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The New Human Form Is Most Dynamic: A Living, Breathing Entity Of Its Own Accord And Requires a New Level of Communication & Relationship To Maintain

Thank you Lauren and the Pleiadian High Council!
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The (re)Education of Sacred Embodiment

"There is a beautiful unfolding in your physical world that is unraveling the part of the journey where you come to understand the depth of the work you've put forth see, feel, touch the reflections of your accomplishments in the material planes." -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

Physical reBirth

According to the perspective of the seven sisters, and as of the last three eclipses coupled with the massive heart rewiring that we all sustained, we have officially begun the process of physical alignment with our mental and emotional bodies. This means that much of the energetic support we are receiving right now is toward the understanding and experience of living as a fully-integrated galactic/spiritual being a human body. Emphasis on the human-body part.

For the remaining days of the universal ninth wave we will be emerging in incremental stages... (re)birthing ourselves in the physical dimensions, one layer at a time, and in preparation for the externalization of our true divinity where we will be capable to finally share our selves/gifts with the outside world. We are r-e-a-l-l-y feeling the pressure building and the ache for freedom is becoming unbearable, but we will not be able to completely e-merge until we are fully ripened galactic-humans.

The Pleiadians are emphasizing that our physical bodies are such an important part of this leg of the journey because the body is our contact point between the physical and ethereal realms ...where we harness, structure & anchor our potential into form. In other words, 'we' are where the proverbial rubber meets the road... where spirit meets matter ...where our creative passions meet the world... and it will be for our upgraded biology suits to provide each of us with the hardware needed to participate in the 5th dimensional world of our making.

Green Light

Even tho we technically ascend to higher dimensions of consciousness, I have always held the understanding that ascension is more of a descension …a slow and arduous process of pounding our souls into our bodies and the earth until we find it comfortable enuf to live here. And I don't have to tell you that getting into our bodies and staying in them is/has been quite a chore. In fact, for many of us on this journey, grounding into the physical dimensions has not only been a relentless & tedious pursuit, its been mostly impossible up until this point.

There are so many starseeds/blue rays on this planet that have never even come close to touching the ground ...let alone in a fully embodied way …and sadly this has made for some pretty complicated living in 3D. But that was actually the point. Those on the ascension timeline were never able to get completely cozy in 3D because all y'all mutants are wired differently …and the purpose/result was that we all successfully averted complacency …even if we did hit the snooze button a few times.

The main reason many on this path (especially the younger generations) have refused to touch-down in the lower dimensions is because the frequency of our home turf was just not available for us to nestle into, until recently ...mostly because we are the ones anchoring it here ...and so it felt unsafe. Being in a dense body can be unsettling due to the limitations of the lower realms …those frequencies we are just not accustomed to. It's like trying to fit the ocean in a Coke bottle… it just seemed ridiculous to even try to ground all of our expanded limitlessness into a container that felt VERY restrictive.

But now, my fellow starlasses and starlads ...our bodies are coming online with the rest of us which means we are being given the green light to take the full plunge. Our biology systems are tirelessly preparing us to begin our physical journey together into 5D which means a rebirth is underway as well as the development of a new (co-creative) relationship with our external world. Apparently we have a lot yet to learn about our new selves so the unseens say that a "(re)education of sacred embodiment" is in order.

Movable Parts

"We would like to emphasize the need for activity during this time by reminding each of you that it is vital to begin moving your physical bodies in a way that will support the systemization of your new cells." -Seven Sisters

My partner Leon said to me once in a passively sarcastic tone… "cars have movable parts, you know."

He was snidely referring to the fact I hardly ever leave the house (compliments of untiring fatigue) and as a result my car sits in the garage sometimes for days on end. And even tho at the time, I had thoughts of dumping my iced tea on him, those words echoed in my head and became an ongoing and tantalizing reminder "if I don't move my 'vehicles' parts, problems arise."

The constant emotional and physical heaviness & lethargy that accompanies path-cutting can be discouraging, to put it mildly, and I'll be the first to admit to an aversion to regular exercise...even and especially yoga... ugghh. I.just.can'

From the beginning of this journey, exercise felt to me like waaaay too much effort for far too little reward …which unfortunately made it very easy to give up and fall victim to inactivity I definitely get even the thought of exercise can be daunting with so many symptoms. That said, I have been getting repetitive messages we will be so much better off if we push thru the (adrenal) fatigue and start "moving our parts" on a regular basis. In other words, we can no longer be sedentary without increasing consequences due to increasing frequencies.

As always, our body is the best gauge for what and how… and desire is our fuel. If you can cultivate the desire to get more physical by doing something you love over something you dread, you will double your results, but even the simplest movement with intention to stabilize, revitalize or regenerate will bring more palpable results now. Either way, more focus on the physical will help us to maintain homeostasis thru these increasingly more physical changes.

"We would also like to add that along with movement, the physical body is still in need of rest and rejuvenation through integration periods... doing and being, activity and recuperation …this formula will be required for optimum self-care and nourishment during this time." -Seven Sisters

The bottom line is we are physicalizing our authentic selves in the material world now …cell by cell… and with so much energy channeling thru our meridians we will just plain feel better if we up the ante with regard to physical care. If we heed this call to move our bodies on a regular basis, we will be supported to dislodge stuck energies and release stored up toxins in a more effortless way.

