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Transcript of Our Galactic Family with Wes Annac, April 29, 2012

2012 May 6
Posted by Steve Beckow

Wes Annac is a Pleiadian walk-in/Starseed and editor of Aquarius Channelings.  Graham interviewed Wes on Our Galactic Family. Wes channels and writes and here explains who the Pleaidian Council of Nine are, how the Galactic Federation are organized, what walking in is like, and many other subjects which I know we’re all hungry to understand. Ellen has transcribed the show. Thank you, Ellen.
Our Galactic Family with Wes Annac, April 29, 2012
Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to Our Galactic Family. I’m Graham Dewyea.
My guest today is Wes Annac, a walk-in representative of the Pleiadian High Council who is here to assist in the evolution of Earth by being a conduit for direct interaction between the Pleiadian race and humanity.
Welcome to the show.
Wes Annac: Thank you for having me, Graham.
GD: Now, we’ve been learning more about our star brothers and sisters in recent shows on Our Galactic Family including the Zetas, the Grays, Arcturians most recently. It’s all in the spirit of learning more about our star brothers and sisters. Today we’ll be talking more about the Pleiadians, which of course you have a direct connection to. Firstly, who is the Pleiadian Council of Nine?
WA: Well, Graham, the Pleiadian Council of Nine is an organization established within the Galactic Federation. Now, what must be known about the Galactic Federation is that each and every race that comprises the Galactic Federation are established in a hierarchical manner.
Now, I know some people may hear the word “hierarchical” and think that this is a hierarchy based on judgment or a perceived worthiness of the souls who are inhabiting the higher levels of the hierarchy, but this simply is not so.
For the hierarchy that’s established in each and every organization is established on the dimensional level and soul, you know, growth of each and every soul and organization comprising the Galactic Federation.
GD: And you have direct connection with this Council, is that right?
WA: Yes, I have direct connection with this Council as well as the Pleiadian High Council and a select couple individuals who make up both of these councils. That is correct.
GD: And when did you start becoming conscious, or how did you start to come in contact?
WA: Well, the effects of my own walk-in, which we’ll get into discussing in a little bit, it’s actually all been very recent and very accelerated. We’ve been hearing from a lot of people that the growth of humanity is set to accelerate exponentially, especially in these last couple of years. And I personally can both attest to that and feel like my own personal work might be a bit of a testament to that. Because just two and a half short years ago I was a typical teenager, you know, chugging soda, caring more about the next party or what have you than caring about the Ascension of Earth, and that all just seemed to change in the blink of an eye, you know.
GD: Yeah, you’re 18.
WA: Yes, I’m 18 years old — quite a young’un to be involved in a lot of this. Because a lot of people have been involved in what can be called the New Age movement since the seventies and maybe even before. But there are so many of us now at this time who are coming through in young bodies, in old bodies — in any bodies! — because the separation that has been fed to humanity for so long seems to dictate that anybody who’s younger than the typical adult paying bills and worrying about mortgages and all that must not know as much about life as the typical adult. And that simply isn’t so.
GD: So, I’d like to hear more about what it’s like to be an Indigo. Oftentimes, Indigos are described as being highly intuitive, telepathic, as they have extrasensory capabilities; very gifted, perhaps, in the areas of art, music, math; understand technology well, strong connection to nature, strong willed; have a sensitivity to the environment. Can you speak to any of these attributes personally, in terms of your own experience with them, and perhaps any others?
WA: Absolutely. Like I said, I feel like my own soul growth has accelerated so much. And what a lot of people don’t quite understand is that all of the communications that are brought through me and the sheer intricate manner in which these communications are brought forth, these are not words that are coming from my own minor ego, because for the most part information that’s being given is information that I’ve never heard or understood before.
And my communications with these folks since my own walk-in has served to accelerate my own growth so very much. And I think anybody who’s a wanderer, a starseed, Indigo, whatever one wishes to call it, I think almost any of them can attest to that. The telepathy that I’ve gained has been really, honestly, the most mind-blowing ability that I’ve gained since realizing my own walk-in and my own true nature, and realizing these beings who are trying to help us with the Ascension, you know, of Earth at this time.
GD: Now, what is it like being on Earth, being aware, being in a high vibrational state, but also experiencing this 3D realm? Because you have clear knowledge and remembrance of being from a different place, at a higher dimensional state. Is it challenging for you?
WA: I can definitely say, Graham, that it is not easy, because the family of the body that I’ve taken, the walk-in, I must still keep a bit of a secret about my own origins and about what I’m doing at this time, because there’s — you live on this world with so many unawakened people who would judge you and who would not understand were they to actually gain the full knowledge of what so many of us walk-ins and incarnate starseeds are doing. And I think anybody who’s listening to this interview who knows themselves to be a wanderer or a starseed or whatever can definitely attest to the fact that it is not easy.
I personally very much appreciate this experience. I’ve learned so very much about myself, and I know that there’s still a lot more experience to be had on this world. And I can honestly say that my first time around on this world, whereas I spent thousands of lives inhabiting these lower dimensions and eventually ascended before performing this walk-in and coming back, even though I was undergoing the lower vibrational experience in the most intense ways it has to offer, I think it was still easier even in those lives than in this life, because now I do possess a higher dimensional knowledge and feelings, and I’m feeling [the own?] opening up of my heart chakra, and while you do this, while everybody else around you remains dense and unaware, it can absolutely be difficult.
GD: Okay. So you had a walk in experience about two years ago, right?
WA: Yes.
GD: And what facilitated that? What was that like? Share with us the experience.
WA: Well, I guess I should first say something that really needs to be cleared up is that the process of a walk in is just as much a gradual process as anything. It’s very, very similar actually to the experience of Ascension, as the soul whose body that I took — whenever I mention that I’ve spent thousands of lives on this world already; I’ve become very familiar with this world and I’m only here now, like I said, as a walk-in — but in my last couple of lives on this world before ascending the first time I began to counsel a soul who was very lost, who just did not know what to do with himself. He was stuck in his own lower vibrations, and I began to counsel this fellow, and upon ascending I actually became one of the guides, and one of the aspects of the higher self of this soul.
