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The Office of Poofness: December 3, 2013

 Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1Stephen Cook/ golden age gaia: Here is the main thrust of today’s message from the Office of Poofness, titled ‘On the Edge’ -  which, I’m sure, is precisely where many of us feel we are right now. Especially as we have not yet ‘seen’ the global reset that ZAP states, below, is “upon us”. However, silence is golden. Stay positive and hold that thought.
Greetings and Salutations:
Thank God for the bloggers this week for their entertaining posts….there is not much more that can be said. Holiday traditions always bring different timing. All I can say about the chatter is to watch that stuff; it can give you headaches from fear and wild anticipation. Doesn’t say much for the silence that helps with the change, which is brought through the silence for your impending future. – Susan.  Here’s to a fruitful week for us all!
Poof said:
“The options are to be centered in love or to regress into fear and sense of failure. Just clear up all your unfinished business and be ready to fly. Flying makes a lot more sense and what has been stated” the purple pigs” are touching the edges of the universe — they have always been flying but not where they could be seen.”
Here’s ZAP:
Hi all. There is very little to say this week other than the global reset is upon us, and so is the RV of dinar/dong, etc.
Last week, I said that the first week of December would be the beginning of the reset. It is. Special things are being done right now with the family and the regulatory powers.
Janet Yellen is taking over from Ben Bernanke in January, and will be providing oversight of vast amounts of USD that will be released into the system. Everybody was hoping she would do this now, but she will (justifiably) do it only when she assumes official capacity as chairwoman of the Fed.
Congratulations Janet. We all hope you will make a difference and do the right thing for humanity with the reset.
Remember one thing here: oversight will be needed as such vast amounts come into the mainstream. You do not want ‘Bob’ to be buying containers of guns, right? You want ‘John’ to be buying land to build senior housing.
The Chinese family structure is undergoing a transmutation to complete its mandate of serving humanity in concert with the global reset.
The regulatory authorities are preparing to affect the Basel III protocols and install the new system into mainstream. All is in readiness to affect the change.
For obvious security reasons, there is little to be said at this time other than what is stated.
So be prepared for it all now, and before Christmas. (Stephen: which one is it: “now”? or “before Christmas”? or “now AND before Christmas” ?)
It is with great humility that I express my gratitude to the thousands that have made this change possible. We are all part of this, and the outcome will be a direct reflection of who we are as a species. Cream rises to the top as well as the other. I would say we prefer the light to the dark, in that case.
I will be tackling the project side starting next week, and will be putting out clear information as to the disbursements for the project side, and preparing to get in contact with all e-mail submissions. Some have already been answered and asked to be patient while we put the last pieces together in preparation for the rollout.
Much work has been done at great sacrifice. Much more is to be done, but without the last component. The test is almost over, and the kids have won.
Look for purple pigs in the sky.
In love and light in our service,

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