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Success is Guaranteed to All Sincere Intenders

by Steve Beckow

Will you accept this gift?

Originally posted Oct. 13, 2011
There are many people, it seems, who are saying to themselves “Will I ascend? I’ve really had my head down all this time just making a living. I’m up to my eyeteeth in issues. Will I make it?”

From almost any perspective, the answer is: “If you have these concerns, it is almost guaranteed you will make it.” Why? Because choice appears to be a big part of the matter and desire to ascend is a great deal of the rest. The strong desire to ascend leads to acquiring assistance, attracting Ascension to you, etc.

Ascension is not like buying a car. If you want a car, it doesn’t matter how strong your desire is. Where’s your $15,000?

Not so with Ascension. Ascension is like a lover. Love Ascension and you attract it to you. That’s my understanding.

Love enlightenment and you draw it to you. Love the Beloved and you draw the Beloved to you. God cannot resist a lover. Impossibility. If you or I pondered that one sentence long enough, I’m almost certain we’d get to the bottom of the puzzle that life is.

But just to prove what I said above, let’s look at what the Company of Light says on the matter.
Is it necessary to be fully enlightened about Ascension to ascend? No, says SaLuSa.
“It is not … necessary to be fully enlightened about Ascension to ascend, but simply to be of good intent and live the love that is inside your heart for all life forms. See the love in another and know that when you share yours it is bringing it out from them.” (1)

Is it necessary to be one-hundred percent healed and whole to ascend? No, says Sananda.
“You do not need to be one hundred percent healed and whole emotionally and spiritually in order to ascend. … We can work miracles with each of you. This is our intention.” (2)

Are most of us destined to fail? No, says SaLuSa.
“There is no doubt at all that you will succeed, but keep looking forward and use your energy positively, and not allowing your guard to fall for one moment. The dark use many ploys to instill fear in people, and it is to be absolutely avoided.” (3)
“Your success is already guaranteed.” (4)
“Ascension is a certainty, and nothing can take that opportunity away from you.” (5)

Ag-Agria agrees.
“Your destiny is absolutely guaranteed and nothing can stop your Ascension. You will understand why regardless of what is yet to happen on Earth, it is not going to prevent the outworking of all that has been planned for you.” (6)

The ascended masters like Buddha and Kuthumi also agree:
“All who choose will rise up with the Earth into the Higher Dimensions. All who choose have the opportunity to do so.” (7)

SaLuSa explains to us the role that strong desire plays in all this.
“As we have often informed you, once you express the intent to ascend you will achieve it. You will become motivated and attract the higher energies to yourself, and your decisions will be spiritually inspired and your knowledge will grow quite quickly.” (8)

Even having no knowledge of Ascension at the present time does not decide the question, SaLuSa tells us.
“Even if they outwardly have no knowledge of Ascension or the closing of the cycle, nevertheless they are still creating their own future.” (9)
“Be assured that everyone at some time in the past has had the opportunity to make their own decision as to which reality to join. You have not suddenly been faced with such matters, and as spiritual evolution is normally slow you have had many lives leading to this period. They have been planned with your intent in mind, and you have been able to choose as little or as much progress as you felt able to handle.” (10)

The galactics and the masters will arrive to help us, if help we need. Says SaLuSa:
“Well before the end of the cycle we will have arrived on Earth, and you will have every assistance to help you succeed”. (11)
“Be assured that, if it is your intention to ascend, you will be helped all of the way until the final great day when you will ascend. Now you will realize why we refer so frequently to your Ascension, as it is what you came into this cycle to achieve. In so doing you will have proved victorious in overcoming your perceived separation from God. You will have identified with your true Self, a magnificent Being of Light.” (12)
“The changes may sound rather frightening to some of you who have not yet been so well informed. Always remember our promise to help you along your path, and each step will be explained so that you do so with complete confidence and understanding.” (13)

Mira the Pleiadian adds her reassurance to SaLuSa’s.
“The changes that will occur in the next couple of your earthly years will be many. We will be with you through all of them. We will lend assistance as necessary. You are never alone even if you feel that way at times. We will see you through a steady course of change and uplifting consciousness until we are together again.” (14)

When the tidal wave of love comes on Ascension Day, we have only to lift ourselves up with it, Archangel Michael tells us.
“In that moment, what we are calling a moment, there is a choice. Do you want — and it can happen instantaneously, because so many of you have laid the foundation — do you want to be in the heart of one of love? Do you wish to be in the higher frequency? In the very last second, all they need to say is yes, and allow themselves to be flooded by what you can think of as a tidal wave of energy that will sweep the planet. That is why we say all are invited.” (15)

SaLuSa says something very similar.
“We can … say with absolute certainty that regardless of the obstacles placed in our way the tasks will be totally fulfilled. You are on the crest of a wave of Light that shall propel you onto the path of Ascension for once and for all. Be prepared and lift yourselves into the Light and Love forever.” (16)

Ascension, light, love are open and available to everyone, he tells us.
“The beauty of the Light is available to everyone and as always it remains your choice whether to accept it or not. Now perhaps you can see how the path of Ascension draws you away from the lower vibration.” (17)

Is the Company of Light neutral in the matter? Decidedly not, the galactics say.
Diane of Sirius: “Everyone rejoices when a single soul reaches up and achieves an evolutionary goal that takes one out of duality.” (18)
SaLuSa: “Know that our Love and Light accompanies you all of the way, and your victory shall also be ours.” (19)

We are wearing the veil. All is changing around us. Therefore, our judgment is clouded, SaLuSa tells us, and we may not be the best judge of the matter of our own Ascension.
“In the midst of the changes your perception is clouded, and events moving in a linear time line are quite different to ours. We see you as you might say, home and dried, and this is why we can be so positive about the outcome of this present period.” (20)

According to SaLuSa, “you chose to be here to … be part of the final chapter in the cycle of duality. Many, many souls sought such an opportunity, but your presence means that you were more suited to the occasion and brought with you a wealth of experience.” (21) St. Germain tells us that “many find that hard to accept but that is because they have little or no recollection of having made that decision.” (22)

We wouldn’t be here as Lightworkers in this most important of lifetimes and conscious of Ascension if we were not meant to ascend, Kuthumi tells us.
“Beloved ones, you have earned entry into this realm within the Kingdoms of Heaven. This is the last phase of the cycle. Not too long ago I said it is like running the final hundred metres. Give it all you have and do not for a moment doubt that you deserve anything less than the absolute best.” (23)

This does not have to be hard, Archangel Michael tells us.
“Beloved Lightworkers, you have come a long way and you have worked hard. Now is the time to enjoy the rewards of your work over many lifetimes. Now is the time to allow the Abundance, Peace, Love and Joy into your lives. Now is the time to embrace the Flow of Divine Blessings with Gratitude and Grace. For the long struggle is over and you begin now to manifest with Ease and Joy in the Golden Light of Abundance.” (24)

“Most of you will ease yourselves into the New Age,” says SaLuSa, “and for our part we will make the transition for you as quickly as we can.” (25)

If this reassurance does not calm your fears, then check to see if you have a vasana of worry or fear. If you do, flatten it using the Upset Clearing Process (26) or any other process known to you. Ascension was meant for you. Galactic family has travelled halfway across the known universe to bring it to you. Archangels wait for you to say the word. God has reserved a place for you at the table. You must choose and you must want it. But how hard is that? In my opinion, never has anything so wonderful been offered so freely with so little demanded in return.
Will you accept this gift?
by Steve Beckow

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