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As you know, this blog entails inspiring prose, everyday practical information, motivational dialogue, explaining "new" concepts and new ventures of our New Earth and our new lives soon to be living. This entry happens to be a poem I wrote for my wife about one of the avenues we travel as husband and wife, as friend to friend, as best friends, as lovers, as triggers for one another, as impetus for emotional maturation and spiritual evolution soulmates.

After a couple verses in, I looked up the term "soulmates" on and I was incredibly shocked to find virtually nothing describing this partnership. In fact, it states: "noun. a person with whom one has a strong affinity. Origin: 1815–25." "What?" I retorted aloud ...speaking to no one in the room with me. The way our world is currently set-up never ceases to amaze me! Again, I declare: WHAT? I just got done listing half a dozen ways to describe "soulmates" in my opening paragraph the top of my head, and the dictionary uses one... just one.

To me, this was a clear sign from the Universe, from my Angels to write this poem for my soulmate ...and then I was to share it with the world to help all of us better understand what and who soulmates really are. Thinking back over the years to live radio interviews (while driving bumper to bumper down Lake Shore Drive), or TV shows (fictional or reality), or self-help books (I couldn't put down), there are some great understandings regarding this term, but the most glaring aspect for me was its misunderstanding from so many. For example, some people believe you can have only one soulmate ...of course not, silly! We each have many soulmates ...yes, I mean romantic soulmates.

Please don't be discouraged if you've loved and lost your soulmate through "irreconcilable differences" (officially married or not) or through any other means, for that matter. First, be grateful you've "loved" ...that's a HUGE accomplishment in and of itself! Unfortunately, so many people don't find love. Be happy you've loved ...that is the MAIN goal we incarnated and came to this planet: To manifest love in the physical. Feel joy you succeeded in one of your life's purposes! I congratulate you.

Second, grieve, heal and move on:
Find another one of your soulmates to love, to feel, to grow, to learn, to teach, to rejoice, to create, to hold, to live.

Now, on with the show... To my amazing wife:


Yup... it's official: We're soulmates ...ewwwwwwww, that's gross! ;^D

We've chosen each other because we complement one another ...with you in my life I reach greater depths of love, joy and fun I could not have reached if I were alone without you! I am forever grateful to have you as my partner in life. I cherish our dancing, our singing, our silliness, our light-heartedness, our laughter, and our fun name just six of the infinite reasons I appreciate and love you.

Soulmates complement each other.

You are the yang to my yin,
the Isis to my Osiris,
the sunlight to my cloudy day,
the yeast in my dough (teeheehee),
the passion in my paso doble,
the Muse in my creativity,
the lipstick to my Hunter S. Thompson,
the blue agave to my tequila,
the mothership to my galaxy,
the brilliance in my burnt orange,
the key to my shackles,
the dark chocolate in my mole sauce,
the magic in my world,
...and the water to my sea monkey eggs!

You are the eternal heavens to my self-created hell,
and without you, my life would neither be half as joyful nor as worthwhile!

With all my Angels & Guides, I thank you for your radiating brilliance.

Not only do we complement one another, but YOU CHOSE ME because I am one of the few people in this world who can keep up with you. I am one of the few people who is your counterpart, your match, your equal! You chose me because of MY fire, because of my brilliance, because I can help remind YOU who you came to be. With this in mind, let me help you see that which eludes you.

It's very hard to see the everyday events which emotionally trigger us and push our buttons. Yet without awareness, we become unraveled without insight as to “why.” Without awareness, we don't recognize this is just a pattern ...a habitual reaction triggered by a childhood wound still unhealed, a habitual reaction to something inside which makes us feel hurt or unworthy. You, my love, are SO WORTHY! It's simply the way we're currently programmed to forget our own self-worth, to forget our own Divinity. This fact is certainly an odd state of affairs, yet none-the-less, it is the Agreement we made.

We are soulmates, because we complement one another. We bring greater joy, laughter, peace and meaning into each other's lives than if we were by ourselves. We are soulmates, because we challenge one another to be the best human being we can become! We bring to the surface deeply-rooted issues for one another which need healing. Spending everyday with you gives me the unique perspective to neutrally observe your reactions to everyday events. Events which are just that: Neutral, non-emotional occurrences that “happen” in our lives. A friendly reminder: It is us who assigns the emotion to said event. It is us who places meaning --or no meaning-- on that everyday neutral non-emotional event.

Are you triggered now? ;^D ...that's not my intention. I love you; I'm ALWAYS on your side! I'm simply reminding you of a Universal Law of Nature about everyday events and their relationship with our emotions. Remember, you chose me to remind you of such (my smiling face and big warm hug envelopes you).
The white lightning only strikes;
the red lava only disintegrates;
the black storm only upheavals ...
They know not of “destruction.”
They only ARE: A neutral non-emotional event.
They simply exist is:
Nothing more, nothing less.

Psychology 101 professes we are replicas of our parents (oh dear Lord, tell me that's not true... teeheehee), and we have many many unconscious influences we learned from Mum & Dad. Let's be clear: There's no blame here. Our parents did what they knew, just as we are continuing to teach similar reactions (if not the same) to our kids! Our parents (or guardians) did only what they were taught by their parents, just as our grandparents did only what they were taught by our great grandparents, and so on, and so on, and so on! We were taught many centuries and generations of belief systems, generations of proper ways to behave, generations of the way we “should be,” generations of knee-jerk habitual reactions. In actuality, we were taught generations of fears.

By definition, if we are still alive and kicking in this physical world, then we still have lessons to learn and issues to heal. Yet many of them are so difficult to see because we are the ones still emotionally reacting to neutral non-emotional events--behaviors passed down from generation to generation. So free yourself and release yourself from these goofy antiquated thoughts and mistaken beliefs. Let's free ourselves from these actions and reactions which are not ours. This is not who you are, as this is not me... only belief systems and habits passed down from thirteen millenia!

Not only did you choose me, but I CHOSE YOU. I've chosen you to help me live, love, laugh and cry. I've chosen you to help me shed light on those issues I'm unable to see clearly and still hold in my darkness. How flippin' exciting ...we get to assist each other in this amazingly beautiful world of life-sustaining Gaia! Not only does She give us life (and soon to be reciprocated), but soulmates sustain life for each other. These two miracles of existence (birth and death) are a personal and private journey each of us embarks: Two sojourns we typically go alone. How grateful I am for having you by my side for most everything else!

With all my Angels & Guides, I thank you for your radiating brilliance ...for reminding me who I AM, for reminding me who I came to be in this lifetime, and for the intimate role you play assisting me in manifesting my Glory, my Divinity, and my Soul Mission.

Yup, we're soulmates ...GRRROSS!

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