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Transforming the Earth: A New Paradigm, Disclosure, and Ascension – Parts 1 2 3

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Transforming the Earth: A New Paradigm, Disclosure, and Ascension – Part 1/3

Written by Wes Annac, August 26, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/l8zbxhv
We’ve reached an unprecedented time in our history and our social development. Together, we’re creating a new paradigm; an era rooted in harmony and advancement instead of conflict and chaos.
We’re preparing to see what the next phase in our evolutionary growth will present, and we’re on the verge of welcoming a wealth of miraculous and revolutionary changes that’ll completely transform the limited manner in which we’ve viewed ourselves and the world around us.
Our awareness of ourselves and the universe is growing every day.
Those of us who’ve become aware of spirit and the necessity to cease warfare and various other destructive things in the name of coming together and running this planet as a unified body are doing everything we can to spread this knowledge and the liberation that comes with it, because it’s become our responsibility.
Governments and regimes are collapsing – in some cases, for the purpose of installing other despotic leaders who’ll work with the hidden hand behind the United States government, but in others, positive reforms are taking place that are displaying the progress humanity’s starting to make.
Leaders who aren’t on the side of the ‘elite’ are starting to work in their citizens’ best interest, displaying that governments and ruling bodies don’t have to be corrupt to thrive. All over the world, widespread protests are occurring that serve to put the public spotlight on atrocious human rights violations and various other important issues.
We’re learning about the poisons that are added to our food by multinational GM food companies, and various other ongoing conspiracies against the people are being unraveled.
I could outline plenty of things that point to the direction we’re heading in, but instead, I’d like to look at what some other seekers have said about our new paradigm and the events and circumstances that are ushering it in. First, we’ll take a look at some of the more general features of this new paradigm.
Then, we’ll talk about the event that’s been called ‘disclosure’, which is a complete secret-spilling on the part of various governments and institutions who’ve perpetrated massive cover-ups for decades, ranging from the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs to the elite’s plan of genocide and enslavement of the population.
There’s a lot we haven’t been told, but now, we’re peeling away the collectively enforced illusion that our governments profit from. Despite all of the horrendous things that have been done and planned against us, we’re creating a new way of life that recognizes and embraces spirit and the higher qualities that’ll lead us home.
Meg Benedicte describes the new paradigm we’re on the verge of creating.
“We are at the brink of a New Age…an age of hope and re-construction. At the epicenter of this New Age is a heart-warming movement of human empathy and unified vision. We are no longer satisfied with building up our egos and feeding the insatiable beast inside.
“We realize after centuries of war and destruction that we are not any more secure. And it has taken a devastating toll on the human spirit! But now the seeds are sprouting, we are moving into a new direction…it is the beginning of a New Age as we rebirth a New Earth.” (1)
This movement is gradually making its way into the minds and hearts of humanity, she tells us.
“So why is this happening now in our history on this planet? Why are we now convinced that something is missing and it has nothing to do with acquiring the latest gadget? What has motivated many thousands of souls to reflect on the deeper meaning of life, and to reconsider how they pursue joy and personal fulfillment?
“The new movement is beginning to enter into the mundane thought forms of the masses, by ways of the media and entertainment, in our philosophical dialogues, and in our conversations at Starbucks.
“How else do we explain the influx of awareness regarding health and wellness, yoga and meditation, aromatherapy and organic food, grassroots online organizations, progressive ideas and inventions, forums of individual opinion (blogs) … all rising out of the growing unity consciousness.
“It is truly amazing to be witnessing this movement and to join its powerful birth!” (2)
We’re waking up and exiting the self-instated slumber that resulted in separation from our essence.
“At this time in human history, we are coming out of a deep sleep of separation from the very essence of life itself. As we wipe away the mental fog of confusion and dissolution, we are being given the opportunity to peer into an alternate path, a human reality unknown to generations before us.
“It exists in the higher realms of spirit. And it is available to all who pursue union in their hearts – union between the human and the soul. It requires a dedication to the pursuit of Wholeness.” (3)
