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Old Issues Are Destined to Surface: Rest in Passive Awareness, Find Childhood Incident Linked to this Present-day Upset w/o Reacting & You'll be FREE

Thank you Ascended Master Hilarion and Steve for helping me "see" my issues, especially those from my childhood. The article REALLY helped it sink in that there's NOTHING for me TO DO, rather just see (acknowledge them) and just be (accept them without judgments). Wow... Freedom is all I feel upon realizing this ...and now the George Michael song pops into my head:

All we have to see
Is that I don't belong to you
And you don't belong to me
You've gotta give for what you take
You've gotta give for what you take"
Thank you too, Georgey!
*** gavin

Just Simply See

I very much enjoyed the Master Hilarion’s discussion that Ann posted today. But some elements of it may not seem obvious at first glance. For instance, this statement:

“Understand, Beloved Ones, that this will continue to come up for your review until every facet of any remaining shadows rises to the surface to be seen in the Light of illuminated consciousness.”

“This” refers to the “deep cleansing and purification of all remaining issues that have lain hidden and buried deeply within your subconscious minds.” But the operative word in his statement is “to be seen.”

What is it about “seeing” our issues that causes “deep cleansing and purification”? Probably many of you remember J. Krishnamurti’s emphasis on “passive awareness” as the means of forwarding the action spiritually, by which he meant to simply be aware choicelessly of something.

To “see” has no connotation of change. He doesn’t say that we should see these things in a particular light, such as a positive or negative light.

Just simply “see.” What is it about simply seeing that makes it effective?

A few days ago (1) I mentioned that the truth will set you free. I said then that I believed that God had designed life so that this divine process of seeing or recognizing the truth of something had the effect of setting us free of the unwanted condition that ignorance of that something or a mistaken view of it caused.

I said that I believed God designed life so that the truth frees us because She (He, It – God is beyond gender) had a particular reason for inventing or creating life. That reason was that God should meet God in a moment of … well, “seeing,” “recognition,” “awareness.”

The formless God (not the various rulers of universes who also use the term “God” to refer to themselves, but the transcendent, non-dual One, in relation to whom there is no second) invented us finger-puppets and gave us consciousness so that we might perfect that consciousness to the point where we could solve the riddle of life and realize that we were, in every deep way – in substance, in awareness, in consciousness – God.

There is nothing else in any universe or dimension that one can speak of other than God. Search under a rock and see if you can find something other than God. Look under the bed. Go outdoors and find a place where She does not exist. I’m led to believe that your search will be fruitless. God is everywhere, in everything, at every time – past, present, and future.

Only we don’t know that.

So God created this endless round of life to teach that lesson, not because it was good unto itself, but because it would lead to the culmination for which all of life was created, the moment God (us) realizes God (Her).

And all these unwanted conditions like guilt, anger, shame, and fear, that we hang out in prevent that recognition, some would say “remembrance,” that enlightenment.

Many of them do so by causing our muscles to seize up with stress, which in turn lowers our awareness. We’re “uptight” and cannot “see.” We’re imprisoned in lowered awareness by what we refuse to complete, release, or “see.”

In my view, God provided a way out of unwanted conditions – simply “see” them, abide as your awareness of them, recognize them for what they are by standing in the face of them in passive or choiceless awareness, completing the experience of them in a way that we never were prepared to do before.

Just see them. Be with them. Rest in awareness of them. And they will pass.

But not only pass, because again I think this whole process of life reveals what some call today “intelligent design.” Not just pass, but pass taking with them the unwanted conditions that attach to the episode, erasing the entire thread.

Let me give you an example – the school-patrol badge example. Some time ago I felt shame around some exchange I had with somebody. I switched into “upset clearing process” mode and allowed the shame just to be there without trying to change it or have it go or any other thing.

And when I did, I saw myself trying to persuade my mother in around grade seven to get me back onto the school patrol. I had resigned from the school patrol – they are the people in the Fifties who stood in the crosswalk with a paddle stopping traffic while other students walked across the street – only to find out the next day that the school patrol was having a banquet and awarding to each member a really nice little pin-on-your-belt badge. I wanted that badge and I persuaded my mother to go to the vice-principal and get me back on the school patrol so I could get that badge.

Shameless manipulator that I was at age whatever.

When I simply “saw” what lay at the basis of the feeling of shame that I felt today (“saw” without trying to change) an incident that happened more years ago than I care to say here, the feeling of shame disappeared.

But not only disappeared in this moment. It never came back. I had cleared this long thread that stretched back to grade seven.

The truth had set me free.

And why does this process work? Well, I could give a long explanation citing the manner in which neurons fire in the brain, etc. (actually I couldn’t possibly give such an explanation – I don’t know why it works), or I could just say it works that way because God designed life that way.

After all, when I remember the really big and absolutely central fact that God created me from Herself to know myself and that the Self that I am to know is God Herself, then I’ll be released from … well, perhaps all upset. Now here in this mini-upset, the mini-truth sets me free from it, just as the Absolute Truth will set me free from … a great deal.

So when Hilarion says to just “see” the unfinished business that is coming up right now, that word “see,” or he could have said “watch,” “observe,” or “be passively aware of,” is important and not to be overlooked.

If, as Hilarion says, all our old business is destined to come up round about now, then just rest in passive awareness of it. Watch it. Look for the earlier, similar incident that this present-day upset is hooked up to and watch that too, without reacting when it arises. If you do, that piece of unfinished business will complete itself and you’ll be free of it.

Heavens, that was just the first paragraph of what Hilarion said. God only knows what would be revealed if we were to discuss the second!

(1) “Let Me Not Forget That,” at
by Steve Beckow

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