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The Return of the Masters is Underway – Part 1

Ascended Masters 20936Lord Maitreya’s announcement, to be broadcast Monday, Jun 3, 2013 on An Hour with an Angel,  that he is here and will be appearing publicly later this summer is about as clear an indication that the event known as “the Return of the Masters” is nearly upon us as there probably can or will be.
We heard Sanat Kumara, planetary logos, announce the Return of the Masters on An Hour with an Angel on May 28. On that occasion he also addressed our mastery and our return as the masters that we starseeds are once we’ve ascended.    Because these events are truly epoch-making, here’s that exchange at length:
Sanat Kumara; Now, there are various masters, particularly Jesus Sananda and St. Germain, Lao-tzu, St. Francis, St. Claire, as you well know, (1) who are very involved also in this reawakening process. …
Steve Beckow: But just before you get to [your round-up], could you be a little more specific, please, on who the masters are who are here? Because I personally know of seraphim who are in incarnation; I know of elohim; I know of the leaders of some planetary high councils that are here; I know of prophets. So could you tell us in more detail or specificity who the people are who have come to participate in form in this Ascension effort, please?
SK: Now, also understand, as I say some of these names, there are those who choose not to be known, and that sometimes it is not an aspect [of their being that incarnates], but an expression of their being.
All of the Apostles as you have known them are already on the planet, as are most of the disciples that have walked with Yeshua, including his family — no, excluding the mother, of course, and excluding Jophiel [who incarnated as Joseph]. …
Saul/Paul, Mohammed — in aspect or expression; Moses, Abraham, most of the old prophets, as you have known them; many of the what you would think of as the eastern beings — Djwhal Khul, St. Germain pops in and out as aspect; Kuthumi, Maitreya — in and out, not fully anchored as yet. There is a new Buddha already born, and already in practice, in place. The Blue Tara, Green Tara. An aspect or an expression of Quan Yin. So they are already present upon the planet.
SB: And the rest of us, so to speak, I’ve heard it said that we are masterful individuals. What specifically is meant by “we are masterful individuals”? Are the rest of us Ascension masters as well, or who are we?
SK: You are yourselves. And that is why I say that in fact you are underestimating the fullness and the truth of who you are.  (2)
In this series of articles, I’d like to prepare us for Maitreya’s interview on Monday, June 3, 2013, by looking at what our sources have said about the Return of the Masters.
In 2008, SaLuSa reassured us that “we know the tasks ahead are formidable but where your spiritual knowledge is concerned, the Masters will return to Earth to give you the truth. They will also tell you of what lies ahead, and how the choice is always yours as to which direction you go.” (3)
“Before very long the Masters will return to Earth and, with those already here, will ensure that the false teachings and historical records are either corrected or removed. The truth is not just something written into your records, but an energy that lifts other people up and brings them to a true understanding.” (4)
“When the Masters return you shall learn a lot more about the higher dimensions, and how you will need to adapt to the requirements necessary to live within them.” (5)
He referred to the Return of the Masters on many other occasions as well.
“The Masters … wait in readiness to return to Earth. You might say that the big guns are waiting to appear to you and that is correct, as the truth will sound more acceptable when it comes from those who are familiar to you. Jesus and many Angelic Beings such as Archangel Michael will address you and their words will carry a powerful energy, that will leave you in no doubt that they come to you with Love and Light.” (6)
Some are already here.
“The Masters are returning, and some are already incarnate carrying out their work to bring as many souls as possible into the Light. You have your ideas as to who they are, but for the time being they prefer to work unannounced. However, once the major changes are completed, some Masters will return as names in their own right.
“St. Germain who is so closely connected with your evolution has always come and gone as he pleases, and he will certainly make himself known to you.” (7)
Following disclosure, which we already know Archangel Michael has said is “underway,” (8) they will declare themselves as part of the general revelations.
