Friday, June 14, 2013

Thank you Pleiadian High Council and Wes for your unending comitment!!
*** gavin

Wes Annac: Hello on this beautiful evening, dear friends. Per a (not-so) recent discussion with a Galactic soul on a certain radio show, I’d like to request some more information about the healing and cleansing work you’re doing in our skies.

The Pleiadian High Council: We will be more than happy to provide our perspective on this matter, dearest Wesley, for we’ve indeed been quite active in our quest to help cleanse and mitigate the pollution still being widely fed on your Earth.

As many of you know, we’ve been working to mitigate and help cleanse the chemtrails being sprayed in your skies. Even in the areas experiencing the heaviest of chemical skies and thick trails, we’re cloaked offering our assistance in an overall effort to help cleanse the vibrations of Gaia’s atmosphere.

We’re working to help cleanse Gaia and to help cleanse the collective consciousness of humanity, as much pollution and lower-dimensionality have been fed in both avenues and truly, we cannot do this job alone.

Chemtrails and other types of visible, noticeable pollution are still being allotted, so that the growing-awakening collective can realize such things and work to expose and put an end to them altogether.

Acting in Accordance with Humanity’s Established Laws
We’re looking toward humanity to gain the awareness and enlightenment required for the vibrations of your dear collective consciousness to be allowing enough of ours, and when such a time comes, we can land openly on your world and help you to perform much more potent work than we perform now.

As we’ve discussed in the past, we can only take so many actions in regards to helping cleanse the planetary vibrations of dearest Gaia. While we possess the technology to perform all of the cleansing work on your planet ourselves, we still act within the confines of a Law of non-interference that’s bred from your collective desire to experience freewill.

Wes: Many thanks for the explanation, dear friends. What types of healing are you performing in our skies specifically?

PHC: We’re using transparent and invisible (to the human eye) vibrations that are funneled through our sentient technology, which serve to mitigate and neutralize many of the harmful chemicals in chemtrails specifically, and in other forms of atmospheric pollution that would otherwise be funneled-down to the physical humanity and to the surface of Gaia, wherein the pollution from such things would seep into Her ground.
The cabals have taken quite a’ many measures to pollute your skies and ground.

We, like many of you, have worked as much as possible from our positions to help the collective of humanity awaken to the injustice being perpetrated unto you in the form of atmospheric pollution and pollution on dearest Gaia’s ground, but again, we can only do so much in regards to all of this.

What we’ve been unable to stop in regards to harm caused to your environment via the pollution being fed by humanity, has unfortunately been necessary to be experienced; because of your aforementioned freewill and your desire to experience the results of everything you Create and sew for yourselves.

The Law of Grace & the Benefits of Free Energy
Of course, humanity has long existed under a Law of Grace that skewers the amount of potential negative karma an individual or collective would experience as a result of their actions, and it’s largely because of this Law that we’re able to work as fruitfully in your skies as we are.

While there is only so much we can do, we ask you to trust when we say that we’re doing quite a lot indeed. We are using technologies that you would see as advanced and exotic, which perform much healing and cleansing work in much easier ways than the devices that have been designed by the physical humanity.

As your mainstream-scientific understanding of the way energy powers your Lives and the role that free, clean energy can have in building your future has itself been quite skewered, we look toward the disclosure announcements to help inform humanity of the power of free energy and of the numerous, wondrous advancements it’s to provide for the entirety of humanity.

Truly, you have so very much good to look forward to and we’re working as much as possible on helping secure the future we already know to be in place.

Wes: Is there any noticeable progress with your disclosure? Specifically, what I’m asking is that I’d like your opinion on the latest pieces of disclosure that have been brought about in the forms of the Sirius documentary, the disclosure hearings, etc.

PHC: We’ll be happy to provide our perspective, dearest soul.

Small Trickles of Disclosure Picking-Up
We and plenty others have been telling you dearest souls for quite a while in your concept of time that the small trickles of disclosure coming through your mainstream media would soon begin to pick up, and the continual works that are being brought about by humanity, rather than us, speak to this truth.

So very much is being done to bring-forth disclosure, in a way that’s as accepted by your mainstream as it can be. While much of your mainstream media has still largely laughed-away the recent Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure, the subject will soon be in the forefront of the collective consciousness of humanity and will no longer be seen as a subject to laugh about.

The very idea of our existence has been presented to humanity in a way that’s meant to demean its credibility or the likelihood of humanity finding Life on other planets beyond yours, but truly, we are all right here with you and we have always been.

We have always wanted you to know of our presence around you, and this discussion ties back in with your aforementioned Law of Freewill, which sees you unable to know about or understand us or our existence if you just don’t want to.

However, the time has come for real and pure truth concerning us to surface in your mainstream media.