And the walk-in was arranged in a manner that this soul was tired of the Earth experience, he was ready to live out his experience on a planet that was easier, and in his subconscious and in his dream state he was calling for his guides, which of course I was one of, to, you know, to help him I guess in a way escape this experience and find an easier one where he can learn his lessons on a world that isn’t so difficult, and I guess you could say suffocating, for lack of a better word. So…
GD: When I think of a walk in experience, and what I know about walk-ins, there’s a soul contract that’s agreed …
WA: Absolutely.
GD: …in advance of incarnating on Earth. And so I’m wondering, was the arrangement that you made with this particular soul — and you were serving as his guide — was the discussion or contract, “Hey, at some point you’re going to get really frustrated with this 3D Earth experience, and you’re going to want to come home, and at that point just call on me,” or was it more spontaneous where a couple of years ago the soul incarnating human, human form, said, “You know, I had a contract, I was planning on staying here a while, but, boy, this is just too difficult. Let’s change this a bit. And can you come and help me?”
WA: Well, as strange of an answer as this may seem, it was actually both. See, there was a contract, there was an aspect of this whole contract that stated that if he began to get too tired and fed up with this Earth experience, then one of us guides would come through and walk into his body …
GD: Gotcha.
WA: …and let him continue on. Yeah.
GD: Okay.
WA: It was a contract and an agreement, but it wasn’t set in stone that I would be coming through the body of this soul. If he wanted to stay here, and even possibly experience the Ascension, then he could have.
GD: So you’ve come in and taken over the body, is that right? Is there any aspect of the prior soul still in the body?
WA: I was going to say, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I took over the body, because it very much is like two souls inhabiting one temple. Because there are certain aspects of the soul who I was counseling who chose to have me come through his body, there are certain aspects of him that still come through this body and are expressed, and those are what could be called ego.
Like I said, the walk-in process is really extremely similar to the Ascension process, because the walk-in generally comes through, the walk-in becomes to come through the body more and more, and this could be compared to how a soul begins to awaken more and more and act and unlock aspects of his own higher self. And then it culminates into a point where the walk in comes through and takes over. And then it’s more like…it’s more of a process of the ego of the former soul leaving.
So, the soul is still here, he still makes his mark, so to speak, through my own egotistical actions. And my own measure does not come through unless this body is experiencing higher vibrations. I’m generally here, but part of me still is not quite yet.
GD: I see. So, when I hear you describe the relationship, it sounds like a braided walk-in, what I’ve heard as a braided walk-in. It’s a combined experience, if you will. And when I hear you describe this other soul, it sounds like that is — that comes out in more 3D ego form.
WA: Absolutely. it’s — any egotistical or separation-based thought that I have or an accident that I [ ? ? ? ? ] action that I perform, that is more the energy signature of the soul who was formerly inhabiting this body. Because part of the agreement for the walk-in is that the soul who’s going to be taking the body of the soul who’s ready to leave will actually gain the karmic experiences of the soul who’s ready to leave.
It’s a very, very personal process between two souls wherein one comes through, begins to inhabit the temple of the soul who’s ready to leave, while the soul who’s ready to leave, you know, in measured ways himself begins to leave and go to wherever else in creation that he wishes to go. But the walk-in who came through to inhabit the body still has many karmic experiences to clear through and undergo. And the experiences that I now have, that I’ve taken on that I still have to undergo and clear and pass are actually experiences that through the law of grace I was allowed to kind of have a free pass on upon ascending the first time. But I wanted to really, you know, knock those issues out, so to speak.
GD: So the higher vibrational experience that your form has right now is really your Pleiadian walk-in self…
WA: Absolutely.
GD: Okay. All right. And…
WA: I cannot say that I’m inhabiting — like, you can’t look at my own body and say it’s a Pleiadian body. Because my own soul and my genes have indeed begun to form aspects of this body, but for the most part this is still a body that is native to Earth, and I’m simply inhabiting it.
GD: So, when did it click for you, when you said, in your current form, “Hey, I’m actually a Pleiadian walk-in”?
WA: It actually — the occurrence, me realizing that I was actually a walk-in came with me discovering material about walk-ins and just really absorbing myself in it. Like, so many aspects of what I was reading truly resonated with my heart and mind, and I kept getting very strong impressions to be led to this material, and upon reading this material I began getting very strong impressions of my own lineage and who I really am. And upon looking back, it all seemed very clear.
GD: And you mentioned that you’ve ascended before. Do you have any recollection of what that experience was like?
WA: While I’m incarnate on Earth and while I’m inhabiting this body, the veil of forgetfulness is still quite instated in me, and it is just as instated as it would be in anybody who, you know, is awakening. And I’ve said this before, most of the time the information that’s being given through me when I channel is actually information about the higher realms and about our ascended brethren and about their ships and everything that I’m actually hearing for the first time.
So I can’t say that I possess a lot of recollection of my own ascension and my own inhabitance of those motherships and those starships, but it generally comes through me in impressions of feeling and impressions of though that resonate with me.
GD: Let’s talk about the Pleiadians a bit, and what you’ve learned. One of the things that we want to uncover or identify more is who are the Pleiadians? What — where are they from, what are they like, why are there here on Earth, and how are they different from other races? What can you say to that?
WA: Well, Graham, one of the most interesting things about the Pleiadians that a lot of people have not really known or heard and that for the most part I actually just found out recently, is that while the Pleiadians are themselves an extraterrestrial race who is helping Earth, they were actually in another timeline originally native to Earth, and actually themselves experienced a bit of a collective Ascension on a certain timeline on Earth. Again, I know this is getting into a very complex and intricate discussion that is a bit difficult to cover, but —
GD: You mean during Atlantis?
WA: Yes, yes. Many of their core soul groups in a — like I said, in a different timeline, when Atlantis and Lemuria and — when those civilizations did not collapse and rather, you know, rather ascended, many of these souls were a part of this group of Atlanteans or Lemurians or what have you who ascended and began to branch out and look for other planets to inhabit and make their home and live joyously on now.