“The Masters of Wisdom … will be coming to Earth. Indeed some are already with you waiting for their opportunity to reveal who they are and serve the people.” (9)
Archangel Michael through Debbie Erasmus says that a wave of wayshowers will come with the Masters. These wayshowers will be those among us who have ascended early – what i call “the early risers.”
“You are now standing at the cusp of Ascension in earnest with the opening of the 12.12.12 portal. This portal signifies the start of the Ascension process because with it will come a wave of Wayshowers that will infiltrate all the corners of the Earth who will show those who are meant to ascend their way to Ascension.
“These Wayshowers are people of high consciousness and with a high level of understanding of how Ascension works. These people hold an extraordinary high Light quotient on the Planet and they are significant in helping Gaia and her people ascend at this time.
“You will know these Wayshowers when they are among you by their presence. I say this because it will be impossible to act as if they are not there. They will have a commanding presence that will compel you to listen to what they have to say. They come in unconditional love and will speak to you with words that you will easily understand.” (10)
The Return of the Masters is one of the important events in our Ascension.  They’ll smooth the Earth’s acceptance of our star family, reassure the followers of different religions that Ascension is legitimate and nearly upon us, and watch over the building of a new society.
It’s we that will build that new society. And they have no intentions, apparently, of somehow dictating what that new society will look like or taking the enjoyment of building it away from us. Its shape is left up to us to decide. But they’ll be available to mentor and guide us as needed.
Tomorrow we’ll look at the history of the discussion of the masters return and in following parts of this series we’ll look at the impact of their return on spirituality and religion and our role as wayshowers and returning masters as well.


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The Return of the Masters is Underway – Part 2

Jeshua and the Ascended Masters(Continued from Part 1.)
There has been a lively discussion among afterlife communicators going back to the 1870s of the event known as the Return of the Masters. It sometimes is subsumed under discussions of the Second Coming. It comes from higher-dimensional beings and from ordinary people who have just passed over and are still communicating with their loved ones or their former readers.
I can take the discussion back as far as the 1870s, when “Imperator,” the pseudonym adopted by the prophet Malachi, was speaking through Rev. Stainton Moses, He discussed the upcoming Return of the Masters to Earth.
“Christ has passed into the spheres of Contemplation; (1) but He may personally return when our work is completed. But much must be accomplished before the harvest will come, and the time of sowing and growth will be long.
“Ye know not how great is the work that is being done; how vast the vista that is being opened. Never before has there been such an outpouring of Divine Love as now. Silent influences are at work in men’s minds. All over the world they are being prepared to receive the teaching we are giving you here.
“Should it be necessary for the furtherance of this mission, other great Intelligences will return, and bring their magnetic force to bear upon the earth. At present it is not needed, as the work is progressing.” (2)
On another occasion, Imperator described his work associated with the spiritual return of the Christ.
Imperator: I have before said that I derive my mission, and am influenced in my work, by a spirit who has passed beyond the spheres of work into the higher heaven of contemplation. Jesus Christ is now arranging His plans for the gathering in of His people, for the further revelation of the truth, as well as for the purging away of the erroneous beliefs which have accumulated in the past.
Stainton Moses: I have heard something of this from other sources. Is this then the return of Christ?
I: It is the spiritual return. There will be no such physical return as man has dreamed of. This will be the return to His people, by the voice of His Messengers speaking to those whose ears are open; even as He Himself said, “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear; he that is able to receive it, let him receive it.”
SM: Is this message coming to many?
I: Yes, to many it is being made known that God is now specially influencing man at this epoch. We may not say more. (3)
After Imperator, spirit communicator John Heslop, allegedly a resident of the Christ Sphere, a high spirit plane, hinted at the role the angels will play in birthing the new world in a communication that appeared around 1912.
“Angelic beings assist at the birth and development of these new worlds. They build up the conditions necessary for the ultimate production of life, though this process may take millions of years. At first the lowest forms only are produced. Gradually they rise in capacity till the world is ready for the highest intelligences.
