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Lifting the Veil – Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 & 13 by Steve Beckow. Thank you Steve, again, for tying together all the seemingly separate parts --BRILLIANTLY BRAVISSIMO!!

Thank you Steve and all your Guides!
Billy Meiers
Billy Meiers meets Semjase from the Pleiades: Most galactics around the Earth at the moment are human in form
We’ve heard many times that we are coming out of the veil that we’ve been under, the latest being that the “Event” will cause a dropping of the veil. Blossom’s Galactic-Federation sources say:
“When THE EVENT has taken place … there will be a rise in vibration FOR ALL … and we mean FOR ALL.”
“As one rises into the NEW WORLD … the NEW VIBRATION … the NEW ATMOSPHERE … they will ‘pass through the veil’ … ‘the mists’ as it is sometimes called … rising on up as the physical vibration allows itself to match the soul of that individual. As one attunes themselves to each ‘degree’ of self enhancement they progress/travel deeper into the HIGHER VIBRATION of where the NEW WORLD resides.” (1)
Let’s look at the background of the matter of the veil we’ve labored under and what others have said about the conditions of its lifting.
The Two Uses of the Term “Veil”
The Company of Heaven make two uses of the term “veil.”
The first relates to those starseeds who came here to assist with Ascension and have voluntarily assumed a veil or blindfold that closes them off to the nature of Reality and of their own identities.
The Pleiadians through Bella Capozzi call it a “cumbersome veil of forgetfulness.” (2)  The Great Divine Director through Tazjima tells us:  “Your awareness of Self has been blocked by self-imposed veils of forgetfulness.” (3)
Deep down all of us starseeds know who we are.  But our blindfolds prevent us from seeing it in the moment, as Saul, speaking through John Smallman, tells us.
“There are none among you who do not know that you are divine beings created in Love for eternal happiness. It is just that your illusory state of existence has temporarily hidden this divine truth from you.” (4)
The Pleiadians elaborate:
“For those who chose to take [it] on, …  you have known yourselves only as your current, perceptually limited human self. There has been struggle and pain as you have been fighting what has seemed to be an uphill battle, all the while aware, in that mysterious place deep with you, that there had to be something more, something you were missing, something far more substantial than what was readily apparent.” (5)
Saul makes the same point.
“You are all divine beings of power and might who have chosen to constrain yourselves within the very narrow confines of a human body. And now the time has come for you to move on — to move up into the higher dimensions where your spirits shine out brilliantly through the beautiful Light with which God endowed you at the moment of your creation.” (6)
However, the Company of Heaven use the term “veil” in a second way, referring not to the blindfold or blinkers we wear, but to the curtain it erects that shuts off the higher dimensions from our sight and other senses.  Sheldan Nidle’s sources use the term in that way here:
“The time is indeed ripe for a non-violent revolution of immense proportions. Your world has long waited for changes that have yet to become visible. Behind this veil is a vast movement that needs to become the present way of your world.”  (7)

As the veil of forgetfulness recedes, people are seeing through this curtain, as the Hathors through Wes Annac tell us:
“Nothing about your existence on the Earth says you have to deny the higher dimensions or otherwise not perceive of them; only you allow yourselves to believe that the veils between your world and the higher dimensions are too thick.
“Indeed they’re not, and at this stage they can be practically seen through as ever-more souls embrace the higher dimensions and all that comes with them.” (8)
Here I won’t be looking as much at the second veil that curtains off the higher dimensions as I will at the first veil of forgetfulness that has us accept the unreal, the illusion, or the dream as the Reality.
To do that, I need to say a word first about who we are and where we came from.
When we talk about the veil lifting, we’re faced with the need to make distinctions among groups. There are probably no “one-size-fits-all” statements that can be made. Sometimes the Company of Heaven make statements that apply to one group that may not apply to another and we have to pick our way between their meanings.
There are for instance beings here who’ll be ascending for the first time.  These are almost exclusively referred to as “terrestrial.” Then there are those who’ve ascended before and have returned to be the leaven in the loaf.  These are referred to as “starseed.”
The majority of “terrestrials” have lived under the veil of illusion since entering the Third Dimension. In one of his talks, Archangel Michael speaks to them.
“You have left the heart of One and you have traveled, beautiful beings, through many different realities, and for purposes of understanding, down into the Third Dimension. …
“As you left the heart of One, as you assumed different forms, there was what you have thought of as step down, step down, step down, step down. And then you have had the reverse.
“Now you are on your way home, so there is a progression — step up, step up, step up, step up.” (9)
Many terrestrials are serving Ascension. Some galactics as well have incarnated on Earth hundreds if not thousands of times to prepare for their Ascension-related work. The Pleiadians tell us:
“Beyond the races of the Galactic Federation incarnated on your world to bring forth truth and Light and act as conduits for our energies and impressions, there are a plethora of souls on your Earth now who’ve trained for the ascension taking place throughout various Earthly Lives.”  (10)
The Hathors add:
“The various souls on your world clearly incarnate to spread the Light of the higher dimensions have trained for their roles throughout a plethora of past Lives and experiences on your Earth.” (11)
That having been said, very few people, if I’m correct in my thinking, remain with one planet forever. Most people have lives on numerous planets and star systems.
Tomorrow we’ll look at the contingent of lightworkers from the stars.
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 2  

Galaxies 456
The Arcturian Group tells us that “all of you reading these messages are Beings of Light – some more aware of it than others, but all trying to understand spiritual truth while living lives under a veil of forgetfulness that comes with an incarnation on earth.” (1)
The greatest number who are awake at this time and aware of their missions are probably starseeds, beings from other planets, dimensions, and even kingdoms, who have incarnated to help with this planet’s Ascension.
As the Hathors through Wes Annac tell us: “While a portion of your collective exists on your world as Earth-natives, the majority of souls have come from various other realms.” (2)
The Pleiadians through Bella Capozzi call us “angels.” In my conversations with Archangel Michael, I’ve learned that, when the Company of Heaven uses that term, they usually mean it literally. The Pleiadians explain our purpose in being here.
“You are each precious angels in human form. You are here with a purpose, each and every one – a purpose most unique and unlike that of any other. You are on Earth as representatives of the many cultures and races who watch you with avid fascination. You are a diverse community at the the very least.
“With the dismantling of the veil, this diversity and its accompanying intricacies are being gradually revealed to you along with your memories, your contractual obligations, your origins and the true facts about your history.” (3)
They give us a vivid picture of where we’ve comne from:
“The truth is that you are so very much more than you ever might imagine! The earth is rather young, and well before she ever drew her first breath, you lived and thrived elsewhere. An unlimited and omnipresent being, you were and are having a colorful variety of life experiences in many other dimensions and locales simultaneously. You are supremely holy and of God, spun off from the Source of All That Is. As you, and the many facets of you, you live to learn and grow wise, and to aid your less evolved brethren in their spiritual growth.  (4)
Saul makes the same point.
“You are all immortal, divine beings of immense wisdom, but within the limited environment that you chose to occupy and engage with, your wisdom is hidden from you for the most part. …
“Being human, experiencing a human existence, places limitations on you; it is part of the human condition, as your full and magnificent God-given wisdom could not be supported by your human vehicle.” (5)
The Pleiadians list some of the star systems that the starseeds have come from.
“Various awakening Lightworkers take roots in our [Pleiadian] collective, as well as those of the Andromedans, Arcturians and Sirians.” (6)
However, not all live on a planet or inhabit a physical body.  The Pleiadian Council of Nine through Wes Annac explains that “some of you … have come from states of consciousness much purer than those that would require Living on a planet.” (7)
This latter group consists of beings who would, outside this body, be formless beings, a circumstance which we probably cannot imagine in our present state of consciousness. They assure us that help will be given to these beings to recover their original state:
“We are speaking, of course, of vastly pure states of consciousness that, while many of you have come from, you have not yet grown back into and we can say with happiness and Love that you will be able to fully remember these states of consciousness upon growing back into them.
“Indeed, there will be so very much for you to learn that will help you adjust to the pure states of consciousness you have long begun growing toward, and we mean this for your personal Lives and for the world stage.” (8)
Collectively, starseeds have come to serve as a bridge between the higher dimensions and this one, the Pleiadians explain.
“Souls who’ve come from our collective and from various other collectives working with the Galactic Federation and the Light Forces overall, have incarnated on your world in a direct effort to become bridges between the higher dimensions and the Earthly realms they’ve funneled themselves down into.” (9)
Not all of them work in the spotlight, the Hathors say.
“Some have come simply to hold the energetic space and stay out of the public domain of even the awakening Lightworkers, but they’re nevertheless performing a diligent and noble feat for the ascension of the Earth.” (10)
Archangel Michael tells us that he himself played the major role in selecting who came at this time to Earth and he took us from far and wide.
“Whether you consciously are realizing it or not, … this is the circle. This is the circle of 6 billion-plus that I chose to do this with.
“So, yes. You have gathered from far and wide, seraphs, archangels, those from the Outer Forces, the Inner Forces. It is a gathering the magnitude of which you are just glimpsing.” (11)
Apparently these too are not simply fine words. In my readings, Archangel Michael has identified several individuals as seraphim, archangels, and angels – though all wear the blindfold.
Sanat Kumara tells us that aspects or emanations of the heads of planetary councils are here, ship’s commanders, etc., all working for the same successful outcome for Gaia and her inhabitants. But this is not the aspect of things he wishes to draw our attention to.
“Some of you have what you tend to think of as elevated positions in other realms or in other planetary systems. But that is not as important, or certainly it is not more important, than thinking or allowing that what you are doing in form, in your current person, is not as important.
“So that is why we do not put emphasis on who is who. Who is the head of this planetary council? Or who is the commander of what ship? Or who has been, for example, Abraham or Moses? Or who has been Mary Magdalene? This is not the situation we want to create.” (12)
Earth is the first planet to ascend in physical form so this ground-breaking project has attracted the services of evolved beings from all realms and star systems. But we’re not here to parade around and say “what a good boy am I!” We’re here to work.
“Most Intelligent and Lighted of Souls”
This collective of lightworkers who are here to assist with Ascension is a talented bunch, the Hathors tell us. They also say this not to stroke our egos, but to kickstart our remembrance process.
“You’re the most intelligent and Lighted of souls, and we don’t say this to please your egos. We seek to unlock the understanding in you that you are indeed on the Earth for a grand purpose, as when realizing this, we‘re confident many of you will get to work on restoring your Earth in the specific ways you’ve found yourselves able to do so.
“Those who seem to be pioneering or leading the ascension movement have been activated by your ascension-energies ahead of time.” (13)
However, the process of regaining our original state of consciousness cannot happen too quickly or it would burn our body’s circuits out, the Pleiadian Council reminds us.
“Every one of you have maintained the strongest and purest connection to the higher realms; it is simply that such a connection cannot be made known to you all at once for indeed, this would burn you out, dearest souls.
“We do not wish for that to happen, and you as well would not want to gain a perspective that you have not naturally grow into because again, you would be overwhelmed.” (14)
Tomorrow we’ll look at how this veil is constructed.
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 3

