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Thank you Hathors and Wes!
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We delightfully speak of the growing metaphysical perceptions of humanity, as getting you to understand the effects your increased perceptions will have upon you is one of our main priorities in this moment.

It’s quite important for you dear souls to understand the benefits the continually-pure perceptions you’re beginning to unlock will have for you and those around you, for understanding this is key to understanding how the brazen effects of your ascension are going to be felt in you and those around you.

You’re acting as the strongest and purest of conduits for Divine energy, inspiration and Light to come through, and along the way of expanding-upon your personal Light, you’ll come to find yourselves much more (Divinely) powerful than you may have initially expected.

The Divine, higher-dimensional power many of you will begin to find brimming in yourselves will accompany the purer perspectives you’re unlocking, and when you can fully begin to realize and tap-into this power, it will be cause for great celebration indeed.

This is because you’ll have unlocked the most important power you could’ve ever known and by this, we mean that you’ll access and understand the strength of your personal, Divine Self. Doing so will strengthen your connection with your Divine self quite exponentially.

Fashioning Connections

Your ability to connect and convene with your higher selves will largely determine how easily you’re able to take-in and assimilate massive quantities and purity of Light from the higher dimensions.

We actively encourage every one of you to work with as much of yourselves as possible on fashioning the connection with us souls speaking with you, as well as your higher selves, as much as you can. Your development of this connection is more than important to your personal ascension and to the ascension of your entire Earth.

The collective of humanity is to be informed of the reality and importance of your latent metaphysical ability, and telepathy specifically will be discussed to the helm as revelations concerning humanity’s ability to pick-up on varying frequencies of metaphysical energy, are given.

It will be widely known and understood that what so many souls are successfully and unsuccessfully doing with attempting to connect with we in the higher realms, is quite a real process and should be treated with the respect and honor that such a sacred process deserves.

Truly, a select few humans in your recent history have been able to tap-into their personal telepathic ability and find connections beyond your physical reality.

As we and others have said in the past, your bodies are akin to radio receivers that can pick-up on varying frequencies and purity of energy in every moment, and the actions you employ, the thoughts you think and feel and what you put into your bodies will largely determine the purity of energy you receive.

Actively Monitoring One’s Health

It’s important to actively monitor everything that’s put into your evolving bodies, and to seek out the healthiest of alternatives to what may ordinarily harm your bodies, as the changeover from carbon to crystalline is as well a sacred process that’s meant to be treated with the respect and Love of our Creator.

A main theme of the ascension processes of many of you as they stand currently is emerging from the personal shells that have been built upon around your innate, real spiritual Selves. We’re here to help you with this process, as we encourage you to practice the little things that’ll help you to break out of your shells and maintain an active connection with and interest in this physical world you’ve come from the higher dimensions to help uplift.

A large facet of the missions of many of you who feel yourselves on the Earth to spread Light and truth, will be speaking to the Earth public; giving introductions and giving your stance on the widespread disclosures that’ll have hit by the time many of you will be spreading the truth you’ve come to the Earth to spread.

It is for this reason that we strongly encourage every one of you continue on in attempting to emerge and exist in your Earthly reality in the purest and clearest ways possible.

While your Earth is far from the higher dimensions of blissful experience so many of you are used to, experiencing it doesn’t have to be a bad or even difficult thing. You dear souls have largely proven this with your incarnations unto the Earth’s surface; as you have been able to find and maintain pure perspectives despite the (seeming) difficulty, limitation and density you had incarnated under in an effort to assist the Earth’s collective.

Funneling Light to Gaia

The growing perceptions you’re finding in yourselves are meant to be nurtured at this time, while many of you work to continue serving humanity and expressing the brimming Light we know you can feel growing. You’re picking up on purer and purer frequencies of Light, and as such, you’re funneling exponential Light through to the surface and core of Gaia, which is going toward a plethora of different energetic tasks.

These tasks we speak of are all related to clearing pollution and density from your collective consciousness and your physical reality and to that extent, much work is done by your Galactic brethren to cleanse your skies, water and ground. Even the reserves of water many cities and local towns use are purified by these (cleansing) energies, and the fluoride added to much of humanity’s water is neutralized to an extent; in accordance with the individual and collective freewill of each soul who will consume it.

Humanity is meant to arise and hold the souls who have fashioned your realities in the manner that they have completely accountable for what they’ve done, and after proclaiming independence from their perceived rein, you’ll then be tasked with building a Galactic society which works in the sovereign interests of every single soul on your dear Earth.

We and so many others will be with you to help you work toward achieving such a society, and the teachings you’ll be given will largely assist you in much of the immediate work that will need to be done on and for your dear Earth.

The entire collective is to find the purer states of consciousness so many of you are beginning to pioneer the discovering-of and again, we ask you all to remain ready and willing when the time comes for you to give your personal stance on everything that’s happened on your dear world, and on every bit of the revelations humanity will be given that will initially startle many of you.

Achieving your Mission with Flying Colors

For this very moment, you are tasked with focusing on serving humanity as well as nurturing your inner-development, and every last bit of work you do for your personal evolution and that of the planet is helping in such evolution more than you could possibly fathom.

Of course, even your perceptions of the good you’re doing are growing in every moment, and we can feel many of you beginning to understand that you are and have been on the Earth for a Divine mission and reason, as we note with delight that you are, for the most part, achieving this mission with flying colors.

Yes, we feel that many of you worry and stress in so many moments of your existence that you are somehow not doing enough for the higher dimensions or for the ascension your planet, and when this feeling arises, we ask you to take a look at what you’ve already done; even by existing on the surface of the Earth and funneling-through the exponential Light you’re only just beginning to understand.

