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Only When You are Actually Still Within Your Mind Can You Really Be Relaxed Enough to Truly Listen Within Your Heart & Soul

I've discovered another channeling from Christ Jesus through a resource whom we very much love, respect and trust: Virginia Essene. As you can see, it was originally published on April 5th, 2011, so the Easter references obviously are no longer pertinent; however, ALL THE INFORMATION, guidance, and healing techniques are still effective, practical and strongly encouraged!! Do enjoy ...thank you Christ and thank you Virginia!
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March/April 2011 Newsletter

Christ Jesus through Virginia Essene
(emphasis added)

Beloved Love Corps family and all light severs on planet Earth,
Please open your hearts and minds in deep gratitude to our Creator and release the busyness of the day as I join you from higher realms of consciousness and offer support to your current life experiences in the human form.

As the incoming Easter energies begin to transform human consciousness at the level of each person’s understanding, it is my joy to greet you amidst the bounty of spring flowers and the glorious sounds of uplifting music ringing throughout many earthly locations. Easter occurs as a special season of growth and rebirth in the Northern Hemisphere’s climate where the beauty of the earth’s flowering delivers the promise to believers that life is cyclical — it is never-ending— you are each eternal beings who can never spiritually die!

Then just relax your body now and let your thoughts focus only on the love, wisdom and peace of your beautiful soul so we can share these blessed moments of joy as I touch your consciousness with a gold and silvery embrace of the Creator’s energy. Here in the sacred solitude of our joining, feel the union of our combined light frequencies flow through your very being. Let the celestial energy touch your heart and surround you with the glow ofheaven. Let the promise of Easter’s resurrection in your life give you comfort and joy.

Now allow yourself to sink deeply into this empowerment that passes logical explanation and let the love and wisdom of your own glorious soul permeate your personality with its comfort and guidance. Indeed, let it serve you with its reassuring constancy and devotion to this present physical body experience as you frequently contact its support during meditation and quiet times.

In fact, RIGHT NOW, I ask you to show me you can practice taking some quiet minutes to close your eyes while you gently notice about 10 inhalations of your breath move gently in and out... helping you become more quiet ... more removed from every day thinking. ................................ Just be still! ................................


Now, beloveds, what did you observe about quieting your busy mind? Were you easily successful in shifting your breathing to find an inner state of calmness or not?

I truly hope you were successful for I cannot stress how vital this ability really is! Which is why we have repeatedly advised you for many years to meditate, even briefly, as you were just asked to do now?

Did you notice immediately after you opened your eyes and began to read words again your quiet intuitive right brain wave pattern shifted to the intellectual left brain beta wave activity? Isn’t that a wonder! You have options of which part of the brain you will select to use at any given moment (until your scientists finally learn how you can best synchronize both of them together, simultaneously).

My point is you have an instantaneous choice of where your attention can be focused. Just now as you began reading, you used your left brain to compute the meaning of the words I had written... whereas previously you had been fairly removed from the physical world in your right intuitive and spiritual brain!

Dear hearts, only when you are actually still within your mind can you really be relaxed enough to truly listen within. And I caution you that to ignore taking time to listen within, THROUGHOUT THE DAY might be the difference between comfort and discomfort, even life and death. So this is not an idle request I am asking of you!

Now, if you are wondering why we are taking time to practice this ability of stillness, just read the daily newspaper or watch the TV broadcasts which describe what is happening to many people around the world. Violence abounds in many forms!

Recently, you realized the earth must occasionally move or quake where her tectonic plates intersect... causing unintentional harm to various forms of life. It is also true many humans who are hungry for independence and freedom are drastically making their desires known through group outcry, sometimes at great personal danger.

So at this moment when drastic events are happening, we sincerely urge you to skillfully calm yourself inwardly so you can positively handle unexpected events, even emergencies!

Even as I speak of these things, your personality may be starting to notice some fear or inner disquietude. That is why we of heaven are asking you to remember the tools you have learned about meditation and silence. You, more than many, are aware of the power of your thoughts and emotions, and over the past 20-25 years a growing number of you lightworkers have been busily seeding earth’s energy thought forms with love and peace.

Since fear is such a powerful emotion, we truly need innumerable stable and balanced people to counterbalance the negative emotions of so many others when adverse circumstances exist. Dear ones, we need you to be quiet within your mind for your own well-being and to help balance that “cloud-like” negative energy thought forms that are recently surrounding the planet.