Union and open-heartedness are all that are required for us to reap the flowing benefits of a connection with spirit, and those of us who feel led to live in love and express the resulting joyful emotions to everyone around us are, in many case, brimming receptors for spirit’s energy and inspiration.
We’re changing the planet with every kind act; every good deed, and whenever we act on a selfless impulse to help others, the planetary consciousness rises. We strengthen our already strong movement of love and harmony with every positive and loving thing we do, and as we’re starting to learn, we’re the only ones who can hold ourselves back.
We’re the only ones who can stop ourselves from creating and enjoying this revolution of love, and the cabal or any other force will be powerless to stop us when we’re all awake and aware of the most important, progressive changes that need made.
We’re turning away from the corrupt, self-serving mindset that’s common on earth, according to Meg.
“In this New Age of reconstruction we no longer aspire to join the ranks of the spiritually bankrupt, the emotionally vacant up-and-comers who pursue wealth and power at all cost. It has become unsavory, distasteful. We’re awake now, and watching the greedy grab for more, as the wave of human consciousness cries out ‘Stop!’” (4)
We’re ready for all of the hatred and uncaring to come to an end, and we have to be the ones to bring it to an end by refusing to let it into our perspective. We have to be willing not to act on the greedy or selfish impulses we receive from the ego, and the aforementioned openheartedness will make it much easier.
We’re the pioneers of this new way of life, so let’s start pioneering it. Let’s do everything we can to live in love and refuse to give in to the self-serving qualities that have already corrupted so many people, because our future depends on it.
As time goes on, the cabal will receive the sweet justice that awaits them, Meg tells us.
“We can feel the injustice viscerally in our bodies, as our hearts ache and our minds recoil. We now realize that we are all connected, in ONE human race, and no one can get away with rapacious, unjust behavior without harming the Whole.
“The unchecked greed of a few is destroying the world as we know it, and the karmic wave of justice is sweeping through and toppling their ‘house of cards.” (5)
As she also tells us, the signs of our ongoing revolution are everywhere.
“The New Age is upon us and forming now.
“As the old World Order collapses under the weight of injustice, we are witnessing the power of the people [as they] challenge and demand a new system for human life. You can hear it on the news, see it online, read it in print media, listen to conversations all around you – the people have spoken and they demand a New Earth. The signs of Ascension surround us!” (6)
While a lot of people have made their voices heard, a lot of people still need to stand up for what they know is right and fair. For this movement to be strong, all of humanity will have to be awake and aware of the changes that need made, and we’ll have to be comfortable being vocal about these changes.
Our governments clearly have no interest in working in our favor, so the responsibility falls on us to start running this planet in the name of love and progress. We’re ready to change the defunct manner in which our society operates, but we’ll have to keep in mind that a lot will be required of us.
Even when everyone works together, we’ll still have a lot of important and perhaps difficult tasks to complete, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. If humanity’s proven anything so far, it’s that nothing is impossible, and with the power of spirit by our side, we’ll be infinite.
Meg then tells us about the ‘perfect storm’ for spiritual awakening that’s taking place.
“As the world financial and governing systems collapse under the pressure for change, a new hope arises. For those who are awakening from centuries of excessive consumption and spiritual dis-connection, the Universe has provided a ‘perfect storm’ for massive human evolution.
“As the planet aligns within the Galactic Core of our Milky Way galaxy, we have within our grasp the seeds for hope and transformation. A New Earth is birthing!” (7)
We have these seeds within our grasp, as Meg said, but we’re responsible for watering them; for doing the work that’s required to bring our planet and civilization in the light. We have the potential to do anything we put our minds to, and if we water our seeds with grace and patience, our fruits will be far bigger than we expected.
All that’s required is a little bit of momentum, and from there, everything will flow like magic. Our new society will be created relatively easily when we’re all enthusiastic about building it, because we’ve proven that enthusiasm takes us very far.
If we’re willing and excited about something, we’ll get it done quickly. We’ll have to be patient when it comes to constructing a new society that operates in our best interest, but our work will be more enjoyable than what most of us currently do anyway.


