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Thank you once again, Steve, for putting your thoughts and emotional & spiritual process to words so others can learn ...and follow --if they so desire!

And so it is!
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How Can I Not Say Yes?

by Steve Beckow

By now, I’m well into my meditation retreat. I wonder how that will aid the Transition?

The mere suggestion of a Transition, which the Boss first made on April 25, was a surprise to me. The fact that  the Mother, as well as Archangel Michael, discussed it was a further surprise.
Saul is discussing it. Even SaLuSa appears to be.

We are evidently sinking deeper and deeper into knowledge of ourselves, without even needing to do very much except to open to it and choose it. What generation has been more fortunate than we are? What generation has had enlightenment, but not only enlightenment, also ascension in our physical bodies to a higher dimension, handed to it on a silver platter?

When Jesus said, “You shall do greater than I” how we chuckled at him. And yet here we are, about to rise in our physical bodies, about to assume a mastery that will see us reshape the Earth and become galactic beings and ascended masters.

So many people keep saying, “Will I ascend?” Of course you will if you want it. You heard the Mother say the other day that she and her servants will not leave us bereft and having to accomplish Ascension all on our own. Legions are here to assist us. And she is closer to us than our nose and ready with open arms to give us what our heart desires.

I asked Archangel Michael some time ago to restore me to my own original dimensionality. And in my last reading he said to me that that would happen because I asked for it. I asked the Mother to perfect my knowledge of her and she said she would joyfully. Ask and it shall be given. Knock and the door will be opened. But we have to knock. We have to ask.

The Mother said that our lives were not meant to be hard toil. And this is something that Saul has said as well, Hilarion, Jesus, so many others. It is we who have condemned ourselves to live the way we do. It was never the Mother’s intention.

So now it’s time to take the matter in our own hands. As John Enright said, “due to circumstances beyond my control, I am master of my fate and captain of my soul.” (1) Whether we like it or not, we’re in charge of our lives. And we’re about to enter an era in which that circumstance will come to have huge meaning and importance in our lives.

So here I am beginning to really get it and to start reflecting on what it is I really want. What I really want is to craft a life where I can write freely and at the same time also pursue the inward journey. Now I’m not saying this may apply to you. It decidedly may not. Life is too exciting these days to think that a lot of people would want to follow the inward path. But I do.

If all things are possible in this era opening up, then what is possible for me and what I want to do is to complete the purpose of life. I want to know God and to know myself as God. Not because I’m an egotist or a megalomaniac. But because I’ve lived long enough with this hunger, this subsensible thirst, this itch I can’t scratch and now I want to end the subterranean agony and finish the job.

We’re here for a reason. I wonder if we really get that. I wonder if we understand how all of this was created for a purpose. And that we created it for that purpose (subtle paradox).  It isn’t accidental. It isn’t the result of natural selection only. All of life was created to a design and for a reason.

I cannot ignore that reason any longer. First things first. I want to serve because that’s why I came. But, second only to that, I want to complete the assignment that supersedes all other assignments, save service, and that is to know myself, deeply, truly as I am, to discover who I am at essence, with all the masks removed and all the ignorance banished. I want to stand forth completely revealed, completely unconcealed, completely known. And this is the lifetime to do that. There never was a better chance.

The Mother and the angels are saying they promise this to us with open hands and open heart. How can I refuse them? How can I turn down that which is more precious than rubies? How can I not say yes?


(1) John Enright, Awareness, Responsibility and Communication Workshop, Cold Mountain Institute, April 15, 1976.

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