I know that what I’ve just said may garner a bit of confusion as it’s kind of a widely held and known belief that the Pleiadians and the Sirians and the Andromedans, Arcturians, any other type of extraterrestrial race, were with us in Atlantis. And this is true, that they were, but what’s a bit different is that they were with us in Atlantias in the timeline that Atlantias [sic] and Lemuria were destroyed, whereas this original timeline in which I speak, where Atlantis and Lemuria were not destroyed, many of the core group that made up the original Pleiadians before they multiplied and, you know, branched out from the Pleiades star system after ascending from Earth and finding this planet, many of this original core soul group actually did ascend, and like I said, went off and looked for other planets.
And they, being ascended, they gained a knowledge and — yeah, they basically gained a knowledge of, you know, an infinite amount of Earth timelines. And they’re currently assisting us in this current one, and one could imagine, in every other timeline as well that is delayed to an Ascension. They’re assisting us with this, and this is why that you hear through channeled messages from the Pleiadians and updates that they are so close with humanity, because they’re not just beings who came and contacted us and found a close relationship with us. They were inhabiting Earth themselves and ascended from this planet in a different timeline.
GD: The different timelines — I appreciate you speaking to that. There are multiple, concurrent timelines right now?
WA: Absolutely.
GD: And so there could be, and there are, many different timelines, many different dimensions and experiences of Earth?
WA: Yes. That is correct. And as has been mentioned before, there are those timelines that Atlantis and Lemuria are actually still existing and still thriving in, even right now.
GD: So, if I go to the place where Atlantis was, in one timeline…
WA: I believe now that would be Antarctica, in this timeline.
GD: Okay, so if I go to Antarctica, and — what I’m hearing you say is that on some level it’s still there. So if — if I increase my vibrational state to a fifth level dimension, would I experience it?
WA: See, it’s a bit more complicated than that, because if you raised your vibration to that of a fifth dimensional experience, you would automatically have to be inhabiting anywhere on Earth that is of such a dimensional experience. And that still… it still in a way does converge with this timeline, and does relate to this timeline.
Because I think the process of raising your vibrations to that of the fifth dimension is one that is much more opening and expanding than just wondering if you went to where Atlantis is now and you were to ascend to that vibration that you would automatically feel and understand that civilization, because you would feel and understand so very much more.
I guess, like I said, it is complicated, and I could see it being possible, if you did that. But were you to increase your vibrations like that, it would be a very, very complex and intricate process. And it would be hard to — hard to necessarily concur if you would be able to do that.
GD: And with the understanding that there are cities of light currently, but in our 3D experience we’re not able to experience them. And so my next thought is that, well, if I were to jump to a higher level, then I could experience them. So, that was my thinking along Atlantis….
WA: Right…
GD: … that Atlantis is potentially there, but it sounds like because it’s a different timeline it’s not just about jumping dimension, it’s more complicated than that.
WA: Oh, it absolutely is. And something that I’ve actually heard about Atlantis was that, as you know, there were parts of it that were submerged under water upon what happened, and then there were other parts that simply floated away and became what we know as Antarctica today. I’ve actually heard that one of the major Earth changes that is to happen — now, I can’t confirm this and say for sure if it’s true — but one of the things that I’ve heard is to happen with the many Earth changes is that those parts of Atlantis and Lemuria that were submerged are to rise back up, and we are to actually experience Atlantis again, upon our own rebuilding of it.
GD: I’ve heard that, too. Now, if I were to look at a Pleiadian, what would I see?
WA: You would see a human. You would see — I mean, it would honestly depend on which form they chose to take, because again, they are ascended, and even their human forms go quite beyond the perception of humanity. But they are able to present themselves to us in human forms that look enough like us, and that don’t glow, and that aren’t golden like an ascended being would be, to where we will be able to know that, hey, they’re just people like us. They may be ascended and angelic, but they are simply people like us. They inhabited the human body, and many of them who still inhabit the Pleiadian world do choose a human body, even in the fifth dimension.
You’ve heard I’m sure of the crystalline body that you may choose to gain upon ascending. You may choose the crystalline body, and that form, or you may choose to simply discarnate and be the Logos energy that we all are.
GD: So, they’re a light being, and they assume form as needed?
WA: Absolutely. If they wish to, they will assume a human form. And I personally have a feeling that whenever they and many other races within the Galactic Federation begin to land and make themselves known to us, I think that at first they will either choose to come to us in their light body form, which is their human body upgraded into the fifth dimensional version, or in a regular human form, you know, third or fourth dimensional looking, that we would be used to seeing.
They certainly don’t want to startle or shock humanity too much with their what could be seen as awesome forms.
GD: Sure. And tell me about Pleiades? What’s life like on Pleiades?
WA: Honestly, one of my greatest remembrances that, as I said before, just comes to me in emotional and thought impressions, and impressions in my third eye and in my heart chakra, are remembrances of being on the world Erra [sp?]. And it is just such a green world, such a beautiful world — waterfalls, rivers, and just thinking about it makes my heart expand.
So, I guess the best way you could describe life on any of the Pleiadian worlds would be that of what we would be used to calling Eden, or heaven. It truly just is. And this is coming from the perspective of somebody who doesn’t even quite remember as much inhabiting it. That star system is so beautiful and so wonderful to inhabit.
I know that my personal main planet that I would always inhabit was Erra, which is a planet that is very close to Earth. One of the native names of Earth is actually Terra, and so you see in the Pleiades star system, Erra, I think that those — these two planets, Earth and Erra, are actually very close to each other. And this also has to do with the closeness of the Pleiadian race to humanity.
GD: Now, we’ve been learning about life on planets in higher dimensions, forms that are assumed by light beings, should they choose to, where there’s unity consciousness, there is a collective will and mind, if you will, in terms of manifesting, experiencing… This idea of work isn’t there, doesn’t exist. Money, conflict, 3D behaviors and attributes…
WA: Right.
GD: This is all what you would understand life on the planet would be like for the Pleiadians.
