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Most LightWorkers Find it Tough-going Being the Lone Voice Amongst Family & Friends Shunned by Our Beliefs Only Wanting to Share Our Knowledge: SOON

Dear SaLuSa and Mike,
I thank you for reminding how important it is to stay calm, centered, and emotionally unreactive to everyday frustrations -- remembering these frustrations are largely the work of the dark cabal who feeds off our fears (which they have intentionally created) keeping us in a state of need, anxiety, and misery ...AND under their control.

Thank you for reminding me the UNIQUENESS of planet earth and of humanity's destiny: The first-ever spiritual evolution of physical Ascension, and of actually transmuting darkness into Light, rather than simply removing or eradicating the darkness! It is, of course, this very unique and one-of-a-kind experimentation of transmutation which has prolonged Disclosure and subsequent events, which will ultimately liberate and lift us from the grip of the cabal.
*** gavin

We have mentioned certain restrictions that apply to our activities where you are concerned. There is always what you would call the “higher authorities” which in our case are Beings of Light that oversee the whole Universe. We know that some of you wonder why the dark Ones, seem to be allowed a far greater scope to interfere with your lives. That is because duality is a battle between the dark and Light for supremacy of your planet. However, there are restraints and we can for example refer to the divine edict, that no military power will be allowed to use nuclear weapons, or start World War Three.

Furthermore, as a result of you having attained a higher level of consciousness, you have earnt the right to proceed to Ascension without being prevented. The dark Ones have already been prevented from destroying the Earth, which was the result of another divine edict that came direct from the God of your Universe. They could well have caused events that would have led to such destruction in comparatively recent times, and indeed it was not the only occasion that such a threat was averted.

So Dear Ones you can see that the battle is far from being one sided, and the balance has moved to the Light that has become the dominant power. It is only a matter of time before it will transmute the lower energies, and it will become total with the advent of Ascension. You need not therefore be too concerned about the rumours of earth shattering happenings or disasters. We see your continuing efforts to bring more Light to Earth, which is your guarantee of a successful and safe pathway to the end of the cycle. Sure there will be physical changes that must result from Mother Earth’s own cleansing, but these will be moderated by us where possible.

What we would now like to see is a further rapid rise in consciousness levels, that would bring forward the opportunity to bring peace to the planet. You can achieve such targets, if you would only focus on the future and do not give your energy to negative possibilities that may not in any event happen. You can effectively disempower the dark Ones by denying them the lower energies that they feed upon. As we so often mention so as to get the message through to you, fear is what the dark Ones seek to create. You can deny them success, by staying centred and calm, and not letting others upset your ability to be at One with All That Is. That is indeed what you are aiming for as you evolve, and prepare yourselves for a wonderful life in the higher dimensions. No one can do that for you, so apply yourself to the task and know you are getting tremendous help.

Some of you who are enlightened find it tough going, when you are a lone voice within your family and possibly also friends. Because of your beliefs you can even be shunned by those who should link with you in love. Yet you hold fast in the strength of them, with that inner knowing that comes from the heart. It can be a lonely life and leave you yearning for someone to share your knowledge with. Have you therefore considered that it is no coincidence that you find yourself in that position, as it is certain that you are meant to be a catalyst to help those immediately around you.

You will be needed very soon, as when disclosure has taken place it will lead to people questioning what to believe, particularly as the undeniable presence of Space Craft is going to lead to questions about the occupants. When it reaches the point where the connection between them and the Human Race is proven, there will be many diehards who will still reject the idea. Lightworkers and others who have open minds will come into their own, as gentle yet firm answers must be given in response. You will have work to do but having been well prepared for such an occasion, you should be able to cope with ease.

We have always indicated that part of disclosure would be the increasing presence in your skies, and we would make ourselves known by flying over major cities. We see this as putting people’s minds at ease, as it will show that we come to allow you to familiarise yourselves with our craft. Hitherto we have been careful to ensure that sightings are not overpowering, and that the numbers of craft present were not seen as some threat to you. Now however, there seems to be quite a lot of excitement when many craft are seen at the same time.

The conditions on Earth are getting worse on a number of levels, and in spite of your own findings as to the serious damage caused to your ecology by deforestation, it continues to grow. Man seems to disregard the needs of Nature and the many species that are reliant on a good habitat to survive. In consequence Nature is unbalanced and some species are about to disappear for good. Is therefore as well that with our coming, an end can be put to such destructive action. We do understand that some people have turned to undesirable practices because poverty has driven them to it. Those problems will be eradicated quite quickly, when abundance requires that the wealth of the world be fairly redistributed. Such plans are already in place and have been advanced sufficiently, that they have started to be implemented.

We have the advantage of fully understanding the causes of your problems, and some are the result of the policies of the Illuminati. Keeping you in a state of need also keeps you in a state of control, and that will change because each person will ultimately need for nothing at all. Life will suddenly be shorn of the disabling reasons for your unhappiness and misery that so many are in. It is all in the plan, and of necessity once we start to put these matters right, you will be pleasantly surprised at the speed of operations. We do have millions of craft at our disposal, and also the personnel to go with them so no task is too large for us. The fact is that our technologically advanced equipment is so superior to anything you have seen, although some of your scientists have the right ideas even if they cannot yet prove they work.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and our messages can get a bit intense, as you are so near to the revelations that will automatically lead to disclosure. We wait with anticipation and look forward to our first open contacts with you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
by Mike Quinsey

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