We truly appreciate those of you who have been injecting loving prayers into those invisible thought forms through your group meditations over these many past years. In ways difficult to describe, your positive prayer intentions have been made available to any person or group desirous of claiming the healing power for themselves or for others.

This loving gift of sharing positive healing thoughts and blessed heartfelt intentions for those you may not know is a genuine spiritual gift. It is similar to feeding hungry people the food they need even if you do not know their names. It is definitely a form of healing!

Speaking of spiritual healing, let me take time to review with you the growing field of healing methods burgeoning today because of the photon energies presently available in your solar system. These powerful light frequencies are beginning to stimulate the human brain’s receptivity to new ideas— especially in the field of science and technology.

Now that your earth has moved out of the darkest consciousness period known to mankind, called the Kali Yuga, the photon frequencies are stimulating your DNA and cellular capacity as well as greater brain awareness. That is why so many types of new technical devices and gadgets are being invented, including some that benefit human health.

Although some highly technical medical equipment is recently available, the expense factor could likely bankrupt the nations who totally rely on them rather than recognizing some logical and less expensive alternatives such as “soul medicine.” The understanding that the soul has a certain vibrational frequency connected to God’s power implies that human consciousness can harness the powerful healing forces of the quantum universe—a power immensely greater than pills and pharmaceuticals.

With the increasing intuitive awareness contained in the space/time reality, many more people are realizing that they are souls made of glittering electromagnetic energy fields! And some psychics are seeing these subtle body energy fields more frequently than ever. Consequently, if the soul’s vibrational frequency rate can be matched with the body’s mind and emotional energy rates, a perfect resonance of healing and creative power becomes available. This resonance assures that you have the ability to create spiritual healing for yourself and for others! In fact, this awareness implies that health and healing are the responsibility of your own attitudes and consciousness abilities... and that “What you think and feel is what you get.”

Recent research shows what spiritual teachers have always said—that consciousness can affect the body’s DNA! This is not a surprising fact since for the past hundred years or more, famous physic healers have been healing other people’s conditions by their own intention that the changes will occur. Names like Edgar Cayce, Olga Worall, and the Persian—Ostad Hadi Parvarandeh—and innumerable other less well known healers—were able to positively heal the bodily conditions of people they did not even know. They could do this because everyone is an electromagnetic energy based vehicle, and by changing any defective energy pattern back to a normal one, a person could be shifted back to better health!

I, too, was able to heal people because I knew that HEALING IS AN ENERGY EXPERIENCE—and when I saw their body’s energy field malfunction, I would usually touch them to change it. Distant healing by using just my mind was also possible. However, people were not as impressed unless a healing occurred in close proximity. Since many of my disciples and apostles believed in the healing power of God they were also effective in using energy’s healing power.

I also used some natural earth products and made people bathe, even doused them underwater to clean off the lice and other filth. (In a peculiar way this activity may later have been related to what you call baptism.)

You are fortunate today many more healers are arising, and a few are so powerful and capable that they are teaching their skill and power to others. Touch for Health, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Vortex, Reconnection, Chi-kung and other martial arts, Emotional Freedom Technique, Ho’oponopono, Matrix Energetics, and many others are quickly gathering significant numbers of interested learners. Each of these practices create a distinctive healing thought form which can be visited and used over and over again, with increasing power.

We naturally give thanks for the thousand of years during which many churches, temples, synagogues or places of community prayer and meditation have taught the principle of peace! Individually and in groups, they have brought healing miracles for the body, mind and spirit of many people. Unfortunately, today, more people rely on their computers and non-personal devices from which they receive little physical contact with the human their detriment. Fortunately, there are a few excellent distant healers whose powers are unlimited by time and space.

In addition to these special healing personalities, and healing practices, there are many physical locations on earth which also give peace and sometimes healing energies to those who visit them, such as Lourdes.

The planet, herself, also contains unusual vortex areas, many of which have healing and wisdom qualities. And ancient peoples who have resided or prayed in a special place over long years of devotion have left a powerful healing presence behind. Certain high mountainous regions, and bodies of water, can have a powerful presence in the life of people. Indeed, ancient shaman and tribal leaders were often able to locate specific places that strengthened their own healing power.