WA: Right. I should say that to think that work does not exist in the higher dimensions or on any of the planets of our extraterrestrial brethren that are ascended, I would say that that’s not necessarily true. It’s just that our concept of work, due to how life is on this world, has been a bit distorted. Because many people think that work is just getting up and going and doing something that pays for your house and for your bills. And that’s actually not what work really is. That is the distorted version of work.
We’ve heard that the dark, I guess you could say, on our world have kind of distorted and manipulated anything that is good into being something bad, and the concept of work is actually a very good concept. And it’s a concept that is still employed in the higher dimensions.
GD: Well, the true experience where work doesn’t feel laborsome, it’s actually an experience of joy and…
WA: Exactly.
GD: … extreme satisfaction and fulfillment. And it’s not connected to a wage…
WA: Right.
GD: … it’s not an experience of separateness or oppression or power, it’s a fulfilling experience for all involved.
WA: Exactly. Each and every ascended being can at any time choose to take the form of an individual or the form of a collective. And no matter which work they’re doing, you can do any type of work that is needed for Earth or for any other planet that the Galactic Federation is monitoring. You can do this work as an individual and as a collective, but the factor that always remains in place is the, as you said, the service to others aspect of it just makes the work so wonderful to do. We love performing this work so much, even being on this world with the instated veil of forgetfulness. I just love every single day of it. I just love knowing that I’m here for a lighted purpose, to bring humanity into the light. And we truly do love this work.
GD: How do you stay inspired, when one can reflect on the ills of the world?
WA: Honestly, I have to say that the support that I’ve been given by everybody who has found my own work and my website and everything, the support that they give me is honestly what keeps me going. Because there have been times that, you know, my own what can be seen as ego will come through, and I think, well, why hasn’t anything happened yet? I’m here on this Earth for these changes, yet I don’t see anything. And each and every time it’s always the support and the love that I get from the people who follow my work that really keeps me going. And I have to just…right now I just have to issue a thank you to each and every one of you out there who have continued to support me. Because it truly is the energies of the collective that determine how much work can be done on this world from us lighted individuals.
GD: Well, what can you say to people that are feeling — especially light-workers — who are feeling weary, and are feeling that the process for seeing these Earth changes, Ascension, the shift, is taking much longer than what people envisioned? What would you say to people that are experiencing, that are in that place?
WA: Well, I would first say that I completely understand, and I completely feel them, and I too have had those types of thoughts before, even in relation to Ascension. But what I always remember is that this is an ongoing process that has been planned out and foretold in so many ancient civilizations. And … we haven’t even reached the culminating point yet that are too — that have been called by many ancient prophecies to peak this experience, which is that of, oh, we’ve heard of December 21st, and that of course isn’t the only date.
There are many, many dates along our regular calendars, and along our cosmic calendar alike, which, as you may know, the Mayan Calender is based off of, it’s based off of our cosmic calender and the teachings that those souls were given from benevolent extraterrestrials who visited our world. But … I digress a little bit.
What I would say is to just really keep the faith. I know that it can’t be easy. But if you take the time to just sit down and meditate and truly ask your guides to feel these continually pure energies that are being brought through, you honestly will feel it. And I just say, just don’t give up, because your energies are needed so, so very much right now in this — in this whole event. It’s a very big event that’s happening right now, and the positive energies of any single person on Earth who can muster up such energies are needed more than can be expressed.
GD: Let’s talk about the dark energies. We’re seeing …
WA: Okay.
GD: … we’re seeing more being reported on the pending arrests, resignations, how the cabal is being neutralized, that the dark agenda is being pulled back, that the light is gaining more and more exponential traction, day by day …. What’s your recommendation for how we can think of those beings that embody dark energies?
WA: Well, honestly — and this is something that’s been said from my own sources, through me — we need to send these souls as much and as pure love as we possibly can. Now, they’re not going to like that; they’re not going to like it at all. And anybody who does this may find themselves the victim of an attempted attack by a lower astral being employed by these souls who wouldn’t want love sent to them, but…
I say this not to put anybody in fear, because you shouldn’t be in fear. Because at any time you can ward those beings off, at any time you can call on your guide to shake the influence of those beings away from you. But what we need to do is just send them as much love as we can, because that’s the only way …
Like, like, anybody who is continually frustrated and who hears continually about all the horrible things that the dark are doing and that they’re trying to do, you need to know that whenever you feel that frustration and that angst and that feeling that they’re in complete control and power, that’s what gives them their power. Any lower dens … you know, feeling, emotion, vibration that’s manifested gives them their power. And that’s why they’ve been able to do so much, because humanity has fed that, has fed that density so very much.
So, we need to…. One of the most important things to do would be to lighten ourselves up, each and every day. If we start to have an unhappy thought, just call on our guides and call for the lighted energies that are coming through. And really send these lighted energies, not just through to the dark souls who are trying to claim the power, but to Mother Earth as well, because she knows, if anybody, what to do with these lighted energies.
GD: It is important to remember that through our different incarnations it’s most likely possible that we’ve embodied dark energies or supported dark agendas, if we’re not during this walk we have before. And we’re all from the same source. And so — and we all have light within us. And it might be experienced at different levels, but we all are from the same source.
WA: Absolutely. Each and every person that’s on Earth right now — and this includes myself as well — we have all gone through the lower dimensional experience and each and every form that it has to offer. We have all played the role of those dark souls controlling the world.
And what’s interesting is that the control of this world was not actually at first perpetrated by the Illuminati or the Anunnaki as so many people would think that they are. It was actually the actions of man in creating — well, I guess I shouldn’t say in creating — in taking the teachings that were given in any given civilization by our extraterrestrial brethren who gave us these teachings, and distorting them for methods of control. Man created these problems and these methods of behavior that the Illuminati are now employing.
So, you’re absolutely right, we have all played those roles. And in many cases I guess you could say the guidebook, so to speak, that the Illuminati are following right now, we, you know, some people who are awakened right now could have had a hand in bringing that guidebook about. But since then they have done the karmic clearing and everything that sees them now able to ascend.
