Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Long for Dahling Agartha and Our Inner Earth Cousins

Oh... so many fantastic and fascinating things are occurring on our world now!!

Where do I began? Let's start with the title of this latest blog: Agartha ...Our New Earth Home, Inner Earth to be specific! I've read numerous articles and accounts of others who've been there, and I'm even FEELING the sensation of when I've lived there in past lifetimes. No vivid memories or recollections at this point, simply an internal knowing --my intuition-- reminding me "I've been there before!"

Well, isn't that what intuition is: An instinctive or inner knowing?! Last I checked ...just a second here (opening another window) ...yep, "instinctive knowledge."

When I first learned (or should I say "was reminded") Mama Earth was hollow, I thought "no wwwwway!" I nearly passed out: Completely BLEW MY MIND. BTW, that was only a month or two ago, mind you: We're learning so much information at such an incredible speed. Time is truly flying by, seeming like 6 weeks of life in just the past week --very wild this Ascension process is! Upon hearing Gaia was hollow, I immediately Googled the concept "hollow earth," and lo and behold: Presto chango worldview is flipped upside down forever --literally. Or in this case, it was flipped inside out seeing the photos from space and the hollow core of our earth (below) ...after freaking out for a good half hour, of course! ;^D

I'm immediately reminded of one specific article I read, actually it was the pilot's log of Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd from 1947 (please be sure to click on his name to read the pilot's log for more evidence).   Coincidentally (oh that's right: THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES), I went to an elementary school at one Richard E. Byrd in smallville Chicago suburb back in the day... funny, how my Angels and Spirit Guides were trying to get me to research him so long ago. I might have even read the fact he literally flew into the hollow core only to find himself landing on Agartha ...but I'm sure this info simply went in one ear and out the other, or I simply was too young to process such a profound concept. I probably thought it was fiction.... Any who, I won't ruin this for you, like someone who tells you the ending of a new movie immediately after you inform them you're ON THE WAY NOW to the theatre to see the flick... geeeez, some people. teeheehee!!

From Sheldan Nidle's posting (15 March 11) from the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light, it is clear Mama Earth is ready for HUGE change, which means we humans must leave so She can completely alter Herself as we know it. When She's done with Her growing pains (earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes etc), Her surface will be drastically different. My Guides tell me the lost continent of Atlantis will resurface, along with Lumeria. Just like the human race has an opportunity to Ascend, this is Gaia's Awakening concurrently. Gaia's Ascension includes re-balancing of water to land ratio back to near 50-50% each. Hence, the tectonic plates below the seabed are literally rising, so more land results on Her surface re-balancing the over-abundant amount of oceans with the surface of land.

This will result in no more pollution. No more global warming. No more ozone depletion. Mother Earth's temperature will remain a perfect 75 degrees, without heavy winds or rain ...sheltered and protected by the Firmament (two huge crystalline shields of frozen water located respectively at 15,000 feet elevation and 35,000ft). Her land will be deep rich green grasses, plants, bushes and trees; Her waters will be streams, rivers, lakes and oceans of crystal clear healthy blue water; Her animals will be large, abundant and healthy --not fearing man or other predators. In fact, this will re-establish the Biblical Garden of Eden on Her surface --just like Her inner world, Agartha, still is!!

This stuff blows my mind, and yet at the same time (poet didn't know it) so damn exhilarating.

So what happens to us while Mother Earth is transforming Her surface, you ask? I originally thought we humans would simply standby ...idly watching this grand transformation with no way to genuinely assist, but "no, no, no" is my new understanding. If you take a moment to ponder the enormity of these events, then one would quickly realize the surface will be uninhabitable during the physical reconfiguration. We will return below the surface to the land of Agartha, while Lady Gaia re-structures Her surface back to its original pristine condition.

SO FLIPPIN' EXCITING ...I just cannot wait to see my new home, Agartha, and to reunite with our Inner Earth cousins!

Are you guys aware that there is a "NO FLY ZONE" over both the South Pole and the North Pole, as highlighted in the photo above???  Neither airplanes nor satellites can fly directly over either Pole.  Can you speculate why this might be?  Well, I have an idea --LOL!!  Yup, you guessed it:  It's so no one, or no satellite, can record images of the huge gaping holes leading into Inner Earth.  Immediately above this paragraph is an image of the satellite patterns which circle Mama Earth ...pretty crazy, isn't it?  And yet so convincing, once you open your mind to these concepts which have been intentionally hidden from us in order to feed us mis-information, holding us down at a low vibration and keeping our frequencies in the lower realms of anger, hurt, sickness, jealousy, sadness, death, etc.  So that huge hole you see in the earth displayed in the top photo of this posting ...that is the entrance to Agartha (North Pole Entrance).  Please notice:  All satellites and planes GO AROUND the Agartha entrance, so the entrances cannot be filmed or recorded in any way!  Of course, let me remind you of the obvious:  When the cabal (the corrupt 1%) owns the publishing companies, then they can write in our school textbooks EXACTLY what they want us to know, which includes drawing the images of earth WITHOUT those gaping holes, showing a complete globe --a complete enclosed sphere-- and not drawing the earth as a, for example, as a cored out apple which more accurately reflects the look and shape of our planet --and ALL PLANETS AND STARS in the Universe, for that matter.  Each planet, or star, is made the same, just like each human is made the same:  With a head, torso, two arms, two legs, a brain, small & large intestine... you get the picture!  This drawing below is simply an elaboration of the photo of Mama Earth (shown atop of this article)... in other words, below you read "Admiral Byrd's Flight 1947" ...the photo above (and the drawing below) shows us exactly the hole from which Admiral Byrd flew into and then flew back out of!!

Totally MIND BLOWING such a cool way!!  :^D

And here is some scientific proof in the video below that exemplifies how and why EVERY PLANET AND EVERY STAR is hollow:  As a sphere, or planet, spins ...please notice how every thing in the middle naturally is forced to shift from the middle to the outside periphery by the immense pull of centrifugal force, just like that carnival ride where everyone is plastered to the sides of some giant spinning contraption and the floor drops out from under your feet!!  As everyone knows, for example, when you take a glass of water and swirl it, all the water goes to the outside of the glass.  Similarly, as you and your friends walk, then swim, around the outside edges of your round-shaped backyard pool, then you've witnessed making a whirlpool, where everyone is pulled to the outside edges of the pool.  This is the exact same principle which proves our earth --as it spins-- does not have a molten lava core because everything in the middle of the Earth naturally is pulled to the edges making a hollow core.  Furthermore, if you just think about the enormous weight our planets would be if they were full with dirt and molten lava to their core, then these planets would be extremely heavy, and NOT honoring Nature's Way, which is the easiest path of resistance.  So from a physics-standpoint and a centrifugal mass vs. weight standpoint, it is most efficient and ergonomically beneficial to have a hollow planet ...or in this case:  EVERY SINGLE PLANET, EVERY SINGLE STAR... you see up in the sky is spinning and is naturally hollow, fulfilling its natural state of being, as evidenced simply by a swirling glass of water in your hand!!  NASA PROVES the Hollow Earth Theory in this 2minute video... enjoy!

Mind blown again ---LOL!


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  1. Yes, the earth is hollow.
    Thank you for posting this. Very well done.