Monday, July 4, 2011

He Gave You the Freedom to Hide From Him & to Do Anything You Chose: If He Overrode That freedom He Would Be Controlling You, and That He Will Not Do

Thank you Christ and John for this blast of sobering Truth: We created this crappy reality ...yikes, were we delusional!
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The Illusion’s Reason for Being is Rapidly Coming to an End

When you awaken, as you most surely will, your amazement will confound you, as everything you knew and experienced – before the moment of apparent separation occurred, and which you blocked from your awareness by entering the fantasy world of your illusions – comes back into perfect focus. You will know once more, without the slightest possibility of doubt, precisely who you are and what is the purpose of your eternal existence at one with each other and with God.

The Love God has for you, and that all in the spiritual realms share with Him for you, is of the most stunning beauty, and it is absolutely beyond the power of your human thoughts, words, or pictures to convey to you. This is because you chose to experience an incredibly limiting and stultifying existence in the imaginary environment you have made. It consists of everything you can perceive through your human senses, and everything that your modern scientific tools can bring to your awareness by way of those senses. And despite your physical universe seeming to be so vast, complex, and even limitless, it is truly nothing at all, just a collective idea that you shared and which is rapidly disintegrating.

You are all divine, essential, and inseparable parts of God, just as He created you, and that can never change because it is the divine, eternal energy Field – Love – the infinite Power and Wisdom of God. You cannot, in your present unhappy state, experience the wonder of God, because the structures that you have built to house yourselves – your bodies – would burn up and turn to ash if they experienced the infinite Power of His Love for you. You did not design your bodies with the ability to embrace His Love; they are just shadowy vehicles you built so that you could hide from Him within them. He loves you and so He honors your decision to hide from Him in your flimsy shelters. He gave you the freedom to be and do anything you chose, and if He overrode that freedom He would be controlling you, and that He will not do.

When you chose to play at separating yourselves from Him, in that very instant He provided everything you could possibly need to return immediately to Him from that imaginary reality. And you did! Truly, separation never occurred. It was just a momentary fantasy that you entertained, but as long as you choose to hold on to that thought, it seems that you have your existence within it.

Many of you are now becoming aware of the insane and insubstantial nature of your fantasy reality, and as a result, it is starting to fray at the edges. When materials made from fabric start to fray it is, as you very well know, an indication that their period of usefulness is coming to an end. Even if you try to delay their demise by mending and patching them, it adds very little to their life expectancy, and they will still fall apart and disintegrate.

It is thus with the illusion. Its reason for being is rapidly coming to an end, and when it does, its disintegration will be terminal, final, and instantaneous, because it has already occurred, eons ago, and your joy, as you awaken from the insanity of that strange, ineffective, and imaginary concept will provide you with eternal bliss.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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