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The Office of Poofness: September 7, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap, and Susan!

poof 1Greetings and Salutations:
Poof Said:
There are leaders. And there are leaders. There are those who want to bring everything forward with an end to the drama that is being lived on the world stage. There are others who are yet concerned and do not believe it will work. There are others who are marching forward toward making a difference. There are forces, negative forces as you know very well who are charging onward with every intent to derail it all.
Why is this not easy to understand? Why make the messengers guilty of mis- information when these forces are mightier than the proverbial sword right at this time. The job of the messengers is much harder and more seriously demeaning for them, who really gain very little, compared to the masses that are to benefit.
How many have ever given one dime to the work of the messengers who also must maintain their own way– and have been given nothing for their work. As part of that cadre, just saying you can read into that whatever works for you. The truth is the truth.
What is happening now is very positive, and definitely forward moving.. How that plays out when power brokers get involved is not in the hands or the wherewithal of the messengers.
From the time this project was started, every person getting involved was told at some time their job was to visualize this ending in a productive, positive, meaningful way. It will. And we hope very, very soon.
Each person has to ask “Am I an asset or a liability to this project?”  because that’s who actually is holding it up.
Every energetic thought that goes out has energy, has power. And every one on the messengers’ organic list knows this “The New Age” people say what we hold in mind produces after its kind. Well, wake up. That is how the world has evolved. Or devolved.
In the past 80-plus years a lot of negativity and negative people have surfaced in the market place. Greed reigns, as you will agree. Then where have you been? Greed, fear and uneasiness about trusting most processes, markets, politics has evolved to a level not collectively seen in eons. And that is the arena in which all of this dealing with the RV and the packets is now swirling.
Do those who have been involved in moving the building blocks toward a better humanity– do they just do the appeasing thing by throwing out morsels ?? Get it over with? Or do they hold tight, continue the work of closing the circuits, the loopholes, find ways and people — and yes it takes people, good people, to bring about a turn-around of global proportions.
If you were them what would you do? If all you want is to know the date of when you can expect, then this is not the place. As much as we who work behind the scenes, literally, wish that could be were true. The date is closer. And we are willing to stay the course because we know the good that is forthcoming…. Poof
Poof has spoken to all of us many times about staying aware of when sharks start inviting us to participate in one way or another. The increasing numbers of sharks right now says we are getting closer to receiving. Sharks can be defined as schemers, scammers, crooks, and even person(s) that project even honourable – much less questionable honourable – intentions therefore seeking to take advantage of another for personal gain.
It has come to our attention that such ones are increasing their efforts to convince “O” recipients to provide personal information such as their address, etc. With personal knowledge, I can state that the database for the larger prosperity program is in impeccable condition. Only three people have access to this highly secure information. Anyone asking for your personal information at this critical time in this transition Please Use Caution..!!!!
Remember: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee….
ZAP Says:
Hi all
This week, we will examine in greater detail the peculiar lifestyle and mannerisms of the new species called dinarians in their natural habitat.
We set up our cameras and blinds and observed these creatures for many days. Scientists and behavioral psychologists were present to provide insight.
Dinarians are identified by having some amount of dinars in their possession. Some have more than others, and their belief they are very powerful and very wealthy is a direct reflection of how many dinars they have.
Most of the native dinarian’s time is spent on spending money in various dinar and guru websites listening to other dinarians talk about dinars and what they are, how they taste, and other fine details. They are experts on these things, but have better experts called dinar gurus.
Dinar gurus are very knowledgeable about dinars. They charge some nominal amount to educate other dinarians about the finer details of dinars. They do this on a daily basis, and sometimes have mass conferences where they educate a lot more dinarians about dinars, and what they really mean.
Great political, financial and timing insights are expounded. Some insights are touted as gospel, and dinarians happily disseminate these gospels. Invariably, these gospels turn out to be inaccurate for the most part, so more gospels are generated to cover the old gospels, and keep the culture alive.
Dinar gurus live rather well in comparison to regular dinarians.
Oft-times, heated discussions rage between dinarians who have differing points of view regarding the final redemption or exchange price of their dinar, and the timing thereof. Many have become so immersed in the dinarian culture, they have lost homes, families and the odd pet pursuing this dinar “religion”.
Dinars are colorful pieces of paper that were printed by the USA and France to capitalize the country of Iraq. After 700 trillion were printed officially, the us printing presses stopped, but the French did not get the memo, or could not read it, and kept printing over a 100 quadrillion of these lovely pieces of paper so sought after by dinarians.
The “dinar drug” industry was born, and many became addicted. To date, no dinarian rehab clinics have been set up to take care of dinar addicts.
Shortly, many dinar addicts will go cold turkey and are expected to experience dramatic withdrawals when the RV of this fascinating currency occurs publicly.
Unbeknownst to their deepest desire of a $1,000 per dinar exchange rate, the real exchange price will be very close to the Kuwaiti dinar.
Many dinarians will feel bad and ripped off at this price point, saying how dare the authorities take away their future billionaire status. Sadly, their dreams of owning small countries will not materialize.
Many are expected to protest and go to cnn to express their outrage. Cnn is making plans for the “dinar watch” and a new reality show.
With that said, expect the public rv to arrive shortly. The USN (TRN) will be making its debut in a few days I was told, with the RV right after or in conjunction with this event.
The Iraqi government is pretty well settled in, and making the final adjustments to the new 32 ministers/ministries that will run their country. Dignitaries and officials from many countries are flocking to Iraq right now in preparation of the event. A large celebration is scheduled.