Then, dear hearts, recall the healing ability of nature, who has given respite and cure to billions of people—with or without natural springs and healing waters locations. For who has not walked in a forest, climbed a mountain or taken a short, refreshing walk on a sunny day in a park, or a particularly beautiful area? And is not the human heart that witnesses the blossoming flowers not been lifted up in joy and deep emotional and spiritual refreshment?

Without forests and trees —and the oxygen they give you— all mammal life, including humans, would die. Yet you give arbitrary permissions to corporations who destroy them your peril. Please remember that nature is your friend, even your mother.

This brings me to the topic of health prevention through identifying the nourishing food and natural healing properties of herbs and things from the soil and the waters. Never forget these things were designed to keep your body alive and that they positively affect the body’s health, strength and longevity.

Now I must reluctantly turn my attention to a topic of serious concern to those of us in the heavenly realms who are committed to helping the maximum number of humans remain healthy, strong and peaceful as they go through this challenging photon belt experience. This is why I have repeatedly discussed with you the special needs your bodies have now as they are challenged to accomplish more in less linear time than ever before. Human attitudes about eating the right foods and drinking enough pure water for good health is paramount now! Paramount, or you will likely suffer unpleasant consequences.

We are very concerned about the immature attitudes that humans in America, and other materialistic nations, have permitted themselves in selecting unhealthy food that is detrimental to physical well-being. These “fast foods” generally do not contain fresh, natural qualities that support cellular health. And the constant use of your soda beverages, rather than water, is harmful. The combination of these many unnatural products, if eaten frequently, is much likeexpecting an automobile with the wrong type of gasoline to easily go up a steep hill.

Sadly, we also note that the USA health ranking on a list of the world nations is down to number 45 yet has the highest health costs of them all. Regrettably, the number of cases of heart trouble and strokes, cancer, diabetes, and many others—and an ever-growing obese population due to poor eating choices and habits —is hardly being mentioned as a national emergency.

This abuse of food quality makes poor use of the incoming photon frequencies that are busily changing your cellular identity in preparation for a period of major physical transformation. All we can do is suggest that you evaluate your own nutritional choices and be healthy for as long as you can. Be attentive to getting sufficient sleep, rest and some contact with nature. And are you getting any exercise which the body desperately needs right now? In the days ahead many people will be living longer -- to 100 years or more. If that is the case, would it not be pleasing to be healthy?

It is essential that because the photon frequencies have currently been empowering many people with energies to change their cellular structure... ask yourself what you do to feel well and joyful while your body is struggling to shift its identity. Do you find massage helpful? And are you acquainting yourself with needed vitamin & mineral substances, herbal products, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, essential oils, and flower essences which have been around for many years?

It is also critical that unresolved emotional pains and guilt be released through a variety of counseling practices and therapies. As you know, I have been the teacher of forgiveness as an aid to emotional freedom and personal health. And I still ask each of you to make a list of any unpleasant or painful relationships that you have —or had— which are still festering today.

Explore the negative episodes you may still retain —one at a time— and just apologize or make amends to shift the embedded energies around the episode as quickly as possible. Awareness, or sorrow regarding an event in which you lacked love, is still the beginning of the forgiveness process.

Then begin by forgiving yourself first for any unloving action! Then trust, if you are sincere and have told the other person of your sincere feelings, your forgiveness is granted... provided you have learned the lesson it contains. Many people neglect to notice how their negative emotions continue hurting other people and do nothing to improve the behavior or point of view. We always recommend you make an effort to change your negative behaviors as soon as possible simply because you will feel better and accomplish your soul purposes more easily. But this you know and we congratulate you for every time you make the needed effort to change any of your personality limitations.

If the person you wish to apologize to is deceased, of course, just sit down and write them a sincere letter as if they can hear it. Always remember that death does not break the emotional link between earth and heaven. Compassion, caring and love are always felt and known throughout the many realms of consciousness! That is the divine quality about consciousness; it knows no bounds!

Dear hearts, I realize I am very repetitive about cleansing unreleased negative emotional issues that easily create an unbalanced energy pattern, but our reason is love. We do not want you to suffer! And springtime is a wonderful season to do what you term “house cleaning.” Since our mission is to help you release any lingering unresolved fears, angers, upsets, and guilts because they are harmful to you, please take time this spring to look deeply inside.

As you find situations to heal, please rank one or several of them high on your list of “how to clear out past problems and decrease the potential of acquiring a bodily disease pattern.”