While the Citizen’s Hearing was partly focused on the works of the negative extraterrestrials who no longer have the range of freedom on your surface that they did when they were mutilating your dear animals; the presence of the Light is on your world to stay and such lower interests won’t be and haven’t been allotted on your world to perform their deeds or sacrifices.

The Cabals Aided the Negatively-Oriented Zetas
The Illuminati as you know them have largely accepted, been a part of and helped in the mutilations of your dear animals on the part of malevolent factions of the Zeta race, but many of the top levels of such negative (Zeta) factions currently experience a form of containment much purer than what the cabal-heads experience.

We’re working on so many different facets of the overall purging of darkness from this entire Universe.

The negatively-inclined extraterrestrial souls who were previously given more free-rein on your world than humanity may be uncomfortable accepting, by your cabals; their day in the sun has faded and many of them now experience a softening of their hearts that’ll see them increasingly-ready to embrace the Light and move into the higher echelons of consciousness, as per the ascension of the Universe.

So very much progress is being made in the realms beyond your physical understanding, and even in your physical realms you’re seeing trickles and waves of disclosure, which we’re happy to proclaim will only expand.

The revelations you’ll find will be uprooting indeed, and as we and plenty of others have in the past, we ask you with Love to prepare yourselves and to be ready to be hit with a tsunami of disclosure that will truly boggle your minds.

Wes: Many thanks for your explanation, dear friends. I’m going to go ahead and let you speak uninterrupted for a while before wrapping this up.

PHC: With appreciation and Love, dearest Wesley.

Nurturing Advanced Perceptions & Energetic Alchemy
So many of you are learning to nurture the advanced perceptions and understandings you’re finding as they arise within you. You have the continual support and encouragement of all within the higher realms on your side as you face and Earthly experience that, for many of you, will become less and less challenging, as you learn to embrace everything that’ll breed a Lighted perspective.

There is so very much learning and growing taking place in each of you, whilst the world stage continues to reflect the sheer duality that is the intensification of the Light and dark energies, in preparation for a full-on transmutation of the dark. We ask you to allow your processes to unfold as they will, if you feel as if events in your Lives are piling-up on you or are too difficult for you to deal with in any moment.

Everything that’s happening to you is Divinely-ordained and is happening for a necessary reason, and every last bit of difficulty and accompanying lower emotion you may feel, can be sent to our healers who we have aboard our ships, or to dearest Gaia or a guide you feel close to.

Upon growing into the fifth dimension and into some purer rungs of the fourth, souls begin to learn and understand alchemy and specifically, transmutation.

So many of you dear awakening souls upon the Earth are already beginning to understand transmutation and its importance when you find yourselves meeting with lower energies and the resulting perspective they would attempt to sew unto you, and transmutation and energetic and emotional alchemy can truly be your aide when you feel as if difficulty is piling-up too much.

You have the sacred violet flame on your side, and the Love of your heart, which is the Love of our Creator, will aid and heal you in any and all endeavors. Simply funnel any last bit of negativity or difficulty you’re feeling into the realms of spirit, and one of the infinite amounts of souls in these realms will delightfully take care of it for you.

More than Billions of Higher-Dimensional Souls
We ask you to fathom the fact you have more than billions of souls from the higher dimensions and from various higher-dimensional planets, actively fixated upon your evolution and upon everything you’re doing on the Earth at this time.

Every action you perform and every bit of good you do is noted and celebrated by billions (and more) of souls in these brimming higher dimensions, and when you make your ways back to these realms as triumphantly as you will, you’ll be heralded as the true heroes that each and every one of you are.

Every one of you absorbing this communication is a hero in the eyes of the higher dimensions, of us and of our Creator, because you’ve entered and come out of an experience that blinded billions of souls within its realms and perceptual constraints.

You did indeed know that your situation and the limitation you’d have imposed unto yourselves would be quite difficult, and the specific frustration and difficulty many of you experience currently were known about and understood before making your ways to the Earth from the higher dimensions.

You’ve been able to come out of your experience with flying colors, and it is for this reason that you’re truly heroes and that you’ll be treated as such upon making your ways back to these realms.

Compassion, Empathy and Understanding
We wish for you to understand that compassion, empathy and understanding are constant driving factors of the higher dimensional experience.

We understand and empathize with your experience and with the limitation you’ve instated unto yourselves, and we Love you so very dearly for the active quests you’re making to re-find the realms of consciousness you once existed in.

We wish for you to know, as we make our final impressions for this communication, that your already-opened portal(s) to the higher dimensions and to us souls of the higher dimensions are only to broaden exponentially. Your perceptions are expanding more than you could possibly know, and you are guided and constantly Loved by every last one of us who will forever proclaim our Love and respect for the circumstances you’ve incarnated under.

Brimming, colorful vibrations will be perceived-of and understood as you reap the benefits of the expansion of your chakras, and our impressions will come through quite clearly and purely for every last one of you, upon developing your ordained abilities.

Wes: Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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