Monday, July 18, 2011

It's VERY Important You Persist In Being Consistent In Your Daily Disciplines & Make It a Joyful Experience In Sending Light Radiating Outwards

Thank you Hilarion and Marlene for this beautiful reminder our Galactic and Cosmic family is applauding and cheering us on as they watch us while our Ascension gets nearer and nearer. We must simply stay focused and "keep on keeping on!"
*** gavin

Beloved Ones,

The work continues and what is required of each of you is to persist in your daily disciplines and maintain your focus. There have been many erratic energies at play that make your pathway seem much harder to maintain and it will require a steady focus in the days, weeks and months ahead. State your intent daily: “My intent is to align to the will of the Creator and the Divine Plan for my life and the Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon Her.” This will set the focus for your day and if followed through with your prayers, decrees and affirmations, and other methods that you use, will help you to raise your Light quotient or at least to maintain it.

There is much seeming chaos occurring at this time and you will be hard put to maintain your focus. It is VERY important that you persist in holding your Light and in sending that Light down into the crystalline core of Mother Earth and radiating it outwards from your own Being.

Your role as transducers of the Cosmic energies continues to be a crucial component of the unfolding of the Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon Her. Maintaining your Light in your area of the World helps to uplift the entire Planet and all Her inhabitants. As Lightworkers, you must continue to go against the current onslaught of less than Light energies in order to maintain stability for your World. Each of you has more than enough experience in this task and you continue to be an invaluable task force working in concert with the Higher realms as the brave and courageous ground forces. You are much more powerful than you think that you are, Dear Ones, believe in yourselves and keep on keeping on!

We remind you again that the increasing intensity and frequency that is permeating your atmosphere is relentless, unending and will continue to occur without abatement. It is best to be consistent in your disciplines and make it a daily and joyful experience. Each of you will know when a further intensification of your Light activities is needed as events play out upon your Planet. It is a truly remarkable time which is being closely viewed by millions of keenly interested Galactic and Cosmic Family members and your every effort is noted and applauded. You have an entire Cosmos of Light Family cheering you, the ground personnel, onwards and upwards. The way forward will be shown as you align daily to the Divine Plan and make your energy count.

Release all that has been usurping your energy in ways that are not aligned to your Higher vision of yourselves and practice your alchemy upon yourselves and as you do this, you create the positive changes you so desire to see manifest upon your World. Learn to live your lives in deep and profound simplicity of Being, relishing your aliveness and your uniqueness as a creative Cosmic Being of love returning to wholeness in Mother/Father God. Your next step is in exploring your unique contribution to the Divine Plan and how you can gift this World with your unified and integrated fully realized Self. Remember, Dear Ones, that you never walk alone and that there are Legions of Light who walk with you. Shine on!

Until next week,
I AM Hilarion
by Marlene Swetlishoff,

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