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In the Arms of Faith and Trust ALL is Possible
Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ June 23 – 30, 2013

We understand through our observance that there are many dear souls that contemplate how God truly feels about them. This is an important and crucial step along your journey dear ones. It is through such a brave and courageous step that brings you into total awareness of any areas that are dark and unexplored within your own life. Being on the Quest of the Truth of God’s Love and how He feels also requires you be anchored in the present and Trust with the purest of Faith that He does love and He loves each and every dear soul that shares your global community – and this love He has for each dear child, your brother and sister is separate from any action you may have done. His Word is always LOVE dear ones and through this empowering Word of God you are equipped with the Inner Power to turn any weakness into a strength. 
Unfortunately dear ones, you may stumble across other dear souls who may not wish for you to have this trust and faith in God and to strengthen this sacred relationship. There are those out there that are there to test your faith, to test your trust. Even though they appear to be the “bad guy” or some may describe this as being picked on. By looking at any confrontation of opposites truthfully and honestly, what you are developing dear ones is the strengthening of your confidence in God and in His love especially when you are not able to be derailed from any attempt of another. Every interaction, even the ones that house conflict have something to teach and through the lesson is an abundance of essential knowledge that will create deeper trust and faith – faith and trust not only in God but in your Self. Of course God wishes for His children to turn to Him in times of happiness and times of strife, but He also wishes you to have the confidence to turn to your Self. Many people can offer you advise, guidance and support, but remember dear ones, no matter how wise and caring their words are, it is not them that must make the decisions. It is you. When you decide something, it’s not because of what someone told you to do, it’s because of what your heart and soul has whispered to you – what is best for you and all that may be affected by your decision. 
Understand dear ones if at any time you may have acted inappropriately, even unknowingly towards another dear soul, it is crucial to seek forgiveness from God; to repent what you know was wrong. Clearing your wrong with God should never be a struggle; it is a humbling and cleansing experience that is encouraged for each of you to practice. 
When you are ready to confess to God through your own acceptance that you KNOW you acting inappropriately it’s important to speak to God with confidence with your Self, with respect and love. It is essential dear ones to have strong confidence in God’s love being equal to all people and through His love he will help direct your journey. Your journey will always have challenges and through each challenge your confidence will act as if it’s on a crazy roller-coaster ride – it will have ups and downs. The more you are confident in God’s love and in your loving efforts that are pure of actions of God working through you the more mature you become of spirit, heart, mind and body. Even when the struggles appear to never end, never cease your trust and faith in His love. Focus on His love for you and know deep within the warm recesses of your heart, His flame is alive and well. 
A love that is felt as fragile is never thought as a weak or false. All love that is derived from the heart and of the soul is sincere love that helps you see with clarity where your journey is taking you. Your feelings and emotions often encourage and distract you from listening to your heart and soul. You must always maintain control of your mental and emotional faculties and through your efforts you will see first-hand why the necessity for being confident in God’s Love. The more faith and trust you have in God, the more faith and trust you have with your Self. 
Many times you are visited by guilty feelings shortly after you know you have acting inappropriately. This is your actual signal to your Self that YES you have done something that requires forgiveness. Guilt is a heavy emotion and it is also a gift from God. Without the feeling of guilt, you would never be able to reach any realization of any wrong and there would be no forgiveness. These are lessons provided by God to encourage each of you the importance of admitting the actions you are responsible for and through them you are offered opportunities to remove that guilt through the positive action of forgiveness.
Reflect on your life up to now and through this quiet moment, truthfully and honestly acknowledge to yourself who you have possibly caused harm or hurt as well as where the path of your life took a wrong turn that strayed you from your own mission. Admit with spoken word that you are aware of the negative actions you have done towards another, and how this negative action has also hurt you and ask for forgiveness. You require no explanation, just the verbal and mindful acknowledgement of what was done and seek forgiveness. You must also forgive yourself as well dear ones. Even if you are the perpetrator, the act of forgiveness must also be applied to your Self in order for you to heal the guilt out of your heart. 
There is not one person born evil. Each of you were born pure and with the best of intentions of the highest possibilities for the grand life before you. It is over time, through many challenges, distractions that derail your pureness and away from the empowering quality of God’s Light and Love. When you are able to repent your wrongs, you are aligning yourself back on the track of being pure of heart…it takes one positive, loving step at a time. 