No FearWhat is the Veil Made of?
How was the veil of forgetfulness constructed? Archangel Michael says a membrane of light restricts access to our memories.
“Within your mental body, the frequency patterns for each level of consciousness (or dimension) were stored in what we have termed Light packets of wisdom.
“These were encased in membranes of Light or a veil which restricted access to the various higher dimensional awareness levels until you were, once again, resonating to that level of consciousness.” (1)
Sananda tells us what keeps us at the level where these light packets of wisdom cannot be activated.
“The veil that still lingers [is] made up of lingering fears and false beliefs and disappointment for unfulfilled dreams.” (2)
To rise from this lower level, we have to let go of our doubts and fears, he says.
“Move aside the doubts and the trepidations. Move aside the old concepts of lack. Move aside the lingering fears that your world will not be what you want it to be. Let go of all of that, dear ones.” (3)
Saul reinforces what Sananda says.
“Let go of your doubts, of your worries, of your fears that suggest to you that maybe there is no God, no immortality, no divine Reality, because that is to support the unreality of the illusion which you are, with enormous help from those in other realms, in the process of vaporizing, dissolving, completely removing from your minds and memories by awakening.” (4)
General Counsel on Preparing for Our Roles
Some of us are aware of our roles in Ascension-related events; some of us aren’t aware of them but feel a strong pull The Company of Heaven has steadily counseled us about how to proceed.
The Celestial White Beings through Natalie Glasson tell us that “you have been chosen to be upon the Earth at this time for a specific reason which is the beautiful and powerful being that you are.”
“Rediscovering yourself allows us all to rediscover the truth of the Creator; you are a representation of the Creator on the Earth as are all beings upon the Earth.
“You have a purpose of bringing forth more light from the Creator into the Creator’s universe. Each of you is at the forefront of deciphering and understanding more fully the vibrations of the Creator.” (5)
All of life is about rediscovering the truth of ourselves, that we are the Creator personified or individualized. Ascension is one step in that process. We lightworkers, who’ve ascended before, now demonstrate to the collective our willingness to ascend and to lead the way in the process.
Archangel Michael addressed the various tendencies that may surface as we search, from behind the veil, for clarity or look for ways of satisfying what we perceive to be the demands upon us to serve. One tendency he addresses is the tendency to follow others.
“Many of you are still seeking outside yourself, turning to those you think are more powerful or more knowledgeable than you, hoping they will lead the way so you will not have to step to the forefront into untested territory.
“We tell you, Beloved Ones, this will not work. You, as Wayshowers and Pathfinders, must Lighten your own path, draw on your own precious inner wisdom, which has been paid for and won through many long ages of experience, trials and suffering, and ultimately, success.” (6)
Another tendency is to be faint of heart or timid in our service. Of that, he says:
“I tell you, my brave Ones, you cannot be faint of heart or timid in Spirit, for the next step on your path toward full Self-mastery is to take dominion of your personal world, to step forward with courage and determination as you reclaim your Divine heritage.
“It is waiting for you, but you must draw it to you, integrate and activate the Creator Essence – Adamantine Particles of Light – the Divine substance of all Creation that you will use to mold and create your wondrous new world.” (7)
He encourages us to take up to the role we agreed to wholeheartedly.
“You all have an integral part to play – no longer will you be able to abdicate your authority or to follow meekly where others lead you. You must take an active part and play the role you were assigned by your Divine Self, that which will be your gift and contribution to the whole.
“You must fulfill the oath you took before incarnating into this most critical time on Earth.” (8)
From behind the veil, we don’t know what is happening and sometimes we feel like giving up.
Blossom Goodchild’s White Cloud encourages those who feel that way. In the course of his words, he reviews the situation of all who wanted to come here to serve in this Ascension.
“My friends, although at times so many of you feel like giving up, like giving in, like the feeling of, ‘I cannot do this anymore!’ I say to you, go deep within your soul and recognize that you came down here because you were chosen, because you, each one of you, have with inside of you the strength of great warriors of light. It was that many of you volunteered to come.
“And many of you were chosen. But there were many who were just as strong as you that did not get chosen. Because there are only a certain quota that can be down on this planet at this time. Therefore others have to do the work from elsewhere.
“There were others that volunteered, my friends. And yet they were not strong enough to see this through. So it is that my message to you this day is to understand that you are the ones that are changing your world. Because you have the knowing to do so.” (9)
Tomorrow we’ll listen to them describe in more detail what talents and skills we’ve brought with us.
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 4

Ascended Masters 22
What We Brought With Us This Time
Archangel Michael reveals that the Company of heaven doesn’t tell us everything all at once, that there is a notion of “being ready” which determines what we’re told and what is held back.
“Often we have said to you, in this life, and this incarnation, you have brought with you all talents, all abilities. Your complete soul design is anchored and you are ready to go forward.
“If that does not imply and directly speak to mastery, then I do not know what does. So then you say to me, ‘Well, Lord, why have you not spoken of this before?’ Because you weren’t ready. Period.” (1)
In what way were we not ready? He continues:
“[Because of a] sense of lack of self-worth and the ego out of control, you weren’t ready to have this conversation. You weren’t ready to be in that place of the balance, which is the place that you create from.” (2)
Keeping in mind that he is speaking of us outside the veil, let’s listen to Sanat Kumara tell us what we brought with us this lifetime.
“You are not simply a fragment of who you are above and we don’t know how many times we will have to say this, we will say it until it is firmly anchored within your knowing conscious self. In this lifetime, in this incarnation, you have brought the fullness of your soul design, the totality of your being, into form.” (3)
How is this different from other lifetimes?
“How is this different than other incarnations, other journeys on other planets that you have made with me and with others? Let me preface this by saying that each of you has an enormous array of talents, abilities and capacities.
“In previous incarnations there were times when you would say, well, I am going to incarnate and I am going to contribute to the greater understanding of humility and piety. And so you have chosen circumstances, whether they are financial circumstances, or a lack of talent, or being in a situation where you were having to practice humility and I do not mean that you were a monk or a priest or a nun, because sometimes the greatest humility has to be practiced by kings and queens.
“So you created situations where you did not bring the fullness of everything, of who you are, think of it as above, with you in order to build for yourself but usually for the collective trying to break the paradigm of the old third.
“You didn’t bring all of you so that you would be able to do this and to learn more deeply and to teach by example and devotion more deeply.” (4)
Not bringing the fulness of everything with us is another way of saying being behind the veil, is it not? But, he says. “that is not true in this incarnation, in this period of Ascension. And everybody is on high alert and standing by for this completion.” (5)
Therefore, he advises us, “you are not simply masters in the making.”
“You have brought the totality of your mastery in a wonderful diversity of ways to the planet. So you are fully the reflection, the embodiment of that spark of love that you are above, say in heaven, and certainly the totality of your being as you are in what you think of as the higher dimensions. You do not lack anything.” (6)
From behind the veil, we question the accuracy of his words.
“There are some of you that we listen to and we hear you say ‘Well, this is not perfection. This is not the way. I am sure it is not the way I appear in heaven.’ The contents of the container are the same and the design is perfection, for what you wish to be a reflection of. And what you wish to communicate that will act as a catalyst not only for your Ascension, for your completion, for your jump, but also for others.” (7)
The Company of heaven has acted as our memory joggers, he tells us.
“We speak of Universal Law, creation formulas, divine qualities [because] we are simply your memory joggers. We are your assistants. This is part of our service to the Mother because in her design what has occurred is that you are the embodiment. You, not Saint Germaine, not Saint Teresa, not myself, even as planetary logos – you are the embodiment of the fulfillment of Her plan. Each of you.” (8)
Just as Sananda said earlier, all awaits us giving up our doubts and fears.
“Stop doubting yourselves. You do not spend a great deal of time working with Universal Law. But what I am asking of you, particularly with this Law of Above and Below, Within and Without, invoke it. Because it brings forth that alignment. And it begins to bring it forth in tangible reality.
“Each of you has a magnificent mission. You may think of it as small, but it is never viewed that way from our perspective. So when you are doing this, you are fulfilling your sacred purpose, your physical human heart desires. Your angelic heart desires. And you’re creating Nova Earth and the unfoldment of the plan of fulfilling your ascension – all at once.” (9)
Therefore much depends on our attitudes and beliefs. If we fear and doubt, we remain small. If we accept and embrace, we walk faster into our full endowment. Tomorrow we’ll look at how we emerge from the veil.
by Steve Beckow


