Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thank you Saul and John!
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The excitement is rising among lightworkers all across the planet because they can feel the spiritual energies intensifying as the moment for your awakening gets ever closer.  It truly is a very exciting time as the sequence of events leading up to this great moment continues to bring about the vast changes that were planned long ago.

Humanity is most definitely stirring in its sleep as its awakening approaches steadily and inevitably.  Sleep is a time during which your bodies are re-energized while the real you attends to other matters of great importance outside of time. Matters that you cannot access in your human waking state, which is really a kind of dream state, unreal, non-existent, but into which you pour enormous amounts of energy that drain your bodies and that then need to be replaced while your bodies sleep.

When you awaken, your bodies will effectively be “plugged into the mains” at all times so that sleep as you now experience it will no longer be necessary. Tiredness and fatigue will no longer affect you because “your batteries” will always be fully charged by the system which is impervious to breakdown or interruption – the divine energy field, God’s constant and unchanging Love for His creation.

Constant connection to the field of divine Love is your natural state, and in it you are all-powerful beings, creating with God for the joy and benefit of all, who are of course One.  To awaken is to return to that state, which you have never left but have temporarily forgotten.  To forget it demanded an extraordinary and constant flow of energy which you have been providing collectively, to enable you to remain in this state of miserable amnesia where just staying alive has been extremely difficult and challenging for you.  Your conflicts and incompatibilities are all a result of this environment of mass amnesia which you built and which seems to set you all against each other, often in mortal combat, because it seems to you that each one of you is a completely independent and separate entity who has to fight constantly for his rights and his life.

Many now realize that this is not the case and are shedding the unhelpful but powerful beliefs that have for eons reinforced the illusion and all that it stands for. It is a realization of great importance for you because it enables you to change your perceptions which then show you how the illusion has influenced every thought, word, and action that you have experienced within it.

It has shown you their inconsistency whereby you change your beliefs and opinions from moment to moment to deal with the ever-changing situations which the illusion presents you with: “You’re my friend, and I can trust you. . . No, you’re my enemy and I must attack you. . . I am confused and I don’t know what to do. . . Why am I so besieged by pain and suffering? . . There is no solution to my overwhelming problems. . . There is no God! . . Fighting and winning is the only way to ensure my survival in this inhospitable world, and I must trust no-one.”

It is from this unreal and fearful environment that you are to awaken, and the sweetness of that awakening will be astounding and revitalizing as you find yourselves with infinite energy and infinite enthusiasm to explore and enjoy the wonder of being — of being yourselves and completely free from constraints, fears, or worries of any kind.  And around you will be uncountable numbers of others also exhilarating in being, and in Reality.  Limitless joy awaits your impending arrival.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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