“It was so in your world and the angels are still working, as they have been since its inception. Recently they have begun a further and higher work. As a race you will rise, till in very truth it will become for you a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” (4)
I am led to believe that there are significant numbers of angels presently incarnated on Earth. It seems each day that we learn of more people in the body who have angelic backgrounds. (In fact some say that we all do.)
In a second book, Heslop predicted the Christ’s return accompanied by legions of angels.
“Do not be afraid of the present conditions of evil and unrest, the Christ is coming, and then everything will fall into its rightful place. The Christ is coming! Let all the earth keep silence before Him!
“To those who have attained the Spiritual vision he is already visible and from every part of the world will they greet Him and evil and evil-doers will flee away from the Light of His Presence. Then will He reign upon the earth in Righteousness and Truth.
“Pray continually that the day of His Coming may be hastened for we here are also working to this end. The joy and glory of that Reign of Peace will far exceed anything you can dimly imagine.
“But I cannot tell you how heavy our work is just now; there are so many evil forces around your world, which must be counteracted or transmuted. It is a transition period of vital moment to all those who dwell on earth and to the many planes and spheres which impinge upon it.
“Legions of Angels are employed to uplift and purify so that the Christ may come and reign in your midst. Keep you faith strong in the Second Coming of the Christ.” (5)
The Return of the Masters, in my opinion, is the event that corresponds to the Second Coming. A friend of Heslop’s wife, “Stella,” also worked for the Second Coming from the other side of life.
“My special work on earth just now is in helping to prepare the way for the Coming again of the Christ and His Reign of Peace and Love, for He is coming and you are all helping to make the conditions necessary for His reception.
“He is never far from the soul that loves Him and to such He frequently shows Himself. But what you are longing for is – His Visibility to all – so that everyone must see and acknowledge Him. When the time is ripe, that is coming too, for never did the earth so need Him as it does now. This is the ‘end of the time’ spoken of in the New Testament, so pray and pray that these days may be shortened, as we too pray for you here.” (6)
Melcihzedek told us some time ago that:
“These are the end times that have been prophesied many times in many ages past and now these times are upon you. You who read this are Ones who chose to be here in order to anchor the Light upon the Planet in preparation for these times.” (7)
The spirit guide known as White Eagle made a passing reference to the spiritual hierarchy returning to guide the Earth. The spiritual hierarchy is also known as the White Brotherhood and would be a synonym for the ascended masters.
“A rapid development is taking place now, although man may be largely unconscious of it. In a little while the human race will be uplifted by its own effort and the effort of the [spirit] hierarchies.
“There is also great spiritual activity in outer space, a penetration of the mists of Earth by the angelic life. Man must learn to be receptive to these radiations from outer space. He must prepare himself by gentle, good thought, by abolishing all that is cruel, unseemly, ungoldly, to receive visitors from other worlds, physical, etheric and spiritual.
“Moreover he has to become aware not only of the life in outer space and in other planets, but also of the conscious life in all nature, and his own relationship to it in every kingdom.” (8)
The spirit guide known as Silver Birch also showed his awareness of the Masters’ return. He began by discussing the “new dispensation.”
“When Spirit brings forth its new dispensation, there will be a revolution mightier than all the revolutions of war and blood.
“It will be a revolution of the soul and, all over the world, people will claim what is their due – the right to enjoy to the full the liberties of the spirit. Away will go every restriction which has put fetters on them.” (9)
There is much work for this divine force to do.
“In all [Earth’s] countries a mighty force of the spirit will be felt, for there is a great work to be done to counteract the selfishness and the ignorance of your world. … Plenty of workers have come to take their stand at your side. … When you think of those whose names you know, try to realise the countless host of the unknown, who serve without any desire to be known or recognised but who give their power to be used.” (10)
(Continued in Part 3.)

The Return of the Masters is Underway – Part 3

Ascended Masters 44(Continued from Part 2.)
Spiritual adept Beinsa Douno also foretold the coming of the masters of all the great spiritual traditions to serve what he called “the New Epoch.”