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Transforming the Earth: A New Paradigm, Disclosure, and Ascension – Part 2/3

Written by Wes Annac, August 27, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/qd28phf
Now, we’re going to look at the significance of ‘disclosure’ to the spiritually inspired society we want to create. As many of you know, disclosure is a worldwide confession of everything our governments have hidden from us, and it becomes clear to anyone who does some digging that they have a lot to confess.
The cabal has secretly devastated this planet and its people for a long time, but the era of oppression and injustice is swiftly drawing to a close. In its place is an era of honesty and accountability, and in my eyes, higher forces will be responsible for the eventual disclosures that’ll expand our collective perception to an unfathomable level.
Disclosure will be a very important aspect of our future, and some seekers think it’ll usher in the greatest changes we’ve been waiting to see. Some see disclosure as the ‘tipping point’ that’ll enable us to really start our work in changing the planet, while others look to things that have to do with abundance and economic restructuring.
No matter what ‘officially’ begins our future, we’re the ones who decide when it starts and how much work gets done. We have more power than we give ourselves credit for, and the forces who keep us in the dark thrive when we don’t understand or act on our collective power.
David Wilcock tells us that ET disclosure (and disclosure of everything else that’s been hidden) would render most of the world’s concerns massively unimportant.
“I want you to grok the fact that, if the truth comes out, it is bigger than the foundation of Islam, it is bigger than the foundation of Christianity, because at the time these events only reached several hundred thousand people.
“This would be the biggest event in human history, the most spontaneous shift that humanity has ever seen. Everything that’s being talked about on the nightly news right now would pale into significance….” (1)
Big changes are on the horizon, David tells us, and the planetary controllers will lose their positions of power (and media influence) when the greatest changes begin.
“The point is that everything is going to change in such a dramatic way. Everybody who’s listening to this has probably had that experience where they first started to get over the tipping point and realize, hey, you know, maybe this stuff is true.
“Well, imagine what would happen if the planet is told. And imagine how bad that would be for the controllers because what they’re seeing is the loss of their ability to be seen, mainly by themselves, as the gods of the Earth. …” (2)
David also mentions the economic restructuring that’ll take place.
“It’s so vast and there’s so many probability vortexes, it’s hard to really nail … down [what will happen after the announcement]. But I will say that it’s going to rock the foundations of the world. I would say that we will have some very dramatic economic changes, which probably are not negative.” (3)
I’d imagine any important economic changes would be for humanity’s greater good, and the economic systems in the United States and plenty of other countries pretty much work against their people. We need a fairer system in place that makes it easier to survive and thrive, and apparently, disclosure will go hand-in-hand with this system’s implementation.
Mainstream outlets that people currently depend on for information and entertainment will become irrelevant, we’re told.
“It’s going to be such a massive change that any movie that has been made before this happens, any television show that was written before this happens, any magazine, any website that was written before this happens, will become irrelevant on some levels. …” (4)
Something tells me that genuine truth-seeking websites will be more relevant than ever, and spiritual sites will probably become more popular too. When disclosure finally comes spilling out, the direction humanity will move in is, for the most part, unpredictable.
We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, and those of us who are aware of the changes that’ll be made can calm those around us who might resort to panic.
The realization that spiritually and technologically advanced humans exist on other planets (as opposed to slimy monsters) will expand our perception more than anything else, David tells us.
“Everything that we ever say, everything that we ever think will be completely based on this. If we know that there are other humans out there and that we’re not the only game in town, and we suddenly realize that aliens are not these scarey, horrible insect-like creatures but they’re people like us, it means our family is a lot bigger than we think.” (5)
Can you imagine what it’d be like for humanity to learn that extraterrestrials exist and are as benevolent as you and I, if not more so? The picture we’ve been given of ‘aliens’ is of monstrous creatures who only want to invade and plunder our planet, and this is in part because the cabal wanted us to see other humans on other planets in a negative light.
I’ve written before that seeing extraterrestrials in such a light is a very backward thing, and it makes perfect sense that if they’re out there (and a lot of people are very convinced they are) then they’re humans just like us. It’s interesting that, again, they’re spiritually advanced and have no desire to hurt us, and in fact, they want to help us build our new society.
In my eyes, we have a lot of work to do before we could come close to the point of genuine extraterrestrial contact, but when we do, I believe wholeheartedly that it’ll be with spiritual humans who want to share their teachings and technologies with us instead of plunder us into oblivion.
We can attribute that sort of behavior to the psychotic individuals who’ve secretly run our governments for centuries, and their influence and ability to create devastation is coming to a definite end.


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Photo Credit: Angelic View
Concluded in Part 3 tomorrow.

Transforming the Earth: A New Paradigm, Disclosure, and Ascension – Part 3/3

Rediscovering our divinity

Written by Wes Annac, August 28, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/mfqncrd

Now, we’re going to look at the evolutionary process that’s been referred to as ‘ascension’. A lot of people in the spiritual circles are very interested in the idea that we’re evolving into a higher state of consciousness, and many seekers are starting the inner work that’s required before they can lighten their vibration and ascend.