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by Steve Beckow

Lifting the Veil – Part 5

Field of Consciousness
Emerging from the Veil
Let me now review chronologically (up to July 2013) what has been said about us emerging from our veils by the sources we follow.  In doing so I’m making several assumptions.
One is that all the channelled sources cited here are credible. The other is that they speak with each other and state what is said here in a coordinated manner. And the third is that what they say here applies to the majority of us. Not all of these assumptions may prove true.
This look at what our sources have said may seem somewhat long, but I’m convinced that the record needs to be stated once in as full a manner as possible.
Moreover, I can see that this task is timely because in just the last few days, as I write this, Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, and the Light Collective have given messages that herald what is being done to bring about our emergence from the veil. It is clearly the topic of the moment.
The Hathors through Tom Kenyon told us in February of this year that:
“Due to the Solstice/Galactic Alignment that took place on Dec. 21st 2012, you are now experiencing an increased influx of catalytic evolutionary energies. …

“As a result of the increase in spiritual light that is entering your solar system, your higher dimensional aspects are, in many ways, now more accessible.
“In truth, these dimensions have always been accessible to you for they are a part of your nature, but with the passing of the galactic alignment some of the veils have been and will continue to be, lifted.”   (1)
Not everyone would experience the lifting of the veils the same, they caution us.
“Your experience of this will differ from others, based upon your ability to sense subtle energies. But the shift has occurred, and it will affect the course of human history at its roots. How this will be played out in your collective timeline is yet to be seen.”  (2)
In March of this year, Saul through John Smallman told us that our natures were shining through when we spoke or acted lovingly or forgivingly.
“Your divine nature is to shine, and even as you hide yourselves in the depths of the illusion that nature shines through when you think, speak, or behave lovingly, compassionately, or forgivingly.
“The more that you do so the brighter burns your Light, which is very clearly visible in the spiritual realms, and which those in the physical realms can sense, feel, and recognize as goodness and holiness, which provides them with a safe space in which they can find acceptance and comfort. (3)
SanJAsKa told us in late April that the veil would dissolve but gave no indication as to timing.
“We wish you to know that the veils between you and the higher realms that seem prevalent in your Lives and that temporarily convince you physicality is all there is, will be dissolving along with the illusory reality being kept in place by them, and each one of you are helping enormously to bring this change about as you continue to feel purer energies and perceptions in yourselves.” (4)
Around the same time, the Pleiadian Council of Nine reminded us that “naturally growing and learning back into the perspectives of the higher realms will see you appreciating such perspectives much more.” They explained that “as with anything, intention and effort must be put in if you wish to find and expand upon your unfolding higher dimensional experience.” (5)
Lightworkers, they told us, “are going to uncover and remember revelations that will help you to adjust to the states of consciousness you have come to the Earth from.”  Meanwhile, “on the world stage you will be given truths and disclosures that will shock much of your collective back into awareness.” (6)
They encouraged us to “continue to make your attempts to feel the opening of your heart taking place, as you are finding yourselves able to fruitfully express the … perspectives you find growing within you at this time. Your experiences are truly only to get better from here on out.”   (7)
We should not overlook this mention of “the opening of the heart” because our full entry into the Fifth Dimension upon Ascension will take place after the experience of sahaja samadhi, which is itself a full and permanent heart opening.
Without revealing the timing of the lifting of veils, the Pleiadians through Bella Capozzi tell us in a more general fashion:
“The day will soon dawn when each of you shall remember these things, and to yourself you shall marvel, ‘How did I ever forget I was so glorious?’ The truth shall be revealed in it’s own time and always when it is most appropriate.
“Knowledge is power, it is said, and the truth is the most potent knowledge of all. Do you think you are effective now? Well, just wait until you carry your full knowing in your arsenal of Godly weaponry. You shall be quite literally unstoppable. Go out and spread your Light.” (8)
Moreover when each of us awakens it has an impact on all others around us.
“Each new one who awakens instantly becomes a carrier of the new frequencies. They, in turn, automatically influence each the others that they come in contact with – each of those moving on to perpetuate the energetic chain of influence.” (9)
In mid-May of this year, Jesus through John Smallman observed that we were dropping our sense of being excluded from the larger Reality and as we did so our awareness of that Reality was expanding.
“Many of you have come to your senses and realized that what you are choosing to experience and wholeheartedly believe in makes no sense whatsoever. Consequently, you recently chose to accept into your consciousness the awareness that what you are experiencing is a very limited and restricted environment inside a limitless Reality – a Reality from which it appears that you are excluded.
“Now, because you are allowing yourselves to see beyond the limits – beyond the veils of the illusion that you had imagined, constructed, and collectively agreed to believe was reality – that sense of exclusion is diminishing, and as it does so your awareness of Reality expands.”  (10)
Our awakening was always divinely guaranteed, he says, and now the signs of it are being seen around the world.
“The unreality of what you have for eons believed to be reality is finally dawning on you, and so here in the heavenly realms we are rejoicing for you. Your awakening has always been divinely assured, but now signs of it are showing up all across the world, and that is a most wonderful reason for rejoicing.” (11)
The Great Divine Director tells us that “your awareness of Self has been blocked by self-imposed veils of forgetfulness; those veils have been torn asunder and are swiftly dissolving for all humanity, even the most intransigent of beings, the former ‘controllers’ of this planet.” (12)
Before long we’ll let go of the survivalist need to see enemies all around us.
“Soon, you will no longer have a need to see enemies all around you or danger in the air. You are returning to the awareness that you belong to a unified field of consciousness, that you have never left this field, but have only stepped away from it in consciousness for a short time.  (13)
Sananda told us in mid-June that what remained for us to do was to move the veil aside and embrace the new world.
“Move aside the veil of your lingering illusion and see your world clearly for the first time. It is your norm now. It just remains for you to embrace it, dear ones.” (14)
We’ll continue with our look at the progress we’re making towards lifting the veil tomorrow.
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 6

