Monday, March 21, 2011

The Crystal Palace Within

Here are Cliff's Notes for an amazingly wonderful meditation, which is very helpful for grounding and centering yourself, and for staying aligned with your Ascension Path!

Each part is only 5minutes long... the following is simply suggestions and tips --do these options, or your variation thereof! After this summary, you'll find the original lengthy explanation, please check it out. You'll also need to visit this site to obtain the music accompanying this meditation ...we downloaded it to iTunes. Have fun!

THANK YOU Tom Kenyon and the Hathors for this amazing sound healing and Ascension re-activation!

With an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, feel the energy flowing as we are living electro-magnets attracting what we think, feel, do, and give off:

Heart Attunement: With an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, visualize reciprocal love and Golden White Light flowing from your heart to Gaia's heart (her core Central Sun), and back again. Accepting stewardship and responsibility of caring for Gaia, for yourself, and for others ...we are ALL interconnected.
Mantra: I give love, Light and appreciation; I get love, Light and appreciation.

Pineal Attunement: With an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, visualize Golden White Light of Christ's Consciousness re-activating ALL the unused crystalline portions within your pineal gland to align the Highest Light Realms with your Highest Self. Like a spinning mirrored ball, allow the Golden White Light to reflect and refract off it shining Light onto and into every nook & cranny which you have held in the shadows and wanted to hide (consciously or unconsciously) ...visualize this Light to fill and expand unfolding your pineal gland to its original size and shape as Sacred Geometries of Light shine upon every corner, contour, and issue empowering you as you continue on your Path of Ascension. Your pineal gland is located right in the middle of your head... behind your third eye slightly behind the highest part of your ear ...stay focused on this location within your head throughout entire 5minute meditation --if you drift from this point, simply re-focus attention back to your pineal gland.

Ba Attunement: With an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, visualize and focus Golden White Light entering your Ba (Highest Self entry point physically located where your hands end with your arms outstretched above your head --that distance 3-dimensionally all around your body-- do not hold hands above head for meditation ...location noted for reference purposes only). As Light enters, fills and expands your Ba, visualize it going to straight down to your pineal gland (filling & expanding), then visualize going straight down to your heart (filling & expanding), then going down to Gaia's heart (filling & expanding). Visualize the Golden White Light of Christ's Consciousness returning to your Ba, and starting the cycle over again. This may take time to focus upon all four steps of this 3rd Phase just one at a time (if need be) and gradually incorporate all four points when able... remembering your Divine timing is PERFECT.
...we are ALL interconnected.
Mantra: I become ONE with the ALL, and the ALL becomes ONE.

full explanation:

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