The us treasury secretary jack lew has resigned i was informed. The new fellow brought in is getting briefed and up to speed on his new duties.
The global currency reset is pretty well complete, and was required for the RV to take place. Many fine tuning activities are going on to ensure the announcements to come will be in proper sequence and accurate.
The meetings in Beijing with ‘Grandfather’ are almost concluded, and the decisions are made as to how the roll out will occur, and who will be doing it. Many bad guys were filtered out during this process.
The historic bond redemptions are beginning this week officially, and the long wait for bond holders is over.
Previous trades that relied on the USN to be released will now have their returns provided to them. Their wait is over as well.
The world changes visibly this coming week, and you can expect many announcements to be made one after the other. It may be a bit bewildering at first, but you will see the pattern and how it all fits together rather quickly.
I was given a message from our dear brother St Germain in regard the state of mind aspect of this whole process. It makes such perfect sense, as always, from him:
Many await their resources experiencing varying energetics from impatience to disdain – for the most part, oblivious to the impact their behavior has on their anticipated manifestation.
In truth, the Law, duly fulfilled (the law of correspondence), continues to obfuscate the fulfillment of their desires; for their behavior reinforces their core belief in lack.
This is tantamount to “pulling on the carrot to see if it is growing”. We all know what that does to the little carrot – one must act “as if” the manifestation is fulfilled, and express “knowing” that “it is done”!
To extend this further, when you say “I want to have a new car” the universe hears only that you have a lack of a car, so it gives you more lack of a car. Kinda weird the way that works, but it does. So be careful in what you say as the universe is listening all the time.
Oh, and in regard the Canadian chat room with Dinardy and Cat House and Miss Phipps being requested to bring more pork, it was me. Just trying to be everywhere at the same time (practicing a la St Germain). There is no compromise, just a bit of fun. I have a dear friend amongst you, so it was brought to my attention that i should cut down on the pork. Nay i say! Bring the critters on full force…. Very tasty in the morning. There are no rats, and your security is not compromised. But if you do have questions i can answer, I will be happy to do so.
By the way, I am actually getting a winged purple pig stuffed plushy. Somebody found one and is sending it over. Way cool. The mascot lives.
In regard the project side, all is very much on track and we will be beginning the completion of our infrastructure this week, and prepare for the project fundings start after the 15th of September. It will not be long now. Susan is integral to this start,
And we have already amassed over 1500 projects, the majority valid and helpful to all of us, that will be getting their starts. These projects will begin being contacted by the end of September.
I would caution everybody here on some other things I learned. There are a few interesting folks out there that have started to ask for names, telephone numbers, emails, passport copies, etc of project proponents. Be careful. We do not ask such things for good reason. There is no need until after formal contact is made via email with documents, and that begins the engagement for project funding. Anything beforehand is to be looked at twice. Be discerning as there are still remnants of bad guys out there that would love to have a database of future project people that they can target for whatever reason.
Some may be indeed valid, but just be careful when giving out information prematurely.
Q: Hello Zap, from one fellow Canadian to another, I’d like you to clarify your last statement. I read your last article/posting and wondered what you meant by the words; “Prices will drop”?
ZAP – Prices for historic bonds will drop once the first wave at the high prices is settled. The reason for the high prices now is to get the global reconstruction projects kick started with large amounts.
Does this mean the international rate of the RV currencies will drop? If so, why are non-US citizens being forced to pay for the selfish and ignorant behaviour of a US politician?
ZAP – This will get fixed up…no more raping and pillaging allowed.
Or does it mean that only contract rates for US citizens will drop in what is offered to them by the banks? Can “grandfather”, have that kind of power to tell US banks they must change their rates at his bidding? If so, how does that fit into all those who have already exchanged their currencies for a previous rate through some banks? – Canadian J wishes to know
ZAP – Yes, ‘Grandfather’ has the power to have such things happen. But really the rate will be a function of economic stability in respect the prevailing rate of the Kuwaiti dinar. These two countries (Iraq and Kuwait) share a close relationship in their currency, and a drastic imbalance cannot happen, vis-à-vis each other. (That) Would not work.
Exchanges here in North America will reflect this.
Q: ZAP, I feel these questions are valid and deserve respect, After all, there are many of us that have committed to serving the light on a long term basis. We are agreeing to enter into a business venture with you, and the only way this can succeed is with open, clear and honest communications. This all may seem pedantic, but it is time to set the standards and each and every one of us deserve to be in the loop at all times. – RJC
ZAP – Sure, and that is what you can expect from me and everybody else around me doing this. We are going to be doing projects properly to serve our humanity. No casinos. They harm. You can always count on us to be absolutely transparent once the gloves come off and there is no more poof or zap, just the work ahead. These guys will have done what was asked of them at the time, and the focus will shift to matters at hand. So, my admiration for your comment.
In the meantime, we are winding down our very successful dial-a-dinar and rumor systems, Miss Phipps will be going on holidays, Bob’s Bank will be renamed along with Sally’s Savings, but the flying purple pigs will always be with us. Terribly cute mascots.
Thanks to all that support Susan, and not beat me up too much. This week will be a truly amazing week with the beginning of all the changes we have been awaiting.
In Love and Light In Our Service
September 7, 2014
Copyright ZAP 2014
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Love and Kisses,
Susan and Staff
The Office of Poofness

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