Waves of Love 44
Waves of Love
Continuing with our look at the events that are bringing the dissolution of the veil of forgetfulness, next came the waves of love sweeping the planet with the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal through July 26 to August 12.
At the beginning of the year, SaLuSa of Sirius, in two messages, had pointed to a tsunami of love sweeping the globe that would change life around the planet for the better. It isn’t clear whether he was specifically referring to the waves of love in July or all the events of 2013.
“You will shortly notice a wave of love sweep the Earth, that will show that your civilization has taken a quantum leap forward. That being so it will bring a strong unity of purpose that will help the establishment of world peace.
“If you continue to focus on areas of the world that are still experiencing conflict, your intent will soon bring a positive result. When world peace has been achieved we will make sure that war will not return, and will enforce that edict if necessary. (1)
“Life will change for the better in such a short time, and waves of happiness will sweep across the world.” (2)
Archangel Gabriel called the waves of love that swept the planet in July and August a fireworks display in aid of planetary awakening.
“As with all spiritual journeys, there are initiations, portals through which the devotee must pass in order to incorporate the next level of spiritual awakening.
“And so it is now as you approach the Lion’s Gateway from July 26 through August 12 – a two-week portal with extreme waves of Light that will activate the coding within your DNA to the next level. This will assist your integration of the 5D imprint that is a part of your Soul’s Destiny, if you are the one reading this work.
“When we look at the Earth we see the sparks and flares igniting as the awakening codes are firing within each open heart on the planet. By the 12th of August there will be a fireworks display the likes of which we have never seen. The Heavens are celebrating you and honoring your commitment to assist in this planetary awakening.” (3)
The Pleiadians also drew our attention to them.
“Waves of love are rushing in. Coursing over this beloved planet, a storm of love washes over everyone and everything, leaving nary a blade of grass untouched by it’s transfiguring effect. Waves of love, topped off by dainty whitecaps, constructed not of foam but of brilliant crystalline white Christ Light. This energy is ever so pure and it is profoundly healing by nature.” (4)
Hilarion told us in mid-July that the waves would only keep intensifying throughout the year. No one would be able to remain asleep in the face of them.
“As the waves of Light continue to wash over the planet, all hidden corners of the world which flourished in secrecy and negativity are now being exposed to the light of truth. Each one that is exposed helps to lift the veils of illusion from the consciousness of humanity.
“The Earth continues her relentless cleansing and purging, readying herself for ascension. The pace of this cleansing will now step up in intensity. Those who remain asleep and unaware that change is occurring all around them will be nudged further to awaken from their sleep. All illusions are being cut away by the revelations that are coming forth and humankind stands on the brink of a crossroads.” (5)
Everyone would be obliged to make a choice, he says.
“People power is very much in evidence around the world and will become an even greater force than before. Each soul will make a choice; to continue upon the path that is dissolving before their very eyes or to embrace another, more loving way. They will stand in unison with the courageous people who lift up their voices and proclaim a better way.” (6)
Saul called it an inextinguishable wildfire.
“The Light of God’s Love is spreading like wildfire across the planet, and It is inextinguishable. It embraces all in Its path, drawing them to Itself in tenderhearted and unconditional acceptance, demanding nothing and offering, as It always has, everything. Find that Love burning brightly within yourselves when you take your time out for prayer, relaxation, or meditation. It is the Life Force, and It is yours, invested permanently within you if you will but open your hearts to receive It. It will never, for any reason at all, be withdrawn, because It is your Father’s eternal gift to you.” (7)
He encouraged us to take time in the quiet and solitude to release our wisdom.
“When you take time out alone and seek your spiritual center in quietness and solitude, you enable yourselves the necessary access to your inherent wisdom that will help you to resolve issues that otherwise seem to present you with great difficulty. …
“However, if you sincerely and lovingly seek divine assistance in the quietness of your own center, access to your wisdom sufficient to solve your issues is available.” (8)
In the face of this wildfire of love, Jesus said, humanity’s heart is opening.
“The collective heart of humanity is opening up beautifully as Light-workers, Light-bearers, and wayshowers all across the world continue to strengthen and intensify their intentions to align perfectly with the field of Divine Love in which all are enveloped.
“It is as though a new collective Love grid was forming very rapidly across the planet to integrate with and fully engage with the Divine one to bring about humanity’s long-wished-for awakening, and that is exactly what is required and what you are building.” (9)
He predicted that the veil would eventually disintegrate. (I would have said “soon” but we know the higher-dimensional “soon” is usually longer than ours.)
“Your choice to invent an environment of disconnection, chaos, and confusion was but a momentary aberration which seems to have lasted for eons. The veil that you wove to hide Reality from you is about to disintegrate because it was not made to last. It is threadbare, and all the pests, blights, and infestations which have been eating away at it have finally brought it to the point of disintegration.
“It is completely unstable, and what little balance you had managed to install within it is no longer viable. Consequently, it is rocking and tearing like a dilapidated hammock that is about to collapse and tumble you out. … returning you home to Reality.” (10)
Mother Mary describes our response to the waves of love in terms that evoke the sense of seventh-chakra enlightenment or Brahmajnana (God-Realization). She’s probably discussing our overall response to all the events short of Ascension.
“The fun is just beginning. Hold on to your beautiful ‘hats’ – your crowns of glory – and allow the energy to burst forth from them as you light up and expand with so much Christ light that it becomes a shower of golden light emitting from your crown chakras and your heart chakras into Infinity.” (11)
While I can’t say that starbursts exploded from my own crown chakra yet (wish they did!), certainly there has been a progressive and undeniable expansion in my consciousness.
In September of 2013, we were permitted to rest.
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 7 

Clarity 23
Baptism of Clarity
Hardly were we finished with the waves of love in July and August, and had September to rest, when the Divine Mother prepared us for her baptism of clarity in October.
It was the Divine Mother who “send[s], directly from my core, my love, my clarity and my expansion.”  She told us that it was a further step in lifting the veil:
“It begins as clarity, as clear energy, and it fades to the white light and to the pale blue, to the brilliant sapphire and to the blue diamond. And it travels directly into your core, into your heart, and expands the wonder and the knowing of the wonder of the presence of who you are.
“It has never been part of the plan that you be unconscious. And yes, through this gift, this allowance of free will, that has happened and occurred, not only in this universe, and on this beautiful planet of Gaia, but never, really, has the mantle of illusion been so sick and distorted and torn as it has become upon my Gaia.
“Now, all of that is shed, and you are re-emerging into the truth of who you are, into the fullness and recognition of your own bright self.” (1)
I asked her where the energy was coming from and how it reached us.
“I will tell you two things because this infusion is in some ways an exception to the rule. Now, when I have begun this outpouring from my infinite being — and yes, our infinite being —  it is moving directly from me to you. Very few can stop anything what I send directly, but when I begin such an outpouring, all come to my side!
“Just as you all have outer form and have said, ‘Mother, let us assist, let us help,’ so the seraphim, the cherubim, the archangels, the legions of angels, every ascended, enlightened being, your star brothers and sisters — and there is a very strong component, by the way, that the channel also did not talk about, with your star brothers and sisters – in this gift, they are all acting as transmitters.” (2)
She then confirmed that light passes down from Mother/Father God to the angelic realms and thence to us.
“Normally, it would come from me to my realms, to the dominions, to the serraphim, to the archangels, et cetera, to the masters, to your guardians, and then to you. But that is why each of you is shining like a star with many facets. You are being bombarded by all of us. You see, there is no shortage of what I have to share.
“Because of my plan, I am doing it in this way. So if you feel, sweet angels, a little unsteady at moments, then sit down and catch your breath. But keep saying, “I allow, I receive, and I am grateful,” because you are being transformed.
“This is a group effort by all who serve, and is even being brought in in physical signals by your star brothers and sisters, both above Earth and on the ground. Receive.  So this is an exception in terms of how we penetrate.” (3)
She discussed one impact of this clarity energy on us. Where there is clarity, she says, there is love.
“Each of you has heeded my call — to anchor, to embrace, and to allow the energy of the clear blue of clarity, of purity, and yes, of grace. And I and everything, all and everyone, have infused you, continually and intensely, for the past week of your time, which, for your information, translates into a millisecond in our time, and eons. Yes, we are that flexible.
“But I do not only wish to bestow upon you congratulations, but also to remind you, with this infusion, that you have gained the quality of clarity, of truth, of the higher realms and the higher dimensions. And this is already part, now, of who you are.
“But that does not mean you put it away, child. Quite the contrary. You begin to work with it, and play with it, and expand it and grow it each and every day. Because the clarity is what is allowing you, promoting you, pushing you into the creation of Nova Earth.
“What is the outcome? And that is truly why I have asked this channel, my sweet daughter, to speak on this subject this day. What is the outcome? The outcome, my beloved sweet ones, is your capacity to love more, to love more fully, to be love more fully, to engage in love more fully, to be the fullness and the embodiment, in form, of love. It is the perfection of your being.
“When there is clarity, there is love. Your hearts have expanded and opened more fully, first and foremost, to yourself, to the acceptance and recognition, acknowledgment, and action of your divinity, your reflection of us. And in that is your expanded capacity to engage with others, with all elements, with all kingdoms, with all species, including your star brothers and sisters, and with each other.” (4)
Clarity also brings the elimination of chaos, she reveals, and brings us into close sacred partnership with the Company of Heaven.
“With clarity comes the knowing of peace, the elimination of chaos and confusion and turmoil, because there is the realization not only that it is an illusion but that it is a choice. And it is a choice that none of you, truly, wish to make. It is so simple and so straightforward. But what happens when you eliminate that confusion, the distraction? It gives you, in your realm of time and space and physicality, a greater knowing and a greater experience of love — with us, in our sacred partnership, and with each other.
“So, what comes next? I am asking you — and yes, you are going to get used to this, because I am asking you various things; I am giving you assignments — I am asking for your partnership and your help. I am asking you to step forward in the truth of who you are.
“The next step is to practice, to play, to engage and to be, greater love. Allow it to well up within you right now, with me, and feel the love that we have for each of you and the sanctity of your being. And allow that to overflow — to your family, to your friends, to your soul family, to your community. This is what is changing your world, and it will change the material reality of where you exist.” (5)
Archangel Michael explained that clarity brings the elimination of fear as well.
“The clarity pushes away the fear, the fear of, ‘If I really look at who I am, why I am here, and what do I desire, if I truly look at this and then don’t receive or achieve it, I will be so devastated and broken that I may never emerge.’
“What the gift of clarity is giving you is the eradication of that fear, because the clarity of who you are and why you are here and what you desire to achieve is front and center and available to you, outside of those old illusions and restrictions.” (6)
This baptism of clarity, the Mother revealed, was a precursor to other events leading to Ascension.
“Now, why do I choose this period of time for the gift of clarity? Because it is a precursor to many events, physical events. The difficult times that you have experienced, through health, through poverty, through feeling that you have not been seen, that you are isolated and alone, is over if you choose.
“When you are in clarity, when you are in truth, then you are in unity with us and with each other, and what previously may have been befuddling is no longer. And because of that you are able to send your love and your clarity to the elements, or the pieces that need the infusion of energy to be unblocked, to be transformed, transmuted, brought into alignment, not only with my plan, but with my law…
“It is a precursor to the fullness of your Ascension. Now, you have been in your Ascension, oh, for close to a year, some of you for 10! Some of you for much longer. But this clarity, this removal — because what the clarity does is it removes the doubt, the fear, the confusion, the turmoil; it prepares you to simply fly through the portal.” (7)
The Mother compared her gift of clarity to a cleansing of the Ascension waiting hall we’re all in.
“Think of this clarity as if you have all been in this waiting hall, this doorway, this hallway, and it has become smoky, and the air has been stale, and there is debris on the floor, and the clarity is cleaning it up so that you all make the final rush through the portal.  It is the immediate precursor.” (8)
Apparently, this baptism of clarity also set off a wave of sacred partnerships among lightworkers. We’ll look at that in our next installment.
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 8