I have allowed myself this outspoken message for you beloveds because it is so illogical and unnecessary for any of you to suffer needlessly. I therefore encourage all light servers to sincerely begin using these new photon energies to clean out any past emotional blockages as best you can. And always stay frequently connected with your soul to be guided and achieve a more loving life. When your own energy is cleansed, and you feel healthier and joyful, it will be easy to help others accomplish the same freedom!

For those of you who are what we call “old souls” you may have had prior reincarnations with experience in the healing area. If so, we recommend you reignite or foster that ability at this space/time instant when it comes easily...and is so needed! Your willingness to move toward a more loving heart and then share your presence with another being represents a high level of spiritual intention for which we are most grateful. Indeed, your personal commitment to aid suffering humanity and other life forms is the hallmark of the spiritual mastery you incarnated to share.

Then let us join heart energies now and embrace the sacredness of this earth lifetime with its opportunity to use the divine power of COMMUNITY CREATIVITY in action. As once you planned this current life adventure with others of your spiritual family long ago, kindly recall the excitement and hope that being birthed onto this gorgeous planet contained! Indeed, let us rejoice together that the photonic energy power you longed to positively experience—and share—has come to be.

The vision you held for bringing peace to this Garden of Eden is rapidly culminating. And your opportunity to serve humanity is quickly accelerating. Be content your choice was wise and your love is great enough to complete your intended gift.

You are a beloved of the divine and we are eternally grateful for your soul gift to earth and humanity! Now pause to feel the wonder of a divine embrace together before I leave you through this particular channel. And pause again to be strengthened by that sacred energy you were created to become. Finally, remember your part in the Mother/Father’s plan for earth and move to complete the destiny you desired and designed.

I AM your loving elder brother who remains faithful throughout this life experience and who joyfully awaits your triumphant return to the realms from which you came.


Dear friends and Love Corps family,

None of us can doubt that the world as we’ve known it is requiring us to adapt to the many dramatic global changes! Things seem to be in a turmoil everywhere we look! Despots are being confronted by the citizenry, the earth is doing what she must do to remain stable on her axis, and some governments are becoming financially destitute—ours among them.

Yet at age 82, I am comforted by the fact we know why this is happening: Our human evolution is finally here! And to know everything that stands in its way is being tumbled and tossed to effectively make this consciousness shift happen.
Thankfully, we have the love of our Creator and help from more divine helpers than we can count ...from devas, orbs, innumerable Lords of Light, and Archangels ...and possibly others we have yet to meet.

All the same, as our Lord Jesus has insisted, if we aren’t deliberately using the inner heart telephone we have to our soul’s guidance and protection from heaven, we are foolish indeed! So it is essential to “call home” frequently in order to be safe and to positively affect this special lifetime of extraordinary opportunity that we chose.

Because Easter falls on the last Sunday in April—the 27th—I have been asked to be available later in the day for Jesus to speak briefly (for 10-15 minutes only) with our longtime Love Corps friends who make occasional donations. Therefore, I will be available during CA daylight savings time from 1:30–6:00pm at my home phone -................. 408 248-8244................

I would also like to share some wonderful healing news that I myself have experienced recently with a California healer who does distant healing. His name is Michael and his web site is If you go to the web site you will see he is offering a FREE sample session by signing up for his free newsletter.

The reason I am mentioning him to you is because I have experienced the healing touch of many different healers but never was interested in having healing by distance. Because he was recommended to me by special friends, however, I decided to try it and have been absolutely amazed at the energy I can feel tingling around inside my body while just sitting in a chair and relaxing for the hour. There are No phone calls to him. No pictures of him physically...just a potent energy that travels to you as if on a direct path from him. If you like the energy treatment you can purchase 4 one hour sessions for $99. which I am doing. So far I have had 2 sessions with some gentle bodily reactions as a result—but nothing major that was disturbing.

Anyhow, I trust you to decide if this is appropriate and of course, since I am not a doctor, this is only a personal sharing.

As always, the Share Foundation Board of Directors —Diana, Jan, Pat, Vi, Virginia— and our web master Ron—all thank you for your support. It helps us continue our committed service during these busy times when you tell us you are receiving value from our efforts. And donations are greatly appreciated!

Please have a truly vibrant Easter with uplifting events containing the energy of love...

And always remember I am your eternal spiritual sister,

Donations are gratefully appreciated. The Share Foundation is 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit corporation committed to planetary peace and the preservation of all life. All contributions are tax deductible.

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