GD: As we see more information and witness more of the dark energies coming to fruition, or at least being known, understanding the real history, understanding the agendas of the dark, and individuals that will be coming present more and more, it’s easy to get into a place of judgment and criticism and anger. And that’s all understandable.
And there’s an invitation, however, as we collectively create this new world of peace, of unity consciousness, higher vibrational level thinking or experiencing, heart-centeredness…
WA: Yes.
GD: .. to not go there, and to be that which we choose to manifest, that which we choose to bring about in the new world. So to send them love, and to send them light.
WA: Absolutely. And then — I guess I should say when anybody hears about a ridiculous action that’s been taken by the dark, like with the passing of those bills that try to limit our freedom and that the dark would love to use to enact martial law, what people must understand is that when you hear about such things happening, you know, 20 years ago that might have never made its way to your perception or your attention. You may have never known about these heinous acts that the dark have been committing.
And I guess it could be said that whenever people find out what has been going on for over a century, they’re going to be quite mad, but this stuff needs to be said. Humanity needs to be let know what’s happened. And while we do anticipate that the collective vibration may take a bit of a dive at first because so many people are going to be so mad about hearing everything that’s happened to them, this needs to be said.
And whenever you see an article about what the cabals have done, when you see such a thing, just know that you’re seeing that, it’s being exposed at this very moment. And, you know, thousands of other people are seeing that and themselves getting mad. And while I don’t recommend getting mad, it’s good that so many people are being exposed to these truths. Because just even, you know, a short time ago, this wouldn’t be coming about.
GD: Consciousness, awareness is building, for sure.
WA: Absolutely.
GD: Is there anything that you’ve come across in your awareness that maybe the general populace, and I’m thinking the light-worker community, might not be quite aware of, that might be somewhat surprising?
WA: Well, there are certain things that I’m aware of and not aware of, in relation to these changes that are coming forth. And many of the updates that our Pleiadian brethren give through me are in relation to these changes. And while, again, I’m wearing the veil of forgetfulness just as much as anybody else, there are things that they have shared with me in relation to the announcements that are a bit startling.
GD: Anything that you feel comfortable sharing?
WA: I guess one of the most startling things that people are going to want to know about — and this is information that came through me not from my Pleiadian guides, but from some other ascended sources that I’ve been communicating with — is that there are many celestial and energetic events that are to come to Earth past the initial disclosures and announcements. The disclosures and the announcements and everything that’s going to be happening in those relations are the more physical versions of these changes that are to manifest, along with the physical Earth changes that are to manifest.
But there are many energetic bleed-throughs — and I’ll get to what I mean by that in a minute — that will be occurring more than likely far after the disclosure announcements and after humanity’s own perception has been expanded quite a bit, that these things are going to be occurring that are going to shock people quite a bit.
GD: Like what?
WA: Well, let’s see. Have you heard of the Norway spiral?
GD: Nope.
WA: No, you haven’t heard of that? Well, I’ll explain a little bit. In Norway — I believe it was a couple of years ago — there was this spiral looking object that came through in the skies, and there were many people saying that it was a UFO, it was this and it was that. And there was a — there was a certain well known researcher who claimed that it was the work of HARP, and that a certain message was being sent.
And I have personally — I’m not trying to decry anybody’s sources, or any information that’s come through; I’m just trying to give every facet of the explanation of what that anomaly could be — my own sources have told me that it was a manifestation from heaven in the skies of Earth. I would highly recommend anybody listening to this, look up the Norway spiral.
I have heard that it was a beginning, a prelude, to many amazing energetic bleed-throughs and celestial events that are to occur. And what I speak of is — perhaps you could be familiar with what are known of as the aurora lights. Have you heard of those?
GD: Yeah. Sure, of course.
WA: Our guides have told us — and I know this is a bit of a bold thing to say — our guides have told us to expect such anomalies throughout every, almost every area of our sky. And this is when Gaia and we as well have ascended enough to be able to handle such miracles.
GD: So, the event, or the manifestation in Norway, what does it mean? What is it?
WA: It was actually — it was a sign to those in power that these energetic miracles and this Ascension that is in process, it can’t continue to be stalled by their antics and by their, for lack of a better word, shenanigans. The dark on our world were being shown with the manifestation of that event…
GD: I see.
WA: …that — yeah, they were being shown that every aspect of this Ascension is now beginning to come to fruition. There’s no more time to give them any more, you know, time for their own antics and shenanigans, because there’s a lot of stuff that cannot wait any longer.
GD: So, it was a visual manifestation. What did it look like, and how long was it around? How big was it?
WA: I can’t attest to how long it was around. I think it was around for quite a long time. But how it looked was different compared to whether you watched a video of it, or whether you saw the image of it. The video, it just looked like a swirling spiral of light in the sky, which itself is amazing and mind expanding and beautiful. And on the pictures of it, it looked — it almost looked like, you know when you drop a pebble in the water and it ripples out?
GD: Um-hmm.
WA: That is what it looked like in the sky. It looked like a ripple out of energy in the sky.
GD: Hunh. Neat. Well, you mentioned the Arcturians, the Andromedans, the Sirians: how are the Pleiadians different?
WA: Well, I would first say that the perceived differences of races really are not so, because you as you said earlier in this interview, we all come from the same Source, from the same Mother/Father/Creator. And it is really just the origins of these souls that create the perceived differences.
The Pleiadians really are not very different from the Sirians, the Arcturians, every other race comprising the Galactic Federation. The only difference is that these beings, in order to stay organized, must conform their council based on their own races and based upon the hierarchies, because you have to have an organized manner when there’s so many races, you know, convening together amongst what to do within, like in relation to many events in this galaxy.
So they truly are not very different. The Sirians and many other races actually will themselves choose to take the human form. There are even races working within the Galactic Federation — and I know this is going to seem a little bit strange — but there are even races working within the Galactic Federation who are the ascended versions of many animals that we recognize.
Now, I couldn’t imagine anybody yet being comfortable with the idea of seeing a cat person or a tiger person, you know. So, even those souls will have to take the forms of humans. And we’re going to find out that the perceived differences that we feed and feel on Earth really do not exist as much throughout the cosmos.