I am also hearing any part of our body that needs healing (love) will most likely make its presence known to us during this cycle, if it hasn't already, we will be given the opportunity to release traumatic cellular memories responsible for long-standing physical ails. Any primordial resistance (fear) we feel with regard to embodiment will be highlighted for healing as well... mostly because we need to ground ourselves before we can ground the life of our dreams.

"The amount of time it takes to fully embody your physical vessel is directly proportionate to the amount of resistance you uphold. What we mean is this: for the physical body to integrate these very high frequencies requires a deep level of surrender, of acceptance, so that each cell can harmonize with the galactic forces of creation. If there is resistance to holding, integrating these energies, the body will buck in defiance and create great discomfort. For this we recommend a softening, an openness and a willingness to welcome and embrace these energies fully...not a refusal of them. Similar to childbirth, relaxing into the discomfort will ease the stress on the physical body during the intensive rebirthing process you are currently undergoing. Allow, allow, allow, is what we would say in response to all resistance disguised as suffering." -Seven Sisters

BioDynamic Intelligence

"What we would like for you to understand is this: The new human form is one of dynamic constitution …it is a living, breathing entity of its own accord and therefore requires a new level of communication and relationship to maintain. Your new system functioning is less about 'how' you use it, but 'why.'" -Seven Sisters

A 5D human differs greatly from a 3D human by way of consciousness and self-responsibility …that is to say, the state of BEing awake and aware of our multidimensional mind and motives. "Why" we do anything matters more than ever now since our intentions must be spawned from heart-centered love in order to live in a harmonious flow of life... love-based intention is the actual 'programming' that the new-human prototype requires to function optimally.

The Unseens have said to us many times in the past, our cells have intelligence, and we are just beginning to learn how to work in conscious cooperation with said intelligence as we develop a deeper, more loving relationship with ourselves and come to honor the body as the sacred temple it really is.

In this next phase we are going to be learning how to work in tandem with our biology …that is not to say our autonomous biological functions will cease without our attention, just that everything works better with our conscious participation.

What has changed?

Up until now, our biology has been largely operating on auto-pilot, without our conscious participation, or what the star-beings call 'intentional programs' which heighten or optimize our human-experience.

The new-human prototype is a biodynamic system of cellular intelligence that works with or without intentional participation ...however, just as biodynamic farming produces a self-sustaining system with more vital, nutritious, abundant, and even more effortless results when considering the holistic interrelationship of soil, plants and animals in accordance with celestial timing, so too does our biology work better when used in a conscious, integrative way.

And this is what our next phase will be about… learning how to consciously utilize and create balance within the body and thru the use of intentional force-fields that will maintain our ability to exist (w)holistically within a still-separated world. We first needed to integrate the understanding that this was possible, and now the knowledge of how this works will become known to each of us.

The point of being a 5th dimensional human is to exist within the 3d dimensional world of form, but with conscious connection to the unity field of intelligence. This is what is so unique about this special time on earth …that each of us is coming up on the ability to co-create as the gods/goddesses that we truly are …and of course, while functioning in a human body. The benefits to this are vast, yet largely unknown because this is something that is new to all of us… which is why the unseens emphasize that this part of the journey is so exciting, because we will be learning to do so many new things, as if for the first time.

Symptoms of the Merge

Since we are waxing all things physical, thought it might be helpful to mention that... in addition to the heightened myriad of symptoms you may be experiencing... there are also profound changes taking place within the structure of our brains during this time.

If you have been experiencing unusual bouts of vertigo, unsteadiness, dizziness, sinus discomfort, blurred vision, inability to read or focus, burning/watery eyes, skull/eye pressure, ear aches, headaches/migraines, or out-of-body estrangement ...most likely its related to what the Pleiadians refer to as "symptoms of the merge."

The sun acts as a transmitter of light codes that are interpreted by our pineal and pituitary glands which have been continually stimulated thru recent cycles of intensive solar activity. You may have noticed an inability to stay in the sun for very long during these periods, or an overstimulated nervous system (anxiety, jitters, ungroundedness, etc.) for seemingly no reason. As with all symptoms, they subside once our body can assimilate the frequencies.

Apparently our brains are physically morphing from a reptilian (primitive) brain to what they call the "brain of a galactic over-seer" ...the main difference they say, is in the computing and level of comprehension and the actual mutation is activated thru the merging of sacred (polar) forces of energy.

As the energies of the pineal (feminine) and pituitary (masculine) meet in what is commonly referred to as the Mystical Marriage ...or the opening of our "sacred inner-sight" ...we are also (surprisingly) able to see these light codes in a very literal way.

If you have been waking in the middle of the night from a blindingly bright inner-light behind your eyes that you can't shut off... kind of like someone is shining an industrial sized flashlight inside your brain, from the top of your crown... chances are the birth of your multidimensional consciousness, the passage into the fifth dimension and beyond, is being initiated.

This can also accompany a firm pressure on both the crown and the brow and sometimes this light is audible as well in the humming of a very high frequency that is also pretty annoying, but oddly interesting. This can be a bit startling if you don't know what is happening, but the Unseens say these increasing pituitary/pineal radiations (light from the higher dimensions) are a natural part of the "sacred embodiment" stage, or the "realization of our divine body."

Ultimately, when the merging is complete, spirit & matter unify as the multidimensional forces of spiritual light merge with the physical matter of our third dimensional brain, and we are home free.

To still hanging on... even if by a thread....

Lauren Gorgo

P.S. Another heads up: Some potentially beefy solar flares are expected to hit the planet by 7/30-31 ...just in time for the new moon. yay.

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