Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Truly You Can Have No Idea of What is Coming to Greet You by John Smallman

Thank you Christ and John!
Jesus postingOn this Christmas Day, as on every Christmas Day, and as in fact on every day, I offer you greetings and love because as children of God we are all brothers and sisters divinely enfolded within our Source Who is infinite unconditional Love, which we share and extend constantly because it is our will and His Will that we do so. His Will is our will. Life, existence, is as simple and as utterly profound as that.
There is no part of creation of which God is ever unaware because He, Love, is infinitely aware and infinitely loving unceasingly. Consequently we are forever safely enfolded in His loving arms where there is nothing to conflict with that divine and eternal state which is forever His Will.
On awakening the beauty, the magnificence, and the wonder of Reality will transport you into a state of utter and presently unimaginable joy, which is your heritage and your destiny. Here in the spiritual realms we wait expectantly and with ever intensifying delight as we observe your continuing progress towards the moment of your awakening, knowing what wondrous and awe-inspiring amazement will engulf you as your awareness opens expansively to take in and rejoice in the immensity of God’s Love for you.
What our Father has prepared for you, and, therefore, for all of us, for all of creation, is utterly beyond words, beyond pictures, and beyond description, it has to be be consciously experienced by a fully awakened being, and you are all shortly to become fully awakened and fully conscious beings enjoying the infinite wonder that is God. Truly you can have no idea of what is coming to greet you as you open your hearts to accept and receive God’s eternal gift to you.
If any of you think that this message of God’s infinite Love for you offered and delivered through me and through all the holy ones here in the spiritual realms by way of this channel is too good to be true, unreal, the wishful dreaming of an aging eccentric, then I can absolutely assure you that the wonder of what you are so soon to experience – REALITY – will mightily blow away any doubt, disbelief, bitter humor, or unhappy memories that experiences within the illusion have encouraged and supported.
As you have been repeatedly told “There will be no disappointments!” Why? Because our divine Father always delivers. He loves you all without exception and without reservation, and His Will for you is infinite joy, and His Will prevails, always. There is no opposite or alternative to His Will, there never has been, never will be, and never can be because He is All, there is nothing else, and therefore you are all essential parts or aspects of that All, eternally inseparable from It, just as He created you.
The unreal illusory state that you built, seemingly so infinitely many eons ago, is dissolving. It is but a wispy, misty, vaporous thought with which you once mistakenly engaged, and in a moment it will be gone leaving you free to engage fully with the sublime and utterly engrossing Reality that is God, All that exists, and from which you have never been separated. Your sense of yourselves as billions of small insignificant beings drifting, alone, abandoned, and of no consequence in a vast, threatening, and completely unconscious universe is fading as your collective intent to awaken strengthens and intensifies.
You are coming Home. There is nothing in your way, and your glorious arrival is, as we have so often reminded you, inevitable. Rejoice on this Christmas Day as you celebrate the anniversary of my birth into the illusion, which happened as part of God’s divine plan, in order to lead you all back to a fully awakened state of awareness in which you can enjoy eternally the wonders that our Father has created for us all simply because He loves us way beyond anything any one of us can possibly imagine, for it is only as One with Him that we can experience and engage with Reality, our true and only Home.
It seems to many of you that you have been embedded interminably in a universe that expands constantly as it continues to try and convince you that you are small and insignificant players in an environment that has come into existence as a result of an unpredictable, highly unlikely, and random occurrence for which there can never be any satisfactory explanation. Rejoice therefore as you become increasingly conscious that such a vast and complex state could never occur randomly, that in fact an incredibly complex and and powerful intelligence – YOU, the One child of God – built it, entered into it, separated yourselves into billions of separated selves, and became lost there as in an enormous maze.
Many have come over the eons of its existence to show you the way out, and slowly you have come to accept the loving guidance and help that they have offered you whatever your culture, race, or religious or atheistic beliefs may have been. Now you are moving rapidly towards the moment of your awakening from the illusion, and many of you are already sensing it very strongly because it is very near. Continue holding the intent to be only loving, to share that love unconditionally as does your heavenly Father, and absolutely know that you will soon (Yes, that word again!) awaken as divinely promised in the moment that your first thoughts of separation from your Source occurred to you.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman2.

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