Sunday, May 20, 2012

Your Intent to Release It is ALL That is Necessary; Focusing On It, Wondering About It, and Trying to Explain to Yourselves Where It All Comes From (Your Upbringing, Your Parents, Past Lives etc.) is a Bit Like Opening Up a Garbage Bag of Rotting Waste Food – Pointless, and Really Quite Unpleasant. So Resist the Temptation to Investigate; It Is Unhelpful and Only Puts Brakes on Your Progress.

Thank you Christ Jesus and John ...And so it is!
*** gavin

As the year 2012 flows calmly and steadily on, much has been occurring which will ensure that the divine outcome planned for humanity is put into effect. Enormous quantities of divine energy have been pouring into your hearts to prepare you for the magnificent celebrations that your awakening will initiate. You have been aiming for this point for eons, and yet your experience has largely led you to believe that humanity as a whole has been making very little spiritual progress.  However, this is not the case.  What has seemed to you to be constant strife — with very little learnt from the suffering that that has caused — has actually been an enormously successful spiritual education for you all.

If you just focus on the progress that has been made in the last few decades, in which increasing numbers of you have become intensely aware of the need for changes in the way you treat and respond to one another, you can see that, suddenly, caring and consideration for one another have become issues that you are now addressing enthusiastically.  The changes that have occurred all over the planet in such a short time period, as a result of this rise in awareness, are truly phenomenal.

You tend to focus on the bad news that the media constantly draws to your attention, and of course, being conscious of that does remind you that many are still undergoing unconscionable suffering worldwide and that there are many major problems that need to be resolved.  But the point is that only one hundred years ago most of you would have taken it for granted, after eons of experiencing almost constant conflict and betrayal, that that was how the world worked, whereas now there is a very strong loving intent to deal with these problems and bring the worldwide suffering to an end.

This is truly an enormously significant change of attitude, an opening of hearts with love and compassion, and an intense desire to bring to an end humanity’s seemingly endless and totally unnecessary suffering.  It is this opening of your hearts that has allowed the divine energies, which have always been available to you, to flow through you with increasing intensity and bring you forward to this point — the tipping point — when the Light will finally and permanently dismiss the dark, and when it does it will be as though it had never existed, which of course it has not.

While there is still much to do prior to the grand awakening — and it will all be completed swiftly and easily because you are receiving and accepting tremendous amounts of help and guidance from the spiritual realms — you do owe yourselves some congratulatory compliments for what you have already achieved.  The intensity of your determination to awaken is quite astounding, and it will not be thwarted.

Continue with your prayers, your meditations, your positive intentions to release all non-loving attitudes, and allow the stuff that arises within you as a consequence to just flow through you without engaging with it or attempting to analyze it or understand its reason for being.  Your intent to release it is all that is necessary; focusing on it, wondering about it, and trying to explain to yourselves where it all comes from (your upbringing, your parents, past lives etc.) is a bit like opening up a garbage bag of rotting waste food – pointless, and really quite unpleasant.  So resist the temptation to investigate; it is unhelpful and only puts brakes on your progress.

Remember, you are on the path to your awakening, there are no diversions or side trips to distract you or slow you down, and note that you can indeed get a very definite sense that all is coming to fruition as divinely promised.  Relax into that sense of expectation, congratulate yourselves once more, and know that because of all your sterling efforts, you have aligned your wills with God’s.

 Your loving brother, Jesus.
 by John Smallman

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