Monday, March 21, 2011

Remove Your Hardware Implanted by "The Greys" & Reclaim Your Mind & Body, Heart & Soul!

Here's my story learning about Extra-Terrestrial hardware implanted by the "bad" aliens working for the dark forces of the Universe ...quite profound and INCREDIBLY HARD TO BELIEVE ...even for me who lived the experience!!

I attended a weekend workshop where we learned about The Greys' hardware and fortunately had them removed from my etheric body! Since then, I've been a new man --literally.

This was an experiential energetic healing weekend, and each attendee of course had the opportunity to identify, share and heal personal issues. During my healing, the facilitator noticed I had alien hardware in my energetic body. She and her husband explained ET hardware are implants, J-Seals, and remote viewing devices planted in us by lower vibrating Extra-Terrestrials, specifically The Greys, who want our inherent Divine power and attached themselves to us acting as parasites, and inhibiting us from Ascending.

WHAT??? Yes, let me say it again: Alien hardware implanted by The Greys are highly advanced technological devices existing in the etheric dimension (invisible to the naked eye and undetected by our physical senses) which are implanted in our etheric (energy) body causing us grave emotional, mental and psychological distress and harm, ultimately prohibiting us from staying aligned with our Highest Self which keeps us from Ascending. Wow, what a mouthful. I stated and explained this concept TWICE, because it's that important!

The facilitator cautioned us and encouraged us NOT to explore these concepts through the Internet. Her reasoning was the Internet acts like a Ouija board because it's unprotected and unsafe allowing any lower vibrating alien (without a conscience or integrity) or entity to come in and attach itself to you, specifically attaching you with their hardware. Similarly, I strongly discourage you from researching this through the Internet. In order to help keep yourself safe, contact me directly if you have questions.

In a effort to alert you of possible implants within your own body, let us share our consistent findings working with the general population. My wife and I have noticed said hardware is typically found under two specific conditions (and of course, maybe under other circumstances, but we have not been privy or experienced such).

1. The Greys implant people who are under anesthesia resulting from operations or surgeries. Obviously, while unconscious, you do not feel or sense when or where the device(s) are implanted into your etheric body. So if you've had ANY surgeries or operations AND you've never heard of alien hardware before then, and in turn, did not request proper protection from your Spirit Guides, then I'm convinced 100% (just MY OPINION through experience, but still 100% convinced) you have been implanted.

2. Every military personnel we've encountered. Our understanding is because both the Greys and our current military are working for the same dark forces of the Universe: To strip you of your identity and your essence by breaking you down mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Either when you're being broken (for example, first few days or weeks of boot camp) or when you're actually broken and ready for re-programming (brainwashing), you are implanted. Also, there's a direct correlation: People who volunteer for the military typically have issues with the element of "metal." According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, metal represents those who have an imbalance with the element metal. In other words, in an unhealthy way their relationship with money and "things" is out of proportion and off-balance. To the detriment of their own health, they prize and value money and other physical possessions, especially metal objects like guns, knives, cars, planes, motorcycles, metal collectibles like coins or advertisement signs, etc.

Again, I share this with you NOT TO FREAK YOU OUT, or to cause panic, rather to give you information you may not be aware of (You don't know what you don't know!), and you may want to have them removed. These implants keep you from achieving your Soul Mission, keep you from manifesting your life purpose and living your highest potential; They literally prohibit you from stepping into your Divinity and living your joy! The best way I can described the feeling from living on both sides (living with implants and now living without) ...The feeling is disenchantment and exhaustion.

DISENCHANTMENT: I can visualize, create and plan my life's purpose, and spend hours, days and weeks organizing and preparing for my take off, and yet when push comes to shove, I COULD NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN. I could not manifest my dreams with implants, because it's just "under the skin": Something I could not see, could not remove and yet could not control, could not stop from happening, and could not identify ANYTHING as a concrete problem because their WAS NO BIOLOGICAL OR PHYSICAL condition or disease.

EXHAUSTION: As I kept spinning my wheels, literally for two decades with said implants (I was shot in college and went under anesthesia to have bullet removed), I kept becoming more and more depressed with my inability to manifest my life's dreams. I've have been moderately successful at MANY jobs over the years, but nothing which helped me achieved my Soul Mission, nothing which gave me lasting fulfillment and meaning to my life ...and yet, I have SO MANY DREAMS and talents to accomplish anything I put my mind to (as do most people in this world). So, the implants are really a psychological weapon the Greys use to keep you trapped, to keep you down as a prisoner in your own created hell --so you begin to believe YOU created this hell. When in actuality, you DID NOT CREATE IT: You've be imprisoned --psychologically and energetically-- without your knowledge and without your consent. Constantly blaming yourself for not becoming WHO you came here to be, always believing it's YOU who has failed, but that's not accurate... because you truly ARE NOT YOU ANYMORE with said implants.

As I attested above, once I had implants removed, I was a new man. In fact, I felt much like my younger "invincible" self but with the wisdom and experience I gained over the years ...truly amazing. FREE YOURSELF!

If you feel stuck (especially for years) without moving forward, you probably have been implanted. Have them removed IMMEDIATELY, and re-claim your body and your life along with your God-given talents, your lifelong dreams, and your joy to THRIVE & EXCEL in this world, and not just struggle to survive.

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