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Fear Focuses on Slim Possibilities Which MIGHT Occur, Then Seeds of Distrust & Anxiety Are Sown, and Signs of Dishonesty & Betrayal Are Forever Sought

Thank you, Saul and John, for reminding me my fears, unawareness and ego-desires separate me from myself and from others each person strived after these same self-centered goals, we ultimately created the world we now live in. OUCH! The good news: NOW we can change everything and live in harmony with one another.
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Imposing your will on others can only succeed for short periods
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Humanity is approaching the moment of transition from its illusory, egoic, and self-centered way of living into a state of loving harmonious cooperation, in which awareness of the oneness of each one of the seeming billions of you breaks through into your consciousness. It is readily apparent to you your egoic and self-serving way of living is a recipe for global disaster on a scale that would almost certainly destroy humanity, not to mention all the other life forms that the planet supports. And at last your almost totally egoic thought, “WTF are we going to do to ensure and enable our survival on Earth?” is leading to some sane reasoning, because there is undeniably something of interest for everyone in that essential line of thought. You would call it “enlightened self-interest,” which it undoubtedly is, but as you all get involved with the big issues, your small egoic ones, which have been dividing you into warring factions for so long, will have to be overlooked, bypassed in the “interests” of the wider, more pressing general emergency.

The effect of cooperating together planetwide to solve planetary issues will demonstrate to you, very clearly and deliberately, what you can achieve when you put aside personal matters – the long ongoing egoic need to be right and make others wrong – and focus on dealing with issues that are for the good of all, in a cooperative and harmonious fashion. You are all truly one, and seeing yourselves as separated individuals fighting for survival is extremely damaging, in fact quite destructive. Your Earth history shows you this. Yes, people have built powerful empires with hierarchical levels of authority, but they have always crashed and burned. Imposing your will on others can only succeed for short time periods – 2000 years is nothing in the overall scheme of things – before the oppressed rise up and overpower the oppressors. And at this point in the history of humanity, the time during which the oppressed are prepared to submit to oppression has become very short indeed.

History – and your guides and angels channeling your Father’s Love to you – is bringing to your awareness the insanity of self-centered, egoic behavior and the attitudes that drive it. Compassion is growing within you as you see the worldwide misery and suffering these attitudes have caused. And as you cease denying your own individual suffering, you are allowing yourselves to become aware of it and understand how it has driven you to destroy others – for fear that otherwise they will destroy you. That level of fear has been enormously damaging for humanity, and now you are finally looking for a better way to live in harmony together.

Fear focuses extremely narrowly on remote possibilities that just might occur, and then expends inordinate amounts of energy in attempting to ensure that they do not. And because of the intensity of that focus the seeds of distrust and anxiety are sown and nurtured, and in each interaction with others, signs of dishonesty and betrayal are constantly sought. And what you seek you find! One of your respected historical figures was asked, “How do you know if you can trust someone?” and he answered, “By trusting them.” Humanity is finally beginning to do that.

Initially, of course, there will be some betrayals, but because the intent to trust is supported by increasing numbers of you (despite mainstream media stories to the contrary), and of course by the divine energies enveloping the planet, success is inevitable. A new age of peace, trust, cooperation, and harmony planetwide is approaching. It is God’s Will and yours that it embraces all of humanity – and so it will.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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