GD: Yeah. Well, there are a lot of extraterrestrial brothers and sisters that look just like us, and there are a lot that don’t. And yet the theme that we can identify with much of the galaxy is that they are benevolent.
WA: Absolutely. There are — there are still sections and quadrants of this universe that are experiencing lower vibrations, but, as has been said before, the Ascension of Earth is going to kick-start the Ascension of this entire universe. A lot of people don’t know that this event that’s going on, it’s not just the evolution and the Ascension of Earth, it’s the Ascension of this entire universe.
This whole universe is ready to shake off the lower vibratory experiment, because there have been so many galaxies and star systems and planets that have harbored the lower vibrations. But Earth has been one of the lowest vibratory and one of the densest planets because of the many — you know, I guess you could say horrible things that have happened on the surface.
GD: Can we talk about the ships a bit, in terms of what you know and what you’ve learned about the ships? One of the things I’m thinking about right now, I’m thinking about some of the more recent Star Trek episodes — not the ones that I grew up with in the early seventies, but the ones that came across later in years.
One of the things I loved in the episodes were the holographic simulators. How cool! And what a thrill to be able to create any experience that you want to create! What do you know about those?
WA: Well, look, the main thing is that their devices that manifest these holographic realities, which have been discussed before, they aren’t just holograms that are manifested. They have so many devices that feed off of energy in the atmosphere of any given planet, and that feed off of … I guess you could say higher dimensional matter that’s being, that’s, you know, established throughout our universe, the Logos energy as it’s been called — their devices feed off of this energy and can literally manifest anything.
And this is why these — many of these souls in the Galactic Federation choose to live and take home on their many motherships, and some even live on their starships because they can simulate the environment of their home world and still be able to get the work done throughout the galaxy that needs to be done.
And it truly is amazing and wonderful. And we’ve been hearing through some terrestrial sources, through whistleblowers and whatnot, that there are technologies that will produce food for us, that will clean our teeth for us, that will clean our bodies out, and… Graham, could you imagine being able to eat something like, I don’t know, say a delicious cheeseburger that’s not made of meat, that wasn’t made from the blood and flesh of animals, and that is actually healthy for your body? Can you imagine that?
GD: Well, that would be a welcome experience for many.
WA: Absolutely.
GD: And be manifested through a replicator where you push a button, sounds like.
WA: Yep, exactly. And I could say as well that money is not going to be needed in this time ahead. There’s a temporary financial system that’s being instated, and this is just to keep the balance of what we perceive as reality, because we’ve integrated money into our overall reality experience, to where we feel that we have to have it.
But very soon after the establishment of the new financial system we’re not going to need money. We’re going to be given this technology, and we can manifest anything that we’re going to need. And it’s going to be truly prosperous and wonderful, and this is why we’ve been asking humanity, just hang in there that much longer, because we truly are at the end of this ride now, and humanity is going to be graced with so many wonderful things, including these technologies that we’ve spoken of.
GD: What are you most excited about?
WA: I personally am most excited about the aspect of getting to live by myself with my fiance and our child, because we’re currently living with the relatives of my fiance at this moment. So, my favorite aspect of these changes is going to be experiencing prosperity and upliftment as all of humanity deserves to expderience.
GD: And what are you excited about for the planet?
WA: Well, of course I’m excited for the Ascension of this world. It was the entire, you know, reason that I came here. And I’m mostly excited for humanity to wake up to the true controlled nature of our history. I’m excited for so many people to realize how much this world has been controlled, and different a reality truly awaits us.
And beyond that, I would say I’m most excited for the coming together of humanity. Because separation and hate has just been continual on this world. And in my daily experience, I see it and feel it, and it doesn’t resonate with my own spirit complex. And I truly don’t enjoy the separation.
So I am just looking so forward to humanity reuniting and everybody working together, and the violence that is so prevalent will just be completely taken away because prosperity will be granted to everybody. And in such a world, there really is no need for violence or separation or hate of any kind.
GD: Um-hmm. Well said. I know I’m bouncing around a little bit, but is there anything else that you’d like to share about the ships?
WA: They use these ships to indirectly let us know that they are with us in our skies, because the technology that’s on their ships truly is staggering, and it goes way deeper and way beyond just replicators and, you know, manifestors of anything that we want.
I was actually watching — let’s see how I can best describe this — I was watching motherships in our sky break up and form into cloud — not cloudships, I’m sorry — form into starships while under the veil of being cloudships. They are able to hide themselves and veil themselves so to speak to where they can either be completely invisible in our sky, or they can make themselves look like something we’re used to seeing in our sky, such as a cloud or a star or something like that.
I personally — I’ve had innumerable nights where I’ve sat out on my back steps and just watched what is supposed to be a star just fly around in very organized patterns. And it truly is mind boggling.
GD: Are you experiencing any energy connection when you see that?
WA: Oh, absolutely. Whenever I sit there and watch that, I can just, I can feel it in my third eye and in my heart. Literally, streams of energy come forth, and…. Graham, I’ll have to ask if you’re familiar with, whenever you close your eyes, do you ever see little streams of light that burst forth in your perception?
GD: I’m thinking of just little tiny specks of light.
WA: Yeah, little specks of, sort of glittered light that —
GD: Yeah. Yeah?
WA: They’re different colors, they’re multicolor, and they come into your perception. Those specks of light, they just flow through when looking at any of these starships. And that is my own way of, like, I guess, sort of verifying the energy signature so I can know it’s a ship and not just a star and not just a cloud. Because they don’t always move around. Sometimes it’s a guessing game.
GD: What can you speak to in terms of the build-up that’s happening now?
WA: I can say that the energies are going to continue to be pumped up, and as mentioned before, there are so many dates along our calendar for 2012 that are to see the energy that’s bringing our Ascension to us come through in so many ways. And at a certain point in it, I do believe fully with my heart that it is poised to happen this year.
