Monday, September 15, 2014

Dedicated and Practiced Skill by Peggy Black, September 15, 2014

Thank you Team & Peggy!

Peggy Black

We are here encouraging you to take a deep breath and acknowledge yourself for the transforming service you have been doing.

We realize that you do not always see the results of the continuous work that you offer the collective. In fact there are times in which you think what you are doing is not making any difference.

The events that are broadcast, the conflicts that are fueled by patterns long held in the collective seem to be accelerating. When the media is focused on these events and you observe these occurrences, it is easy for your vibration and state of mind to drop into a state of despair and you can begin to believe that nothing is changing.

When these thoughts of discouragement arise shake them off as quickly as possible.  We would like to invite you to practice feeling good for no reason. Look for ways to uplift your own personal energy field. This is one of the most important self-mastery skills that you can call forth. So no matter what is occurring in your personal life or the global arenas, find areas in which you can practice your gratitude.

The simplest vibration of gratitude will shift the frequency. Being thankful is your only full time job.  It does not matter what you are doing or whom you are doing it with, continue to hold a foundation of gratefulness. It truly is your power, your power to transform a situation, your power to transform any limitation.
It is from this vibration generated by a feeling and emotion of gratitude that all things can and do transform. We are speaking of a genuine, sincere expression of acknowledgment and praise for being alive.
Even in the darkest of experiences seek to witness and express the smallest ray and reason for gratitude. The vibration and frequency of gratitude is truly a game changer. Your entire field of energy shifts even if it is just a microscopic shift and a fleeting sense of thankfulness.

Gratitude is soothing to your troubled mind as well as to your body and its functions. You cannot feel stress when you are expressing gratitude. The chemicals in the body change, the chemicals in the brain change with each of these vibrations and emotions.

This is truly a dedicated and practiced skill we are inviting you to remember and master. The tiniest expression and feeling of gratefulness is a seed that will begin to grow and flourish. Your life experiences will begin to shift. You will become a magnet for more and more experiences that you call blessings.

When you are in the grace of feeling grateful you are a strong and calming presence wherever you are.  Those around you can and do feel this radiating in your field; you are blessing your loved ones, your co-workers, your community and the entire matrix. You are also blessing yourself.

If we could offer you a magic wand of transformation it would be gratitude and appreciation. When you consider that you are a being of pure energy, a divine multidimensional being of light, your natural, most centered and balanced state is a coherent frequency of gratitude.

Unfortunately this is an ability that is not skillfully used by most individuals. Rather than using their personal creative power to attract and welcome life-sustaining energy, they misuse their creative power and generate a frequency of worry. And that, only attracts the very thing about which they are worried.   It is a dysfunctional cycle that is prevalent on your planet.

Do your best to shift your state of mind from worry, doom and gloom to some aspect of appreciation. Even in the most challenging experience or crisis, grab your fear, your distress, your anxiety before it multiplies in thought and feelings. It is these feelings and thoughts of dread and dismay that literally close the energetic doors to the very solutions you are seeking.

These low frequency vibrations instantly connect you to the collective consciousness generated by others who have forgotten who they are, those who are expressing and radiating their fear, anxiety and distress.  Your planet has taken this way of expressing its power to an art form of dysfunction.  As you can see, worry, judgment, and anxiety have not produced a world of love and peace. We think you will agree with us in this observation.

When you feel yourself drop into this collective pool of despair and negativity, shake it off! Return to your practice of gratitude, appreciation and joy. It is these emotions, generated and held firmly, that will attract the results you desire to manifest. In this manner you are adding this conscious light to your global family. Remember to see the end results, envision the most supportive outcome for yourself, your loved ones and the events occurring on your planet. You are the one to anchor this.

We know this is a theme we continue to offer you. It is one of the most important practices that you can learn, use and express while in your physical form. The vibrations of love, gratitude, joy, compassion, forgiveness are all forces and influences that truly transform.

We acknowledge you for being here at this critical time of evolution. You, your actions and the offered high frequencies of light are making a significant difference. Do not doubt this for a minute; continue to hold, offer and sustain your divine conscious presence. We embrace you with our deepest gratitude for who you are and the energy of light and service you continue to bring forth.

We are available to support and assist as is the entire company of divine conscious beings. Remember to invite and include us in all that you do. We assist in amplifying your good work in this reality and dimension.
by Peggy Black for the ‘team’

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