“All saints, adepts and Masters from time immemorial will come. Their mighty spirit will direct all awakened souls throughout the earth and all of these together will establish perfect order and harmony in the world.
“After they finish their task, they will withdraw and will leave humanity to live and work under the new conditions. Thus, the communication between the visible and the invisible worlds will be restored.” (11)
Father Andrew Glazewski, a much-loved Polish priest, mystic, scientist and musician, reported from the spirit realms:
“The plan for which we must prepare … has been called the Second Coming. But it is not in the least like the original Coming of Christ. This will happen at first slowly, and all over the world people will appear possessing great dynamic force and power.
“They will not command. They will keep in step with all of you in all the different walks of life, but slowly, gently, they will impress the love ray, and their gentle influence will be felt and guarded. Take this into your conscious mind and hold yourself alert to meeting, as you may well do, one of these advanced beings.
“The earth is ripe for this event and there are an increasing number of awakened ones now in the body. See that the number grows and do not lose heart because of the apparent futility of your efforts.” (12)
Arthur Ford made a cryptic comment about Masters who had incarnated.
“As you know, several of the people who were associated with Jesus during His life have now reincarnated. They don’t advertise it, but these people are genuine.” (13)
I personally know a disciple of Jesus who would have been in incarnation when Arthur Ford spoke. He doesn’t want to be identified. I know of several people who associated with Jesus who are in the body, several prophets, etc. So Ford’s comments don’t seem out of place to me.
On another occasion, he explained why so many people were claiming to have an illustrious background or derivation. However we now know that many people claiming unusual backgrounds are in fact here to help with Ascension.
“The reason you’re seeing so many second comings of Jesus, second comings of Buddha, and even the rise of black magic and Satanism is because humanity is vaguely aware that something big is going to happen. When someone says, ‘Oh, I’m Mary Magdalene’ or ‘I’m Jesus,’ this is just a very strange response to genuine impelling forces.
“Humanity is tuning in, more or less consciously, to these particular forces coming from within, from the inner planes, at this time. This is one of the reasons why there is such a rise in the interest in psychic phenomena, after all – because we are all making ready for the reappearance of the Christ. Jesus only had one harbinger, but the Christ of the New Age is going to have several million harbingers.
“As you know, several of the people who were associated with Jesus during His life have now reincarnated. They don’t advertise it, but these people are genuine.” (14)
On still another occasion, Ford wrote:
“Whenever there has been an avatar, there has been a lifting of the vibration of the whole human race. You can look for that and much more. The physical plane is rapidly moving into the fourth dimension. Part of the avatar’s work is to raise the consciousness of the planet so that this particular transition can be made. That is the first thing that will happen.
“You’re going to be noticing within your lifetimes that some things are not working quite like they used to, and this will be an indication that this transition is happening.
“At the same time there will be an increasing awareness of some of the inhabitants of the inner side of life – entities such as elves, angels, and spooks. This will be another indication of what is happening.
“The major work of the coming avatar is to lay the foundation for a truly spiritual civilization based on a clarification of ancient wisdom and a new revelation. He will guide us up the next evolutionary step for mankind, which is basically what every avatar comes to do. …
“I don’t think he will be working through the framework of traditional Christianity any more than Jesus Christ worked through the traditional framework of Judaism. He will probably have his beginnings there, because that will be the predominant religion of whatever community he is in.
“However, I’m sure he will go beyond it. We forget that Buddha began in the Hindu religion and broke through the traditional framework for that and created something new, too.” (15)
At least two avatars are here at present: Mata Amritanandamayi and Mother Meera. Maitreya’s return could conceivably be included among avatars (certainly Jesus was seen by Sri Ramakrishna as an avatar and Maitreya comes with equal stature).