Sacred Partnerships 22
The Formation of Sacred Partnerships
Both the waves of love in July and August and the baptism of clarity in October 2013 raised our ability to love and made us ready for the next stage in the unification of the human collective.
That next stage was the beginning of the formation of sacred partnerships among lightworkers. The Divine Mother told us that her baptism of clarity would eventually lead to spiritual partnerships.
“As you … receive the gifts, the energy, the love that we send you through divine movement,  that others send you from the various realms of existence, and the many realms and dimensions, you are able not only to join with yourself, but with us and with each other.
“You are recognizing the pattern of genuine relationship, and what that looks and feels like in this gift not only of heart consciousness and inter-dimensionality, but physicality as well. As you rise, you are more able to clearly grasp not only the idea or the concept, the construct of creation in its fullest sense, but you are able to join with us.
“Is this part of the plan? Dear hearts, it is the plan. There are many details, many aspects, many attunements, but the plan has always been one of union and reunion. And you have known this in your basic understanding of your spiritual journey, your spiritual journey back to us, back to One, back to Source, however you have defined it.” (1)
Archangel Michael joined her in predicting ever-larger coalitions of unity.
“As you truly anchor yourself, shower yourself in this energy of her clarity is that the steps, the plan of what steps are necessary in order for you to achieve, in order for you to go forward, not as a lone soldier — that is over! — but as an individual, unique, mighty and beautiful, in conjunction with this legion of lightworkers of which I speak, in conjunction with those of like mind and like heart [become clear.]
“So what the clarity is also doing is creating greater cooperation, a greater sense of working together. Because one individual alone can very seldom achieve their entire mission and purpose and plan. If that was possible, if that was the plan of the Mother, then what you would have done is incarnate on the planet by yourself. And that was not the way you chose to come. And that was certainly not the plan of the Mother.” (2)
The formation of sacred partnerships was a preface to Ascension, he reminded us.
“The journey of union — and this is a preface to Ascension — the journey of union, just like the gift of clarity, is a precursor and necessary for this forward thrust, for this final thrust, in many ways, at least in this phase, this chapter of Earth, of Gaia and of the plan.
“The first union is with your sacred self, adhering, embracing, and, yes, celebrating the totality of your being. Acknowledging it, reveling in it, and allowing it to expand even further is the first step. …
“And [the Mother's baptism of energies] has given you the clarity to know more fully who you are. But what it has also done is given you the clarity, the vision — although you do not necessarily have your third and fourth and fifth eyes fully open, you have the capacity (you’re not quite sure at times how) — to recognize one another, and more importantly to see one another in the truth of who you really are.” (3)
He told us that partnerships were rapidly forming up. The time for hiding was over, he said.
“And yes, this is happening at an unprecedented rate, and it is happening in terms of union of friendships, of groups, of what we would call partnerships or sacred unions. Even family members are beginning to recognize one another. But strangers across the lands, across the continents, are realizing, ‘I need to be working. I need to be talking. I need to be playing. I need to be in a form of relationship with that person, or with that group of people.’
“This is only going to intensify, because you are willing to stand there etherically naked and be seen. Because Earth and many of the illusions of your world — and I use world, not planet — has been perceived as so dangerous, many of you with good common sense remained hidden.
“The time of hiding is over. When we have spoken to you, oh, now for several years, and certainly recently, we have emphasized not only the importance and the readiness but the imperative of stepping forward now.” (4)
All of this is part of stepping forward into the light, he said, something we have waited for for eons.
“And that is what you are doing. You are stepping forward into the light, into the dawn of a new time, a new realm, a new reality, a new dimension. And as you are stepping forward you are seeing each other. And you are seeing each other more clearly than you ever have before! And you are saying, ‘There you are!’ And you are saying, not only ‘There you are,’ you are saying, ‘There you are! I love you.”
“You have no idea how long we have waited for this. No, we know this is not a platform for us to discuss the Mother’s patience or ours, but you are not alone in knowing that this is the moment that you and we and your star brothers have been waiting for, for you to unabashadly say to each other, ‘I see you and I love you.’” (5)
The old rules no longer applied. The illusions are falling away, starting with those about love, he said.
“It is you, humanity, the collective, this rainbow collective, saying, ‘I will open my heart and see what happens. I am going to do this. I am going to throw away my false judgments of what has happened in the past, false history, and I am going to create, with clarity and a sense of purpose, based on the knowing of who I am, I am going to create new relationships, new partnerships, new friendships, and I am going to join and find and be with my soul family.’
“And we are going to play, we are going to laugh, we are going to work, we are going to cry, and we are going to continue on and create Nova Earth.” (6)
Many of us thought everything about our work of building Nova Earth was impossible. But the Divine Mother tells us how she is working with us to dispel that illusion.
“[Freeing yourself] begins with your sacred self. Do you think that I am penetrating your heart, your mind, your mental body, your entire field, and the entire field of the space between the spaces, the entire field of Gaia and far beyond, and that I am not able to assist you with details and wherewithal?
“Where do you begin? You begin with desire. You begin with a dream. You begin with not the idea, but the deep, heartfelt — because this is your core — the desire to engage.” (7)
She urged us to surrender the barriers.
“When you say to me that you cannot proceed because of this or that circumstance, then what you are doing, unconsciously, my children, you are putting up the barriers.
“And what you are truly doing is you are saying to me, ‘I don’t believe that I am worthy … and deserving that you are going to attend to me adequately so that, first, I can love and cherish myself, and recognize my divinity, so that I am free to expose myself” — yes, that ‘etheric nakedness’ that Michael has spoken of and that I am asking all of you to do!
“You put up these barriers because you are frightened. You say, ‘It cannot happen fast.’ And I am asking you, why not? What is your reason? And give those false illusions to me, give them to your friends, give them to your guides, give them to your star brothers and sisters.
“You can say, ‘I am placing rationality aside, because when I am honest, when I place the fear aside, all I want — all I want! — all I desire is love, is to be seen and known and cherished. And in that, it gives me the strength, the trust and the faith to go forward and create.’
“So, when you find yourself saying, ‘How?’ let it go. I do not reveal all the details of the plan. There is no human computer… not even your star brothers have adequate technology for all the details of the plan. And within that, the journey, the journey back to us begins with you saying yes.” (8)
 She described the dance of the New Lovers.
“I beg you, go deeper. You each have a depth and a breadth and a magnitude that you have only just begun to explore and to utilize.
“This is your time. …
“Surrender is what union and partnership are about.
“In many ways, you meet your beloved and you do see each other because you have new eyes. You have expanded, and for some of you it has been so gradual and so subtle you do not realize you have expanded. Nevertheless, it is true.
“So, you recognize your beloved, and then you fall down on the ground in ecstasy, and you surrender. You surrender to the bliss and the wonder, not only that this is occurring, but that it is even possible.
“And when you stand back up, when your beloved extends the hand to help you up, you are expanded even stronger, more fully, more capable to share this with friends, with family. And the more you engage in this unity, not only do you create Nova Earth, but you are reflecting, you are behaving, you are having the experience of what it is to be divine.” (9)
Love will sweep us away, she says, and that is Ascension.
“Love will sweep you and the planet, and in many ways, dear heart, that is Ascension. Because what it also does is implode greater consciousness. You do not live in the old realm. Is there more? Yes. But yes, that is the way that you move forward. It is the way that you experience. …
“But each time you do the connection, it expands you more and more and more, and your capacity to love, to create, to do, to be, to connect, more and more and more, until there is no memory, no experience, of separation. It was an illusion. It is a false grid. And it has been the shackles. But it is not real.” (10)
Love is all there is. It unifies. It creates, she tells us.
“Love … has many faces and many forms, and many chapters, particularly in the definition and understanding of humanity. But the one thing about love is that it is constant. That is why so often I say to you, I am the Divine Mother, mother of constancy, mother of change, mother of consistency.
“It is all. It ebbs, it flows, but it is constant, whether you choose — and we cannot fathom that you would not choose — love. So, when you do and as you do you are adding to the constancy of your very soul, of your essence, of your capacity to be in union with me.
“The more that you are in union with me, with All, it is quite literal, [the more] you are able to be in union with each other. And that is the purpose of existence. It is actually very simple. It is about the unity and the love. …
“My plan is for the entire group of humanity to fall in love. And I do not mean in the old way, I mean in the cherishing, the freedom, the liberation, the co-creation. And it begins two by two.” (11)
 So the Divine Plan is for us to fall into unconditional love with ourselves, then with another, and then with others, until all is unity.  It’s simple. It’s enjoyable. And it becomes ever more possible as each day passes.
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 9

