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If You Pray For Someone, Then DO NOT Limit It To the Needs You Identify Because That Obstructs the Clear Channel You Are... Thereby Bypassing You

I thank you once again, Saul and John, for reminding me to stay focused on God's love, acceptance and forgiveness, especially when our world remains extremely challenging at times.
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Surely, it is the arrogance of ignorance to even attempt to judge others
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The sky is brightening as dawn approaches, heralding the new age for humanity which was planned many eons ago. It will be an era of peace and harmony, the likes of which has never before been seen on Earth. Prophets have foretold it, angelic choirs have sung of it, and finally the time for it to be ushered in is very close. Many of you are holding the light, the intent, the resolve, and the love to bring it into being, and yet, at times it has seemed almost hopeless to believe that it is coming, as you observe the wars, the hatred, the frustrations, and the distrust that continue to manifest in many places around the world. But truly, an enormously powerful wave of divine Love is enveloping the planet, causing attitudes to change and long-nurtured grudges to be released.

Focus on God’s Love enveloping you all always, and intend to open your hearts to receive It and allow It to flow through you to all of humanity in a wave of joyful awakening, because it truly is God’s Will and yours that you do this. You are all eternally one in the Father, and to judge and blame each other, and yourselves, for the suffering in the world is utterly inappropriate. How can you judge when your Father, Who is infinitely wise and loving, does not? Surely it is the arrogance of ignorance to even attempt to judge.

Remember those who appear to cause the most suffering are the ones whose suffering is most intense, and they are projecting that suffering outwards because it is so unbearable within them. When you relax, meditate, or withdraw into silent prayer, intend to be clear and unobstructed channels through which God’s Love can flow constantly, swiftly, and abundantly to where it is needed, and He will honor you by availing of your offer.

If you wish to direct that Love to someone you love or see as being in need (pray for them), that is fine, but do not attempt to limit It to the needs that you can identify because that just obstructs the channel that you are, thereby diverting the flow around you, and the abundance offered to you mostly bypasses you. The most effective and loving intent that you can offer to your Father is the freedom to channel His Love through you to wherever He sees that It is needed, constantly. Doing this is the most powerful way in which you can be a part of the awakening process.

Many -without realizing it yet- are still locked in judgment, blame, and condemnation, as though paralyzed by those attitudes, and the abundant flow of God’s Love through all available channels is the essential remedy to that painful and inflexible state. It flows as soothing balm, gently easing the pain and tension, and restoring movement and flexibility to what had become locked in resentment. You can see the evidence of this easing of attitudes all over the world, and as increasing numbers of you open yourselves up as divine channels, the speed of easing will accelerate phenomenally, as it is God’s Will.

The intent to be an unobstructed, divine channel is an aspect of the inextinguishable divine Flame within each one of you. It has always been a part of you, and you are now becoming increasingly aware of it, as you allow your own unloving attitudes to dissolve. The more you allow them to dissolve – by embracing love and forgiveness – the clearer it becomes that this is God’s Will for you, and also your own. It is an uplifting and inspiring sensation which will continue to strengthen as those unloving and judgmental attitudes fall away. Delight in the knowledge you are doing God’s Will, and leading each other Home.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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