Every one of you have contributed immensely to the Earth’s ascension, just as you will contribute immensely to the various other planetary ascensions that are to occur after your planet has evolved into the brimming Galactic society we know so many of you are so very ready to establish.

Establish it you certainly will, and along the way of Gaia’s restoration you’ll be able to mend or mitigate any changes She will need to make that could otherwise be harmful to you.

Harm, chaos and catastrophe are part of the old energies, and will not be fed or expressed in the future you’re heading into. As such, the restoration of Gaia is to come about in a peaceful and calm manner, and in one that makes allowance for the establishment of the Divine principles in your outward reality.

The physical existence you find around you is shifting and changing into a naturally-purer one, and what you’ll encounter along the way may test you to your very core.

Absorbing Our Energies

Every one of you can find and maintain the purest of connections to our energies, and to those of the higher dimensions in general. As long as souls on your world are kept feeling as if they’re unworthy of heaven or of an experience beyond their current, or as long as they remain convinced that our realms just can’t exist, they’ll only hold themselves back and feed their connection to the veil that’s kept you from us, and us from you.

We trust that many of you are beginning to be able to feel the brimming Love we have for you, as our aim is to express this Love as it’s imbued unto this communication we’re giving. Or rather, our communications and impressions are imbued unto the sacred and pure Love-energy we are sending you, and we know that many of you can feel this Love in the increasing intervals of purity it’s being given.

When you can allow yourselves to pick-up on the increasingly-pure frequencies of energy you’re finding grow in yourselves, you can experience numerous benefits in your personal Lives and you can as well, understand the continual and prevalent presence of Divinity and spirit all around you.

All of us souls in the higher dimensions are with you on Earth, and we’ve been sending our energies down for quite a while for the awakening humanity to absorb and hopefully benefit-from in any and every moment.

We have worked to maintain the most active of connections with every one of you who are finding yourselves able to increase your ability to connect with us, and when you can pick-up on our frequencies in the pure manner so many of you are so valiantly now becoming able to, you will know and feel in the purest ways that what we speak about is indeed truth.

Upon opening yourselves up to the constant and sacred connection you possess with every soul in the higher realms, you’ll find yourselves able to utilize this connection in quite interesting ways, as you find yourselves nearly-endlessly able to produce communications with and from us.

Strong Ripple-Effects

Those of you who have opened-up to channeling as a part of your mission on the Earth have long practiced picking-up on the impressions and energies of us in nearly every moment that you could, and every bit of dedication shown by each one of you to help the collective of Earth reach the higher dimensions is magnified on the world stage.

Each individual effort performed for the ascension of the Earth and for the general garnering of awareness in your collective, Creates a ripple-effect that’s stronger and purer than could quite be expressed.

You can Create such ripple-effects in any and every moment and of course, we wholeheartedly encourage expanding-upon the personal Love you’re feeling within, as you work to spread it to every facet of the surface of your Earth.

Practice connecting with and channeling the energies of the higher realms in the most unique ways you can, for truly, you’re all supremely-pure and strong conduits for our impressions to come through. In nearly every way, you can bring us through as marvelously as many souls upon your world who’ve been sharing our messages, have been able to do.

We commend each one of you for the acts of bravery and heroism you’ve shown in working so very much to uplift an Earthly populace that has remained in the trenches of unawareness and density, and you will soon discover your fruitful abilities to connect with the higher realms and to feel and radiate the higher-dimensional impressions all of humanity is being given.

Every single Earthly soul, even those whom the awakening public perceives to be unawakened, is receiving a constant and steady flow of the higher-dimensional energy that’s increasing in purity in every moment. However, the nature of your freewill sees the majority of souls on your world unable to feel and understand that they are being given such energies; as the physical Lives they see in front of them are all they have placed their faith in for so very long.

You are all Family

The paradigm of placing full faith in physicality and not embracing the fruitful states of consciousness beyond humanity’s current awareness is to be shattered, when the disclosures you’re to be given break through to your mainstream media.

Every one of you can aid in bringing-about disclosure, by sharing your personal experiences and working to awaken those around you who’ll be interested in hearing what you have to say.

A great many souls will find themselves attracted to the energies of those who wish to assist humanity, and in the time ahead when the separation that’s been the rule of the day on planet Earth for far too long is (dissolved), an ease and comfort with one’s fellow man will be established, and one will see every Earthly soul as if they were their family.

Indeed, you are all family and every one of you is a Godspark of the same blossoming, Divine energy that every soul on your world is being given as an aspect of your ongoing ascension processes. Every soul you find around you will benefit immensely by being given your Light, and we mean this for every person reading this communication; even those who feel as if you haven’t contributed much to the ascension of the Earth.

You certainly have, and we know that this will become apparent when the veils between your realms and ours are lifted and you can see and feel the good you’ve done, for yourselves.

If you dear souls look around your Earth, you will see that nearly everywhere, happiness and Love are thriving. Indeed, the lower vibrations and all that’s driven them appear to be the prevalent influence on your world, but truly, through an unbiased lense one can look at your world and see the shining Light and exuberant happiness being displayed in nearly every moment.

Growing Higher-Dimensional Perceptions

As you work to sharpen your focus and expand your ability to perceive of the higher realms, as well as bring higher-dimensional energy through yourselves, so too will your perceptions of everything metaphysical begin to grow. You’ll find yourselves greeting increasingly-ascended perspectives and the resulting experiences, and the ascension-related effects we’ve mentioned in a previous communication will be felt and understood as well.

As we make our final impression for this communication, we encourage all of you to continue-on in the valiant acts you’re performing in every moment, to help restore the Earth to the shimmering beacon of Light She once was and has always been meant to be.

The entire collective will continue to benefit from your Light, and you as well will come to find you’ve benefitted immensely from this Light, as you’ve found yourselves able to radiate it in purer and easier ways.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.


Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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