At a certain point the events on Earth have to reflect this continual Ascension and have to reflect the fact that so many of us millions of people on Gaia’s surface have awakened to the realities of how this world has been controlled and to the realities of Ascension. And the vents that are manifesting have to recognize that at a certain point. They have to show that.
GD: I hear your little guy in the background.
WA: Yeah.
GD: How has he been significant in your life?
WA: He has been absolutely significant. I feel that my child is one of my own spiritual guides, and I feel that he — I feel that he agreed to come to Earth so he could give me my own energetic foundation. Because taking the body and the ego of a walk-in is not an easy thing. I could very easily just ended up completely conforming to the style of the walk-in. And I’m still breaking away from many of those lifestyles and, you know, those ways of ego that the soul who was inhabiting this body enticed himself with.
And literally, I feel honestly that right as my son was born was that culminating moment that I came through as a walk-in. Like I said, it was building up for months and months. I would say that ten months, or nine months, I’m sorry, before my child was born…. But I feel that it culminated right as my child was born. That was when I really truly came into this body and began doing this work. He has been extremely significant in my own awakening.
GD: And what do you feel is the most important message that the Pleiadian group that you work with wants to share with humanity? What’s really important right now?
WA: Well, we just want humanity to know that we are … we are indeed very, very close with humanity. We feel such love for humanity. And we have worked very closely with humanity, not just in Atlantis and the time-thread wherein we had already ascended from Atlantis and came back to — you understand everything.
And, but we’ve been — we’ve been actually personally contacting humanity for some time. Obviously, we can’t right now because of the security controls that have been taken. But the most recent, direct contacts with humanity — and these are contacts that are not through the mental or emotional channels of scribes or channelers, you know, wherein we come right down and we show ourselves to you — the most recent one would have to have been in probably the 1950s, before the security controls really started to get pumped up.
This is a very long, long discussion to get into in relation to the many contacts that we’ve made with humanity. And I should start by saying that we’ve, again, we’ve contacted many ancient civilizations. We had first contacted the leaders of these civilizations so we could share many truths with these leaders and with these civilizations alike. And I guess it should be said that we didn’t — at first we did not contact the general publics. We contacted the representatives of the various ancient civilizations.
GD: And what can you speak to in terms of what kind of activity was happening in the fifties compared to now?
WA: Well, in the fifties, and…. Anybody can do internet searches on these, I don’t know, just type in “extraterrestrial contact, 1950s.” There were actually many direct contacts wherein, as I said before, we came right down, we started counseling many folks who we feel were ready. And for the most part these contacts actually were broadcast and talked about in the media, but those articles and everything that was being talked about then are for the most part suppressed today.
They were [shut in?] the many projects of the military industrial complex, namely Project Bluebook, wherein under the guise of studying all these contacts they pretty much took away all the documents wherein people were claiming these contacts with people. And in the majority of the — the majority of the newspaper articles and everything else about such things were just taken and pretty much hidden from us.
And these are many documents — there are many documents related to these 1950s, 40s, 30s, even 20s — heck, even 1800s — contacts that are going to be disclosed to humanity upon the initial announcements.
GD: What would you like to say about Ra?
WA: Well, I’d have to say that my own development could not have taken place without me discovering the Law of One series through the entity that is Ra. And My Pleiadian lineage — I actually go much deeper than my Pleiadian lineage in that I possess roots in the collective consciousness of Ra, as do millions of incarnate starseeds at this time.
GD: What do you think is important for other generations to know about the Indigo people right now?
WA: Well, what is important to know is that us ascended folks who have come through, we have brought ourselves through in any type that one could imagine. We’ve walked in, we’ve incarnated into regular bodies. And the majority of starseeds who are incarnate, who chose to incarnate rather than walking in or some other type of way to come to Earth, are now experiencing age, you know, are now quite old there, because what can be seen as the New Age movement has been ongoing since, you know, the seventies and maybe even longer.
But there are so many of us now who have come in through young bodies, and the majority of us who are walking in are doing so through younger bodies. And us young-uns, we just have so much to share with humanity. We have so much to tell. We have so — we have so many pure energies to greet you with. It’s just that for the most part we’re sort of ignored. The mindset that is so prevalent in most of the cultures of humanity is that the adult knows what’s best. And this has been a mindset that’s been said since the destruction of Atlantis when it was thought that you need to just listen to your mother and father, you need to just follow orders, because if not something similar could happen, as to the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria.
And this mindset has been carried forth even into today. So it should be expressed, but us young’uns really do know a lot.
GD: And what would you say is the most important thing you can teach some of the older generations?
WA: Well, we have much to teach a lot of the older generations about truly enacting love in your life and truly enacting the disciplines in your own life that will see you find the energies of the higher realms, and in the ways that everybody wishes to find them. I notice on various discussion forums on the internet, there are many awakened people who are lighted but who are still in-fighting and bickering among themselves about certain truths, you know, one of the biggest being about whether President Obama is a light-worker.
But that’s just one of an infinite amount of issues that so many people are still fighting about. And it’s really, you don’t need to overly argue amongst yourselves about what is truth and what isn’t, because truth, at its very core, can be an illusion. Because even .. even what is thought of as falseness or a fake truth is still in its own way truth.
And, again, we’re getting into a bit of a complex discussion here, but I guess the general of what should be expressed to those awakening at this time who are adults is to just look to those around you who you feel are younger and who you feel may be awakening, because we do have a lot to share.
GD: What would you say to other young adults, children, who are just starting to waken up, that might not be aware of their role right now?
WA: I would say that in a very, very short amount of time everybody’s going to be made aware of the role that they have. Because even many who are not incarnate starseeds and even many who are just — who are Earth natives but who are awakening to many things, there’s going to be very many positions needed. This — the Ascension of Earth needs to be preceded by the coming-together of humanity and our instating of various projects to clean this world.
I’ve mentioned before on my blog there’s quite a polluting and hazardous oil refinery that I look forward to being a part of getting rid of. Because, again, we’re going to be given so many technologies that we won’t need such things. We won’t need oil to power and run our modern conveniences in our daily lives.
