Sunday, July 17, 2011

Because of Your Increasingly Intense Awareness of the Insanity of the Illusion, You Are Withdrawing Your Support For It By Opening Your Hearts In Love

Thank you Saul and John for reminding me our Ascension --our awakening into Oneness-- is a "royal event." One celebrated by us on AND in Earth, by our spiritual families, and by our space families, which has a ripple effect throughout ALL of Creation ...that is SO wonderfully profound!
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The most important step you have ever taken to intensify your spiritual evolution

The barriers to humanity’s awakening are being demolished as more and more of you allow God’s Love for you to suffuse you, and you then share that Love widely with everyone you know. This opening of yourselves to allow God’s Love to fill your hearts is the most important step you have ever taken to intensify your spiritual evolution, and its effect is felt throughout creation, bringing peace and joy to all.

You are truly blessed by your Father in every moment, and when you awaken you will know this in all its glory. To be divinely blessed is who you are, eternally – you have just forgotten this temporarily as you seek for answers to life’s imponderables in your illusory dreams. It is only in these dreams that you seek answers because it is only there that you have needs and appear to be lacking knowledge. Thankfully, they are all illusory, and when you awaken, they, along with all your fears and anxieties, will be gone forever because they are all unreal, non-existent.

The anxiety-ridden lives you appear to be living in your dream reality are scheduled to come to an end because dreams do not and cannot last: They are ephemeral, unreal, insubstantial, and will dissolve as you awaken into Reality – your eternal Home. Your awakening is enthusiastically awaited by the multitudes of your friends and loved ones who long to welcome you Home to the ecstatic celebrations that have been prepared for this royal event. It is a royal event because you are all One with your Father, the Supreme Sovereign and Creator of all that is.

For those in the spiritual realms awaiting your awakening this is a time of rejoicing because your awakening, having already happened, is inevitable. The wonder of this divine truth is quite impossible for you to comprehend as you struggle to find meaning in the lives that you are experiencing in the illusion. However, as the inextinguishable Flame within you burns ever brighter, in intuitive moments you get brief sensations of unexpected joy that have no obvious cause, and which confirm your hopes that there is a divine meaning to your lives. In the illusion these sensations seem unwarranted, like wild yearnings for the unattainable, and yet you hope… And of course they are very brief glimpses that demonstrate that where you are – living in the illusion – is just an insane idea that can only be unreal. Your awakening will dissolve it as you experience Reality’s divine and loving embrace.

And so, as the moment of your awakening draws ever closer, make a point of holding love in your hearts for all sentient beings, because however separated from you they seem to be – by bodies, culture, religion or non-religion, ethnicity, or nations – they are truly one with you, created in Love by your Father, just like you.

Remember, you are experiencing an illusion, it is unreal, so nothing occurs within it save dreams and nightmares. The suffering and misery that you observe, experience, or cause, while seeming very real, are illusory, however painfully you may appear to experience them. You built the illusion by dreaming it into being – some of it fun, some of it joyful, much of it a struggle for survival, and with many opportunities to impose and experience intolerable suffering – and it is a cooperative venture which more and more of you are finding unacceptable, unbearable, and insane. And because of your increasingly intense awareness of the insanity of it, you are withdrawing your support for it by opening your hearts in love, and thus preparing for its imminent collapse. When it is no longer supported it has to collapse.

Know that you are divinely loved, that no harm can ever befall you, and that you will awaken, as you and your Father intend, into the glory that is your Home and your reason for being.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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