Monday, March 21, 2011

Mankind's History

So here's a fun concept I realized awhile back: All of the mankind's history on planet earth has been us!

In other words, WE have been the people in every past culture! Obviously, this is based on reincarnation, so if you don't believe or understand reincarnation, then you have many surprises awaiting you... teeheehee.

Most of us have had thousands of lives on this planet. The "old souls" as many people refer to those who are wise beyond their years, particularly, have been around a long time (thousands of lifetimes). Hence, that's how they (WE) got so wise: They've been here many times and have been progressing appropriately learning lessons from each lifetime.

When I realized we are the people throughout history, I was most tickled! What a neat and profound concept to recognize it was us who has been inhabiting Mama Earth this whole time... simply going from lifetime to lifetime, from ancient cultures to modern civilizations (Ancient Atlanteans, Vikings, Celts, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Mayans, Babylonians, Mongolians, etc; Modern Philippines, Japanese, Slovakians, Croatians, Americans, Irish, etc), from one era to the next age (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Middle Ages, Renaissance Age, Industrial Age, Information Age, Age of Aquarius, upcoming Golden Age aka Photon Energy Age), from one continent to the next, from woman to man to woman and vice versa, and from one race to another (Asian, Hispanic, African, Caucasian, Native American, European, Middle Eastern) ...gathering life lessons from ALL these multiple lives and experiences throughout the history of planet earth!

Both as a race and as a planet, we grew, developed and evolved through individual and group decisions and karma, and it was the "karma" which forced us to continue incarnating on this planet. In other words, most of us did not plan on hanging around lifetime after lifetime, but the karma we incurred which was not paid off before we died kept us here to repay in our next life, and so on, and so on, and so on. Basically, we needed to stay upon our beautiful Earth School when unpaid karma existed upon our death. We were not allowed to leave this plane of worldly physical life until our karma was paid. Interestingly, some of us did not take to heart (or didn't fully understand how challenging it was) when we agreed to come to this planet to learn some earthly lessons ...And that's okay!  Lifetime after lifetime, we have come to understand our role and the amazingly valuable lessons we have learned upon our stay here on Lady Gaia.  Further, great rewards are destined for us as we return to Full Consciousness during our Mass Ascension!

ALL OF US started from a different planet --NO ONE is originally from planet earth (this is a topic for another blog, teeheehee). Wild, huh? Yup, it's true: When researching past civilizations and cultures, know that YOU actually lived it at some point in your evolution and past lifetimes!

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