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Oct 28, 2011: The REAL End-Date of the Mayan Calendar, Which Makes Clearing Emotional Baggage That Much More Urgent Preparing for 1st Ascension Wave

Thank you Carl for piecing together the connection between our monetary system and its implications on our Ascension, or as you stated ...its implications on our "unity consciousness." Thank you for addressing our current greed-focused system ending in a global financial collapse seems inevitable (occurring on or near July 31st), if purely for the energetic reason it does not and cannot co-exist with the frequency, or vibration, of Oneness.
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The Beginning of the Fourth Night of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar
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Today on the Gregorian date July 13, 2011 begins the Fourth night of the Ninth wave. To me, this night really seems like the last time period available for us to prepare for the relatively dramatic scenario leading up to the culmination of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011. I have outlined some of my basic views of what This transformation towards unity consciousness brought by the Ninth wave, with simultaneous consequences on many levels of the universe, I have described in a series of articles available on and

In this Fourth night, it is thus high time we ask our intuition if we are in the right place to participate in this culmination scenario. It's also important to ask ourselves if what we are doing now is preparing us for what we are to do in the “post-end time world” (quite a paradoxical concept). Unfortunately, because so many people have been deluded by New Age “researchers” to believe that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 it seems clear only a small minority of people in the world will realize the urgency of the matter.

A couple of months ago, I expressed my expectation the Fifth day, beginning on July 31, 2011, will bring a global economic collapse, which would be the start of this end time scenario. What is going on now in this regard is the European banks is still trying to find a solution for the Greek debt crisis by the end of July ...and a few days later, August 2, the decision will be made in the US whether to raise the lending ceiling or not. Meanwhile, increasing focus is placed on Italy, whose national debt in relationship to its GDP is almost as high (120%) as that of Greece (140%), but whose economy is seven times larger with correspondingly much larger potential consequences of a default on debt payments. A very delicate situation is thus already arising at the beginning of the fifth day, and it remains to be seen if more money can be printed to avert a collapse.

Because it could be so painful, a global financial collapse would seem to many to be a destructive event and hence not likely to occur in a period of light, a day. The economic system of the world is however probably the greatest obstacle to the development of unity consciousness that exists on our planet. I think it can even be said a collapse of the world’s financial structure is a pre-requisite for us to be able to craft relationships of oneness between ourselves. For this reason, it is not unlikely such a collapse would occur in a day and then especially in the fifth day, which is the particular day that in the Waves brings the breakthrough energy to the new frame of consciousness. Unity consciousness is thus likely to be perceived as a threat to many persons in economically dominant positions and this is part of the reason so powerful media interests have sought to delude people about the Mayan calendar and postpone its true end date, October 28, 2011.

It is thus relevant to look a little bit more closely at what unity consciousness is. Sometimes oneness, or unity consciousness, is then presented as a mere mental concept as if it were something we only had to realize in our mind to see manifested. Some teachers are arguing since we are entangled in a quantum mechanical sense, we are all one. I feel such statements are so trivial they are meaningless to make. Of course, we are all one in the sense all humans are the products of the same reality and totally interconnected in this. Yet, a mere mental realization of a concept or a spiritual insight isn't enough for us to actually experience Oneness and anchor it in reality. Unity consciousness is something we need to craft and work with to see manifested through the support of this Ninth wave and again it may only be possible to do so after a global monetary collapse. The point to realize is Oneness is not an attribute of ourselves as individuals, but of our relationships to others and the divine.

To see the role of the monetary system in this, let's take a look at how this currently works: Basically, in the modern world there are places called "banks” with computers in which many people have so-called “accounts.” In the accounts of these computers, there are numbers which are measures (in the US given as dollars) of how much “money” you own. A large proportion of humanity, in fact, doesn't have any such “account,” while some people may have 10,000 ($) associated with it. Others may have 10,000,000 or even 10,000,000,000 ($) associated with their names in these bank computers. Moreover, for a large number of people, these numbers are negative because the banks have “lended” “money” to them. Thus there are huge differences in these numbers for different people, despite the fact most people work approximately the same amount of time everywhere. Sometimes the numbers may be related to a service done by someone to the planet, but more often than not it is the other way around. Those that cause the most damage to our planet, in fact, often have the highest numbers in these bank computers. Regardless, the point to realize is the numbers in these bank computers, more than anything else, defines a power structure --where those with high numbers dominate those with low or negative numbers. Money has no real existence, but the legal definitions of our society maintains a system of dominance based on these computer numbers.

Unfortunately, these numbers in the bank computers (obviously, the same "power & dominance" applies to stocks, funds etc) define the power structures of our societies and determine almost all human relationships --what we as a species do and focus on in our life on earth. There are of course some minor exceptions, but in the overall picture, it is true the measures given to each individual in these bank computers determine human life in its totality. With such a monetary system, it seems obvious unity consciousness cannot exist in a real sense, simply because those who have high numbers in the bank computers dominate and decide what the others are to do, and how they are to spend their time, and such dominance is inconsistent with Oneness. The current monetary system is simply not consistent with the unity consciousness developed by the Ninth wave, and this is the reason I suspect a global financial collapse would happen on a day and especially on this fifth day of the ninth wave.

We may also realize if this monetary system collapses, we would for the first time be fully sovereign souls and totally responsible for what we create ...Hallelujah! Here would be no one to blame and project our negativity on if the power structure defined by these bank computers disappeared. The consequence would be we all become fully responsible for the course of events not only regarding what we do as individuals, but also as a collective. For those taking said path, such a responsible course of action will flow from unity consciousness with the divine and all of its manifestations of life.

by Carl Johan Calleman
Seattle, July 13, 2011 (10 Ben

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