But the projects and the teams that are going to be put together and that are already being planned out by our brethren in the Galactic Federation, there’s not going to be room to leave anybody out. Even somebody who feels that they’re awakening but feels that they won’t be useful in any way, you will definitely be useful, because we need absolutely everybody for the various projects that are going to be laid out.
GD: Let me get your own personal perspective, and let’s fast forward — of course, time is rapidly changing…
WA: Absolutely.
GD: … what we know of as time. But work with me for a moment, and let’s skip ahead a couple of years. What does Earth look like from your perspective?
WA: A couple of years’ time from now? I will say Earth will be in progress to becoming a beautiful galactic civilization. Earth will have already herself ascended, and Earth has already herself ascended at her core, and we’re simply awaiting the dates along our cosmic calendar that echo such Ascensions on our surface.
But while Earth will be ascended in a couple years time, the work will still be there to be done. There’s so much that we’re going to have to do, and the technology given by the galactics will mitigate most of the pollution, most of the long-term pollution that’s been caused that would otherwise serve to make us have to deal with these problems for decades and decades and, you know, maybe even a couple of centuries to come.
So, there is much technology that will mitigate and assist with much of the work that needs to be done, but in accordance with the karma of humanity, we … humanity needs to get together and work on these projects. And it is going to take some time. And notice that I say “we” when referring both to humanity and to the Pleiadian race, because after having been on this world for so long, I humbly consider myself an Earth human.
Everybody’s going to be working together to repair the [state that this world is in?], and like I said, this is going to include many projects. We’re going to be getting rid of many oil refineries, many buildings that have been built that maintain lower vibrations just by their very structure.
We plan to not utilize concrete as much, because it is — it’s been a helpful structure for humanity in building many things, but it’s also been a very dense structure. And the roads that have been built out of concrete have served to make it very difficult for Gaia to breathe, so to speak, and for her to feel the collective energies on her surface that actually are manifested for the light.
So, basically the biggest thing that we plan on is replacing much of the — many of the ancient methods that humanity still uses today to power their own modern lives, which include roads and technology that is of a very low frequency, which includes every computer and television.
And we plan on just replacing such ancient technologies with our own lighted technologies, and with our own ways of getting around to sustaining a lifestyle that will see Gaia not being polluted as much, but that will still see humanity as prosperous, and in fact even more prosperous than humanity has been at this time. So the immediate period ahead and a couple of years down the line from now is going to see so, so much work getting done that has needed to be done.
GD: Can you give me some examples of lighted technology?
WA: Absolutely. We have, of course, the many starships and motherships that are going to be both presented to us and given to us. We’re going to be taught how to fly around in these motherships because we — or not, I’m sorry, not motherships — we’re going to be taught how to fly around in these starships, rather, these smaller craft. And through their manifesting devices they can actually create and impart their and our, if needed, own technology into these craft.
And that’s how these craft function. They’re powered by thought and by consciousness. And this goes as well for the manifesting devices, because you think of something you want and it’s automatically there.
And it’s the same thing with the many lightships that we’re going to be shown, is the features on these ships that help you get around are very similar to the autopilot feature, except that they will respond to each and every thought and impression that you give them. Which is why the Galactic Federation through certain scribes have talked to us before about the importance of us not using any type of mind-altering substances or anything that will make our brain run slower or anything like that upon us being introduced to their motherships, because we can’t have any foggy-headedness when using these ships because they’re powered by our, I’m sorry, consciousness.
The technology we’re going to be given is going to make each and every single facet of our lives so much easier. And the day-to-day life is going, for many of you, is going to consist of, you know, happily awakening and doing all the work that you need to do, and of course making some time for yourselves because you’re going to — even though all of humanity is going to be involved in various projects, you’re still going to need to make time for yourselves to feel the energies that are coming through, because they’re going to be so very strong.
And really, the modern, daily life is going to be somewhat similar to it as now, to the way it is now, except that you won’t be getting up in the morning and working to line the pockets of some CEO or anything like that; you’re going to be getting up and working for this world and for the collective consciousness of this world in which we are all a part of.
It’s going to be an experience that is — it’s going to be — for many, it’s going to be difficult at first, but we’re going to be given so much guidance and so much help from our extraterrestrial and our ascended brethren that any perceived difficulties are going to be mitigated.
GD: Anything you’d like people to know about extraterrestrials in general?
WA: Yes. I would very much like people to know, I see on the internet still that there is — in certain people there is still an element of distrust with our star family. And I think a lot of the reason is because everybody having gone through this experience on Earth, I mean, so many people place so much faith and belief in their governments, and these are the very governments that are now being proven to have sort of turned their backs on humanity and worked only in their own best interests.
So, it seems to many that anybody who is speaking of truth or of in general upliftment and benefiting of humanity, must be manipulative or must be lying. And this really is not true with our extraterrestrial brethren. I mean, yes, there have been negative extraterrestrial beings who have tried to take over our planet, but the lighted extraterrestrials who are working in the best interests of Earth have actually stopped these beings from taking us over plenty of times, and eventually stopped the cabals on our world from initiating so many natural disasters…
GD: You have a website.
WA: Yes, I do. I have It’s a daily news site. We put out, you know, we put out channeled messages and articles and news pieces in relation to the Ascension of humanity and the bringing forth of all of the changes that are to be occurring so very soon.
GD: And what’s that site?
WA: That is
GD: Well, this has been delightful. I appreciate your enthusiasm, I appreciate what you shared today. It’s encouraging hearing this from someone as young as yourself, who is aware and conscious and really serving as a leader and holding the torch high, with courage and integrity, to help raise awareness. So, I thank you for your courage, and I thank you for your work.
WA: Thank you as well, Graham. I quite appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be on here and to discuss all of these events, because there’s not going to be much time for general preparation, introduction and discussion when these changes really pick up, because they’re going to be moving at the snap of a finger. It’s going to be happening so very quickly.
GD: Well, things are building, for sure.
You’ve been listening to Wes Annac, and thank you for coming on the show!
WA: Thank you for having me, Graham.

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