Event 456
The Event – 1
Another stage of lifting the veil will come with what is being called “the Event.” The Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild first pointed to it, soon after 12/21/12.
“We state here again that this [Gaia's Ascension on 21/12/12] was not ‘THE EVENT’… THE HAPPENING’ … Yet there was most definitely a VAST CHANGE in your BEING … all around you … in EVERYTHING.  … The EVENT will take place.” (1)
They reminded us that the events of 21/12/12 were not the full turning up of the inner flame that the soul is, which lay ahead of us.
“Inside of you, each one of you … is the DIVINE spark of LOVE … GOD … JOY … HAPPINESS … whatever you choose to name it. It is essentially YOU. Everything else that you think is YOU is merely decoration and a means to function. Let us say that we … for explanatory purposes … would liken this spark to that of a light on a gas cooker.
“One can have this flame low or one can turn it up to its highest capacity in order to ‘do what it does best’. Your flame has been turned up to a much Higher ‘notch’. It is not at full beam yet … but without doubt it has moved up to a degree that is most noticeable if one cares to ‘tune into it’.
“How one chooses to conduct themselves from here on in … as of always … will depict exactly how one’s pathway shall unfold. Yet this journey now shall rapidly flow in the direction of your creation. This you shall notice almost immediately.” (2)
In mid-summer, Blossom’s White Cloud took up the theme of the Event again.
“I spoke yesterday as well of ‘the Event’ that many speak of; and many thought it was to be after December last year. But I am saying to you, this Event has not gone away. This Event will be taking place. And it is a showering of love that will descend, if you like, upon your planet in a way that has not been done before. But that Event can take place, for simple terms, depending upon the happiness of those souls on Earth.” (3)
The Event was not just for lightworkers and not just for Planet Earth, he said.
“It is not just for lightworkers. Why would it be so? … This Event, I would say to you, is for not just your Mother Earth and the people upon it, but it is for galaxies and universes. Because everything is One, as you know. So it cannot not affect just a few! It has to affect the All. Because it is a… I am saying, it is beyond universal. It is an event that every living aspect of life is involved in.” (4)
The energy will be adjusted to each person.
“The intensity of that energy will be adjusted naturally to every living thing. And yet I say to you that this Event will bring about an energy…. You know that an energy came in on December 21st of last year, and it is affecting many. But nonetheless that energy is there in a more subtle sense to each soul. Whereas this will be, I would simply say, far less subtle.” (5)
What will the impact of the Event be?
“It will have an immense impact. There will not be one living soul or animal or insect or creature or plant, anything that is alive that will not be affected by it. They will not sleep through it or carry on watching the television. It will affect all.
“I have just put across, inside Blossom’s eyes,  golden white light, because there is no other way we can possibly describe to you what is to take place until it actually does.”  (6)
In the next part, which we’ll post as well today, we’ll continue our look at the Event.
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 10 

Enlightenment 2232
The Event – 2
Beginning in October, the Federation of Light through Blossom began intensively reminding us of the approach of the Event. Given the magnitude of it, we might not be surprised that they devote weeks to the task of getting as many of us ready as possible.
Their messages contain the fullest description of the Event that I’m aware of.
On Oct. 6, they told us that what was to come was to change everything.
“What is to come is to CHANGE EVERYTHING. You discuss in your world what such an EVENT could be. Yet we say that this of which we speak is THE BIGGEST EVENT that humanity has known. … A EUPHORIC EVENT. … If we could find words to describe it … we would.”   (1)
On Oct. 29, they told us the date had been changed a few times already and that it could only be understood by experiencing it.
“This EVENT will take place no matter what … and yet there are certain issues pertaining to the actual moment of ‘its’ occurrence. We would say that ‘Yes … The set date is not as set as we had originally planned … for it has been moved a few times already.’ …
“The Energy of it is so vast that it ‘seeps’ all around itself due to its intensity. We would perhaps call it the fanfare announcing its arrival! …
“Your senses and awareness shall be heightened  to a much Higher level … Higher than the one the individual is vibrating on at the time. …
“It shall be step by step … in line with that which an individual soul is able to cope with. Yet we will say again … that when it takes place … euphoria shall sweep the nation of humanity. No matter what level they find themselves at that time.
On Nov. 5, they characterized it as the purest unconditional love for everything that is. They said that the time of the soul’s hardship will end and leave us laughing, singing and dancing.
“Do you mean the blissfulness will only last a moment?
“No. Yet in that initial moment you will receive ‘A Blast’ of ALL KNOWING … which shall remain for quite some time. We are aware you would like to KNOW for how long? Yet this will vary from soul to soul. For ONE cannot continue at this stage to have that ALL KNOWING full time because in all TRUTH it would possibly ‘BLOW ONE’S BRAIN OUT’!
“Yet indeed, YOU as an individual will never BE the same again. YOU as an individual shall never return to the ‘old self’ before THE EVENT took place. It would not be possible to do so. For the experience of ‘IT’ cannot allow things to remain the same as they were. As an individual or as a whole.
“The entire course of humanity is about to change ‘Before your very eyes’. …
On Nov. 13, they repeated that the experience will vary for individuals and encouraged us to imagine the experience to prepare for what was to come.
“We ask one to take note that as individuals … the experience will be different for each … depending … as we have said … on the level of consciousness one has already attained. …
“Yet we state categorically that ALL will be understood and ones ‘reality’ in that AMAZING MOMENT THROUGH MOMENT shall leave no doubt within the entire BEING of the self … that they have just witnessed something that NEVER BEFORE has taken place … No matter how they choose to receive it.
“For this that is to come has indeed NEVER TAKEN PLACE … EVER … BEFORE.
“We ask you in your minds to FEEL such a moment … in preparation for what is to come.” (4)
On. Nov. 21, they told us that there was no going back after this experience which would reveal for us why we have come and what there is to do.
“Once THIS EVENT arrives … there is no going back. There will not be the want to return to the old … even though there shall be some upheaval and confusion on all levels.
“This is where you will KNOW more than ever why you came and more precisely … KNOW what it is you are to do.
“You will not suddenly wake up in this NEW WORLD. Although some will … yet few in comparison to the majority. There will be … how should we put it … those of a much HIGHER GRACE who are to proceed before others in order to simply ‘be there’ for one’s arrival … They shall arrive immediately in order to have their vibrational pull settle and reside in the place where it TRULY belongs.
“As for the majority … we state first and foremostly …
“The change that this EVENT brings forth is beyond words. …
“We would liken it to a FEELING of falling in Love for the first time … and then that happiness magnified a thousand fold.
“The FEELING OF LOVE for one’s family … not just their immediate … yet for ALL brothers and sisters shall swell the heart space. The thoughts of judgment shall very quickly dissipate and smiles of the biggest variety shall adorn the faces of each one you see. …
And on Nov. 27, they repeated that the Event will show us what to do and how to do it – through love.
“We indeed have the understanding of what is to occur. We however … do not have the KNOWING of how it will affect THE WHOLE.
“This we cannot predict. And yet we have researched heart rates of certain occurrences and it still leaves us rather ‘up in the air’ as to the possible outcome of such an outpouring/down pouring of purest Love. For no-one can predict such things due to each individual deciding at the very moment of occurrence how they chose to embrace it.
“Yet we will stipulate that when it takes place … those that KNOW within that ‘the time is NOW’ … they will KNOW instinctively what to do and how to go about their duties … in /through LOVE.
“And yet it is your imaginations that assist in bringing about that which is to come...
“Because it is THROUGH your imagining that the energy of what is to occur will be able to be brought forth.” (6)
Do other sources confirm what they say? Tomorrow we’ll look at that.
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 11

