Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Would You Focus on an Unhappy and Miserable UNreality When You Can Focus on God’s Divine Reality, Into Which You Are to Awaken in Exquisite Joy?

Thank John and Saul for more magical reaffirming of our fast-approaching inevitable reunion!
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We are filled with joy as we await our imminent reacquaintance with you
(emphasis added)

Humanity’s eons-long journey is drawing to a close, as the moment of your awakening inexorably approaches. You have been working hard to arrive at this moment of extreme exhilaration, and your sisters and brothers who are outside the illusion, observing and encouraging you, are filled with joy as we await our imminent reacquaintance with you. We have always known one another, as we were created as one, and so our reunion will indeed be sweet – a magnificent celebration, divinely orchestrated, on which we have all been focusing our love to bring it to fruition.

In your ongoing dream, we can see how hard it is for you to maintain your faith and enthusiasm as you work, as it were, in the dark, blind to what your tremendous efforts are bringing to such a glorious conclusion. We are all intensifying our energy to strengthen and inspire you, as the moment for which you have been praying and hoping draws near.

We have talked before about the wonderful events planned for this magnificent forthcoming celebration, when you awaken into the brilliant Light of your Father’s infinite and eternal Love for all of His creation. It will be a moment of sublime perfection when all that has caused you suffering and disappointment dissolves in an instant. Focus your intent on the arrival of that moment and avail yourselves of the divine energy enfolding you and drawing you forwards, as it melds with and intensifies your own will to awaken.

The date and time for this heavenly event was decided upon at the moment of separation. It is set in stone, it is unalterable, and it is approaching rapidly. Of course, as you are well aware, time is illusory, and the separation was over the instant it occurred. Nevertheless, for you who chose to experience existence in the illusion, the length of time during which it seems you have been separated from your Father appears to have been like eternity, as the billions of years you have spent in your alternate and unreal reality have been quite beyond your powers to imagine meaningfully. Your science sees the universe as continuing to expand into an endless future of decay, renewal, and decay. It is indeed a very daunting vision to contemplate, and one in which you appear to have no ability to influence or alter the development, just generation after generation of you doomed to continuing decay and death. A very unsatisfactory concept, and just as unreal as the illusion.

Focus now with all your strength of intent on Reality, Heaven, the brilliant Light of God’s eternal day, into which you are soon to awaken. It is inevitable; it has always been inevitable, because it is God’s Will and yours. Why would you focus on an unhappy and miserable unreality when you can focus on God’s divine Reality, into which you are to awaken in exquisite joy?

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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