The idea behind ascension is that we’re collectively passing through the fourth dimension and evolving into the fifth, and from the fifth dimension, we’ll continue to learn and grow, refining our vibration and continuously ascending to ever purer states of consciousness.

My perspective on ascension is that it’s a gradual process that steadily yet surely leads us back into the higher realms. I think there’ll be certain brazen energetic events that are related to it, and they’ll adjust our individual and collective frame of mind/heart to a higher level, but for the most part, the work is gradual and endless.

Tom Thayer tells us that ascension is a reunion with the heart space.
“Ascension – what does this mean? What are we talking about when we say we are going to ascend to a higher dimension? We will move into a higher vibration of light and energy, a higher dimension. We will move forward, upwards into the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age.
“But more than this, it is you going home where your heart is. You are returning to Love, the Love of your Creator, and the Love of your twin flame that is always reflected to you, the Love that the Creator has for just you. This wonderful opportunity is for all who make the choice.
“After you make the choice to follow this Spirit Path you need to ask for the help of your Guides and other team members. They will help you on this journey.” (1)

We have freewill to embrace ascension or reject it, Tom tells us.
“Free will is one of the most important laws of the Universe. No one will ever force you; it has to be your free will choice. Once you ask, there are many who are here to help you. If you choose and ask for the help with the Amazing Grace that has been sent for this special time, you cannot fail.
“You will move forward along with everyone else and Mother Earth to the Golden Age of Love and Peace. We are moving into a higher vibration and a higher dimension, where there is Unity Consciousness.” (2)

‘Unity consciousness’, Tom tells us, is “knowing that all life is a part of One, that all life is sacred and from Creator Source.
“Those who choose the Spirit Path are choosing to live in the light. Darkness cannot exist in the light. There is no dark or negative in the higher vibrations where we and the Earth are going.” (3)

Tom also outlines some of the features of the higher realms.
“We have a chance now, like never before, to ascend with our bodies – to ascend to higher vibrations where we will never need money, where there is no fear, no death, no sickness, no pain, no sorrow, no separation from loved ones or feelings of separation from our Creator.
“There are no feelings of not fitting in or belonging, just of being loved. The door is open to all. There are none who have ever wandered so far from the light that they cannot join with all and make the journey.” (4)

In the higher realms, all of the pain and separation we’ve experienced on earth will be things of the past. We’ll have purified our vibration to the extent that we swim around in constant blissful and loving vibrations, and the earthly pain and fear we’ve grown used to will have long been transcended in favor of this bliss.
In our final quote, Tom outlines the personal freedoms we’ll enjoy in the time ahead.
“Most life forms on earth are going along with us for the journey.
“The weather will moderate and the environment will be hospitable to all life forms. The air and water will be pure and abundant. You will choose your own pursuits and endeavors. You will experience true freedom of personal expression as all things will be done in Love. There will be peace, freedom, respect and love for all life on Earth.” (5)

This is obviously opposite from the current manner in which our planet functions, and while it might seem like a long shot to some people, it’s more than possible. We have the potential to create this loving, harmonious future, and all we have to do is find the willingness to contribute in whatever way works best for us.

Whether our contributions are large or small, they’re immensely valuable to the planetary ascension. The physical changes that need made will naturally follow suit when we make the most important inner changes, and all of the changes we want to make – inner and outer – will require willingness and faith in what we’re doing.

In my eyes, ascension (and the inner work that’ll help us achieve it) is more important than disclosure or any validation of the things we know and feel within, but disclosure is still important because it’ll help everyone see that our reality is nothing like we’ve been led to believe.

I don’t think we should fixate ourselves on disclosure or any other outer confirmation, and instead, let’s embrace the inner work we have left to do with the knowledge that it’ll naturally herald the resulting outer changes.

It’s important to focus on our ascension, in my opinion, and I’ll continue to do so with appreciation for everything we’ve learned about it so far.

Spiritually inclined writers, channeled entities, and a wealth of other helpful sources have told us a lot about our ascension, our new society and the changes that’ll help us achieve both of them, and now, it’s our turn to produce as much pure and potent work as we can in the name of our positive, spiritually abundant future.

Let’s get more active than ever, using our sacred knowledge to uplift waves of others who might’ve remained cut off from the influence of spirit, and let’s purify our vibration as much as possible along the way. We’re here to completely transform this planet, and we don’t need to wait for anything big or monumental to start our work.

We can start it right here, right now, and all that’s required is willingness and dedication.
by Wes Annac


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