Enlightenment 213
The Event – 3
Archangel Michael reminded us in an interview in early August that there wasn’t going to be just one event. “This is a series of events,” he said.
“This is not simply a singular, one-time undertaking or happening. … And in some ways that you perhaps do not fully comprehend — and that is all right — these events are already underway.” (1)
In early August as well, Mira of the Pleiades assured us that the “events” we were hearing more and more of were designed to strip away the veil of forgetfulness.
“What I can tell you at this time is that the stage is set for some unusual occurrences. Events will occur that you would not have imagined. Fear not for it is all a part of the stripping away of the veil of forgetfulness leading into the full remembrance of who and what you are as Multi-dimensional Beings.
“These occurrences will coalesce into a powerful form that will catapult you and the planet into a much higher level of consciousness. Are you ready?” (2)
Very little remains of the Third Dimension, he said. There will now be no escaping the need to arrive at new, more loving solutions to the problems that faced us.
“There is little time remaining for third dimensional conclusions. This includes every area in your lives as well as the Earth’s. You will need to garner new solutions to solve problems. You will find these new discoveries bring swift results with remarkable outcomes.
“This means that you will need to remain open to change and not feel like ‘We have always done it this way.’ The old excuses will not be feasible for as you move into higher consciousness you will find that higher frequencies require higher vibrational solutions.” (3)
On Oct. 20, Saul has been predicting for years that this Event was very close and, when it does occur, it will be seen to occur always in the Now.
“The message for today is ‘Be alert.’ The grand event is very close, and as it happens the joy that humanity experiences will be wondrous. You have been waiting eons for this great spiritual and evolutionary step forwards and upwards which was planned as soon as the ‘separation’ occurred, and its time is now almost upon you. Time is a difficult concept for you, being part of the illusion and seemingly very real, but in fact there is only ‘Now.’ Now is eternal, everything that happens happens now, there is no other time . . . there is no time!
“Nevertheless you are accustomed to your experience of the apparent, constant, and logical unfolding of linear time, and so the event will occur by and by, in time, and when it does, it will of course be Now, and then you will realize that you are, and always have been, eternally present in that state. Your very limited state of human consciousness has great difficulty with that concept, so, as Light workers and wayshowers inspired and uplifted by the grace of God, just accept, as at the depths of your being you do, that what has been promised is about to occur.” (4)
He said that the Event will lift us into a new state of all-knowing.
“There are extremely few of you, the Light bearers and wayshowers, who do not get some sense of the intense energy of impending change, of essential change, that is enveloping your lovely planet in preparation for your upliftment into a far higher state of awareness, intelligence, and wisdom, which is the next stage in your ongoing and entrancing journey of spiritual evolution.
“You were created perfect, and God gave you everything – LOVE! It is just that in your present state of individual personal limitation you cannot understand what that really means, but you are about to find out. Oneness knows all that there is to know, and when you open into awareness that you are One with all of God’s divine creation, all knowledge will be instantly available to you.” (5)
It won’t overwhelm us, he said, but it will transform our powers of knowing.
“It will not overwhelm you as does the inundation of information that you are now experiencing on Earth, but it will meld with you instantly as you choose and make the decision to avail of any part of it that appeals to you. You will all be instant experts (in fact you already are) in any field of knowledge to which you feel drawn.
“I want to stress that you will be true experts, unlike so many in your unreal realms who claim to be experts or who are ‘recognized’ as experts, but who most certainly are not and never could be because the limits that you built into the illusion when you constructed it make that an impossibility. A real wide awake expert knows. Earthbound experts believe, and then when more knowledge is gained, they release those beliefs and embrace new ones. It is not a wonder that you are all so confused . . . even those who claim not to be.” (6)
In mid-September, Aisha North’s sources gave us a glimpse of the magnitude of what was to come.
“It might not seem like it for some of you at the moment, but you are indeed already starting to step into your new shoes as it were. Or rather, you are starting to step into your old shoes, the ones that show your real imprint, and who will take you far, far into the future. For what you truly are, is so much more than what you have already seen.
“And even if some of you have already gotten more than a few short glimpses of the real you that is still very much hidden behind this veil of forgetfulness, know that this too is simply a tiny little taste of what you have in store.
“For what you have in store, is of such a magnitude you will not even be able to wrap your head around it at this stage. But soon you will, and it will blow away all of the cobwebs still clinging on to that old and worn human frame you still consider as the ‘real you’.” (7)
In early November, they began to discuss with us our new work.
“As you all know well by now, the age of creativity has begun, and with it, a whole new set of tasks will be made available to you all. We know that this will sound daunting for many of you, but again we remind you that you have much previous knowledge in these areas. And as such, you will not err on the next step on your journey.
“For you have all been well trained dear ones, and remember, you have been hand picked to perform these tasks that now lie before you, and as such, we have perhaps more confidence in you than you yourselves have at the moment.” (8)
It was the impact of the veil of forgetfulness that took away our confidence, they say.
“The forgetfulness that was drawn like a heavy blanket over you all as you descended down to this earthly abode a long time ago has not been easy to penetrate.
“But now, it is as if someone has taken hold of one of the corners and started to ease it slowly and gently off you, and so, you can all see how the light is coming in and hitting your very soul for the very first time in this incarnation. For now, the old forgetfulness will serve you no more, and you will be asked to rub your eyes, sit up, and start to take stock of the situation.” (9)
Our work will not be stress and strain, they say, but the manifesting of miracles that are already here.
“For as this new light starts to seep in, it will reveal that you are in fact surrounded by miracles waiting to become on all sides, and all you have to do, is to acknowledge them. In other words, there is no need to get all stressed out by contemplating all that needs to be done, all you have to do, is simply to think of what is already there, waiting to become just by you being aware of it.
“In other words, this is not a process where you will be asked to toil and sweat, bearing heavy burdens uphill, forever straining against the current.” (10)
Around the same time, the Light Collective through Tazjima corroborated what Saul said – that we will come into all-knowing.
“As you become consciously aware of your true divinity, all the knowledge and wisdom that resides within your heart and soul will become available to you.” (11)
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 12

Divine Mother 59348
The Event – 4
Let’s continue with a detailed look at the events that will see the lifting of our veils of forgetfulness. Congratulations to everyone who’s stayed with the story till now.
We’ve listened to the Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild. We’ve heard similar descriptions from other sources.
Now here’s the Divine Mother in mid-November telling us that her baptism of clarity had been just a drop on the forehead and that the events would continue. What is being referred to as “the Event,” she said, was like a tsunami.
“[What you refer to as "the Event"] is another expansion of your ability to hold love and heart consciousness. The more you expand your capacities and your willingness to hold heart consciousness, which is the totality — and I do mean the totality — then when you do that, you are in full preparation.
“And it is not simply a singular moment. And you already have been experiencing these waves. And what I suggest to thee, all of you, is as you experience these waves, return to them, bring them back, call them forth again and again and again. You will feel in and out of body, and there is nothing to fear about that. It is the process of becoming
“So the event as you are referring to it is the wave of love that is sweeping the planet.
“You have only begun with my gift of clarity to have a tiny baptism. Think of it as a drop on the forehead. Well, get ready for the tsunami.” (1)
More recently St. Germaine asked us to open to the love being sent to us so that we can deepen our understanding of our purpose in being here.
“You are so tremendously supported in your current lifetimes and we wish for you to know that we are guiding you to continue to step into your divine unfolding purpose upon the Earth.
“You may not understand your purpose but we will say to you with the deepest of love you are walking and existing as your divine purpose now, in this very moment. Acceptance that you now exist as your purpose and that your purpose is your existence will allow a great wealth of insights to be accessed from your soul.
“Often through content rather than striving we are able to access the deepest knowledge of the soul. Please allow yourself to open up completely to receive the love flowing from your family with the universe of the Creator, we wish to recharge, refuel and inspire you with the brightest of light and quick vibrations so that you may exist in remembrance of the Creator upon the Earth.” (2)
At the end of November, Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman devoted a whole monthly message to the subject of the unveiling of our consciousnesses. He began by reviewing what we agreed to before coming to Earth.
“Beloved Masters, you came from far-distant Universes, Sub-Universes, Galaxies and Planets, and you brought with you a wealth of cosmic information, which was stored within your Sacred Mind for future access. There were stringent requirements you had to pass and solemn vows you had to make.
“You agreed to come to Earth during these momentous evolutionary times, and then incarnate into greatly diverse and often very difficult circumstances. You made a pledge that when the time came for you to step onto the path of Ascension, you would allow us to set aside your free will so that we could take whatever measures were deemed necessary to awaken you.
“For many, it resulted in a Soul merge, and others who had already awakened to their Soul Self were ready for a merge with a facet of their Higher Self. When the Soul finally merges fully with the Sacred Heart, it is a grand reunion of monumental proportions. When your intentions are composed of wisdom overlaid with Love and projected with purity, you become a powerful source of Sacred Fire energy.
“This awakening resulted in a mass Divine discontent among what we will call the ‘advanced guard.’ You all have experienced some of the diverse and momentous transformations that have taken place among the masses. You have also observed or have been affected by the accelerated Earth changes, which have increased in frequency, and are continuing on a regular basis.
“Most of you, who have consciously made an effort to reclaim your Divinity, through whatever means you were/are attracted to, are among this advanced group of souls. You agreed to be the examples, and you are willing to do everything within your power to ease the way for others by becoming sentinels of Light, Wayshowers and World Servers.” (3)
He explained to us what was happening and how it would affect us.
“The Superconscious Mind and the many facets of your Higher Self are the link to the Spiritual realms. First, you may begin to get flashes of information/inspiration via your intuitive abilities and during meditation. The powers of the mind are greatly enhanced as an aspirant on the path becomes more proficient and comfortable in using the higher frequency patterns of the Sacred Mind.
“As a result of tapping into the higher frequency realms of the brain structure, a good portion of your memory of past events will begin to fade as you move out of the realm of the instinctual brain/mind into the realm of the Higher Mind. Ascension is mind-expanding, a process of passing from one state of consciousness to another. The awareness expands to include all humanity, the Earth, the solar system and its workings. No longer is the focus on the little self. The ultimate goal is to become a Galactic Being and eventually attain a universal consciousness.
“As you become proficient at accessing the power and majesty of the higher frequency dimensions – you begin to get a glimpse of how wondrous paradise can be – and the excitement begins to build. That is what is happening all over the world. It is a very personal experience, for you can have confusion, turmoil and chaos around you and still be centered in the calm eye of peace and joy. As time goes by, you will find that your center of peace will extend out farther and farther, and as more of you begin to tap into the eternal power of perfection, it will spread faster and faster until it encompasses the world.” (4)
He told us there were no short cuts to our awakening, an awakening so powerful that it was affecting even those who had chosen to remain asleep till now.
“There is a great stirring taking place among the masses, those who until now were not ready to listen to the inner nudgings of Spirit or delve into the mysteries of Creation that are beginning to flow on the currents of higher frequency RAYS of the new Divine Blueprint.
“We have said that you have been very brave to step out of your comfort zone, out of the mass consciousness flow of popular beliefs into uncharted territory. You have been willing to face up to many challenges and tests, and you have not been deterred by those who said you were wrong, evil or wishful-thinkers. You are proving that what you have accepted as your truth is indeed working, and the validation is concrete and visible for all to see so that there can be no dispute. Fear is the greatest deterrent to change, but you are learning to tame your fears and you are claiming your Sacred Will-power. …
“Many of you have learned the discipline necessary to hold your visions without wavering, and you are learning that the miracles of manifestation take place one clear thought, one step or action, and one day at a time. There are no shortcuts, Beloveds; you must follow the Universal Laws of Manifestation in order to harness the power of Creation.” (5)
He advised us that all our services will be needed to assist in this newest wave of awakening.
“You are being called to join the leadership Light team, those who will show the way for the beautiful souls now awakening from their spiritual slumber. Thousands are needed to facilitate and assist in this next wave of awakening that is now in progress, for it encompasses millions upon millions.
“Even those still in denial are becoming aware that something profound and unprecedented is taking place on Earth. These souls will not have to go through the extensive cleansing, clearing and painful processing that so many of you have experienced. Indeed, you have opened the way and have the knowledge that will help them to move quickly through the awakening process and into empowerment.
“You are the examples and the Wayshowers, for you are destined to teach those around you the simplified steps necessary to clear their old thought patterns, so that the Divine Light of the Creator may begin to take dominion within their heart center.
“You are major players, my brave Ones, as we move to the next higher spiral of evolution. By now, we hope that you are beginning to accept what we tell you, that you are all beautiful Beings who carry a precious Spark of the Creator within your heart/soul. Allow your Higher Self to inspire and guide you, but please step to the fore and use the knowledge, wisdom and skills that have been so dearly won.” (6)
He explained to us the new spiritual territory we were now venturing into. Teachings such as this were reserved only for the hardiest intiates in past eras. And now they are being freely set before us.
“We have told you that the Supreme Creator has begun to emanate the rarified Love/Light Essence from the heart core of Its Being (Adamantine Particles of Pure Divine Light substance). This Essence contains all the facets of Creation, which include the Seed thoughts, energy components, and grand designs for never-before-experienced new creations. Within these wondrous multiple beams of Creator Light are newly-activated, black-spectrum Rays of pure unmanifested potential.
“The Creator is sending these Rays as a gift throughout this Universe, for they contain the stillness of the Great Void, which will be accessible to all who are brave enough to tap into the magnificent power of the Void of space, in order to be a participant in the creation of future worlds and galaxies.
“First came the Void and then came the Light, and within the Light were all good and wondrous things. The spectrum of Light would not be discernible without the many shades of darkness. Many of you fear the darkness and your shadow side, perceiving it as evil. Beloveds, if all is a part of the ONE, the Creator, how can there be anything to fear when you are filled with God Light?
“You as humans have created many things to fear, but these things are not the Creator’s doing. Do you fear the Great Void that is the backdrop for the stars and constellations? Some of you fear the night, but it is not the darkness that you can blame, but the hurtful things that humans do under the cover of darkness. We wish to help you to begin to investigate and transmute those old self-limiting concepts so that you may broaden your horizons and assume your cloak of Light. With the gift of Light comes a great responsibility, the leadership role that we outlined for you earlier.” (7)
Finally he asked us to take up this challenge and live from our heightened states of awareness, helping others to emerge alongside of us.
“We ask you to LIVE your lives with a heightened sense of awareness; to FEEL the joy of being connected to All That Is, and then share the joy with others; to use your WILL power to move swiftly along the path of enlightenment, so that as you gain a higher vantage point, you can more easily assist others over the rough spots. Endeavor to LOVE others with all your heart and soul, as the Creator loves you; to SPEAK your highest truth with love, compassion, and discernment; to SEE the best in everyone; and to know that we are all a part of the same great I AM.” (8)
This certainly is a tremendous amount to digest. But it also shows us, I hope, that these are definitely not normal times, that the opportunity before us to benefit from these times and to serve the whole world are right here before us, free for the taking but carrying heavy responsibilities as well.
In our next article, we’ll wrap up our detailed look at how we’re to emerge from under veil.
by Steve Beckow


