Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thank you Elohim Cyclopea and Julie!
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Your Journey Begins with ONE Step
Message from Elohim Cyclopea

Within each of you dear Precious Hearts is an unmistakable power, a power you often take for granted or it becomes forgotten. Through your own Inner Power Precious Hearts you have the ability to achieve a greater abundance in all things that you want most when you choose to focus with the purity of your heart. Through your Inner Power you have already what it takes to create a more enjoyable life. 
It is easy to recognize those dear souls that understand and harness their Inner Power – they have relationships that are loving and long lasting, careers that are enjoyed and prosperous and just by being in their presence they illuminate a healthy vitality. We encourage each of you to take a deeper look within yourself if you consider any area of your life to be painful and a struggle. Use your Inner Power to guide you to your findings and allow this power to help bring you to workable solutions that will help you to increase more positive energy into each and every area of your journey. Raise your confidence through the connection you have with your Inner Self and make healthy use of your Inner Power. 
There are many Precious Hearts that want to learn how to connect and harness their Inner Power, but they have not figured out how. Your journey does not have to be complicated dear Precious Hearts, and connecting to your Inner Power is quite simple. All you need to do is align your Inner Power through your focus which is pure of heart to what it is you wish to create and achieve. You begin this at the beginning of your day. Making positive steps from the moment you wake, minimizing your worry about things that would drain your precious energy and instead increase your faith and trust in your own efforts. Continue moving forward with positive thought forms and attitude through your day. 
We understand how hard it can be to bring yourself out of a down mood, but it is essential to your ability to tap into your Inner Power and make it work for you. Observe your surroundings more often, pay attention Precious Hearts. Make mental notes on your progress. Question yourself constructively. Determine if you are taking consistent steps towards achieving what it is you have been working on and wanting to accomplish. Are you distracted by unsupportive people, do you allow negative thoughts to filter in that often take you off track? If you are to achieve any goals Precious Hearts it is essential you focus and take appropriate action that will bring you to success by harnessing your Inner Power. Sometimes you may find yourself suddenly going nowhere, you describe yourself as being stuck. This is a Golden Opportunity for you to look deep into yourself to understand where the “feeling stuck” came from and discover ways to become unstuck. Sit down with yourself and create a new plan that is progressive and focused, a plan that will guide you to success. 
Often we see emotions scattered in many places constantly. Distractions fill your day, yet it is up to you Precious Hearts to permit them to control you, or if you are going to take a stand and be in charge of your emotional self. Remember Precious Hearts, if you allow your emotions to be in control, they will consume your Inner Power, leaving your feeling weak, tired and not very productive. Learn about new ways that will bring you out of emotional setbacks that are healthy yet efficient. Master control over your emotions and bring your whole self into balance. When you are able to gain control over your emotions you will discover joy, hope, enthusiasm, confidence and other wonderful positive attributes filter into your day and life. 
Precious Hearts, sometimes you forget the power of your thoughts. What you visualize through your thoughts carries a signal to the Universe, and this signal expresses what it is you want - this is how manifestation works regardless if your thoughts are positive or negative. It is important to also master control of your thoughts. Focus your thoughts with positive images and words. Learn to realign yourself to what it is you truly want to achieve and focus your pure intent on that image and believe in your own Inner Power. 
Meditation has always been the best way to bring in more spiritual power that will help to develop deeper awareness of yourself and the world around you. Learning to be aware of the Spiritual Power that is within you, and to tap into this power in combination with your own Inner Power will make the focused steps you have taken to what you want to achieve much more effective. Recognize the power that flows through you as being sacred and divine and have it work for you. It is up to you to take the necessary steps that will bring you into a stronger comprehension and use of the Spiritual Power through your own efforts that will add strength and dynamic energy to your own Inner Power. 
Making your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself come together in great working harmony is in your power to achieve. Your own Inner Power Precious Hearts will become a remarkable force that will help you create and achieve what it is you want most. Be prepared Precious Hearts for some parts of your journey will bring challenges that will test your patience. You already hold the Inner Power to maintain patience and make it work for you; don’t fear controlling your patience when difficulties arise in your journey. Remain focused within the pureness of your intent, believe in yourself that you will succeed – we already know you will. 
It is understandable that gaining control of your Inner Power can develop new struggles to contend with when you are trying to calm your emotions and thoughts, in addition you are attempting to become more aware of the spiritual forces that are always with you. Take time to breathe Precious Hearts. Don’t go rushing full speed ahead. Allow your Inner Power to devise a pace that is suited for you that will help you reach each goal you set out to achieve. 
Never forget how powerful you are. This is your journey Precious Hearts, so it is up to you to step up and take control; allowing yourself to be guided by your Inner Power, that is fueled by pure Unconditional Love towards improving your personal and spiritual journey. Within you Precious Hearts is a reserve of precious resources waiting for you to discover and to take action. Be proactive and dynamic in your journey and know with a profound sense that can always seek guidance from many divine and benevolent beings. Your journey begins with one step, but your one step is never a lonely one.
And so it is…
I AM Elohim Cyclopea 

through Julie Miller

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