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Proceed with Humbleness and Love
Message from Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul

Does it dear ones make sense when you realize that LOVE is the only truth? Many speculate and think about why so much detachment could be meandering its way through the love of the people on such a beautiful Earth. This dear ones can be a challenge even for us of the Divine Realms to understand this scandalous disregard for life of all forms. We are aware that there are many precious souls that are putting forth all their efforts to aid in healing the Earth and they are celebrated. Your life dear ones is a beautiful gift. Each of you are God’s creative expression. Given this very fact the separation of your origin is mysterious and for some foreign. There is inside some dear souls a forgotten aspect of this connectedness. The realization of just how connected you are will come as you find your way back to the love of God, as God has not ever forgotten you. God is the most patient of Fathers. God is aware you are still learning and finding your way. During your travels, your journey will bring you to many experiences that will increase your ever evolving knowledge and widen your wisdom. I will continue to add here dear ones, no matter how much you learn and how well you understand every part of your journey, there is no one who is done learning. Some I see do think there is nothing left for them to learn, that they have learned all there is. Every choice you make no matter if it’s a step one way or the other is an opportunity to question and learn.

The battle that has been raging within yourself must be dealt with victoriously before the reflection of your outer world is won. I encourage each of you to make your intentions one of overturning the fantasy that has been going far too long. Make it your duty to find compassion and love from within. When you find the Oneness that is there you will experience peace and feel it enter every part of your being and affect wondrously those around you. They will feel and see the change as you begin to reflect this new found peace, love and compassion in everything you do at all times.

No matter how reserved you are, or how in control you consider yourself, each of you are sensitive. How you feel right now dear ones affects everyone else. The energy you emit when you're smiling and carefree is felt as you are all intricately connected. If you have feelings of doubt and despair, this too will be felt by those around you. When these heavy feelings arise you know there is inner work that needs to be sorted out. Sometimes you question yourself, “Why is it I feel this way, or that way or why has this happened?” the list of questions is endless. And you already know the answers before you ask dear ones if you are keenly listening. As soon as someone else tells you the answer you asked, you already are thinking, “Yes I know”, or “You’re right”. You may not say these out loud; you may indeed need to reflect on what the person is saying. You will in time come to your own conclusions and discover the answers and the truth from the information already stored within each of you. Listen through your heart dear ones; quell your ego for a moment until you understand. Focus and you will find all the answers about yourself.

Most definitely the energies you are currently witnessing and experiencing can be uncomfortable and for the most part unwanted. As you overcome these feelings you will rise in consciousness and know beyond any shadow of any doubt that you never want to experience those feelings a second time. These awkward feelings you feel, release them as they come to God. Allow God to help ease your discomforts and to heal you as you move through your journey. Learn to embrace each feeling you experience knowing you are moving, transforming bit by bit into a much more knowledgeable and wise being of the Light.

There are many teachers available to show you through gentle guidance and patience what it is that is needed to aid in not only your transformation but the planet’s also. Confusion will arise for many as the shift becomes much more prominent. Fear will seep in. During this time where change is apparent on a large scale, it’s important to remain grounded and to reduce the intake of fear as much as possible. Seek these teachers that are available across the globe when you need to be supported and to understand how to assist in humanity’s evolution.

Dear ones I encourage each of you to proceed along your journey in humbleness and with love for yourself and for all mankind and for all living things. There is great power to be had when you put love into all you do. Try not to lean and depend completely on the wonderful teachers that you are discovering to do your work. They are presented to you because you require their guidance but only when you ask for their help. The work that must be done to bring yourself along your journey must be done by you. No one else can decide for you. Even if you ask another trusted person, “What do you think?” It is still not them choosing even though they voice their opinion. You dear ones are responsible for ALL your choices. Each of you must earn your way to pure spiritual freedom and you begin this by seeking the truth of yourself. The steps taken can feel slow and there is never a rush. It is best to take your time, learn each lesson PERFECTLY before moving on to the next phase of your journey. We do not wish for you to backtrack and relearn a lesson if possible. You are to move forward dear ones and each of you will meet your cosmic destination in Divine time. Your journey cannot be rushed, your journey is to be nurtured, loved and grown like the delicate flower and life form you are. Yes you are also strong, courageous and determined, at the same time sensitive, loving and caring. Your complexities, your differences, your uniqueness is what makes each of you so incredibly important and special.

With the wonderful God-Like ways each of you carries, you have the ability to master so much. What you are capable of is limitless. When you are able to really truly focus on learning everything about yourself, about how you fit with the universe, the world on a global scale, who you are personally and spiritually, you will gain a significant amount of knowledge. This knowledge that you gain will provide you with the ability to move within any circle without causing a distortion, you will blend in yet carry an aura of great inner-knowing with you. You will never be a smudge, you will always shine bright. Learn and understand your own energy dear ones on an intimate level and ignite the fire in others to learn as vastly as you have when you begin to show them through your own gentleness how you achieved your extensive wisdom from the many enlightening experiences you succeeded. Sharing is how you learn. Even when you disperse the information, understand who is listening must learn their way, but at the same time, they will know they are not alone and that someone understands because of similar experiences and how they were able to incorporate an equal balance of all that was learned by putting it into daily practice.

I consider each of you my family dear ones, and I honour the great compassion, discipline and wisdom each of you have been able to demonstrate time and again. I already know there are a few dear souls that struggle with disciplining themselves because they are easily distracted. In time all souls across this divine planet will find their way into the Heart of God and to the Unity of the Universe not just the world. I am eager to greet each of you as you make your way, and I would be honoured to assist guiding you through any troubled waters you find yourself wading in. We will, by working together discover fresh innovative ways that will help you progress and reach the higher realms of consciousness you so desire.

My love is not flamboyant, it is simple, pure and for each of you. I humbly present my love to each of you as a token of gratitude for the time spent together today. May peace always find its way to your heart and home,

I AM Ascended Master Djwhal Khul 
through Julie Miller

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