Through either your morning or night prayers or meditation use this quiet time to exercise forgiveness – take this time to focus on your feelings in order to clearly see where any lingering hurt may have stemmed from and recall this memory for the sole purpose to let it go through the Power of Forgiveness. During your prayer, also pray for direction from God and healing to your Self and to the other dear soul that may have been the brunt of your inappropriate behaviour. Ask God to direct you both back on the track from being lost to being found through His love and devotion to you both. Recognize and accept all your wrongs; don’t be offended by them, learn through them and become stronger from the inside out. The lessons that surround you each day, come from the moments you behaved inappropriately, choices made by you, your actions, even other people’s actions as well as the from the times you acted in good faith, love and compassion towards others, where joy was an outcome. Lessons are always with you, the question that can only be answered by each individual person, is: How aware are you of the lessons?
Every time you utter a confession either to your Self or purposely to God you are being responsible for your negative thoughts and emotions through verbal acknowledgment even if you are unaware of any harm you may have caused. When you allow yourself to repent, you are redirecting your Self to turn away from those negative thoughts and emotions and accept the direction God has before you. Through the action of repentance you bring yourself to end looking and pointing negatively towards the other person and begin looking within your Self. 
We know and understand how busy your day can be and through the busyness of your day, you may forget the importance of admitting you owe any part to any problem. Every issue, and situation has sides and it’s important to not only understand this but to realize where your responsibility rests. 
When you face certain challenges, remember God is with you shining His endless Light and infinite Love all around you. He is reminding you each challenging step is another step building a stronger and more confident You. At any time dear ones, you feel you are being challenged, ask God what is it He is trying to teach you to become stronger in. Is the current challenge teaching you to be more patient, resilient; is the current challenge teaching you to become more aware of your whole self. The more you consciously think about what it is you are to learn, you are actually beginning to learn and develop each characteristic. 
Forgiveness is a divine and sacred tool during the bumpiness of your journey. Learning how to forgive and forgive with grace and confidence requires recognition and acceptance of the feelings of others as being important. Forgiveness allows you to rise to a deeper level within your spirituality and directs you to newer ways on how to live a more fulfilling life, a kind of life that encourages you to always live at your best potential and ability. Through the Power of Forgiveness you understand what it really means to love unconditionally. 
We encourage you dear ones to cease seeking external sources in order to reach happiness. Focus from within on how to more thankful of what you already have and through your conscious acts of gratitude you will find your Self in the lap of happiness that will shine from the inside out. Liberate yourself through giving your Self-Image to the mercy of unknown and unpredictable events and situations in trust and faith in God’s unwavering direction. Trust each step you take and when the situation has reached its end you will understand what it means to appreciate and discover the happiness inside your own joy. 
We know it can be difficult to remain positive when going through a difficult situation. We remind you that each situation that greets you is there to teach you more of your Self and where your journey is taking you. The event does not ever describe your entire life, only provides lessons for where you are right now, not where you were yesterday or what will become of you tomorrow. Focus on the NOW of the lesson without allowing the situation to overwhelm you. God already knows you can overcome any situation, you have already proved this fact repeatedly – now it’s time for you to believe in your power and ability. 
Learn to take on the mentality that you are a student on the journey of your life and soul mission. No matter what you have read and learned through the many books your eyes pour over, the more you realize how much you have not learned. We commend you for learning what other people are speaking of; at the same time we encourage you to seek your wisdom by going within. Your experiences and your journey are not meant to be exactly the same as the next person’s and they are not. 
It can difficult to control your biting tongue and more difficult to not reciprocate with another with your own hateful and negative responses but nothing is ever impossible. The more you become part of the problem through the negative actions the problem stimulates the longer the problem remains, creating an unloving and uncompassionate person. Resist the urge to reply to someone who has chosen to act unkindly to you with the same unkind remarks and inappropriate behaviour. You always have the power to choose. You can choose to NOT become angry and counter the challenge with Unconditional Love and compassion that will help maintain the happy and soulful person you are. 
By training your Self and your busy mind to be more consistently filled with happy and positive thoughts, the more positive energy you will attract, including positive and happy people. No problem is ever solved dear ones when you remain at the same energy level which the problem was initially created. In order for you to remain in a positive mind-set we encourage you to remember the positive-ness of the Power of Forgiveness, letting go, the calming attributes of peace and the healing quality of love.
We do realize the challenge many dear souls already have with controlling their mental and emotional faculties. All is possible dear ones, when you have faith and trust in your Self, in God’s Love and in the fact that you will succeed because you are not meant to fail. Sometimes success takes a while to bring into fruition, but with your constant focus and love applied effort everything you do has a more than possible outcome. Learn to believe in your Self as we believe in You. 
And so it is.... 
I AM Melchizedek 

through Julie Miller

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