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Lifting the Veil – Part 13

Emergence 332
In Conclusion
Just a few days ago, the master Hilarion told us that we were in the midst of change on a very large scale, encompassing not only Earth but the cosmos.
“There are mighty signs in the heavens that humankind can no longer ignore or deny. Something big is taking place that involves not only the planet Earth but the entire cosmos. …
“Transformation in all systems is now a moment by moment occurrence. No one knows what will happen next, for your planet is traversing the unknown and there is nothing to do but go with it. …
“Many mind-boggling occurrences are about to unfold and it is necessary to stay connected within your divine heart space as much as possible. Be flexible in your expectations at the start of each day and take what comes with equanimity. The unseen realms are making their appearance with greater frequency and are aligning in proximity at the edges of the end of one dimension and the beginning of another.” (1)
He advised us that we’ll now have the opportunity to create what we want, will join together to focus on what’s needed, and will rise to higher and higher levels of consciousness.
“You are the masters of alchemy and can now create the world of your deepest heart’s desires. There will be many opportunities to join together in unity to focus on that which is needed in specific moments of time upon the surface of the planet. Know that as you connect with the rainbow portal of light as you come to this website, you are being activated to higher and higher levels of consciousness. It is a continuing work in progress for each and all.” (2)
As if to underscore the magnitude of events, Jesus welcomed us as friends and brothers and sisters and said that the time for us to be his pupils was over.
“I am here as a friend and a brother, not as a teacher. I no longer want to be that teacher, because it is now time for you to stand up and be a teacher for yourself.
“This is your mission in this lifetime. I know this mission sometimes brings you pain and loneliness, but when you accomplish it, when you become a teacher in this new era, it will give you a deep fulfillment and truly make your journey on Earth complete. You will become like a big tree yourself, rooted into the Earth and reaching up to Heaven.” (3)
We’ve concluded our marathon look at how the veil will dissolve and we’ll be ready for our work in building Nova Earth and preparing for Ascension. Thank you for remaining with this very long and detailed look at the events of 2013.
Now let us summarize the road we’ve travelled in this series.
In Part 1, we looked at the two uses of the term “veil” – for the blanket of forgetfulness under which we labor and for the screen that separates us from seeing the higher dimensions.
In Parts 1 and 2, we looked at who was here – terrestrials and starseeds. We saw that the process of dissipating the veil could not proceed all at once, but had to proceed slowly. Otherwise we would burn out our circuits and lose the use of this body.
In Part 3, we looked at what the veil was made of and heard general counsel on how to prepare for our roles.
In Part 4, we looked at what general skills and talents we’d brought with us this lifetime and how this lifetime differed from all others. We heard how important it was to give up our fears and doubts.
In Part 5, we reviewed what we needed to do generally to allow the veil to fall. We heard our progress described as the opening of our hearts. Indeed our entry into the full Fifth Dimension after Ascension will be caused by a full and permanent heart opening (sahaja samadhi).
In Part 6, we discussed the first of the miraculous, planet-wide events that was destined to happen: the advent of waves of love accompanying the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal between July 26th and August 12th. Following that we were permitted to rest in September.
In Part 7, we examined the Mother’s October baptism of clarity and how it opened us up to love.
In Part 8, we looked at one outcome of this baptism – the rapid joining together of some lightworkers into spiritual partnerships. We heard how the Divine Plan made the ladder to Ascension be an ever-widening circle of unions – spiritual partnerships, soul groups, all lightworkers, and the whole planet.
We were left, in Archangel Michael’s colorful phrase, “etherically naked,” with the intense desire to engage with others.
In Parts 9 through 12, we looked at descriptions of the upcoming “Event,” whose date is not precisely known. The impact of the Event was said to be worldwide and more intense than any experience we’ve ever had or that has been known on the Earth up to this time.
It’ll leave us in greatly-expanded knowing, our sources said – what some called “all-knowing.” The Divine Mother called her baptism of clarity a “drop on the forehead” compared to what is to come.
It was said to be an awakening so powerful that it would leave us in full understanding of what our missions are and how they’re to be accomplished.
These then are the divine events that will see us emerge from beneath the veil of forgetfulness under which we presently labor. This is the program that will see us begin our light service in earnest, with our powers restored.
That service will set the stage for the rejuvenation of the people on the planet who have until now labored in conditions of poverty and hardship and it will end with our Ascension, perhaps next year.
The ascended masters have not yet returned because, as Archangel Michael acknowledged, the collective energy planet-wide is not yet high enough.
But the irony of the situation is that when the energy lifts so dramatically with the Event and other developments, the ever-increasing quotient of love will see a shift in emphasis from the expected ascended masters to the rapidly ascending masters – us.
There will be none after the Event who are not aware that something absolutely not normal is happening on Planet Earth. And we’ll know our missions and begin to join together to get the work accomplished that will produce all the events to follow – Disclosure, global revivification, and finally Ascension. In these pages have been described, at great length, how we’ll transform from being of limited vision and little sense of power into masterful and deeply-knowing wayshowers.
by Steve Beckow


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