Monday, March 21, 2011

Extra-Terrestrial Cloudships

Here's another concept which is mind-blowing: Fleets of flying saucers are often and regularly hovering right above us! Disguised by clouds --as clouds-- these ships simply hover, observing our world and our behaviors.

Our Extra-Terrestrial allies (those working WITH the Golden White Light of Christ Consciousness and who are a member of the Galactic Federation of Light) have been corresponding with specific people on earth for the past two decades gathering information about our society and its mental, emotional and psychological state monitoring our "readiness" for First Contact.

Three summers ago (2008), my wife and I noticed a beautiful rainbow on the edges of some clouds. The "scientist" part of me thought it was simply refractions of light from the Sun like a prism, or maybe rainbows created from the Sun like when it rains... but each theory I had was ultimately disproved. Being unable to truly understand WHAT was causing the edges of certain clouds to appear in rainbow colors, I soon forgot about trying to "prove" why it was happening and bowed out of the scientific aspect of it, believing it was simply a natural phenomenon I was unaware about and couldn't explain. I let it go and appreciated the wonderful colors we observed over the next few years on the periphery of some clouds --not every cloud, mind you.

Then almost two months ago (28 Jan 11 --my cousin's Bday) taking our daughter for a bike ride to the park, we noticed more clouds in the sky with the easily-identifiable rainbows. But this time it was different: We were receptive! This time we actually we had a context for such phenomena and had more experiences and a better understanding of extra-terrestrial life and the concept of becoming a Galactic Human that we heard our Guides explaining exactly what the rainbows were! They were Extra-Terrestrial spaceships, specifically a mothership and a fleet of smaller "worker" ships ...holy crap-ola!

These spaceships were disguised as clouds --literally, they looked just like clouds, but in fact, were masked by clouds. No... they took on the appearance of clouds, but were more dense. Our Guides explained as we stared in amazement into the sky: The biggest one was the mothership, which was very dark grey in color, as if it were a raincloud ready to drop its condensation upon us. Funny, one would immediately believe it were a raincloud had it been a gloomy day with the sky covered with dense grey rainclouds, but alas, these were the ONLY clouds in the sky --gorgeous bright blue sky with a small congregation of "rainclouds" almost above our heads.

There are very significant points to share about this particular sighting. 1. The mothership cloud was dark grey because it was so dense, so big --not a light fluffy condensation of wispy cloud but rather-- an actual MASS of something ...the actual mass of a spaceship! In other words, the size and vastness of the mothership could not contain, or reflect, a clear white fluffy cloud (like the smaller scout ships), because of its monstrous mass and density. 2. Similarly, it seemed as though the smaller ships, while light and fluffy looking, could not re-configure its shape: It always looked like a typical flying saucer. Yes, a flying saucer-shaped cloud, as in the pictures I took with my cell phone (below). Notice the small white cloud in lower left hand corner: Shaped like a flying saucer! Also note the mothership is grey in color. 3. Observe this is the ONLY congregation of clouds in a clear blue sky... which again gives credence to the fact the grey cloud was NOT a raincloud as naysayers want to believe. 4. Also, you know how clouds float on by AND change shape as the wind currents take them... these clouds DID NOT MOVE (hovering in place) 5. nor did they change their shape, which is always so disappointing as the original object or face you saw in the cloud starts to lose recognition as the wind disfigures and blows the cloud apart!

Finally, the last significant point to share --and the most disturbing and dishearten-ing: 6. Our air force (stationed in colorado springs just an hour and a half CAR RIDE away) kept flying toward them, above them, through them, around them... taunting them as our Guides explained, exposing our young cadets to said cloudships brainwashing them --I mean "preparing them" for some fictitious war of the worlds! You can see the faint chem trail (headed right toward the cloud congregation) right above the left edge of the smaller scoutship in the photo above.

As if our puny planes even have a chance against their superior and advanced technology ...makes me laugh.

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