Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The welcome that awaits you is unprecedented --utterly magnificent by John Smallman

Thank you Saul and John!

However, the ascended masters, prophets, guides, and mystics who have incarnated among you over the eons and shown you, each in their own way, how God’s Love for you is eternal, have assisted you in moving back from the brink of self-abandonment that kept tempting you to engage in self-destruction.  That is what all your conflicts, wars, judgments and condemnations at the deepest level are all about – self-destruction – you see yourselves as not good enough, unable ever to be good enough because you made the insane choice to separate from your divine Source.  But your perception has changed, judgment is falling away, and you are realizing that God is Love and that His Love for you is unchangeable.  Truly your progress is rapid and accelerating, so keep intensifying your intent to complete the journey and be welcomed Home by the enthusiastic and loving community that is expectantly awaiting your arrival.
The welcome that awaits you is unprecedented, utterly magnificent, and it is there for you, every single one of you without any exceptions, to experience as though you were the absolute center of creation on which all Love is eternally focused.  And because all are One, each one of you is the center of creation, and the joy of experiencing the Love that flows to that point is beyond any meaningful description.
Often you note that others, with big egos, seem to imagine that they are the center of the universe, and you find that offensive as it is frequently accompanied by a powerful sense of personal grandiosity.  But that sense of being the absolute center is what you are all seeking because it is your heritage, your destiny, it is where you were created, and without it, because of your sense of separation, you feel lost, alone, isolated and abandoned, and to relieve the pain of that your egos attack other egos to try and improve your standing, your status in the hierarchy of humanity. Well, your status within the egocentric boundaries that the illusion provides, however elevated it becomes will never satisfy you.  The illusion cannot provide satisfaction because it is unreal.
True satisfaction, eternal satisfaction will greet you when you awaken, and youare approaching the moment when all will fall divinely into place as the illusion dissolves and the mist or fog in which it appears to enfold you clears allowing you to see the wonder that is Reality.  You cannot and will not fail to arrive Home because, as you well know, there is nowhere else.  To arrive Home is to awaken from the illusion, and most certainly eternal sleep is impossible.
You are stirring towards awakening, as you have so often been told, and then you snuggle down again, fearful that you might be re-entering the nightmare that has been so much a part of your life experience for so long.  We are all assisting you as you strive towards awakening, reassuring you that it is full wakefulness that you are approaching and not another fearful nightmare.  Listen to us, hear us, and be comforted and encouraged in the knowledge that what we keep telling you is what you need to know so that you can move forwards into wakefulness.
The field of Love, in which you are so gently and lovingly enveloped, is feeding you with irresistible sensations of which you can no longer remain unaware and enticing you onwards, upwards from the depths of your sleep, and towards the brilliant Light of eternal day.  Shake off all the accoutrements of the illusion that are not in alignment and harmony with Love, and allow your awakening.
With so very much love, Saul.
John Smallman.

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