Sunday, July 31, 2011

If Attack Is Perceived, You'll Still Offer Compassion & Comfort To The Frightened Attacker, Because That's The Path of Love... Your Path To Awakening

Thank you Saul and John for reminding me to give compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and love ESPECIALLY to those who are emotionally or verbally attacking me, such as friends or family when arguing ...or even strangers with attitudes who confront me at the grocery!

Of course, IN THE MOMENT it can be so challenging to do so because I feel so misunderstood and disrespected --and yet THAT IS my task: To stay calm, composed and recognize they are ONLY attacking me because either 1. they feel threatened (or attacked) by me, or 2. they habitually unconsciously attack others due to constantly having to defend themselves.
*** gavin

Sleep is a Transitory and Insubstantial State

Naturally, many of you are experiencing frustration and impatience as the moment for your awakening seems to get no closer. But this is not the case! Remember, where you are currently experiencing life is in an illusory environment that has no substance; it is evanescent and will dissipate completely when you awaken, and yet while you remain asleep within it, its apparent material presence is extremely convincing. And you will awaken, because sleep is a transitory and insubstantial state that cannot possibly contain the vastness that you are – it can only hide it from you momentarily. It is so insubstantial that on waking, all sense or memory of it will be gone, and there will be nothing to disturb the utter joy into which you will emerge.

As this momentary experience, which seems so interminable to you, draws to a close, carry your light brightly, unshielded, visible to all, so that everyone with whom you interact is inspired and encouraged to do the same. When your light burns brightly, sleep becomes impossible, and as it is your desire to awaken, focus your attention on its brilliance in preparation for this amazing event. You built the illusion and entered into its imaginary and soporific field, forgetting almost everything of God’s divine Reality. He placed His inextinguishable Flame of Love within you at that very moment to ensure that your forgetting would be temporary and could not last. And now the time for your awakening is approaching…to bring you untold joy.

Humanity’s path to this point in its evolution has entailed much pain and suffering because you were created in Love to live in Love; and to live separated from your divine Source is inevitably very painful. But the separation and the suffering are unreal because all that exists does so within God, and there is nothing and nowhere else.

You suffer because you believe that the illusion, the dream is real, and you spend your time assembling conflicts in which others are threatening, betraying or attacking you, as does everyone else: “But I am right! And they are abusing and mistreating me. That is unconscionable, and I have every right to demand and receive restitution!” Once you can refrain from making others wrong and blaming them for your pain, you can begin to untangle the threads of conflict that seem to entrap and restrain you. Issues that upset you and cause you anxiety will become less important, and you will start to accept the flow of life as you experience it, without judgment, and you will feel compassion for others as you realize that they too are entangled in similar webs of conflict. As long as you embrace conflict as a way to resolve problems for your own benefit, so long will peace and satisfaction elude you.

Once you can move into acceptance, it gives you a new and more positive perspective, enabling you to release feelings of being wronged or owed…feelings that cause you unnecessary suffering…feelings for which the only solution is release…and allowing you to move on from your embattled and, perhaps, embittered state.

You have, after eons of conflict, finally evolved to a level of honesty and integrity that allows you to admit to yourselves and to others that you make errors. By doing this, you drop your defensive barriers which made forgiveness of yourselves or of others almost impossible because you needed some “other” to blame. That need is subsiding and will fade away as you embrace yourselves lovingly, in spite of your errors, and allow compassion and forgiveness to replace it. As you do so, look around you and make a point of observing others who are doing likewise. This will strengthen your own intent to offer compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and loving kindness to all. As you practice, it will become second nature, and you will experience moments of fear and anger far less frequently. Peace will replace anxiety, and you will see that everyone experiences anxieties similar to your own, and you will find yourselves offering comfort instead of defending yourselves unnecessarily from expected attacks. If an attack is perceived, you will still offer compassion and comfort to the frightened attacker, because that is the path of love – which is your path to awakening.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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