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The Office of Poofness: December 17, 2013

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: And yet another possible timeline for a range of things to occur. This one, I personally feel, may well be ‘on the money’, to use a well-worn pun. Not sure why the intro is from Poof AND Susan… but it says it is. Someone else also has contributed, per ‘change of voice’. As usual, read as information only and please use a degree of discernment.
Greetings and Salutations,
From Poof and Susan: The times mentioned years ago are now upon the planet. Chaos is everywhere and distrust and greed, corruption and despair as well as very little security, plus a lessening of faith in anything the government tries to fix or gets involved in. All of this and more is what Poof talked about when he was known as TruthWarrior over a decade ago.
These are the times. Yet there is a silver lining and as he said, the times would be harsh, intense, seem unending, but they will be overcome. Our job is to hold on and hold up our faith. It is to remember that for this we were born, and that our vision must be far more than feeding our selfish, self centered motives.
Want to see how quickly your inheritance leaves you? Fail to be a good steward of what comes your way and watch it diminish overnight. For it will. This is a test. Repeat. This is a test. Do good. Stay legal, be aligned with universal principles and, if you don’t know what those are, start searching. You will need them. The time of deceit is soon over.
Change of voice: So how has everyone been? Do you feel the Winds of Change (Solara’s term) blowing with more force every week? Gotta batten down those hatches so you don’t have stuff lying around that can become dangerous projectiles in those breezes that mean business.  That’s what I’m getting for the rest of this year. This is a magnificent time to enjoy the process, accept things as they come – like the weather – and get your own stuff done that’s been calling to you all year. Things will be happening in the outer world as you take care of your sphere of influence.
How are these for signs of positive change:–finance.html – GSK to stop paying doctors in overhaul of sales practices (Is this what Zap is referring to below?) – ‘Historic’: US Scholars Stand with Palestinians in Boycott of Israel
Enjoy yourselves as you get things in order once and for all so that when the knock on the door comes – or however blessings find you – you will be ready to do what’s next for you without being hindered by loose ends.
Here’s ZAP:
Hi all
There is a bit that I can share this week, and it is, indeed, a magic carpet ride now accompanied by a few pigs, but not the main squadrons as yet.
The major developments are set now and, starting with the RV, the sequence as I have spelled out over the past while is now in full motion.
The RV is done for one.
The price set for North America is 3.44. I was off by 2 cents at 3.42 before….sorry. The drugs did it.
However, do not flock to the banks as yet. It will be about 2 weeks or so before you can do the public exchange thing as the big boys have to cash out first, and the countries have to settle into the new development. But it is done as the initial announcement in Iraq has occurred.
Because it is done, the global gold settlements can occur and Basel III protocols be firmly installed. This will be all in place once the public announcement is made for the global RV.
The global reset is now scheduled formally for next year (early). When that happens, I can now confirm with certainty that the rest will include the debt zeroing of country debt. The details thereof are still matters I cannot speak to, but one of the consequences will be the diminishment of the drug trade.
Wow, did I say that? Yup, that I did. Not that drugs will disappear, but buying and selling drugs will become next to impossible to hide, and drugs will dry up on the street. So, to those of you who are hooked on something, begin drying up and get your lives in order. Fair warning. Get it together, and become useful to yourselves again. Please. Withdrawals are not fun.
I have also been apprised by the China family that the sequence is in full progress for all of the elements that are destined to change the world financial infrastructure, and this information is most welcome. I did know this many years ago, and watched events unfold to make it so, but seeing the fruition of the plan is…well…a huge tickle, and a sigh of great relief as I see it unfold.
There will be massive changes now, as was foretold. Be ready for them and do not be surprised. The cushioning effect of time is active as if the changes happened all at once. It is probable that the shock of such changes would be a detriment to the reset sequence, so they are staging it in order for it not to have a negative impact.
Then, it will be up to all of us to begin the reconstruction period. Project funding will be massive, and we will be one of the sources of such funding for the benefit of humanity.
Our accounts are being set up now (the global accounts) that will be used for this purpose, and the software to track everything will be installed on the soon-to-be-active website. I am so looking forward to that, you have no idea. All of our efforts have been geared for this purpose, and we will happily entertain any and all projects that make sense. Just no casinos and no oil projects please. Nothing that does harm will be remotely considered. But building squirrel-powered hamster wheel generators may be looked at…maybe.
And Merlin, sure, we can get together for a beer, schedules permitting.
So listen up everybody. My time is short now, and it will not be long before we all transition to the new paradigm and give for the benefit of humanity and this wonderful blue ball we call home. My stay here is, and will have been, a blessing in being able to bring a bit of hard facts and news from the other side. The boys and girls upstairs are all behind us and wish us only the best. The disclosures will happen, and we will get to meet and greet our brothers and sisters, and future brothers and sisters from faraway places and dimensions. It is inevitable and part of our evolution as we grow up and out.
The support we have is extraordinary, and all that they want from us is for us to respect, evolve, and love. Compassion rules at all times. If you get pissed at someone, forgive sooner than later. If you screw up, learn. Do it better next time. There is no guilt or blame here as all is perfect in his eyes anyways. We are just on a path we have chosen.
I was present at a special meeting where the new paradigm was announced. The proclamation was as simple as it was deep and fraught with great meanings:
The power of success shall rule.
This taken in the path of light is huge. To succeed properly, all the aspects of love have to be employed. Only then can you have true success in what you undertake. Way cool.
The aspects we go through are many. And the more, the better, and the more that we experience and get to integrate within ourselves to make us more than we were. So experience away, and give that helping hand to anyone in need…you are doing it to and for yourself when you do.
Be ready to pay it forward anytime and anywhere, since that is a defining experience that cannot be bought with anything other than your free will. It feels good and changes you greatly.
The seriousness of what we are about to experience is monumentally life changing and the culmination of hundreds and thousands of years of hope and planning. It is our job to acknowledge this and to go with the flow. Follow your heart and you will never go wrong.
Next report will be interesting, I think, and I may be able to share a greater depth of detail. We will see.
In love and light in our service
Love and Kisses,
The Office of Poofness
Susan and Staff

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