Sanat Kumara recently mentioned a long list of returned Masters that included such elders of Judaism as Moses and Abraham. (16)
Benjamin Creme had been awaiting and more recently has been announcing the return of Maitreya, the world teacher, along with others, for decades. Maitreya, in the interview on an upcoming Hour with an Angel, called Creme a good friend and loyal supporter and Archangel Michael told me that Creme’s writings on Maitreya were reliable. Creme’s Share site says:
“Many now expect the return of their awaited Teacher, whether they call him the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi. Millions now know that the Teacher who fulfils all these expectations is already living among us.
“Maitreya, the World Teacher, has not come alone, but with a group of wise Teachers who have long guided humanity from behind the scenes. They are returning to the everyday world to help us solve our most critical global problems. Maitreya is not a religious leader, but an educator in the broadest sense. He can only guide; we have to act to save our world.
“He is here to inspire us to create a new age based on sharing and justice, freedom and peace, so that all may have the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, healthcare, and education, in a world free from want and war.
“His open mission in the world has begun. As Maitreya himself has said: ‘Soon, now very soon, you will see my face and hear my words.’” (17)
So many have been the harbingers of the Masters’ return. It isn’t as if there is not a long historical record of people predicting the events that we’re seeing unfold before our eyes now. Along with the abundance program and Disclosure, the Masters’ Return is one of the major events designed to prepare us for Ascension. That event appears to be happening, if not now, then in the very near future.
In our next article in this series, we’ll look at the impact on religion of the Masters return.
(Continued in part 4.)


(1) The significance of passing to the Sphere of Contemplation is that Jesus has passed to an exalted sphere from which communication with the Earth is less common and less likely. But that is, I think, a statement that applies to an ongoing communication with Earth, and not to a special time, such as the Masters’ return.
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The Return of the Masters is Underway – Part 4

Religion 22(Continued from Part 3.)
One of the reasons the masters are coming is to take the religions of the world and restore them to the truth.
My personal interpretation is that “religion” refers to an organized system of beliefs that explains the relationship between humanity and God. “Spirituality,” however, is less organized and concerns itself more with how to achieve the purpose of life; that is, to solve the eternal mystery of who we are at our essence to help us to realize God.
The masters come to restore the truth of spirituality. Their teachings will transcend the different religions and in most cases make them obsolete.
SaLuSa’s colleague, Atmos of Sirius, describes the Masters as “great Beings coming to Earth as teachers of the Truth.” (1) SaLuSa tells us that the Masters come at the behest of the White Brotherhood, who are in charge of Ascension: “The White Brotherhood has sent many Masters to spread the truth, and present you with the facts concerning Ascension.” (2)
In June of 2008, St. Germain revealed that “for almost the last century [these] more highly evolved souls have entered … Earth, and they have since played their part in bringing even more Light to you. It is all part of the Plan for Man that is now revealing your true selves, and showing you the way home.” (3)
The Masters have no intention of bringing their truth into line with existing religions but vice versa, SaLuSa tells us.
“The different religions will have to bring their teachings into line with the truth about your origin and the true purpose of life. They will however, continue to exist all of the time that they are needed, by those who are unable to accept changes.” (4)
The current generation, the Arcturian Group says, are ready to to correct religion’s faulty stewardship.
“You who are reading this are coming out from this umbrella of falseness. You are awakening to the truth of your identity and are now ready to take back the power you in your ignorance gave to the many (not all) loud and ego-driven voices of government, churches, media, etc. etc. Trust your intuition on all matters. If any teaching rings of separation and duality, then know it is of the old energy. You are one, and that is a never changing truth.” (5)
SaLuSa predicts that the Masters’ revelations will end divisiveness and bring people together.
“Once it is accepted that you are All One, and you remove religious differences and beliefs that are not aligned to the truth, you will blossom and find your true path.” (6)
“As the truth is revealed it will … bring people together as far as their understanding of what God is, or is not. The truth will no longer be able stand side by side with that which is false, and you will find that many teachers have had their words changed to suit the ambitions of those who desired to control you. Indeed, they have also made additions to support their own interpretations.” (7)
The worst parts of religion will be discarded in favor of spirituality, Matthew tells us.
