there is an unending and infinite creative intelligence that flows through a creative and productive process that made you. Each of you has a creative ability, as each of you is a reflection of the most esteemed Creative Being. Many of you claim you are not creative, yet you do not see as we do. To be creative does not mean you have to know how to draw or sculpt. Being creative can be seen in how you dress, your ideas at work or school, your garden is a creative expression of you; when you cook without using a recipe you become incredibly creative – I have seen some interesting dishes dear ones that were truly enjoyed by their creator. Rise to your inner power to create. It is a free flowing beautiful aspect of you that also unites with the Light and Love energy of God. Creative activities have their own healing properties, as many are well aware of.

True healing of yourself begins dear ones when you uncover the indispensable truth by being able to realize, understand and comprehend the reason of the most primitive of harmony. When you are able to understand your existence is already complete then TRUTH will become secure in your life. After you have fully spiritually woken, it is essential that you begin treating your mental faculties with the truth and begin balancing your spiritual mind. Harmony does come to those who have learned how to live in perfect balance in ALL that they are.

A solitary biased opinion, or belief and acceptance can express as a way of relating to life that will hide the truth that is within you and contaminate the purity of your thinking power that is within each dear soul upon this fine planet. Each of you are wonderful and impressive souls and within ALL of you is the Power and Presence of Absolute Truth of God that flows and expresses itself through all who have opened their heart and mind to God and His infinite love. It does not hurt to open your hearts dear ones, it only requires you wanting to let Him in; to relax all previous hesitancy and embrace His warmth of everlasting love and guidance.

To propel from your following Faith type healing beliefs you will discover the many things you asked for healing from another you have within yourself. You only need to answer YES to instill your confidence, reassert yourself to a state-of-mind that is lifted and high spirited. Yes is a very powerful word, make use of it; create YES affirmations. They may sound silly at first when you vocalize them but your words have power dear ones. You want healing; you must begin to believe you can.

What I ask of you dear ones is for you to recognize your individual unification with God. This truth, you cannot hide from forever. It is where you have come from and where you return. God is alive through each of you. But it does take time for some folks to see this truth because they must be able to accept God and his merciful love. Always attempt to have bright, positive thoughts for all people and for yourself. If you have always been the kind of person who lashes out all words, any words regardless how they impact others, then this is a good time to learn to bite back that tongue and allow the Light that is beaming from within to shine through your words instead. Yes this does require change and this change can be a little daunting but it becomes easier because you will attract others that have kind words to say also. And in turn this will encourage your loving heart to expand and share more of that marvellously warm love.

I encourage each of you to stand up to any of your conceived inadequacies. Understand dear ones, what you consider a failed part of yourself is essential for you to overcome. Take time to look at them with truthful honesty; don’t rush through them with only a glance. So many lessons are there to be learned and they never go away dear ones until you do learn their lessons. I have heard many complain they do not wish to repeat lessons; this is understood. A lesson becomes repeated until the person learns to recognize specific patterns that are damaging and they themselves finally break that toxic cycle. I recommend looking keenly at yourself dear ones and the relationships you have with everything and everyone. The truth will reveal itself in every situation, and then your true healing can begin.

You cannot fight what is negative in your life. Learn to dissolve all over-emotional entanglements such as anger, jealousy, grudges, etc. When you accept the truth of any situation you will see these negatives disappear. Counter those angry feelings with love dear ones. Tell yourself “I love you’, ask for guidance from me, God or of your guides. We will help show you the way to empower yourself with positive light and love filled words that do not encourage hostile responses. You want to see positive change in the world, you must be that change. You must represent love to the fullest and most unconditional meaning.

Learn to examine yourself, be mindful of your thoughts, feelings, words expressed; pay attention to the change of your mood at any time. Your own body gives you signals; it lets you know when you have an abundance of negative energy. Take time for self-reflection and evaluation of your spiritual progress. It is a good way to see and gauge where you are on your journey and to invoke healing on any particular vulnerability. This is your journey dear ones; it is within your own power to make the best of it through your own considerable choices.

Before you begin to blame another for your distress, I suggest dear ones to look within. Realize another person has no power to make you choose your direction. Learn to address the negative forms that have escalated and take the appropriate measures to correct this train of thought by neutralizing it with the REAL truth. You do not have any real enemies. Any person considered an enemy, needs to be looked at with genuine consideration with love. Yes there will be people you meet that will rub you the wrong way, but does that determine them as an enemy? Each person that enters your life comes with a reason. And each reason holds many valuable lessons that are to be embraced and appreciated instead of condemned when the relationship turns sour. Remember ALL has reason.

When you find yourself two steps back instead of moving forward, dear ones do not get frazzled. These setbacks are a result of many things and they are filled with lessons from God. God is not angry with any of you when you come up to a setback. The truth here dear ones, you are given another opportunity to increase your own personal power and knowledge. Recognize that all the lessons and challenges you have faced are to be seen as wizened person you are now and who you are yet to become. Your journey is far from over dear ones.

It is always up to you as it is within you and your own inner power to heal yourself. You can continue to put Spiritually Healing of yourself off for another time, but there is no favourable time. It is never too late or early to begin. Your NOW time is up to you. When you are ready, believe dear ones that I will be right beside you, supporting and guiding you, as you require my assistance. You will become your own self-healer; you only need to believe you can.

And so it is, Archangel Raphael through Julie Miller

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