“It will not be quite like religions being ‘totally discarded and replaced by universal laws in the Golden Age.’ When the truths come forth…, people whose consciousness has risen beyond the constraints of third density will adhere to the spiritual aspects of their respective religions and the devised, controlling aspects will fall by the wayside.” (8)
SaLuSa tells us that a belief in God is the starting point for the understanding of anything profound in the universe. He describes the foundational beliefs of a new spirituality.
“The starting point is a belief in God whatever name you use and acceptance that God is All That Is, and is the fountain of Love and Light. Nothing can exist except that it has its existence within the energy of God, which is why you should respect all life forms.” (9)
“He/She is not [made] in the image of Man, or an individual as you would understand it. God is the very essence, the energy that everything has its existence within. God is Love and all powerful and is the Father/Mother of all life. We acknowledge the Source and give due gratitude for all that we have, the most precious being life itself.” (10)
It isn’t that one religious teaching is better than another, SaLuSa says: “No one teaching is really better than another, although some have a more accurate explanation for God.” (11) But the truth revealed will set our feet firmly on a productive path.
So the returning Masters will release spirituality from religion and set our feet on the path Home – that is, the path to God or more specifically the path to the realization of our Oneness with God.
We can expect people to draw together when religions are no longer being used as tools to divide us. And the rise of more truthful accounts of the nature of reality and of God will cause our spirituality to blossom.
While the Masters will accomplish much more than just the extraction of spirituality from religion, there is no higher purpose that I’m aware of than returning truth to our ways of worship and self-discovery.
Thus the Masters are returning, including the world teacher, Maitreya, a new buddha, and incarnations of angels, archangels, and the ascended masters of the White Brotherhood.
But one more group of ascended masters will also be returning and that is us. Tomorrow we’ll look at the ascended masters that we are.
(Continued in Part 5.)


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The Return of the Masters is Underway – Part 5

Lightworkers 44(Continued from Part 4.)
Many years ago, my understanding was that the Return of the Masters referred only to the return of Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha, etc. But more recently Archangel Michael has revealed that, while these masters will return, others who return are really early risers or early ascenders (in other words, us lightworkers) who return as gatekeepers and pillars.
The mission on which we as lightworkers have come is to assist as many as possible to ascend, as Archangel Michael told us through Debbie Erasmus: “Your mission as a Lightworker is to help us help others through the Ascension portals that are coming up.” (1)
I raised the matter of our being part of the returning masters with AAM on Sept. 15, 2011, in a personal reading prior to the start of the series An Hour with an Angel.
Steve Beckow: So some people will disappear, and so they’ll go to the Fifth Dimension. And now will these people that go early like this, are they part of the masters who will be returning later?
Archangel Michael: Yes, but also, many of these people who, shall we say ‘take early exit,’ will also have the ability to travel back and forth and communicate with those still stuck in the Third. No, not in physical form, well not in physical as you think of it. But their reality will be completely different.
S: OK, so when you say not in physical form as we think of it, they will have a physical form, … they’ll be physically visible?
AAM: That is correct. It is like when you see many of your star brothers and sisters, … they are visible, but they’re not completely present. (2)
AAM broached the matter again in a second personal reading on Oct. 1, 2011.
Archangel Michael: We have also spoken of the waves of ascension.
So there will be a period of time when there will be a window, shall we say, that those who have already gone through the door can peek back or reach back, or what we call ‘exhibit,’ so that they are also helping those who are in preparation for the next wave.
Steve Beckow: Is that what is meant by the Return of the Masters?
AAM: Yes. Only you always think of the masters as the ascended ones. But, of course they will be. [Laughter] So, yes. Think of them as Gatekeepers. (3)
Lightworkers 22
Later that same month, in a personal reading with Susan S., he went into more detail on the identity of these gatekeepers or returning masters.
“Now there are those who will say at the last minute ‘No, I do not wish to go’ and there will be many more who will say ‘wait a minute, I’m coming.’
“And that is part of the reason for what we would call a staged process or event. So there will be those, what we will call the gatekeepers or the ‘in-betweeners,’ who will go through an Ascension process and be anchored in the full reality, not partial reality, not a glimpse, not an out-of-body experience, but the full reality of the 5th dimension.
“But they will manifest and be observed, as it were, in the 3rd dimension because they are coming back to help, they are the doormen, they are helping with this onslaught of ‘last minute shoppers.’” (4)
Archangel Michael reassured us through Ronna Herman that we have expert credentials.
“You all are masters of the highest order, or you would not have been chosen as Star Seed Wayshowers for this unprecedented evolutionary process the Earth and humanity are presently experiencing.
“You have expert credentials, and you have proven your cocreative mastery a multitude of times during your many cosmic journeys.” (5)
There can be pitfalls to knowing these facts, as Sanat Kumara intimated in An Hour with an Angel on May 28, 2013:
“Some of you have what you tend to think of as elevated positions in other realms or in other planetary systems. …
“We do not put emphasis on who is who. Who is the head of this planetary council? Or who is the commander of what ship? Or who has been, for example, Abraham or Moses? Or who has been Mary Magdalene?
This is not the situation we want to create.
“Each of you came because you had reached a point in your evolution back to the One where you had the capacity and the will, the design and the plan, in terms of your own plan, to evolve and to embrace this level of full consciousness.
“If you were not at that place, then you would not have been able to be assigned, if I can put it that way. You could not have been assigned to this mission of Ascension at this time.” (6)
Saul advises us that our blinkered condition prevents us from full knowing ourselves right now: “There are none among you who do not know that you are divine beings created in Love for eternal happiness. It is just that your illusory state of existence has temporarily hidden this divine truth from you.” (7)
The Pleiadian Council of Nine through Wes Annac expands on what Saul is referring to. They describe some of the circumstances of our own histories.
“Some of yoLightworkers 33u have come to the Earth from planets or other objects in our star system, the Pleiades, while others have come from states of consciousness much purer than those that would require Living on a planet.
“What we mean is that the pure states of consciousness some of you have made your way to the Earth from, garner a natural experience of pure higher dimensional (Love) and Light magnified to the extent that the wish to have any type of archetype or identity to Live or experience through, which can include Living upon a planet, is simply unwanted.” (8)
Those of us from much higher dimensions may not be attached to a planet or even have bodies. But we’ve taken on a veil of forgetfulness and don’t now remember our own backgrounds.
“We are speaking, of course, of vastly pure states of consciousness that, while many of you have come from, you have not yet grown back into and we can say with happiness and Love that you will be able to fully remember these states of consciousness upon growing back into them.
“Indeed, there will be so very much for you to learn that will help you adjust to the pure states of consciousness you have long begun growing toward, and we mean this for your personal Lives and for the world stage.
“Personally, you are going to uncover and remember revelations that will help you to adjust to the states of consciousness you have come to the Earth from, and on the world stage you will be given truths and disclosures that will shock much of your collective back into awareness.” (9)
Why is the recovery of our memories a slow process? The Pleiadian Council explains:
“Every one of you have maintained the strongest and purest connection to the higher realms; it is simply that such a connection cannot be made known to you all at once for indeed, this would burn you out, dearest souls. We do not wish for that to happen, and you as well would not want to gain a perspective that you have not naturally grow into because again, you would be overwhelmed.” (10)
We then are among the masters returning. Some of us will ascend and come back to serve as gatekeepers and pillars. Others of us will not ascend but still serve as bridges and gatekeepers. We all have our roles to play. Whether we ascend or not now, we all have ascended in other lifetimes, which is why we can play the roles we do now. So, in considering the Return of the Masters, the picture is not complete unless we factor ourselves in it.
This concludes our look at the Return of the Masters and hopefully sets the stage for Lord Matreya’s talk on May 3, 2013 on An Hour with an Angel. Maitreya is quintessentially the epitome of a returned Master here to tutor us and the world in what we need to know about Ascension.


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